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  1. Joey Mack hope you pull out of this soon. You may have seen a while back that my wife and I both got it the second week of December. I had fevers, aches/pains/chills and the mud squirts for less than 36 hours and then poof.....all gone like I never had it, I swear I felt FINE. Then four days later I lost all sense of taste and smell. The wife got her ass kicked- she had all the symptoms I had plus a hacky cough and she slept for 18-20 hours a day for the first 8-9 days. She also lost her taste and smell and we both got it back between Xmas and New Years. And if any of the kids had it, they did
  3. Saw my first "Double-Masker" today at the supermarket. It was ahead of me in the checkout line. Came with a bonus of wearing plastic gloves, and it wiped down the pad of the credit card machine. I go through my checkout routine, and head out to the parking lot. I did like I always do when I got out the door- ripped off my face diaper. I was walking to the pickup when double masker is pushing it's cart back to the store- it yells to me "Hey you need to put your mask on!" Without hesitation I shouted back "Hey you need to MYOFB!" Groan.
  4. That may be a bit out of his comfort zone but give Gregg Hoffman (Under Dog on here) a call 610-428-6075. If he doesn't answer, leave a message. He is operatin' and will call you back at his next opportunity. Tell him the Hellertown Truck Stop/Freight Broker sent you.
  5. If you are on Facebook, check out the group "Mack Truck Memorabilia Collectors"
  6. The cab A few weeks ago- looking down the frame from the front. Yes the frame rails, the cross members, the torque box and outriggers are all galvanized. The pump housing, about 85% complete The Raydan air bag assist walking beam suspension. Note the Meritor disc brakes on the tandems. Most of the suspension components are installed. The engine (X15 Cummins/600hp) and the Trans (Allison AVS4000) have been installed.
  7. I am trying to upload some more build progress pictures but am having trouble. Here is the 2000 GPM Waterous pump itself, set into the frame of the pump housing module.
  8. No sir but the thought of an FWD doing what an FWD does best makes me moist.
  9. Donald and Lee. They both came to my Mom's funeral last year. It was good to see them despite the circumstances. Later on that year I was having issues getting my Ram aligned properly and I heard that Donald was really good with Ram alignments so I took it to him. He had me in and out in an hour and it has been perfect ever since.
  10. I was 5 in 78, we lived in Montgomery County Pa just outside of far northeast Philadelphia. When my dad was home from trucking he worked for the local Gulf station running their tow trucks, had a Holmes 750 on a 1971 6500 GMC (among one other tow truck and two roll-backs.) They had the tow contract for Lower Moreland Township (Huntingdon Valley.) He would chain up that 6500 and he swore it would go anywhere. He said he spent about 28 or 30 hours in that truck pulling people out of ditches and winching them up hills or clearing roads before he finally gave up to sleep. I remember the bliz
  11. David Wild, have you ever heard of the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division in Warminster Pennsylvania? In years past it started as the Brewster Aircraft Company, was later taken over by the War Department, and later the US Navy. It was also called NAS Johnsville and the Naval Air Development Center. Not to be confused with NAS Willow Grove, Pa. which is about 6 nautical miles to the southwest. NAWC Warminster was a victim of one of Reagan's BRACs and the facility began to relocate to Pax River, Md in the mid 1980's and the facility totally closed and the flag was retired in March of 19
  12. I want to know who dropped the ball- each and every exterior door let alone the interior ones should have been locked up tight and when the first intruder came through they should have been blasted. Everyone behind the first one would have said "screw this!" and ran. Betcha this whole thing never would have happened. Unless someone wanted it to.....
  13. I have a friend that was there. Though he was not in close proximity to the main stairs into the front of the capital, he reported that the crowd immediately surrounding him was respectful, well behaved and in good spirits. There was zero discussion of any illegal activity let alone what happened. Other than a bunch of Police Cars coming in all of a sudden and passing by to destinations unknown, he and his companions didn't even know anything happened until they were on the train headed back to Philadelphia. And he was emphatic to say that those actors were not representing the overall feeling
  14. No sir, never thought you were. I agree with all of your points!!! I have a close friend who had to close his restaurant- 11 years of his blood, sweat, tears and his soul. Down the toilet. In the meantime, you can pack 11,000 people into Wally world. Thank you, and Happy New Year to you and your family! God Bless!!!
  15. Absolutely agree. There is something out there- many are getting sick to some degree, some are dying. But yes, it is being handled with gross incompetence.
  16. Paul, It is very strange. For me, I have had worse sinus infections. After the first 48 hours (with the exception of the loss of taste and smell) I felt well enough to have gone back to work. The wife though- wow it kicked her arse. She slept 18-20 hrs a day for the first 8-9 days. And then there are the other people that this virus is killing!!! Even my family Doc told me that it is the strangest virus he has ever come across in 40 years of practicing medicine.
  17. Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Unfortunately here, Momma and myself both had the china virus. We kept it off the bookface for those of you on there. Here's the cliffs notes- Back on Nov 29, our fire dept was dispatched with the Ambulance to a cardiac arrest, which is standard procedure as extra hands are always needed at an arrest. I was part of the fire crew. Back in a former life I was also an EMT and the Medic knew this, so he grabbed me to ride in the back of the Ambulance with him as extra hands. I was "bagging" the patient the whole time- using a bag respirator breathing for the patien
  18. Does the new shed have fire sprinklers? Asking for a friend.
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