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  1. I just saw this for the first time last night. This is really cool. A modern-Day "Dunkirk."
  2. Sounds interesting. I will order one myself. The book, not the coloring book. Unless you want me to get you a coloring book, other dog. Or maybe that Pitt-Ohio driver wants one?
  3. Not sacreligious if it is done in the name of safety. ease of preventive maintenance and does not greatly alter the overall appearance of the vehicle.
  4. For those of you who cannot find a local source of corn-free: www.pure-gas.org
  5. That Volvo looks like an old Acme Markets tractor
  6. Hope you guys are running non-ethanol gas if you can get it. The corn fuel stuff is murder on small engine fuel systems. www.pure-gas.org
  7. I have seen that red Hayward R-Model and that *old* Autocar T/T at other shows and both are absolutely breathtaking.
  8. I'm not as good as I once was, but I am good once as I ever was.
  9. Since OtherDog has been lacking lately, I offer the following: Some members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the ATCA were invited to attend "Club Day" (sunday) at Das Awkscht Fescht held annually at Macungie Memorial Park (yes same park.....) I saw a Mack heavy haul tractor, a mini-mack, an FWD Firetruck and a Super Mack. I saw some kind of import car, a Fiat or a Porsche or something, I don't know those cars too well. I saw some other kind of an import. It was silver in color. I saw a Super Mack, too. And some guy's head. It may be 39babymack, I am not too sure. Another import of some kind. It was baby shit yellow. I saw all of these winfall wimmin at some other event, they wanted me to give them a ride, but I didn't have time, I had to go meet OtherDog for supper. I made them pay me to be able to pose with me in this picture.
  10. I didnt think that was a stupid question at all because I remember asking my father the very same thing when I was 15, he went out the next day and bought me a filter can opener and we did one together.
  11. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
  12. Yup penetrating oil, time and some heat mixed with a good strap wrench and a cheater bar.
  13. That it has a Detroit and was enclosed? Yes this is sad. The Detroit being blown? This is good.
  14. There were 13 open-cab CF trucks built. 12 pumpers and one mid-mount aerial ladder, for Riverdale in Prince George's County, Md. It was later re-powered with a Detroit and the cab was enclosed. It is rumored to be in South Carolina somewhere sitting behind a fire station with a blown engine.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH Large did the same exact pinewood derby car years ago, I will have to see if I can dig up a pic.....HAH!!!!
  16. Large, Medium and myself are all Civil War buffs, and we try to get to Gettysburg every few years. We make a long weekend out of it and camp out at Artillery Ridge Campground, which is only within a 1/2 mile of Union line and the 20th Maine's position on Little Round Top. It's a religious experience for all three of us, you really can't understand unless you are there. You can feel the spirit of those who fought and died there. If anyone ever wants to go, I highly recommend the book "The Maps of Gettysburg" which contains carefully researched time lines, maps and analysis of every skirmish of every day of the three campaign. It is an incredible asset to have with you while driving the National Park Service's self-guided tour. Day 1: Buford's Cavalry and Reynold's 1st and 11th Corps tangle with Heth, Rodes and Ewell north of town near the Lutheran Seminary The 11th Mississippi's Monument on Seminary Ridge The two sides of the Tennessee monument on Seminary Ridge The North Carolina Monument and Statue along Seminary Ridge
  17. I absolutely APPROVE, with one requirement- you must wear a black tux with tails and a top hat at the wedding. Congrats my friend! I wish you both many years of happiness and fun.
  18. 1. Fiancee? When did this happen? Why was I not consulted or notified? 2. Best anti-corrosion dielectric compound in my opinion is Truk-Lite. That's all we used in the shop at Jevic.
  19. JoeH where are you from in Chalfont? Do you still live there?
  20. I used to work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, yes they are munitions bunkers for low-order munitions. If they were for more powerful stuff there would be blast walls in front of the doors and relief vents up top.
  21. I just spat iced tea all over the laptop........
  22. Classic pic, but how in the fook do the big MACK trucks forum idiots guys end up in front of an F.W.D. ???
  23. No, this is my Therapist
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