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  1. Neat B-model. And I like all those monitors put on the table. In fact this matter is a bit deeper than it could appear. Not only he-animals mark their territory. She-animals do it either in some cases. Thanks for the pictures. Like to see activities you share.
  2. Sure no blame to anyone, just a point of view.
  3. You don't if you are a ostrich.
  4. Best B-day wishes!
  5. Are you sure your AIR tank is 24" round? That's a typical size of a FUEL tank OD.
  6. This makes sence to me. If real life applys jails I see no reason sites can't do such either.
  7. I sure do agree with this. Just hope for maximum possible moderator's correctness.
  8. But looking the pictures it seemed to me that cab was not brand new but freshened up or rebuild. Weld seam along the rear edge of the floor panel looks like rust goes from there.
  9. Yup. I can belive if ban put on a person there was some strong reason to do so. But banning a whole lot of long time and active members with multy thousand of posts and multi thousand likes seems as a go over a really sharp corner. Also some forums have a Ban List thread where every banned person is announced with a reason and a term of ban. And this last point is also the last point in my post since I think a member shouldn't be banned forever in a case such an action applied to him for the first time. We are all people and individuals have a tendency to cool off and figure the matters bette
  10. Once again many thanks for the tips and suggestions. Actually I hate taking any assembly apart having no spares handy or at least supply facilities marketed on having the potentially needed ones in stock. In this particular case the truck is not in the main focus of my attention at the moment. I didn't plan to invest sufficient resources in it and hoped for an easy fix to get it running using an extra clutch set I took off an old E6 engine in the past. The pressure plate looked reusable by its look so I cleaned its working surface with sandpaper and wirebrushed the housing. Also I greased the
  11. Yup. And the cab's LH front corner duplicates Superliner cowl, has square shape. RH corner is the same as a classis R-model has with depressing for air cleaner and its tube.
  12. Two points got my attention. First I'm currently not able to disengage the clutch since the bearing has no travel or about no travel. Second I'm not sure I'd be able to find a different clutch assembly locally soon enough. Of what I learned something similar was used in 9400 and 9800 IH trucks which are common overhere and many parts are usually stocked for them.
  13. Sounds very promising. I too hope turning of that wonder bolt will get me closer to the solution of my clutch issue. It's quite rainy the last few days. Would like to wait a bit for a better moment to sunbath under the truck. Once again, thanks to everyone for the support. I will update the post as soon as I get any news.
  14. Wow, thanks. Sounds much easier than I expected. Will make a try.
  15. Ok, I see. I turn off the two bolts at the ends and remove the center one, right? But what to wind or spin or turn after that?
  16. Thanks, got the sequence. Just never wound the winder. The particular Cruiseliner kept its stock cable until I stepped onto the clutch pedal for the first time. And broke its last two threads when I did that. So I bought 3 meters of common steel rope with a couple of clamps and made a "new" one. The floor still conteins a sleeve the cable goes through. But looks like it doesn't affect its operation by any mean.
  17. Thanks for the link. Read the most of the content but as I noted above still can't figure what and particulary how to tinker in the pressure plate to set my clutch.
  18. I'm going to take apart one of T2090 trannies to restore it for my R-model. So expexting to have one input shaft laying on a shelf. It seemed more difficult to me to install transmission with the clutch on the flywheel since more travel is required. But reading the literature I figured it's easier to fit a tranny with 15.5" clutch than a 14" setup since the intermediate plate gets its pins into the pressure plate on 15.5" and you don't need to correspond the notches and pins at the stationary flywheel. So having right equipment to fit a tranny seems more reasonable to first assemble 14" clutch
  19. Hmm.. Pretty interesting suggestion. Sure makes sence. I just can't belive the clutch could be off the adjustment that much to make the bearing almost against the brake disc. Another point I still can't understand what particulary to do for the adjustment. Should I turn loose that big bolt (or nut?) at the pressure plate and than try to turn the part the bolt is in? Is that a big still ring inside the clutch or anything else? Does it usually turn free or supposed to get stuck by age? Just never did it before and never investigated the design.
  20. No, I didn't get that far along the job to achive ajustment Layed on a (wet and cold) ground under the truck today and got a look into the bottom inspection opening. What I saw was the thoughout bearing pulled off the pressure plate all its way down to against the clutch brake. There's a bumper plate at the front of the tranny housing suspended by 4 coil springs and it looked like the bearing already pressed the brake disk to it. And it was not forced rearwards by the yoke, more looked like something behind the pressure plate (inside the clutch pack) pressed the bearing out. Current
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