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  1. RC51

    Drag Links

    2 NOS Mack drag links.One is 13QC3161-P1 and was to fit B-61 with 491 Sheppard steering gear with FA-522 and FA-600 type front axles,$200,I paid that for it over 20 years ago ...The other is 13QC3154A-P3 and was to fit R,U,and lighter DM with Ross power steering, this one I bought to experiment with a power steering conversion and never ran it, then came across it in the storage trailer mixed in with other stuff.$100 for it. Both are complete with the ball socket parts, and the socket nuts are about 1-3/4"
  2. Does anyone on here have a good front nameplate and bulldog pedastal for an A-40,or any A-model for that matter?Could also use a 20" diameter fuel tank,the end bells only need to be good.Thanks.
  3. Nice truck,welcome here.Surprised the petrol engine is still in it.Being down under,one would figure it would have a Gardner 6LX/T in it by now.
  4. The 402 has an oil cooler,and,I could be wrong,something tells me Mack changed/added to the head bolt pattern.One thing they do have in common is they barely pull an empty truck,let alone a loaded one.
  5. We had this discussion years ago at a Mack service dealer that I worked part time at.What I am about to say was what I was told.I know an retired Lawrence Mack parts man that could answer that for sure.All of you guys are right,in a way.Supposedly the "P" engines,the 711 and the Turbocharged engines used them.It was a completely different air cleaner than the standard "B" model one with the summer-winter shutter.It was a higher capacity,but still oil bath,the raised bonnet helped bring in cooler and cleaner air and kept the rain hood away from the mirror when the door was open.On and off highway trucks had them.Carolina Freight had 673P,Fuller R-96 Roadranger,1000sq in. radiator B-67's with those air cleaners and they looked sweet.
  6. There is a Link-Belt LS-98 crane with a Mack engine in it,up at a gravel business in N.H.
  7. The copy of vehicle records for the truck came today.It was sold by the Newark branch to William Osmulski of Millburn,New Jersey.Any of you 'Jersey guys ever heard of him,just a one truck operation maybe?
  8. The biggest outward difference is the B-73/75 has a longer hood and a external tank 1000 sq.in. radiator.Some had L model cabs.Very,very few B-61's and B-67's also had the 1000 sq. in. radiator.There are other differences too,like the depressed floorpan,similar to the B-80 series,etc.
  9. I agree there.I just wished some of the other things I have tackled were in the shape this thing is in.BTW...I like your H model.I have a friend close by who restored one of those 20 some odd years ago and it hasn't seen the light of day out of the garage since.He needs to be prodded into waking that thing up and get it to a few shows.It's probably one of the nicest "second generation" H models in the country.
  10. God I love those things! St Johnsbury,BFI,APA Trucking to name a few,and countless other companies had those.They were lined up in the yards at night as far as the eye could see,seems they all disappeared from the road at once.
  11. B613X stands for B-61 severe service with turbocharged engine.The "3" stands for turbocharged Mack diesel,the "X" stands for severe service chassis.
  12. Yes indeed it is.The guy who has it bartered something for it well before the auction.It's just one of those things,at first sight,didn't want it at first,but more thought was given about it,I just had to have it.I swore the next old truck I get will be a nice 257 Brockway....Guess I was wrong again.
  13. Yes,the truck has a few modifications,but not many,and it is very complete.This truck was working daily until fairly recently,just amazing the bumper and cab corners are not all bent and dented from the usual truck terminal mishaps.The interior is all there,steering wheel is very good and the wiring is not all cut into.The headliner and seats will need redoing as mice got to them at one time.The engine has an issue,I will take care of that,check out the brake system and running gear and may be able to hit a few shows this season.I could use the "G-73" emblem if anyone has one.Thanks,Al
  14. I saw this truck last fall at a place where we were looking at other trucks.Upon return the other day,it was still there and he kind of really wants to move it.It is in fantastic shape for it's year.I figured since junk is high again I would make some sort of deal,we did.It is a 1959 G73,has an NH-220 and a TRT7220 and a top loading double reduction rear.Don't know what I am going to do with it,but it would make a good home for that Model 20 Jake I have had stashed all these years.
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