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  1. Dunno why all the drama with a foot of snow 🤔LOL
  2. Buzzy Fuzzard to resize have heard if U email the pic to your self it automatically resizes pic then save off n then bung it up on the 4m cya
  3. If U tried n failed to upload nex time alter the file name (put an 'A' on the end) coz the 4m pewter brain sez we tried th@ one = no go but a slightley differnnt file name = may B UButeFancyBigMackTruck.jpg .... = failed once UButeFancyBigMackTruckA.jpg .... = Try again Best O Luck O cya
  4. Swishy

    Seen on YouTube:

    1965 ......... travel @ first lite not good video
  5. Swishy

    1693 running:

    C@ 1693 A blast from the past wot a weapon
  6. This is where your trouble started LOL
  7. WotCanEyeSay WotSezU? cya
  8. Google tells me: What does a gold Mack Bulldog mean? Trademark. The company's trademark is the bulldog, which can be found on the front of almost all Mack trucks. A gold-plated bulldog indicates the truck was made with a Mack produced drive train, engine, transmission and drive axles. A chromebulldog indicates other manufacturers' components were used.
  9. Wondern just wonder n If Mack Australia cood keep pedlin useing other engines,GBoxes n diffs like they do now....then they cood do a LHD n export to yanky land LOL sorry jist dreem n out loud 🤩 cya
  10. gr8 video KMan he's do n it right drive as tho the load aint constrained ( din look like much restraint go n on anyway ) they need to run a grader blade along th@ track to make it more user friendly... specially on corners din look good th@ your Scania product couldn't keep the front wheels on the ground may B thru bad oscillation in the front suspension cya
  11. one of things Mack cog boxes offered was a selective few reverse gears th@ U can change on the run n @ times we put m all to good use RoadRangers don't offer a good selection of reverse cogs to shift on the run we do somtimes shift lo range to hi range on the run but RR dun recommend it cya
  12. Me thinx should B OK providin U dun drive it az tho U stole it the overall life of the box may B limited dependin on driver n situationan Engine Max torque multiplied by lowest gears = lota torque out back of box WotSezU? cya
  13. Well dun Davo ........ we need pix or it din happen thanx in advance cya
  14. HarryB gudday m8 Where is the Govt gunna get the tax if U go Hydrogen they gunna B miss n out bigtime and they will find a way for us end users to pay big time LOL cya
  15. Just rememberd eye made this animation of photos long time ago WotSezU? cya
  16. go grab u're self a long straight edge check n compare top, bottom & sides of chassis (web + flange) then do the same to the dump body also check measurements from front bolt th@ correspondes with the both side of the chassis to a given point close to rear the better Hoo nose wot U will find cya
  17. WotCanEyeSay WotSezU? cya
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