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  1. If you look at the cabs, the W71 has a very different cab than the LT. The H is basically the same cab but with a taller windshield.
  2. When I worked at Cat we would put Tide laundry powder in the rad with water and run till hot, then drain and flush with plain water.
  3. I thought he was good in Wild Wild West but I especially liked Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  4. Yep...these trucks had been sitting for 20 years, there was no cab floor in either of them. It would have been a massive job to save them.
  5. He had them for sale for months, no one ever came forth with cash...his price was fair too.
  6. You won't regret it (at least I don't think you will)!
  7. Niiice! How in the world did you cut that shim with that long taper?
  8. You'd have to come to Ohio and get the parts, he will not be shipping any.
  9. "I was puckered up so tight you couldn't drive a needle up my butt with a sledge hammer!!" That's some pretty fair truck driving there, the way he missed both of those trucks. I like the pickup just kind of pinwheeling around in the road.
  10. Yesterday I helped a guy near me cut up a couple of B models; I need rear end parts from one and he sold a bunch of parts off the other.
  11. Sounds right to me. You can check the ratio by jacking up one rear wheel, rotating it one turn and count the driveshaft turns, then divide driveshaft turns by 2 (a 4.66 should spin the driveshaft 9-1/4 turns).
  12. An F model western with a Detroit! That would be a cool truck to have.
  13. This one is in Westbrook Maine. https://abcnews.go.com/US/giant-spinning-ice-discs-maine/story?id=60428415
  14. If your price is reasonable, you will find a buyer on this site. You stand a better chance of selling if you post pictures and price.
  15. 41Chevy posted this picture a few years ago...seems like a lot of the W71s had sleeper boxes on them.
  16. I didn't know that! I see the bottom of the windshield on the conventional lines up with the bottom of the vent wing, but on the H model the windshield drops lower than the wing. So these trucks are genuine L models, not H cabs fitted onto an L chassis.
  17. I love it! I notice he doesn't need any suitcase weights with that big motor in there.
  18. The pinstriping and other details look fantastic.
  19. Yes, there are a lot of 3408s out there (mostly in equipment as davehummell says). When I worked at Cat we found them to be very reliable. If you can afford this truck it sounds like a nice machine.
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