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  1. Here is a picture of Dan and Tex at the ATHS Salem OR show. Dan is everything Mike described. I remember him saying that the E-9 in his truck had the latest revised block just before the E-9 ended production? also for a good laugh go to you tube and see Tex shut the hood on his FL FLD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX9ELu_PW3M
  2. you are right about the LTL. Itch put it together 100% correct but he just didn't do the final polish on it. When that truck sold it was a helluva bargain considering how well it was put together.
  3. They were great...…..just don't forget to put the kickstand down when you get out!!!
  4. Yes he and his entire family are the best!! We agreed that this year he was coming out to Plymouth and the Brooks show with me. Hopefully the Brooks show will not be cancelled since it is late August but we will see! You may know this but Mike has suffered from cancer on just about every part of his body and he keeps on defeating it...………..amazing and unreal.
  5. I told this to my bulldog on the 37 BM and when I looked back again I could see a 90wt oil tear in it's eyes!!
  6. Here is the V8 for the Magnum restoration project. Built for me by the Osborne brothers in Wyoming.
  7. I was just thinking the other day when I hooked it to my low deck and loaded the LTH logger (heavy) and the Pete 390 also heavy. I weighed in the low 70's and I went up the Siskiyou mountain doing a steady 65-70...could have done even more in it but a few of the bends I definitely sucked up the seat!!! That truck had unreal power! You could wind it up to 4000rpms and it sounded like a sewing machine. I am not sure if the firing order was modified on that or not??
  8. I just started on restoring the Magnum I have. Osborne's out of Riverton, WY overhauled the E-9 for me. Double frame was rust packed so I went with a single frame replacement. Rebuilt the Neuway.
  9. That was me driving Paddy Ward's V12 KW in the outback on the way home from Alice Springs truck show. We met him that evening at a roadside stop where we all camped in swags! I had never driven a V12 coupled with a 13spd. Paddy said just hammer down and so I did. I was so excited that I left my son standing alongside the road. You can see him to the right. He caught a ride with another truck!! An interesting fact is that the Ford on the trailer was bought new in Medford, OR as a slab cab for a local logging outfit. It had a V903T in it that I wanted. So I kept the motor and Paddy wanted the cab. He built the sleeper on to it with another truck he had.
  10. I will dig through some of my stuff as I know I have a picture of it when it was a logger. And I think his business cards had it on it too?
  11. That truck belonged to Roy ?? out of Nevada. It was a self loading logger when new. His LTH with Ellis split manifolds is in the Keystone Museum now. I have a picture of him as a young man driving a 47 LT log truck. I think back with a little sadness of all the great trucker buddies we have lost over the past decade with Roy being one of them.
  12. It is and I have been looking closely at all of the early B's and F's that used the same style side panels. There appears to be many different styles and I assume it may have to do with the engine that is installed. This BM was ordered from the factory with the larger cube engine that was the standard in the BX so I am thinking there must have been a difference??
  13. I do but this hood doesn't have space for the emblem? Note the distance between the louvers and the hinge.
  14. Here is a 1947 LT that I just picked up. The owner called me and told me he was not able to finish the restoration . He was 11yrs old when he and his Dad picked it up at the San Francisco Mack dealer!! It has the Mack 707 thermodyne gasser. the 47 thru 49 were on a different frame than the 50 on LT's
  15. A Bob Brown original...…...the LTL...…..Bob Brown...….The Greatest Name in Trucks. That is how I made up the plaque honoring Bob at the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum Store. That LTL was sold to a guy in Rutford, VT and Bob drove it all the way out there with his wife following in the car. When he got there the guy didn't have the money and refused to buy the truck. Fortunately for Bob the Eiler Bros in VT wanted it.
  16. I have a dozen of those machines. yes, I am an industrial painting contractor. Steel grit works great out west inland where there is no humidity and months without rain!! we also do a lot of robotic blasting with grit in penstocks. we had 4 units on this project for 2yrs.
  17. One of the best Macks ever built! A totally different model than the US Valueliner. My friend Mike Osborne giving it a go in Wyoming. It is named the Thunder from Down Under!
  18. Waiting for the shutter surround from the chrome shop and then reassemble the shutters and that should be about it for now. Hope to put a 5th wheel and winch on it someday.
  19. The W model used the same frame rails as the LTL. The LTH was 1/16" thicker and of course less aluminum pieces. I have built from scratch both the LTL and the W model. Until you get up to the front spring hangers and the front axle they are identical as frame and cross members go. of course there is also the cab mounts that differ.
  20. The G model was much more advanced for the times and was the Western Mack replacement.
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