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  1. truck accident caused by elogs

    This is going to happen even with cars and pickups you hear a beep or a light flash you look at the dash to see what it is and your eyes are no longer on the road .When low air buzzer and red low air light would come on when driving you knew what it was and what to do it meant one thing low air . I don't like it when I get a beep when my washer fluid is low I just took my eyes off the road .
  2. B61 Brake Questions

    I have 1954 Military wrecker lowboy M269 with s cam air brakes with adjustable anchor pin . To adjust the drum has a hole in it covered with a small cover (hope you have this on your drum ) with this cover removed turn the drum 1 1/2 inches from the end of the shoe lining and use a feeler gage 0.005 between shoe and drum and tighten the locknut . Then turn the drum to the cam side 1 1/2 inches from the end of the brake lining and use a 0.010 feeler gage and adjust the slack adjuster .
  3. Years ago I was told that they used 1/3 of the weight it took to fail .
  4. I think the brass bolts are a one time use only they will go on but strip when backed off . years back when bolting on pads the small bolts would self strip the 3/8 or 7/16 bolts on the MACK and Rockwell axles where just broken off with a cross pin hammer.
  5. The rubber blocks move enough to wear a hole through the bottom of the of the housing and get replaced. they are used on the suspensions with springs and the suspensions with the solid walking beam .
  6. self adjusting brakes

    The push rod coming out of the brake chamber may need be longer then the one in use now .
  7. Federal Scrapping Program

    A month ago I went To a local Truck salvage yard to get some filter parts and look around I found the yard had been closed I went to see the owner and ask him about some parts and we went to see what we could find on the way over there he said that he had sold all Mack engines and engine parts to some one that was sending them all to Vietnam 3 truck loads old and newer engines and parts . I looked around and nothing Mack remained .
  8. Topo,does your military tractor have an Allison? Most of the deuce and a halfs,and five ton tractors in the military did.They seemed to have a pause between shifts,then a big clunk as the thing caught caught!we're very reliable but got terrible fuel economy so the otr companies didn't use them. Is  it a multi fuel?,always liked the way they looked. Some guy near me in Florida was using one for a daily driver! Was for sale on Craig's list.

    1. topo


      BillyT  no Allison .It had a multi fuel till I lost a piston I repowered with a ENDT 673 P I have the 5 speed direct when loaded you can use the transfer case to split shift

  9. Oil filter clamp

    Thank you I will start looking
  10. Oil filter clamp

    Looking for a clamp for a ENDT 673 p full flow oil filter this housing has the two large 1inch hoses coming out the bottom and one smaller hose coming out the bottom . my old clamp has split and is leaking.
  11. Spicer aux trans

    In 1980 or 1981 I drove two superliners with the 400 cummins with 5x4 transmission and both came from the factory with out the 4 speed hooked up the dealer had to do the linkage and mount the stick in the cab . some mechanics use two long shift rails and some use four shorter shift rails with a mount in the middle when setting up the linkage it depends what is in the way .
  12. I have had problems with trucks with the aeroquip fuel line . The thin inside lining separated from the thicker rubber part of the hose .Truck would just die let it seat a short time it would start and run till the liner would collapse and stop the flow of fuel no fuel leak or bad place on the hose . I cut up the hose and found the separated part of the hose happened where it was close to the exhaust pipe over time it must have broke down from the heat .
  13. Oil Filter problem

    Baldwin filter # P706-m . I had trouble getting my filter to seal it did seal after a few try's of tapping on the clamp and turning the nut a little at a time . I though of wrapping the o ring with Teflon tape . the clamp must spread over time with over tightening .