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  1. Number one cause of Detroit runaway is due to a stuck injector.
  2. Thanks 220, Like all of them it was a ton of work, but well worth it. Gus
  3. The bumper is from a 1971 GMC long nose conventional, that we had sitting behind the shop. We have done three parades so far this summer, and have two more to do, plus three antique truck and tractor shows. Busy summer. Gus
  4. Sorry I don't get on here too often , so this answer is quite late. The bumper came from a mid seventies GMC long nose conventional that we had laying behind the shop. Gus
  5. Van; Just from the pictures, and if it does in fact run, it should bring $2,500.00 To $3,000.00 most anywhere. I agree that the tandem does not have that much appeal to those of us who are interested in a "play truck" rather than a work truck. But that is a somple matter to change. Gus
  6. Tom, Looks great and you get A+ for creativity. I did the air ride bit by removing the old Camel back tandem, and grafting the rear axel from an IH Transtar air ride system to my frame. It makes it a full air ride with hight control etc. Really was a very simple swap. Good job, I admire creative people. Gus
  7. What was the advertised horsepower rating of the natural aspirated 711 engine in 1964?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I have replaced the worn out generator with an alternator, so I guess I will have to think about that gym option. It is probably true that no more than I will be using it, with new tires and the caster set, it will probably be fine. I do plan on getting rid of the tandem and the good old camel back suspension, and going with an air ride singla axel, consequently I will need to add some front brakes, which it has never had. I am also looking for a set of Budd wheel hubs for the steering axel. Any help will be appreciated. I still haven't found out how to post photos on here. Gus
  9. Has anyone added hydraulic power steering to a standard "B" steering? Where is the pump mounted ETC. I have an early "R" model that I have been using as a parts truck, but there is nothing similiar . Gus
  10. How do I go about adding photos? Gus

  11. O K, how do I go about posting pictures on here? Gus
  12. Good afternoon everyone, my name is Gus, I live in Minnesota, and I just brought home a 1964 "B" model. It is currently a dump truck, but that will change this winter. I plan to restore it to a tractor. Back during the sixties, I operated nine "B" models, and a couple of "H" models, so have always been looking for one in decent shape to restore. Finally found what I was looking for in a barn in North central Minnesota. It fired right up once we installed a fresh battery, but the tires were so old and weather checked that I went back with the lowboy trailer and hauled her home. As much as I have been around trucks, I will still be seeking some answers. So thanks in advance.
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