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  1. Yep....I have been trying to track down Paul for quite a while now. Seems he has fallen off the planet. I hope he is OK.
  2. You are welcome. I didn't want people to be confused.
  3. I have been researching the snot out of these 3.0 Duramax engines the last few nights. Seems that the 2020 version has a rear main seal issue. The 2021's have a crank-no start issue (will start second time) that may or may not be related to a software issue and/or a crank sensor issue. But overall most people are very pleased with them. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I could not shake the money tree hard enough to be able to swing a deal to purchase the one sitting on the Dodge lot- and because of the fact that you can't negotiate with dealers right now due to low stock. Pickups are crazy insane money right now. The plus side to that is they paid me handsomely for my 2013 Ram 1500 Tradesman- the differential started making noises at 125,000 miles and since I am driving a bit more now for work, I wanted to upgrade to something more comfortable and drove away in a 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn Laramie with all the bells and whistles and my is it comfortable!! "Small" approves and has nicknamed the new rig "The Pickle." I will miss the cap on the Silver Ghost but the new ride has one of those rigid folding covers. Not sure how crazy I am about it. Oh- and Small is wearing Large's shirt because Large is now too large to fit into the large shirt that is small.
  4. No that's that ahole truck driver that never stopped to help ladies broken down in and around Winfall
  5. Why not. Either way it's gonna cost you.
  6. WTH? That's it? No girls in cars? No pictures of beavers, or trash cans, or telephone poles? What a rip off. I want my money back!
  7. I did drive it- my god it is an automotive work of art. Nicest driving and handling pickup ever. I am regretting test driving it because I cannot afford it. No way. I had to settle for another Hemi Ram. Oh well. It is what it is. Here is the truck: https://www.sandschryslerjeepdodge.net/inventory/display/used/2020/GMC/Sierra-All-New-1500/1GTV9CET4LZ191566#!2020 GMC Sierra All New 1500 Elevation_Satin Steel Metallic
  8. Does anyone here have a GMC or Chevy with the new 3.0 inline 6 Duramax? Looking for opinions. And please, no Ford/Chevy/Ram pissing contests. There is a level of Suck no matter WHAT brand you are loyal to. EDIT: Did some research. Seems the oil pump is wet-belt driven. You have to drop the transmission to inspect/change the belt. Confirmed by multiple sources. Certainly a downer but not an ultimate deal breaker if the MPG is as good as they claim it to be. https://pickuptrucktalk.com/2020/08/chevy-3-0l-duramax-diesel-design-flaw/?fbclid=IwAR2GRj5oq46y95GnOJYR2BOs970Eb6glxPD5zkj500aBKD7AJTIm15bVzyA
  9. Really? That's funny......The thread is over a year old, and most (if not all) truck shows in the USA went on this summer without a hitch. Are you possibly a troll or scammer?
  10. I hope Big Mike is ok.....He was just on the bookfaze a week or two ago. The 4x4 MH is now at the Mack Museum.
  11. Thank you Brocky, I am familiar with BEPCO, they were probably the last vendor in the universe that had the rotors for the Kelsey-Hayes disc brakes that Mack was installing until they sold out. Yes. Will need something. I messaged a guy who was parting out a 1986 Harvester S1600 but have not heard back from him.
  12. Looking for a medium sized International truck (GVWR 15000 +/-) with an old school, two stage pre-electronic/pre anti-lock brake system that someone is parting out. Will take another brand if no other alternative but prefer I/H. Looking to rob the master cylinder and vacuum booster. NOT INTERESTED IN AN ENTIRE TRUCK. Brake system only!!! Everything we are finding is too new and requires electrons. Want to replace the master cylinder in the F.W.D. and upgrade to a two-stage brake system. Any leads appreciated. The closer to eastern Pa the better.
  13. I have been trying to track him down for some time with no success.
  14. Look into changing over to Pertronix electronic ignition. It is not terribly expensive and you will not regret it. As for the fuel pumps, good luck, any used ones you find will be in just a poor condition as the ones you have, recommend rebuilding the ones you have if you can find new diaphragms. And after you get it running try to only use non-ethanol gasoline to avoid trashing the new diaphragms and other rubber parts and to prevent clogging the carb. No mechanical pumps or parts? Install an Airtex electric pump.
  15. I would like to have seen it in operation at the height of WW1 or WW2.
  16. I bet I know someone.....He may also know where to find the 16" gun from the USS Mississippi that was cast on the site in 1919. He may also know where Emeril's Fish House Restaurant is located in the Casino- which has the best chowder and banana cream pie in the known universe.
  17. Were you able to look down into the area with all the furnace-gas operated engines? That is really cool.....
  18. No pix of the one-of-a-kind Mack bus?
  19. Venezia is a dry bulk hauler out of Limerick Pa near Philly. They literally just finished the restoration of that F-Model a week or two ago and the graphics went on the Monday of Macungie Week.
  20. I can neither confirm or deny some tuning up having been done by the Cops that cuffed him...........
  21. Glad to hear that you and the Missus are OK. The last time an arsehole spat in my face when I was a firefighter treating them......The Cops cuffed him and I put a pillowcase over his head. When it was brought up in court as abuse of a patient, the Judge looked at arsehole's attorney and said "your client should have considered that before he spat on the EMT. But if you want to make a case out of it we can tack on another charge of interfering and assault on an officer if you'd like......."
  22. Same with my wife over Xmas of 2019. Bad bad flu like symptoms and felt like a truck was parked on her chest. Then got it again a week or two before Xmas 2020 with a test and confirmation of covid19. This time not as severe but came with loss of taste and smell for 3 weeks +/-
  23. Disappointed in the lack of "Girls in Cars" pictures.
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