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  1. I get it... pogo stick and associated lines throws me off a bit more than the 5th wheel which is easily removable to another unit. Just cant imagine using it as a tractor with the frame rails that far behind the axles. There is obviously a ton of stuff it could be used for. Maybe going to Canada and will get a dump body and the air and power will be used for a dump trailer?
  2. Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Washington Engine. Tanker 10 Retired. Mack C-Model
  3. Croton-On-Hudson, NY. Washington Engine. E119 Replaced by a 2006 Seagrave. 1984 Mack CF Photo is from the Croton Fire Department website, but clearly credit goes to Mr. Kenealy.
  4. Wrapping up in Banksville, NY. Both in service as of my last trip to NY a year ago. This rigs often cross the border into Fairfield, CT and Banksville is considered Greenwich Station 8 if I remember correctly. 2011 Granite. Tanker 7 1989 R-Model. Tanker 17
  5. Somewhat doubting that the grey tri-axle is destined to be a tractor. Wondering if the fifth wheel is intended for transporting other rigs from the factory. Frame rails extend too far behind the tag to be a useful tractor in my opinion.
  6. Banksville, NY Retired E158 1988 Mack MB or MC
  7. Banksville Fire. Also on the border of Westchester County, NY and Fairfield, CT. E159 1984 Mack MC or MB
  8. Chappaqua Fire Department, NY E-145 Mack MC Photo from Auctions International website. Rig was retired within the past year or so if I recall.
  9. Bedford Village, NY Engine 108. Credit to Seth Granville, a long time firefighter, paramedic and photographer from the NY Metro Area. This is a supply engine for a rural corner of Westchester County bordering Fairfield County, CT. Notice the squirrel tail hard suction on the drivers side.
  10. After my last post of the '87 R-Model tanker for sale, I think I'll start adding some photos from my old stomping grounds. Unless otherwise noted, all photos credit goes to the individual fire department websites. I may add a few South Central PA rigs as well... I stomped there for a while too. All apparatus in service unless otherwise noted.
  11. This rig was from a neighboring department to where I was for 15years. Saw it on many mutual aid calls. It is a sweet rig and in amazing shape. Mack power too. https://www.firetruckmall.com/AvailableTruck/13621/1987-4-Guys-Mack-Pumper-Tanker?price=0-1200000&year=1950-2020&chassis=All&brand=All&pumpsize=All&tanksize=All&category=All&warranty=All&region=USA - Northeast&mileage=Any Mileage&perpage=100
  12. A few years back I was talking to a guy that worked for the company that makes most of the round cylinder containers for frozen juices and pringles style potato chips. Said that when switched suppliers and bought rolls of metal from up north and transport them to the south to their plant in SC, that by the time the temperature changed from the north to the heat and humidity of the south, that the rolls would begin to rust. So, they started shipping them in refers.
  13. Again it is important to have facts. You are only 50% correct. The republican Trump administration IS in power. However they are the least bureaucratic administration since Reagan or before. Hence the fact that the man is hellbent on the deregulation of businesses. If he were bureaucratic than he would be pressing for the typical oppressive regulation that stifled businesses for the 8 years that Obama was in office. Why is it that during Obama's tenure, that the economy failed to reach 3% GDP growth during any year of his administration? You realize that no President has had that problem dating back to before the great depression, right? I will give you the answer... the over regulation and taxation of businesses that need to succeed in order to provide paying jobs. For anyone else that want to go down the road of... "Why do companies need to make so much money?"... It is simple economics that could have been learned by paying attention to middle school math and history classes. When people complain that a company made $300 million dollars last year and that some of that money should have gone through higher taxes to support others less fortunate people, do you ever take into account that if a company wants to expand into another state and provide hundreds or thousands of new paying jobs that it might cost $1 billion or more dollars to build a new factory in that state. How does the company build new factories and create thousands of jobs if we tax the crap out of it. How does that company borrow money to build a billion dollar factory if it doesn't have the earnings power to qualify for the debt? Oh and what do we all think our pension plans and retirement accounts are invested in? If the companies don't make money how do their stock prices perform? If their stock prices don't perform how do we retire. I guess we could follow Bernie, the left and the new democratic socialist movement and we can all retire like they do in other parts of the world where socialism will provide them with bread and watered down coffee to eat while we sit in our stained white tee shirts in our worn out chair watching an old crappy TV puking crap at us about how the mother land took care of us. NO THANKS!!!!!
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