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  1. The AC compressor is mounted on the upper passenger side. I can get some detailed pix of it this coming weekend. I have the truck stored in my dad's garage, about 30 miles away. I won't get up there again until Sunday. Van
  2. You could be correct on the engine size. I am no expert on these trucks by any means. I only know what was written down on a sheet of paper when I bought it. I was fortunate enough to be able to afford to own something I had always wanted, but now things have changed and I need to sell it. The steering column doesn't look like it was all that hard to install, Looks like possibly some modifications to the gear box input shaft and it fit pretty easily. I always liked the look of an original column better, but never got around to changing it. thanks, Van
  3. 1961 B61T. 300 miles since a total restoration by "Tom Warren Vintage Trucks" in Amarillo, Texas. All original sheet metal. Every piece new, or rebuilt. 300 Mack turbo charged engine fully rebuilt, every piece on engine new including turbo, air compressor, steering pump, injection pump, Jake brake, etc. 10 speed Eaton Fuller trans completely rebuilt, single axle rear with Peterbilt air ride suspension with every piece new. Truck has Kysor air conditioning, 2 Cush-m-aire air ride seats, power steering, tilt column, 4 new Alcoa rims, 6 new 11R24.5 radial tires. 1 50 gallon aluminum fuel tank, another 80 gallon aluminum fuel tank on opposite side. Every piece of chrome is brand new, including emblems, gauges, door handles, window cranks, etc. Factory red paint, and green interior. Frame is painted base/clear black. Original door tag with VIN, original frame with VIN stamp on it. This truck is as nice of a truck as you will find anywhere. This truck is a real head turner anywhere it is. Truck was completed in 2005. Truck runs and drives like a dream. You can cruise it on the interstate as fast as you feel comfortable driving. I could go on and on about the quality and craftsmanship of this truck, but it literally speaks for itself. It is as nice as any restored show car you will find. Truck is 27 feet long from bumper to bumper. 18 feet from back of cab to end of frame rail. Over $100,000 invested in the restoration alone. Priced to sell $65,000. I have several detailed pictures if you are a serious buyer. Feel free to contact me direct at 859-274-8121 or 606-495-5761. If you have questions about the authenticity of the restoration, quality of the work, or money invested in it, feel free to contact Tom Warren Vintage Trucks at 806-374-3056 Thanks for viewing, Van
  4. Rob, it was on here where you saw the pix, not much change since then. Van Paul, my grandpa was planning on putting a roll-back body on it, but I think I would like to get a set of tandems to slide under it (air ride of course)and make a tractor out of it. I will probably just leave it as is until I get it paid off . thanks for the comments. Van
  5. Here is a link to some pix of a truck I just bought. I bought it off of my grandpa, He had it fixed about 3 or 4 years ago and got in bad health and couldn't finish it, so he parked it in an old barn and let it sit. You can see how dirty it was, I'm still cleaning on the engine and chassis, I'll get some good pics up of it later. Truck has all original sheet metal and until about 6 years ago had been sitting inside for 24 years. It has been completly frame off restoration. It has air ride rear, AC, power steering, Tilt wheel, air ride seats, R model engine, and 9 speed fuller trans. Van http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c164/hurstL78/B%20model/
  6. It was the first time I had been in about 10 years and I couldn't believe it either,we walked for about 5 hours and I don't think we saw but about half of it.
  7. At the bottom there is a link to about 80 or so pictures I took at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville Kentucky yesterday.My camera batteries went dead before I got finished looking so I didn't get as many as I would have liked,and the ones inside aren't as good because my camera was going dead.Hope you enjoy. Van http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c164/hur...20truck%20show/
  8. thanks for the help trying,I just thought they might be something important,the truck the engine is in is a '59,thanks again Van
  9. I was looking at the numbers on the engine block where the injection pump mounts and they are:END 673 354 61. my question is what do the numbers 354 61 represent?thanks Van
  10. thanks for the compliments,I was very glad to get it home,but after the 600 mile round trip in the back seat of an extended cab truck I don't know what was better,having my new toy home or getting to finally stretch my legs out for longer than a ten minute fuel stop, I was sure glad to hear it run knowing that I had just bought a truck based on a strangers word that it did run.I have some other projects going on at the time so I'll probably just drive the truck around for at least the summer and then maybe by next fall I'll have the garage space to tear into it,it takes up a little more space than the cars that I'm used to working on Guess I'm going to have to add on to my garage Van
  11. I bought the truck about a month ago,but only got to go get it this weekend,I stuck some batteries in it and new fuel and it fired up,I drove it around the farm alittle bit then put it in the the garage,now to service and clean it up,hopefilly I'll have it going by spring. Van here are a couple more pics:
  12. thanks for all the input,I really like the looks of the tandem axle better than the single,and this is a very solid truck,but its some 250 miles from me and and if I can get it moved for fairly reasonable I'll probably get it. If I don't get it I'll post up the guys number and location thanks, Van
  13. hey everyone,I haven't been on this site in a while,and to be honest I have been working on some other projects and not really chasing truck parts,but anyway I ran across this truck the other day and I was wandering if you all could give me some input on what its worth:the truck is a B61 and is as solid as the pictures show with some rust in the door jambs,its all original drivetrain from the best I can tell,not sure what size engine it is but its non turbo,been sitting inside for around 12 years and does run. any help would be appreciated. thanks alot, Van here is the link: http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c164/hurstL78/mack/
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