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  1. How do U pik up a POS from the clean end LOL
  2. U can cross th@ Autocar off the Australian list max width we B = 98.1/2" U're Autocar = 101.6" bad oversight on ACar engineers or may B they din wanna expand ourside U.S. cya
  3. I had a new VW golf car from new had problems under warranty they din wanna kno about n did nothing the german agents and salesman were arragant prix no more Euro crap for me cya
  4. din think it twaz april the 1st yet LOL cya
  5. BMack gudday m8 We run Folding gooseneck low loaders (sissor neck) am interested in how they lock the gooseneck flat to use as a flat top trailer thanx 4 the info also RE: Roof mounted AC KW here in Au offered a new build truck with an roof top mounted AC (red dot) to cool the diff oil only .... FFS cya
  6. gr8 pix keep m cumm n with the scissor neck float can U xplain or show pix/video how U lock it in a straight flat top type trailer inquire n minds need to kno thanx in advance cya
  7. RE: didn't even know anything was behind me U can thank Mack 4 th@ LOL cya
  8. My KW has the fan going when the AC is on cya
  9. David gudday m8 the 1st Kenworths imported into Australia (circa 1961) were KW S model with 90" BBC we had very strict length laws way back when I set up a Web Site just for the KW S models http://www.kws900.com/ cya
  10. G8 Pix n here's my photo album (3500 pix) http://beamish.beamishheavyhaulage.com.au/photo.htm All pix arranaged by loads cya
  11. Spose it dun look any worse than wot else is on offer cya
  12. Harry m80 RE It could be some sort of male truck ritual to attract females. Why in the hell would U wanna atract a Volvo female? LOL cya
  13. Brake Fade When useing the brakes alot on a down hill run to hold the speed back heat is generated on the brakes and with the heat the drum grows in diameter and makes the brakes as not effective ....... like out of adjusted brakes Meaning the truck will not pull up..... just like out of adjusted brakes ... when the brakes cool the drum shrinks to original size and the brakes work better. Here on the udder side of the world in Au there were problems with disc brakes cos on corrigated (Washboard to U Lot) roads the brake was not supported enuff n had am aditional support added[/img] cya
  14. The advantage of Drum brakes .... it teaches U how to drive If U get brake fade from use n brakes all the time I say change down a gear or 2 n let the engine brake do wot it's ment to do n save the service brakes for wen U gotta stop in a hurray Years ago we Had a Mack 'F' model with the 300 cool power n 6 speed we did half the gear changes compared to a 8V-92T n RR 18 only problem we really needed an extra gear between each cog cos it seemed like U cum down hills in to highr gear n use the brakes or the next lower gear twaz to low cya
  15. Here U go U can have a lend of me tux also me top hat eye bought for $2 @ the 2 dollar shop LOL cya]
  16. Wheel dun congratulations [/img] cya
  17. Thanx TimB thanx butt no thanx Me couldn't handle th@ 2 up attachment jist leave it to the 'V'Bus mob VTDE.bmp
  18. the winch cable we use the old excavator /dragline rope attachment has many names rope wedge Cya
  19. We run mechanical drive winches from the PTO @ idel engine revs we can snap a 3/4" cable what hook attachment U use to hook on to front of neck with cable cya
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