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  1. before you get too deep into thought check the speed sensor the company I work for had a engine do almost the exact same thing. new turbo injectors after cooler still did the same thing. changed the speed sensor on a tip from another mechanic and it went from 12/15 psi boost to 32/35 psi and will keep pulling like a mad dog. I hope this helps your problem and will save you a few headaches. joe
  2. the truck is located in Harlan county ky at Yocum creek vol fire dept contact chief joe wynn at 606-505-9082 the truck has the 260 engine and a 5 speed trans.
  3. We have a 1974 CF Mack pirsch 100 ft ladder truck for sale we got the truck about 3 months ago and can not use it in our area because it is too big she is 37 feet long. the truck orig was owned by river forest il. she seems to be a good solid old truck with the last ladder cert in 2017. she has a 1,000 gpm waterious pump. the dept we got it from retired her in 2018 when they got a newer ladder. if anyone is interested we are asking $3,500
  4. she is doing well. I have been busier than a 3 legged cat in a sand box with everything with her, work, and the fire department. I replied to your message and thank you for your help.
  5. thank you FWD sorry I haven't been keeping up with the post girl friend had heart surgery and with work ive been busy as a 3 legged cat in a sand box. still haven't got the truck yet but hopefully will be going to pick it up this weekend if everything works out.
  6. it is a actual telesquirt . thank you for the info
  7. hello everyone I was wondering if any of you would have or know where I can find a parts or repair manual for a 50 ft telesquirt . we are poss getting one donated to us. everything works and it was certified in 2017 but sometime last year it started leaking in the extension section and will not extend out. chief said they told him it was a gasket that cost $45.00 but it will cost $6,000 to fix it. I talked to a fire apparatus repair shop and they told me they would fix it for $2,500 but told me I could fix it my self. I have re built several hyd cylinders if that is what it is. it is mounted on a 1988 pierce if that helps any. I have not seen the truck as it is about 4 hours away from me.
  8. From all of the members of the Yocum creek and upper cloverfork vol fire departments we would like to say thank you to Don Holden aka Vals327 on here. he and 2 other men drove 800 miles one way to deliver us 2 1983 mack mc fire trucks. (pictures soon to come) this is the second truck that he has donated to Yocum creek and the first to upper cloverfork. words can not say how much we appreciate him and all who has helped us over the last few years. it takes a special kind of human being to drive 2 of the hottest trucks I have ever been in that distance over 2 days with out air conditioning and mid to upper 90s stay for a hour and begin there 800 mile journey back home. all I know to say is thank you
  9. thanks guys for the input. I have another question to ask when I was looking at lights I saw some came with a lense warmer is that a big issue in the winter if you don't get the bulbs with them or would it just be easier to wipe the snow /ice off
  10. Hello all we are looking at the pos of upgrading the head lights on our fire trucks I have been looking at the led lights for our CFs I know it will take away from the looks of the trucks but it will also give us better lighting on the back roads and the highways( which are narrow and curvy ) at night. the main concern is for the on coming drivers are the led lights on the bigger trucks too high to be considered safe for the on coming drivers? I know all of the newer trucks being produced today have led lights I actually drove a new granite with the leds and that is why I told the members about them and started checking on them for the fire department. what are your thoughts and experiences with the led lights.
  11. Check your private messages.

  12. can you get me a phone number to the guys mentioned
  13. I'm trying to help a fire department get a truck hauled from Harlan ky to paris ark. truck is 8ft wide, 8ft 2 in high, 25ft long, and weighs 15,640 lbs. thanks in advance joe
  14. when I was hauling coal off of the strip mines I always used the jake brake to shift gears. always have shifted that way 5-6 speeds 8-9-10-12 -13-15-and 18speed quadraplex and single stick.
  15. 24x8.55 or 24x 9.0 s are more common now. they will work just fine that's what we ran on the coal trucks where I used to work at. we had some trucks that had all 3 sizes on them and you had to watch carefully about not mixing the lock rings up when mounting tires.
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