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  1. I tried to reply with a pic but it exceeded MB’s I’ve been posting a lot of pics on here will I be allowed more after awhile ? Love Hough btw 😀
  2. When we were building logging roads 20 years ago we had a 1975 Paystar with a 6/71 and a 13 speed and 24.5 tires when it got too muddy we’d park the Mack’s and the old corn binder would be the go to rig . I loved that old girl she was great in the mud as the 6/71 couldn’t spin those tires 😀
  3. Fan of old trucks of all kinds special place in my heart for old Houghs as 2 of my uncles were manager and service manager at international locally.I worked in the bush most of my life logging , mining and the oil patch have all been my home away from home for many years . Nowadays I’m more of a homebody but have been with present employer since 2000 and yes we still use our mid 80s Mack’s off-road 😀

  4. Ps that model D dump truck is seriously cool 😎
  5. A YouTube video I made awhile ago
  6. Bobcat is fixed and working again btw 😀
  7. Couple of Jeep FCs if you look close
  8. I’ve been around trucks and equipment my whole life and have been dragging stuff from fields with my crazy friends and saving em from the crusher for many years . I’m not a collector more of a fan and am interested in the history “ I can literally spend hours looking at the names on truck doors trying to decipher which names are under the layers of paint 😀” .
  9. Northwestern Ontario Canada near Thunder Bay
  10. Trucksplanet.com ? I just read that now so thanx I was starting to think I broke the internet with this truck 😀
  11. Dang that’s what it looks like up ,such a cool truck
  12. I’ve never checked vin or data plate yet but I will and the museum in PA is something I never thought of . I thought it was rare when I tried finding info or pics of it
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