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    RW II's

  2. Vladislav's post in LMSW-23 in Israel was marked as the answer   
    Guy, that's great news
    Happily I can't go to that yard and start talking that thing out to grab it . Just kidding
    Mack EP engine is a common Thermodyne overhead valves gasser.
    If the memory serves it's 672. With updraft carburator and single ignition system. 160hp.
    Generally the same as EY in Mack MN or NO but 672 instead of 707 and has standart oil pan (NM has a modified one to clear up a front drive axle)
    Not many (if any?) restored LMSW's have original engine.
  3. Vladislav's post in need help with mack lj?thermodyne engine? was marked as the answer   
    I was surprized too much while looking the stuff you posted.
    I'm shure 100% you have a deal with WW2 army Mack model NR of about 1944-45.
    Would tell you more if I see a better pic of the chassis number. But we can read NR in front of it and it makes sence.
    Frame and the bogie look original, front axle, cab and the engine are aftermarket.
    There was Lanova in it years back.
    Front axle beam is different from a factory one with budds instead of original spokes.
    Fuel tanks, running boards arrangement and the gear box are definitely of NR.
    Congrats on the save.

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