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  1. I saw an the news that 10,000 to 20,000 national guard troops will be on hand for Biden's big day to protect from the home grown terrorists . That right there looks like voter fraud .
  2. The press really has ugly names for the American people there today visiting a public building I did not see any monuments pulled over and burned . I feel like I was threated and should not question any thing political .
  3. I would say by seeing the rope rail around the bed this truck was used to haul drilling mud .
  4. Thank you I will just leave it alone it may have never been taken out .
  5. I was planning on adding a coolant heater to my Mack 673 by removing the large round port above the starter I made a tool by cutting a large washer and welding it to a socket to get a good fit but it won't unscrew so them I may go with a tank style heater . any thoughts ?
  6. In the mid 80's I bought a 53 GMC with a 302 and when replacing a leaking valve cover gasket I found a very dirty top end the engine had been rebuilt in the 70's . Then a few years back it started leaking antifreeze and needed a head gasket I removed the valve cover and the top end was clean very clean I pulled the side cover the lifter also clean I had the valves done when the head was off then put it all back together I never scraped or wire brushed anything it was so clean the only oil I had used as Rotella 15-40
  7. I drove Mack oil field truck that did the same thing on one side the fix was making the axle stop longer .
  8. When putting rear tires on to bring it home I found that jacking up one axle both sides that they won't turn I had to jack up both axles both sides to get the wheels to turn . I have seen a number of trucks with out power dividers this was my first truck that had no spider gears. I got the name Hi Traction out of the Military Manual .
  9. This Truck double reduction 7.33 with Hi-traction differential
  10. Timken SD-353-W-X-7 this is of a 1943 White 666
  11. I took these off of a Military trailer and replaced them with 11.0020 because that what is on every thing else I have . They are steel and center on the studs and there are 8 of them what are they worth ?
  12. Mid 70's my brother in law had one he logged with 671 Detroit no turbo 4X4 transmission exhaust routed out the front bumper It was owned by a coal mine and they set that up then he bought it .In the summer it would get so hot in the cab when off the highway I would use the door to fan the hot air out of the cab yet in the winter the cab was like riding in a freezer .
  13. Lowes I bought a grinder $120 and extended warranty and payed with gift card time go's by it stops working I go back to Lowes I have no sales slip they look up my Lowes club card and it shows everything I ever bought except that grinder then she said if you used a gift card it won't show up on here . when paying with gift card you have to save the sales slip.
  14. Paystar picture taken in early 90's loading Western truck on lowboy .
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