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  1. gr8 pix Udder Dog the Gal with the cucumber may B ask n where the batteries go LOL cya
  2. Just thinkn out loud 'by fixn a mack bulldog on front of any vehicle duz not make it a Mack WotSezU cya
  3. gr8 pix udder dog me dun see too many pix of cuddles only the 2 dogs LOL cya
  4. gr8 pix keep m cummin Iz th@ a pic from Mericas most wanted they both look like they din stand too close to the mirror this morn n LOL cya
  5. Need pix or it din happen LOL thanx in advance cya
  6. Thanx to Truck Shop for the fine art work well dun the following should/could/would B printer friendly WotSezU? cya
  7. All our fenders R welded n braced to the 5th wheel angles cya
  8. some have questioned interchangerability of Tubed to Tubless tires we changed 10.00Rx20 to 11Rx22.5 and on the changeover was not unusual to have one of each running as duels WotSezU? cya
  9. WayneMan RE: I can hear the pto come on Th@ noise could B The PTO gear Grinding try n slide in on the main cog Our tilt tray PTO is engaged by an air cylinder n if U aint got nuff air up it also grinds till U thro the cog box into neutral U could try shutn down the engine then engage the PTO then start up again cya
  10. https://www.google.com.au/maps/@29.3385721,-82.1160752,3a,41.5y,219.88h,81.36t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scwS288qut1XYaTcpIsB5qA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 https://www.google.com.au/maps/@29.3377682,-82.1165588,222m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. All the tyre shops have rattle guns ....... so theres u're problem right there NEVER use rattle guns to tight spider spoke wobbly wheels (Dayton)
  12. Here we go Back on topic .......... LOL LOL Your Welcome cya
  13. Phildirt gudday m8 a 1000 x 15 is 10inch + 15" + 10" = about 35" a 11R 17.5 = 36.4" dependin on make n tread as they all vary a little https://www.otrusa.com/shop/truck-tires/11r17-5-14pr-sumitomo-st717-tl/ cya
  14. On trucks we changed from 1000Rx20 tubed to 11Rx22.5 tubeless = exactly same diameter on floats we changed from 8.25Rx15 tubed to 9.5Rx17.5 tubless = exactly same diameter No need to swap dayton spider spoke hubs all interchangeable and U can pare up tubless with tubed the following info is not an indorsment but good info cya 2019FS43.bmp 2019FS44.bmp 2019FS45.bmp 2019FS46.bmp
  15. I see in both pixtures Cake mixers LOL cya
  16. Looks like Farr air cleaners were popular @ Brockway ... way back when cya
  17. Ok Re 3 speed RSend correct me where I'm rong (again) a tandem drive with 2 speed diffs Has 1 low speed with both diffs in low range has high speed with both diffs in high range intermediate range with one diff in low and the other diff in high Am I close or no cigar LOL cya
  18. Gr8 pix (nice screen size) keep m cummin Looks like MRS in Australia is expandin his fleet as it has the same flavors as his famous 'R' model Mack I have heard of tandem drive 3 speed bur never a single drive 3 speed 'Please Xplain' cya
  19. On Topic this is my 6th dose already cya
  20. Thanx Mrs About 1974/75 we purchased 2 new trucks to the fleet White Road Commander & Atkinson they both came with tubeless 11R22.5 tyres and all our other trucks were 1000x20 tubed tyres we were informed we can gradually update to the tubless as the diameter were the same and you could run a tubed tyre/rim along side a tubeless
  21. What a gr8 pic Mrs with the bulldog leading the way and U lookn up the dogs frekle LOL well dun cya
  22. P L E A S E get this post back on topic LOL   LOL cya
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