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  1. As said above for any relation to rust. Looks cool. Tough as a small bulldog What is the source of blue smoke on the 2nd and 3rd pictures?
  2. I like the red trucking. You nailed that!
  3. That thing looks huge.Must be a real pleasure to own it take real ambitions to buy and restore such the toy.
  4. Thanks for postng. The pics bring feeling of old times. I have never been to America in those years but thees look like scenaries of old movies I watched alot in the past.
  5. Worth to add. The most accurate count of the reatio is count of actual number of the teeth. But complete carrier remove could be required. Talking about Mack tandem carriers you can count the teeth of the upper (bewel) set of gears through the side cover opened but not the lower (bull) ones.
  6. For the correct count you need wheels at the both sides to turn together. If you have one on the ground (locked from turning) you count must be divided by 2 since the only wheel is forsed to make 2 times more revs by differential.
  7. There was such truck for sale multiple years ago. But that was much closer to your home than to mine.
  8. Ok Paul, thank you. Very nice to see the picture and learn the fact anyway.
  9. Nice to see an old thread pulled up. To add oil in the flames I can tell that in Russia and in former Soviet Union tandem truck's wheelbase was and currently is measured between the center of hubs of the front axle and the centre of the FRONT REAR axle. Not 100% sure right at the moment but i believe the most European countries do it the same way. As for Russia those measurements are predicted by State Standard system so no way for another use. I should admit that in old books of 50's years tandem truck's wheelbase was indicated to the CENTRE of distance between the rear axles, exactly the way you American guys do. But seems like that point was changed in Soviet standards at some point.
  10. Paul, Great truck and I want more photos of it if they exist !! Even couldn't imagine you had such one in your family. I like EH's (but more the common style closed cab commercial ones) and was even sypplied with a factory manual for this military EH from a friend of mine. Glad you're lucky again with pics posting.
  11. How much TNT it took to get the job done?
  12. Ok, my small addition to the thread. Spotted this Granite in November 2018 not far from Bethlehem CT. Not ready to name the company, the guys provided pavement works. Sure not a state of the art picture but at least it's not Volvo or Pete.
  13. Great looking picture! And the only time I saw it before is on a T-shirt Winny wore.
  14. You can also use one off DM/U with minor changes. Those have a metal part welded to the bottom side to tight up the rubber seal along DM curved rocker panel but it could be ground off with not much labour and traces. There's also difference in the mirror bracket bolt hole pattern, some more holes needed to be drilled.
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