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  1. [url=https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2005-MACK-CXN613-VISION-E7-L6-DIESEL-ENGINE-BREATHER-HOUSING-PART-NO-191GC433-/254462699372][img]https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/pn4AAOSwsnVeAnIc/s-l400.jpg[/img] Clikity ...................... ClikClikClik[/url] cya
  2. Anything in the wash up of this problem did it sell? or duz the truck still own U? cya
  3. Mrs gudday m8 RE: I use a free host site B warned ..... I have been on a few free sites ovr the years they all start out free then hit U with a fee to continue or else all is araised Have tried Image shak 100s of pix gorn Photo Bucket more pix gone there aint no thing az a free site but a waste of time best O luk O cya
  4. Gr8 pix Mrs RE: McGrath Tipper Me no nex 2 nutn bout tippers is there any thing special about your beast we should kno about cya
  5. Here in Au Mack and Kenworth have the option of spiders or Budd wheels thinkn out back and rugged roads spiders R still popular 2019FS51.bmp
  6. More modern trucks http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/w/w189-S.jpg http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/w/w204.JPG http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/w/w233-S.JPG cya
  7. Spider Spoke Wobbly Wheels U either swear by them .... or ...... Swear @ them th@ above pic looks like it means business with the double lug nuts n wedges we run 99% spiders and have n tried a European trailer with disc wheels = no thanx better off with the devil U kno than devil U don't kno http://beamish.beamish.biz/pictures/p/p088-S.jpg cya
  8. I started a topic of Manure Happens from pictures all over https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/truck_Chat/5172-manure-happenz N Joy cya
  9. Here in Oz Rubber Wheel arch flare https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rubber-Wheel-Arch-Flare-Under-Edge-Fit-3x-Metres-2x-Guards-4x4-4WD-Bus-Truck/401433437984?hash=item5d774c2720:g:pv4AAOSwgeJe6cr6 Clikity ..................... ClikClikClik cya
  10. Larry gudday m8 Send it 2 me n eye'll see wot eye can do email to ..... beamish@beamish.biz cya
  11. NorEaser gudday m8 the Garwood can be set up to have the drive sproket on any of the 4 corners
  12. RE: FUNNY T SHIRT Sorry my mind musta wonderd LOL OK ..... ok nuff 4 now LOL cya
  13. Would imagine all transmissions have a 6 or 8 stud PTO opening the black plate on the Allis is the PTO opening Happy 2 B Corrected cya
  14. Me thort the Screemin 2stroke GM diesel won WWII az the enemy in the bunkers heard the screemin motors n thort wot a gr8 sound They stuck there heads up n B.A.N.G. gotcha .............next Your Welcum cya
  15. LOL Looks like they B playin tow trucks With the Mack B n the tow truck LOL cya
  16. Spose eye'm a nut case wen it comes to things evenly balanced and pointing the right way About 2015 when we got the Mack Titan and made it user friendly twaz about the time wen Mack came out with new logo it lookd like the dog was only facing one way so eye rehashed the logo and got m cut out on reflective vinyl n here the result MackNewLogo.bmp
  17. Here U go try this on fir size cya
  18. Read up the page where eye scanned a cupla pages from the mack book cya
  19. The ol fella would run new clean skin tyres on the RSend of this float twaz a gr8 osilating suspension as the wheels could do a 360 but rip the hyd brake hoses off the side plate twaz bout 100lb in weight & took near on half a day to change a tyre on side of road th@ why he always had his best tyres on the RSend to try n prevent tyre failure cya
  20. Heres a Hyster Brochure eye pirated sum years ago n did a bit of pixel man nipple ation cya
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