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  1. Check your private messages.

  2. fire truck hauled

    can you get me a phone number to the guys mentioned
  3. fire truck hauled

    I'm trying to help a fire department get a truck hauled from Harlan ky to paris ark. truck is 8ft wide, 8ft 2 in high, 25ft long, and weighs 15,640 lbs. thanks in advance joe
  4. Maxidyne/Maxitorque clarification

    when I was hauling coal off of the strip mines I always used the jake brake to shift gears. always have shifted that way 5-6 speeds 8-9-10-12 -13-15-and 18speed quadraplex and single stick.
  5. 24x8.0 5 degree

    24x8.55 or 24x 9.0 s are more common now. they will work just fine that's what we ran on the coal trucks where I used to work at. we had some trucks that had all 3 sizes on them and you had to watch carefully about not mixing the lock rings up when mounting tires.
  6. clutch adjustment

    thank you FJH I was thinking that was how you did it but I wasn't sure if it was clockwise or counter
  7. clutch adjustment

    I need some help how do you adjust where a clutch grabs. I put a new clutch in our 1980 s1800 international tanker it has the 446 gas engine in it and it is catching at the top. it has the 3/4 bolt looking thing on the pressure plate. I would like to get it to where it catches about half way or closer to the floor as we have a couple of drivers who like to rest there foot on the pedal for some reason.
  8. Where did THAT come from??

    good ole shot or 2 or 3 of clear moon shine and honey warmed up and go to bed while you still can will clear you right up.
  9. New to the form and need help.

    I will agree with don we have 4 cf macks at yocum creek vol fire department and all but 1 have drum brakes and when it needs rotors I will convert it to drum brakes. its not that hard to do. go to a salvage yard and find a single axle mack and take everything off of the rear or if you have a few members who don't mind getting dirty take the whole rear end out from under it.
  10. Merry Christmas All:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family Rob good to hear from you.
  11. Harlan County gets another mack

    the old fire station in cranks and cawood both have been shut and tore down.
  12. Harlan County gets another mack

    General Ike station 2 will cover to the Lee County Va line on 421 and up to the bell county line above martins fork lake on 987 and all areas in between.
  13. Harlan County gets another mack

    General ike sunshines station 1 is in the old armary building in sunshine. the new station 2 will be up at cawood on the side of the new road.
  14. Thanks to the efforts of Howard Peiffer and the palm coast Fire Department and others Sunshine Fire Department in Harlan County Kentucky has a new to them 1984 CF Mack engine. the truck originally came from New Hyde Park then to Palm Coast and now Sunshine. Howard is a great guy and has helped a lot of people I am great full to have come to know him and call him my friend. thank you Howard.