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  1. I like the idea of using a dump hoist combined with a flat bed. Not 100% sure but suppose you can lean the bed and drive a car onto it to be transported to a show or so.
  2. A cat used to crawl into my MH cab through the gear shifter opening when the latter was removed. I was unhappy with hair laying on the seats until figured out I had no mice instead. Mack supplys cushion foam for Bostrom seats but it's difficult to find a correct one. I had experience ordering such thing for my R-model Bostrom 715E at Mack dealership in upstate NY. The guy at the desk spent no less than half an hour identyfying my truck and the seat and even called to Bostrom. He finally stated he knew what it was and he had to order it from another location. I said Ok but when I showed up again in a week the cushion they got was wrong. I knew the truck could have the seat swapped during the years (their suggestion) but here in Russia are 3 R's from the same factory butch with 6 similar Bostrom seats. What I would do is to roam over junk yards and look for a passenger seat of the same model your driver one is. And than swap the cushion or the complete assembly.
  3. Those numbers are treasures property of those lucky guys who have parts lists. To me it seems I will use actual measurements to identify rods. I found out that Atro web-site very helpful. They seem offering joints I could replace keeping original metal rods. Would be very good to import much lighter parts. Hopefully I'll be able to get the joints off the rods and than press them in.
  4. Congrats on the purchase! I like the look of twin screw B's.
  5. True on that. Puff limiter was discussed on here in the past. Rifle through "Engine and transmission" topics and you will find essential info on that. Vlad
  6. Vladislav

    Sad date

    Watched the date today in the morning and found it kept in my mind. I would never wish anything like that to any nation.
  7. I guess it's in PA 😎 If I'm able to show up to Trucktoberfest this fall I would try to show up at that place too. But from observing the amount of threasuries there it seems to me I shouldn't show up at all...
  8. Vladislav

    1936 Mack

    Good thing to let a seller having a "def" time before making an offer. After 2-3 weeks of no activity there could be much more interest. At least for a reason of no sell to be explained.
  9. Looks like a very nice place to be at and grab sone needed (and unneeded) pieces of iron. I like the L's and the sun visor on the MH. Hope you will share the location after your deal is done.
  10. Vladislav

    1936 Mack

    Looks solid at all but the asking price seems way out of sence.
  11. Congrats on the deal done! Alot of extra parts - also good, plenty of what to play with.
  12. Thank you. Actually I talk German a lil bit and my tight communications with Dutch Mack guys add that challenging either. So plenty of what to get fun of In Russian we call Bitum that very juice you mix with sand and gravel to pave the road. And we call Asphalt the top layer of the pavement, almost the same as you do. So not too difficult to study English in some cases. And now seems Australian too
  13. Ok, thanks. Just didn't expect such easy matter.
  14. Thanks for the guidance. If not a big trouble please PM me the basic info on those rails you passed along the purchase. I sure could call the guy but my speak skills aren't that perfect to speak by phone very well.
  15. What is that black top you guys are talking about? Marmite??
  16. Ok, got that. I'm not too deep into E-models. Knowing there were multiple series with different ratings I mostly pay attention to the grill style. And as long as the heavier series one makes my preference I limit attention to the smallers. Anyway both those black fenders/green cabs have amazing look
  17. Very clean looking example. Isn't it a sister truck to yours Jim?
  18. Ok, seems better to add some amount of used engine oil together with ATF. The fuel will be BLACK that way. Locally I was told about a person running an old Mercedes car diesel on a clean ATF. Have no idea on how it could be safe for a pump but would expect plenty of carbon in the chambers. And probably smoke.
  19. Vladislav

    R795 V8

    Taking to account it's coupled to 6-speed transmission seems like it is.
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