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  1. No. Regular (lighter) series R discontinued in 89 (or even in the late 88?). RD being a heavier mod of an R started from 78 or so and kept the classic round hood with round lights up to 1990 or 1991. Than it (RD not R) purchased new (slopped) hood and stayed in production until 2004. RB is another story.
  2. Seems like you haven't got all the air off the system. Even worn out plungers would build up pressure enough to get the fuel off the realeased nuts on the injector lines. I'd put an electric fuel pump in the line between the tank and the prime pump. Switch it on for half a minute to make good fuel flow in the lines and injection pump body than try cranking with it still on. Usually takes all air away in a matter of seconds and the engine fires up if the rack is in the correct position and the mecanical parts are solid. Vlad
  3. Looks in a really great shape. Besides restored interior and non-rusted rear wall of the cab the frame represents very good condition. Still can't figure the type of the engine it has. Something like a non-intercooled EM6 of 225 or so HP?
  4. Nice looking raw of old Macks. Although they're kept outside it seems like someone have fun owning them. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Looks like some experimental cab indeed. But doesn't show any countours of the series R-model cab. Interesting.
  6. With Neway in 1981 those are the most probably 34000 or 38000 axles. Once I found a tag riveted to the lower side of the lower left airbag pad. But that was Neway tag with the suspension model not the axles.
  7. Do you mean "elephant ear" brackets of a heavy suspension? As I said the frame's width varies. Don't remember seeing any spacers put between the ears and rails. They could be easily machined to be used on different frames to keep the same between the spring distance. I saw that on R-model rear engine mounts. The same castings but factory machined off along the mounting surface to clear up the inner rail (insert). Check out this tables. You can see the frame width there.
  8. Can't belive! Checked out my shelf and found out a B-model Volume 1 getting dust there. Seems like if I wait for a couple more years I would be able to swap it for a real B-model truck including shipping
  9. Of my uderstanding the dog must have 5 digit patent # (87931) not 7 digit newer one and also have longer ears. Higher edged to his back not his face. Check out ebay, plenty of dogs there so look all the images patiently and you will figure the true style. Non pitted ones show out for $60-$150. Be shure it's of the normal (large) size since there were smaller dogs of that old style which were used a an ash tray decoration and wouldn't look good on a grill. BTW nice looking L-model, sorry to see it in that poor shape. Hopefully somebody will take care about it or at least use some parts for
  10. You can try this R-model diagram from this site's Wiki section. But checking it out it apperaed to me that it differed from my 1988 R and later models.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting and many nice pictures.
  12. Yup. There's a reason for a stepped style of the rails if the truck is 6x6. But this one doesn't have FWD so standart fishbelly style DM frame should work fine there.
  13. As said above. Newer RD cab cowl is Superliner style at the left and classic R-model at the right.
  14. Merry Christmas to everybody!
  15. Cool find Timmy! Must be really interesting to see such unusual animal in your environment.
  16. As said above. Interesting, From the other side of the globe. Vlad
  17. You nailed that Alex! I must have a group photo where I was dressed in the T-shirt. But it was printed on paper and the closest place I remember seeing it last time was on a wall in my friend's apartment in Dusseldorf Germany
  18. I also remember those iron transferred T-shorts. But here they showed up later, actually in late 80's when Perestroyka took its time and new public oriented technologies flooded the empty market. Personally i don't remember the transfers you could buy. Usually it was a shop you choose a pic and get it on a white T-short. Definitely none of Mack pics ever showed up so i had to satisfy myself with DB5 Aston Martin print.
  19. Just have no idea on who was by the wheel at the time you made the picture. Miss Molly??
  20. With that much of damage to the wheels the axles must get some real cattywampus.
  21. Looking the photo it seems like you definitely should.
  22. Going to collect a few key parts for one more project. Might be too early regarding the state of my current affairs but it seems like importing gets more difficult. So I'd like to do it while it's still possible. So looking for a complete 1985-1993 Mack RW Superliner II engine hood. In reasonable (fixable) condition together with top bezel and grill. Something like on the picture. Also of interest to the front hood mount that attaches it to chassis and a pair of front cab mounts. Would need all that transported to New Brunswick NJ some way or another. Vlad
  23. Makes me think that guy met 3 signs that day following each other.
  24. Yes, that's right. Volga GAZ-21 (the plant Henry Ford built in 30's in the city of Gorky) was produced in USSR from 1956 to 1970. Currently it's the most popular classic car in Russia. Something like B-61 corresponding to the Mack world
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