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  1. I have 3 old trucks,64 b87,79 r model and a 56 ford f600.My ford is giving me a fit.I rebuilt the vacuum brake booster on it and now the rear brakes lock up as soon as I apply the brakes.I get out of truck and bleed the rears and I can hear the brakes release.Get back in truck start up and depress brake pedal they lock up again.Any help will help.
  2. If I’m not mistaken I know of a contractor that had one with DD and a Allison trans in it.
  3. Mower man,I’m right with you.Will be 66 and 4 months next September,may pull the plug before and just live off the pension from the union till ss kicks in.
  4. If it has tits or tires,it’s going to cost you.
  5. Those air bags could smack me in the face anytime.
  6. I am looking for either a complete part book for a b61 or just a copy of the pages that shows the front end.That would include the radiator,the radiator shell and the fenders.Will pay for any cost for making copies.Tks Mike Durkin
  7. OD,it’s the same here in PA.Help wanted signs everywhere.I work for a union company as a equipment operator and they can’t even get laborers.It’s a real mess.
  8. It’s your truck, you build it the way you want it.
  9. Congratulations on your retirement.You have earned it with putting up with all of the shit for brains that think they can drive.Have a safe and enjoyable time ,like to meet you one day.
  10. Got my second shot this past week,had no problems.My wife got her second shot and it like to have killed her.She was fine in a day or so.
  11. Happy Birthday to all.Mowerman I hear you will be 65 at the end of may.Really thinking about getting out.
  12. What shade of red paint are you using,looks great.
  13. The ones I looked at had the gauges either missing or broke.Will keep my eyes open.
  14. Glad to see you coming back to normal.My son,2 or 3 nephews and nieces had it supposedly.Now they are much younger some lost taste and smell but that was about it.All have recovered and have no lasting ill.
  15. I would like to know the paint code for the red that Mack used on the motors,I would like to do my 79 r model motor?
  16. Came out of a old Mack dealer.Can’t believe how bad the letters faded.They look pink but I got one off and the underside is a bright red.Will be making new ones,and going to get the light to work again.
  17. Sometimes when I’m in the mood to f with people, which is quite often I get a live person on the line.Then I let them tell me who they are and what car warranty they are pedaling or some other bs thing,then I ask them if they the one that has sex with farm animals.Kinda funny to hear their response,make me smile a bit.Then I tell them to have a great day.
  18. Welcome,we had 15 of them trucks.Brought them all new in 79.Ran them for 20 plus years,no real problems.
  19. Where are you located at?I am in Philadelphia,pa,may be able to get one,local contractor scraping a couple.
  20. I got the same message.
  21. Great to hear you’re doing better,keep it going.Mike Durkin
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