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  1. Maybe I should check Gulfway...Hagerty charges me $312.00 for my H model.
  2. Isn't that a song by Joe Diffie? Of course, his best and one of the greatest country songs is "Pickup Man".
  3. That ETAZ in Rob's picture--I assume that's an air-to-air aftercooler on top? Did all the engines with that have a tip turbine?
  4. Next you're going to post a pic of an old timey truck with an 8" exhaust tip rolling coal.
  5. Welcome to the site! Great bunch of guys to chat with and learn from.
  6. Yeah, they slip them on when parked to keep out rain, birds, small children, etc.
  7. I didn't know Cat made a transmission!! Seriously, what does it mean to interconnect the CAC?
  8. It was quite a sight to see 4 tractors pulling lowboys with 1 truck each, and one lowboy had 2 trucks on it.
  9. Here's some of the equipment that was shown and worked at the show yesterday. This is a LeTourneau TournaTractor; I've never been up close and personal with one. I believe it had a 6-71 DD in it. Here's a beautiful Euclid, again with a 6-71...really sounded sweet when he hooked the blade in the dirt. An old Allis with a Garwood dozer blade on it. 6-71 with a straight stack, you could hear it a long ways off! A beautiful 660 IH, looked like a new tractor!
  10. I'm not really familiar with the workings of the show...it's a shame that it's not what it used to be.
  11. They had the Outville (Ohio) Power Show today, several very nice trucks there. Very nice LJT (I think it's an LJT). Classic looking Superliner R model, the paint on this is beautiful. Very nice B, I like the stack rack and train horns. A particularly nice GMC 9500, it also has a cool stack setup on it. A really nice IH.
  12. That looks just like the bathrooms at Macungie!
  13. Happy 4th you guys!!
  14. What's the 4 axle trailer haul? I've never seen one set up like that before.
  15. Seems risky...how many times has a greenhorn put fuel in the wrong tank?!
  16. Dieseldoug on the ATHS website breaks it down the same as you. He said the "102" means 102 inches from center of front axle to back of cab, and the "64" means 6 wheels, 4 driven.
  17. That flag stands for the people who devoted their lives protecting Kaepernick's freedom to dump all over it.
  18. Welcome to the site! A B model is a good choice.
  19. Pretty truck! What's the purpose of the two filler necks on the fuel tank?
  20. Ooooh, a Chevy Citation ad! Save that!!
  21. I like the timing advance unit...a rod with a heim joint!
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