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  1. Craigslist Mack

    Don if only I could win the lottery we would have the newest old mack fleet in the country. I would love to have a truck like this for our area. its prob got 3.000 or bigger tank. but then we would have the problem of not having anyone to drive it except me lol.
  2. Craigslist Mack

    I would almost trade one of our CFs for that truck. it sounds to me like they don't have anyone left that knows how to drive it. I know its a old truck and its nice to up grade your equipment if you can but you just cant beat a MACK and if they cant get parts for it there not going to the right place to get them.
  3. Big Muskie Bucket

    my uncle that lives in new Lexington ohio used to work in the mines and the shops where big muskie was at. he retired in 90. my grand father worked there too in the mid to late 60 when it was almost new.
  4. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    if you ever make it to southeast Kentucky I know where there are 7 CF trucks at.
  5. whats it worth

    it has a em6 300 engine Allison auto 1250 waterous pump 500 gal tank 30 gal foam tank it was last certified 5 years ago. no ground ladders, and pump has not been tested in five years. truck was last used 2 years ago on a large building fire and has been sitting in the station except for being started and moved about every 3 months.
  6. whats it worth

    the neighboring department is looking at a 1980 cf 50 ft telesquirt the truck starts and runs good but has a few problems the paint is cracking and bubbling in the normal spots. but the biggest problem is it has a hydraulic leak in the turn table. and has a electrical problem when the boom is turned to a certain spot (cant adjust the nozzle ). the pant and body work is not a problem but the boom issues kind of have me worried. what price would be fair to offer for this truck. and roughly how much to have the hyd leak in the turn table fixed.
  7. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    Howard is a great guy. him and Don has helped us out a lot
  8. My Mack fire apparatus photo album

    this engine now belongs to the Yocum creek vol Fire department. in Harlan county Ky it is now Engine 4
  9. Superdog Tanker

    we need that to go with the CFs
  10. May require assistance in western virginia.

    ok ill call my friend tomorrow and find out where the yard is and when there open. how much longer do you have to get it out of there
  11. May require assistance in western virginia.

    I live about 45 mins from big stone gap where is the blazer at? I have a friend that lives there that may also be able to help with this.
  12. 404 international gas engine

    we got our 446 engine at the fire house we bought it from W M COHEN and SONS in pa the engine came with everything including the wiring harness were now waiting on a new clutch to get here so we can put it in and get the truck back in service after being out for almost 2 years.
  13. Truck for Sale

    the truck has been sold to a guy from Memphis Tennessee. they came yesterday morning and drove it home. they are going to make a memorial truck out of it.

    when we removed the engine out of our 1979 cf we used a mechanics truck with a 5 ton auto crane.