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  1. Have friends at Engine Co. 88 in the Bronx. They cover the Belmont and Fordham neighborhoods among others. Belmont, which was the neighborhood portrayed in the Movie "A Bronx Tale" and is still populated by old-school Italian and other hard-working blue collar folks....was relatively calm. Fordham, on the other hand.......Engine 88, Ladder 38, Engine 46, Ladder 27, Ladder 37 and a few others all took rocks, bottles, bricks and other projectiles.....Including car batteries hurled off the roofs of 6-story (and higher) apartment buildings. No one severely injured thank god. I have a Philly cop friend that was in a group that got blasted by a white girl with jet black hair, black eye shadow and black lips...She was carrying a super soaker water gun. Except it wasn't water in the tank. They all got transported to Temple Hospital with facial burns.
  2. Philadelphia was absolute pandemonium on Saturday and Sunday and right now, Monday morning sporadic bullshit continues throughout the City. If you know Center City Philly.....Vine Street to Lombard (N to S) and River to River (E to W) looks like downtown Beirut. They had heavily armed Federal Police surrounding Independence Hall, the Mint, the Betsy Ross house and Ben Franklin's Grave. Philly cops were so busy, they had Cops from Montgomery, Chester and Bucks Counties rolling with the Philadelphia Fire Department on fires.
  3. Brocky my dad and I used to stop in there all the time when he was pulling new trailers out of the Trailmobile Factory in West Point, Pa. to the Trailmobile branch in Lancaster. The place burned to the ground about 10-15 years ago.
  4. That Dobbs Ferry aerialscope has been sold. The buyer took the aerial off and is re-mounting on a Seagrave chassis. The Mack chassis was sold to a Construction company or a farmer who I believe mounted a water tank on it. Pictures went around recently on facebook. Still has the Dobbs Ferry markings on it.
  5. First pic- the burgundy poospreader. What are the hoses going into the tandems? Is that some kind of manual inflate/deflate for muddy roads?
  6. How in the hell did I miss Jim's Bday????
  7. What about this kind of ball confusion? https://www.phillyvoice.com/rachel-levine-pennsylvania-reporter-marty-griffin-transgender-sir-kdka-apology-health-secretary/
  8. POTUS departs Lehigh Valley International Airport to a destination in Allentown Pa. on 5/14/2020. Not my pic, just thought it was really cool. Credit to the photographer.
  9. I went to the wedding of one of my closest friends in Duluth back in Sept of 2018. He is a BIG rail nut. (if any of you know the name Robert Gabrick, noted truck historian and author, it was his son, Ross's wedding.) The reception/dinner was in the grand central room of old Duluth Terminal, and then for 2 hours, the wedding guests had free roam of the museum down below on track level and outside but I am now despondent that I did not see the Mack switcher (but there was so much to see......) By the way, the two hour wait was for the chartered wedding excursion, from Duluth to Two Harbors and back. Was supposed to be pulled by a tea kettle, but there was a mechanical failure of some kind and we got yanked by two F7's instead.
  10. For those of you who may not have Facebook, the Pennsylvania Pump Primers canceled the 2020 Muster as of today due to the Rona. Screw it. May as well cancel Summer 2020 at this point.
  11. For those of you who may not have Facebook, the Pennsylvania Pump Primers canceled the 2020 Muster as of today due to the Rona. Screw it. May as well cancel Summer 2020 at this point.
  12. So we have been trapped in the house for the past 45+ days. The kids have been doing home study, and get outside when they can as the weather here in eastern Pennsylvania has been for the birds lately. Half a day of sun and then six days of rain. Wash, rinse, repeat. Large (now 16) and Medium (now 15) are pissed off they can't go hang out with their buddies and are suffering because of it. Large (10th grade) also began Welding at the Votech school this year (one of the hardest programs to get into.....) and he grew to LOVE his classes between September and March when they locked down the schools. He is PISSED he can't go to Votech. So we were bored the other day. I was talking to my dad, and with everything that happened with my mom, the weather and now this bullshit, I found out in casual conversation that the Hahn hadn't been run since Trucktoberfest. So I told my dad that Large and I would go run it. We really needed to get the fook out of the house and it was a pretty nice day. So we headed down to where it is kept in an old fire station about 40 minutes from here. The batteries are always plugged into a trickle charger/conditioner so we weren't worried about that. But we were concerned because that truck always had a history of draining down the fuel system after 2-3 weeks of no running. An electric fuel primer was even installed later in life. So I held down the electric primer switch for about 20 seconds and then hit the starter.....Took 4 times before it finally caught and that loud, smelly obnoxious two stroke Satan finally came to life. Pulled her outside and let her run for 15 minutes and then we took her for a ride for 5-10 miles. When we got back, pulled out back of where she is stored- there is a huge parking lot. Large needed something to smile about. I stopped and set the brake and said "Get over here" as I climbed out. Well, I am sure if that loud POS wasn't running you probably could have heard a pin drop. He sat there for a second with his jaw hanging open and all of a sudden it was elbows and assholes to get his seatbelt off and hop over the Morse tower and into the seat. I climbed in the passenger seat and gave him the quickie basics. (He has never even driven a car yet......) I wish I had taken pictures or video because his smile as he drove that thing around that lot for 10 minutes was enough to erase a lot of the misery for the last 45 days.
  13. pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
  14. I love having fun with them on the phone. The Indian ones really do not like it when you discuss their sisters and a certain form of sex.
  15. Be on the lookout for scam emails from a Bob Chris, email address is bobchris463@gmail.com Seems he is looking through old "Wanted" ads here and then trying to scam folks. See screen grabs:
  16. SCAMMER ALERT: Be on the lookout for a scammer by the name of Bon Chris, email address is bobchris463@gmail.com Seems he is looking up old wanted ads here and sending out "Hey are you still looking" emails. See screenshots below. After I sent him the last one he disappeared off into the sunset. And "Mr. Chris" if you happen to see this, my offer for you to fornicate with yourself still stands.
  17. I liked him in First Blood and Tommy Boy
  18. Many fire apparatus and fire apparatus photographer groups on facebook
  19. I always thought he was very under-rated as an actor
  20. 1958 F.W.D.


    Little known fact: The Arthur M. Anderson, which was the ship traveling with the Edmund Fitzgerald, and the last ship ever to have communicated with the Fitz, recently returned back into service in July of 2019 after having been in long-term layup in Duluth.
  21. 1958 F.W.D.


    Exiting Duluth Harbor through the canal from the Bridge of the PRT.
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