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  1. hi hello i have a 1974 dm mack 10 wheeler iam gonna try and replace my brake pads on the front axle it has five spoke brake hub(dayton rims)my question is what size of socket do i need to remove the brake hub any info is greatly appreciated thanks
  2. hi sorry to barge in but i have a 74 dm with daytons would i be able to do the same kinda swap your talking about
  3. hi hello just looking to see if anyone out there has an airbrake diagram for a 1974 mack dm dumptruck thanks
  4. :mackhi hello would anybody know of a place where i could get sheet metal repair panels for a 1974 dm (floor panel)
  5. t675-7u7218 is this the number i need when ordering an engine kit
  6. Ill go look tommorrow thanks
  7. hi hello iam in the process of ordering an engine kit for my truck but the guy on the phone keeps asking me for a engine id code . Does any body know what the engine code starts with either a letter or number or is it a series of numbers my engine is a 1974 endt 673 mack would anybody know thanks
  8. hi just wanting to know if anyone knows of a company that sells replacement sheet metal for a dm685 cab just looking for patch panels thanks
  9. hi hello its me again this time iam just looking to see if theres a good used trdl107 10 speed trany for sale at a good price holler if you know of one thanks
  10. hi hello ill get to the point does anybody have a allison ht740(hydraulic controls) repair or rebuild manual their willing to part with thanks
  11. hi hello does anybody know what year did mack stop using wedge brakes
  12. ill go and check it out thanks
  13. hi does anyone have a fuel diagram for a 1974 mack 685 dm my truck empties the drivers side first then acts like its out of fuel mean while the passenger side has fuel i was wondering if anyone has a diagram of how they need to be plumbed so that doesnt happen thanks
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