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  1. This looks almost like a new truck...someone did a fantastic restoration on it. The engine looks kinda close to Alpine Green, though... https://www.ebay.com/itm/mack-r600/133201181336?hash=item1f0368ba98:g:OsUAAOSw3DpdokU3
  2. We were coming thru Canterbury CT on vacation and the Google said "Haul of Fame Museum" so I pulled into the lot. No one was around and the last I heard the museum is closed so I took some photos of what was parked outside. It's a shame to see the weeds and rust taking over some of these trucks.
  3. h67st

    Horn cover

    If you go on ebay and search for "Mack horn button" these plates come up a lot--you may have to keep checking for a few weeks but they show up regularly.
  4. The poor guy's driving a Shaker and you just pick on him! Tsk tsk. Michael, have you checked for power at the light bulb sockets? If you don't have any front or rear lights your turn signal switch could be bad.
  5. It looks like it's been well taken care of. So many trucks this age are parked in the weeds with mouse nests everywhere.
  6. Of course, Tyrone Malone's classic with wide whites.
  7. Jerry and his group are a great bunch of guys...looks like a nice show!
  8. The flange where the carrier sits on the housing is welded into the housing...I guess it's steel so the threads are strong enough, but the housing is cast iron. The factory didn't get a good weld in one spot so it was leaking gear lube through the missed weld.
  9. Also spray some WD40 or better lube on the jaws before trying the above methods.
  10. What the heck is that beast of a truck he's loading in the last picture?
  11. I've been trying to get someone to do some welding on my rails and one axle housing, finally got someone to say bring them in. It sure is a slow process to get all the different things taken care of before I can begin reassembly.
  12. I really miss the F models, there were so many on the road back in the day. Doctor Rust took a lot of them in their prime.
  13. I think he means 5" pipes at the bottom, feeding into 6" stacks.
  14. Looks like a nice truck....$25k. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Mack-Roll-Back/193105746413?hash=item2cf5ffd9ed:g:TVIAAOSwMSZdf5tU&autorefresh=true
  15. Tom, how much did they charge to do your brake reline?
  16. What a cool place! Can you imagine working on old stuff like that for a living?
  17. Looks pretty nice for $14k.
  18. I'm no Mack expert but it does sound very much like a governor issue. In case you need it worked on, DaveHummell on this forum was very impressed with Diesel Power Service in Williamsport PA.
  19. I bought an old Empire blast cabinet to clean some parts; I've always seen glass bead used in these. I see some people use garnet but others say it's too dusty and won't recycle as many times as glass bead. Anybody got recommendations on which to use?
  20. Man, that's an old car! Err, oops...sorry! That is a nice car...and Woodferd is a cool name. Interesting how they put dollies under the jack stands, I guess that's so the springs aren't under tension when it's in storage.
  21. h67st

    "R"at Rod

    Not exactly my cup of tea, but there is quite a bit of engineering and thought in this truck. $40k seems too high. https://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/d/washington-court-house-mack-rat-rod/6974227628.html
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