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  1. It dun look th@ far up but its a long way down Probly cums with a parachute cya
  2. Twaz about to thro up L@@kn @ th@ color scheme paint job FFS cya
  3. Swishy


    If U like the warped sense of humor of the Aussies clik on this The Naked Vicar Shoe https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+naked+vicar+show cya
  4. rule of thumb we use ..... ruffly half the bar added to the bar x10 2.5 + half x 10 2.5 + 1.25 = 3.75 x 10 = 37.5psi cya
  5. gudday m8 here in Australia mostly we ran 1000x20 tube tyres until they went to tubeless tyres bout 1975 we could run 1000x20 along side a 11R22.5 therefor a 1000x20 tubes is equivelnt in diameter to a 11Rx22.5 tubless cya
  6. Swishy

    20 Wide

    Thanx David Twaz thinking of fitting hi pole @ the gooseneck ..... but it twould B only a cuple of feet to the load may B I rethink the idea n mount it on front bumper like wot U do cya
  7. Swishy

    20 Wide

    Thanx DW Me think n of make n up a pole Got a cuple 16'4" bridges to duk under me overall height will B 16'4" with neck and air bags to lower cya
  8. Swishy

    20 Wide

    Gr8 pix Q:? How does the height pole work Is it hookd to radio aerial n wen it crakles does the interference interupts the radio 2 let U kno u may hit a bridge etc thanx in advance cya
  9. down here we have different V: of drag racing LOL cya
  10. Swishy

    Road Art

    Here in the udder side of the world in Australia we do things a lil different LOL cya
  11. Is th@ a Renault cab ? any computer problems? cya
  12. Confiscate the truble makers phones thro the phones in a drum if they want the phones back flash sum i.d. .... 2 B recorded n let m look thru a drum of phones to find there very own phone ....... good luk with th@ LOL
  13. Years ago twaz told the clutch linkage is set @ factory for delivery and the only time U need to adjust the linkage is wen U take the gearbox out etc and all clutch and clutch brake adjustments R dun in the clutch bell housing WotSezU? cya
  14. Other dog gr8 pix Th@ gal L@@ks like she B ready to do sum DNA swapping LOL cya
  15. M80 The above drawing is to get grease on the load side of the kingpin normally when U grease the front end with the wheels on the ground the grease finds its way out the easiest way .... on the unloaded side of K/Pin and grease does not get to the load side of K/P (az much) Years ago we had KW that did not have power steering and do as above the drivers sed it felt like power steering (for a few days) cya
  16. Jimmy my WAG sez the 1st trolly valves were on trains more than likley made by Bendix ( before it became BW Bendix Westinghouse) WotSezU cya
  17. colin gudday m8 can rememberin talk of Lionel Deakin ...property @ noth Rd oakleigh nex to rail crossing rumor haz it he made up a big HD float and welded all the axles to the main frame = no suspension any pix U can share with us all Thanx in advance cya
  18. AFAIK on the rear of the dozer they had a Duble Drum Power Control Unit (PCU) On sum C@ dozers they had also a front run wire rope control to raise and lower the dozer blade U could unhook the blade or chain the blade up and run the wire rope south to also control the drawn scraper WotSezU? cya
  19. EZ fix Find a real ruff bumpy rd then U wont notice it LOL cya
  20. Seed m80 is the 'T' aka the gumboot? cya
  21. gr8 Sum of them shorts (wotever) R upto water level ................. or higher LOL cya
  22. eye cannot see anything rong with them pix may B eye studied them too long keep m cummn cya
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