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  1. I have a military trailer M269 made in 1954 It was made by the Pressed steel car company and I was wanting to know more about where they where located and what else they made before WWII when the war was going on and after the war or any thing some one may remember . Thank you
  2. I just read where Biden put Harris in charge of protecting voters rights if that true sorry I don't know what to say .
  3. looks like the same suspension used on a 43 White 666 I can't find any model numbers other then Timken in my books .
  4. I have lantern with two mantels out side and was thinking of using DOT tubing to run a line from the regulator to the lantern about 20 feet . any thoughts on this ?
  5. 40 Executive orders You have to think someone else is writing them for him . with troops at the capital it looks like someone is paranoid about losing what it not really there's
  6. What will they reinvent next The electric switch it turns something on or off it needs a price cap of no more then 4 bucks no mater what it turns on or off or how it dose it .
  7. I saw an the news that 10,000 to 20,000 national guard troops will be on hand for Biden's big day to protect from the home grown terrorists . That right there looks like voter fraud .
  8. The press really has ugly names for the American people there today visiting a public building I did not see any monuments pulled over and burned . I feel like I was threated and should not question any thing political .
  9. I would say by seeing the rope rail around the bed this truck was used to haul drilling mud .
  10. Thank you I will just leave it alone it may have never been taken out .
  11. I was planning on adding a coolant heater to my Mack 673 by removing the large round port above the starter I made a tool by cutting a large washer and welding it to a socket to get a good fit but it won't unscrew so them I may go with a tank style heater . any thoughts ?
  12. In the mid 80's I bought a 53 GMC with a 302 and when replacing a leaking valve cover gasket I found a very dirty top end the engine had been rebuilt in the 70's . Then a few years back it started leaking antifreeze and needed a head gasket I removed the valve cover and the top end was clean very clean I pulled the side cover the lifter also clean I had the valves done when the head was off then put it all back together I never scraped or wire brushed anything it was so clean the only oil I had used as Rotella 15-40
  13. I drove Mack oil field truck that did the same thing on one side the fix was making the axle stop longer .
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