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  1. There are B85 parts including a 707 listed onFB marketplace in Perth Amboy NJ.
  2. Do any of you guys live near Sandusky Ohio and maybe plan to come to Mack Day if it happens? Or is anyone is coming this way with a truck anytime. I would like to buy a radiator shell and don’t want to drive 7 hours each way. I could meet somewhere closer, Carlisle, Hazleton. I’m in Boyertown PA Thanks. Mike. I know I posted in the wrong section but want people to see it.
  3. With your skills you can just fire up your furnace and cast yourself a rear.
  4. No they did not. They look similar but are not the same. Mike.
  5. What the... I thought you were going to start on my truck now!
  6. I might be interested in the rear too depending where you are. Thanks again. Mike.
  7. Where are you? Is the radiator up for grabs? Any guess if it will fit in an R685? Thanks. Mike. Boyertown PA
  8. yarnall


    You can thank the Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic
  9. Congratulations on finishing it up. When can I drop mine off?
  10. yarnall

    B-61 Parts

    I’d take the parking lights if they are still able. Thanks. Mike.
  11. I could get you in touch with Art Copper who restores John Haines B87. I am sure he would help you as much as he is able. You might have to make a run to Pennsburg though. Mike.
  12. This truck started life as a B60 but was repowered and rebadged. Nice truck though.
  13. Beautiful. What is the serial number? Did you make the headliner or is it commercially available? Thanks for posting. Mike.
  14. They made me dizzy. Did you ask about prices on the trucks?
  15. I have faith in you. When it is done will you please work on one for me? Mike.
  16. This picture was from 2018. It was parked at a different place in 2019. Not that it really matters.
  17. Nice. I guess you needed a new project since you R700 is done.
  18. As far as I know, if you are getting antique license you will need an insurance card for that vehicle. It is not like a daily driver where you can use a card from another vehicle. Let us know what happens though. Mike.
  19. Where do you live? If you just go to Harrisburg with the title and proof of insurance should be able to get an antique plate on the spot. Don’t mention changing it or anything. You don’t need pictures for antique plates anymore. You do for insurance but that should not matter. I don’t understand why there would be any question as long as you have a good PA title and proof of insurance. Mike.
  20. There is a butchered LF near me. I don’t know where the fenders went. Other parts are there. It’s neat Philadelphia Pa. Mike.
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