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  1. Hello everybody. I recently received a message on "My Chart" It is from my Medical system that I am in. It said "Congrats. you are elligable for the Covid vacine.. It was based on the roll out of different levels off distribution. The thing is... I was diagnosed on 2/25... I'm not far enough along to get the vaccine. I was told 90 days after 14 days with the virus.. I just watched a report, by a Doctor say that the 6 people that died from the vaccine may have had a natural resistance, anyway.. My point is... If you had the virus, please ask your doctor if you need the vaccine... The e-mail I
  2. So true... Truth is..... I'm proud about that I can support my Wife and my self and our 3 Dogs.. I earn what I have and so does my Wife. We have the American dream. Hope You have a great day (TJC). Jojo
  3. I wonder if I can get "Reparations?" My family came to the U.S. in the late 1800's into the very early 1900's, from Italy, ( with Visa's and sponsorship). I hear, Cuomo is going to give "Illegals" in N.Y. $15,000 each for their stimulus.. What the hell is going on? Moths ago I posted that " I want our country back" and I was asked what I meant by that. "I could see into the future" should have been my answer... I pray for us! Real Americans. Jojo
  4. my guess is the only thing close is the 310M.. of course, it wont be much longer before "Manual shifting is DONE" what's next????? Mirrors.... jojo
  5. I cut my teeth in a few 78' R- Model's.... They were all twin sticks... (107's) .... I would drive that any day over a 2070....Jojo
  6. you can get an upgrade. but you will need at least a 2013/2018 tranny and 200 series carriers... also you posted a CH 713... Is it a Ch or A CL? jojo...
  7. there arent any props or pins on the bed for you to use? and yes wood blocks have always worked well,
  8. i wish mark and i were thier.. we'd get it done..
  9. The model is stamped in the case... I was able to find a seal for one a few months ago... I actually bought a whole gasket kit.. It should be easy to get.. I got mine from Trans-Axle in Charlotte N.C.
  10. are the "Down" bags over stretched and leaking? they look wrong... What do you see here MarkT?
  11. Isnt that used on this chassis for the VGT air supply? I need to look back at the year of this truck now.. i forgot.
  12. I dont know how many different ways there are to plumb the tag axle, but I have never taken my air supply from the firewall... I always go to the secondary tank and first install a 65PSI protection valve then from it, supply the tag axle system.
  13. Good call Mark! and pics would help a bunch.. The MGM chambers you suggested are top notch.. jojo
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