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  1. No the housing with the large hose on the side takes two of the P194 filters. The last filters I bought where from Rock auto just enter the filter number and see if something comes up Ebay works too .
  2. I have the oil filter like yours and it takes two Baldwin P194 filters . The Baldwin P194 HD and Fram CH336PL are hydraulic filters I have used them in the past.
  3. A is a priming pump I like the original fuel lines but they can collapse on the in side and stop the flow of fuel so keep them a way from exhaust .I also like DOT nylon tubing as fuel line very easy .
  4. The leaking cap is like a freeze plug very thin if you ever brake a axle the broken stub will push out through this plug . Oil resistant RTV will work to seal a leak .
  5. I helped a man replace a clutch in a oil field truck in the early 80's it was a mid 70's Mack R model with a 12 speed with 14 x 24 on the steering and 12x24 on the rear it was just to tall for a transmission jack . We cut wood blocks and cribbed up the transmission and aired up the truck an rolled it ahead replaced every thing and rolled the truck back on the transmission . it was work but safe .
  6. topo

    55k or 65k?

    The 65,000 rears I worked with had the large wheel stud pattern and ran 12x24 tires the 55,000 rears had the standard smaller stud pattern and used 11x24 tires
  7. The hand brake lever for the trailer is right where it should be .
  8. You can check Ebay # 7529309 this is what older military trucks use .
  9. A few years back the news had a news clip on a new construction project with scrapers and the black smoke from the cat engines was covered up these scrapers and dozers look to be running real clean .
  10. I have bought Military Mack 673 parts from Memphis Equipment they have a web site . Military Mack 673 came with a military # 2 bell housing
  11. This is going to happen even with cars and pickups you hear a beep or a light flash you look at the dash to see what it is and your eyes are no longer on the road .When low air buzzer and red low air light would come on when driving you knew what it was and what to do it meant one thing low air . I don't like it when I get a beep when my washer fluid is low I just took my eyes off the road .
  12. I have 1954 Military wrecker lowboy M269 with s cam air brakes with adjustable anchor pin . To adjust the drum has a hole in it covered with a small cover (hope you have this on your drum ) with this cover removed turn the drum 1 1/2 inches from the end of the shoe lining and use a feeler gage 0.005 between shoe and drum and tighten the locknut . Then turn the drum to the cam side 1 1/2 inches from the end of the brake lining and use a 0.010 feeler gage and adjust the slack adjuster .
  13. Years ago I was told that they used 1/3 of the weight it took to fail .
  14. I think the brass bolts are a one time use only they will go on but strip when backed off . years back when bolting on pads the small bolts would self strip the 3/8 or 7/16 bolts on the MACK and Rockwell axles where just broken off with a cross pin hammer.
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