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  1. Yes, PM Firemack. His name is John Statts and he is also on FB.
  2. Well, I am in Pennsylvania, don't know what help I could be but if there is anything that I can do, please let me know. I am also close friends with a retired USN Senior Chief who lives in Richmond. He has many, many contacts in various veterans organizations. Let me know if I can put you in touch with him, he may be of help.
  3. Are there any Vet-Friendly state or county level politicians who can help you?
  4. What a rip-off, I saw the title and was expecting to see bewbs.
  5. I thought you found one? Or was that after you posted this??
  6. Awwww that's nice, that squirrel was falling and her buddy caught her and is holding her up until she regains her footing.
  7. Had another one on the phone the other day trying to help me with my student loans. I had him going for 13 minutes before he finally caught on and I told him that I had no student loans. He was so pissed I got M-F'd (they say the highest form of flattery from a scammer is to be M-F'd)
  8. You have used it before......Rough stupid wild-ass guess.......How many cans you think to do the underside of a 1500 Ram Crew Cab/Short Bed?
  9. Whats a three pack of that Drummond stuff run? I have to create an account and log in blah blah blah.........Would like to coat the underside of my 1500 Ram.
  10. Unfortunately I have to use my phone for my work, so I have to answer any calls that appear local in nature. So you can imagine the white heat of a thousand burning suns that is my fury when I answer and it is a scam call. A friend introduced me to a great app about 4-5 months ago called NOMOROBO. It automatically screens and rejects robodialed and robo spoofed calls. It costs $1.99 a months but I would pay $10.00 a month for it, thats how good it is. Some still get through, and my mood renders the decision to screw with them or hang up. If it's a female I start asking about their sexual preferences or if it's an indian I start talking about how much I would love a nice, thick juicy 100% beef hamburger or steak (that usually gets them cussing at you........) Oh, something else I learned, indian men don't like it when you make fun of them for not wanting to eat "at the Y." That really sets them off for some reason.
  11. See your email for an early (or late?) Christmas present!!!
  12. Joes Mack, check your private messages!
  13. The woman is too stupid to have gotten elected on her own. I would not be surprised at all if somewhere down the road a conspiracy was uncovered and confirmed that somewhere, someone or some special interest backed her campaign and got her elected and is now her puppet master.
  14. So I found an old CB I ran years ago in my pickup truck with it's magnetic aerial. Way back when I rigged it with a cigarette lighter plug. So I figured "What the heck? lemme see if it still works?" I put it in and put the aerial on the roof, and gave a yell on Channel 19 for a radio check and immediately got a "My radio works fine." Last night I had to run to Lowes to get a doorknob and got on I-78. A driver merged into the left lane as I was coming up the onramp. I merged into the slow lane as he passed me in the left lane. I got on the radio and said "Hey thank you driver and you missed me." He came back and said "Yeah I see you I'm not blind, dummy." Got home and ripped it out and tossed it into the trash can.
  15. Hey Joe, hope the girlfriend is mending well. I have not heard back from the individual, I will give him a few more days and then fire another email across his bow.
  16. Thank you. Nothing burns me up more than when people play the "Volly vs. Paid Man" game and will only address paid/career firefighters as "Professionals." One not need receive a paycheck to be a professional.
  17. When you say "Professional Firefighters" you of course mean firefighters that are well trained and experienced, that maintain a professional attitude and conduct themselves accordingly, whether they are career or volunteer, correct?
  18. This is not an all-Mack built truck. I cannot say for sure who the builder is but it is after Mack exited the custom fire apparatus body business (1984.) The chassis was purchased and sent to a body builder, who also fabricated and installed the canopy-style jump seat roof. EDIT: after studying the pics some more, the body was fabricated by 4-Guys, a pretty popular stainless builder in Myersdale, Pa.
  19. I have been there once when I took Vlad there 6 or 8 years ago.
  20. Don't know anything about it but that's not too far from me. If you go lemme know maybe I'll take a ride.
  21. Hey not bad! It actually looks like you know what you're doing!
  22. Even though you spelled it wrong, I knew what you meant and I used to like you............
  23. How much do you charge to paint firetrucks?
  24. Email has been sent to an Upper-Up at the LTC Division of Spartan/Smeal and he has replied that he is digging into that and will get back to me in a day or so.
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