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  1. it's easy... just pull the triangular top panel, look down to see the buss bar.. it is labeled really well. you can use any of those post's... Key"off" Key "on".. just put a good fuse holder from the post to the,,,,,, camera or whatever.... and install the recommended fuse... ATM/ATC type or whatever you like.. keep some circuit breaker's of the same amp, and type of plug, in the tool box. just in case you have an issue... jojo
  2. what is the truck model and year? I have done dozens of these cam jobs. With respect... do you know what you are doing? Jojo
  3. the AC is a different E.E.C.U. ,, 3 plugs. The AI has 2, just like an E-Tech... I would suggest keeping the wire harness that is on the AI engine, then swap the E.E.C.U. with the engine. the plug on the top of the tranny should be the same, just look at it to be sure,, its a rectangular 16 pin plug, that should be secured on the top of the tranny, to the left side. it will be secured in a square clamp and may have zip ties holding it together.. It's easy to get to, with the floor pan around the shifter removed, ..-or- if you have a skinny guy in the shop.... squeeze his ass above the fuel tank to get it.. just air up the cab air bags...:) jojo
  4. any luck? if its fixed, post the fix... jojo
  5. I love it Paul..... I'm laughing, but I want to know who's right.... I'm supposed to believe us.. (U.S)... too funny, jojo
  6. I was a child in the 70's..... I'm just concerned about the -here-and-now. With respect and diss-agreement , It's best that I stop now.. Jojo
  7. Mr. Mackey... I am quite sure you believe in what you say... But? don't you think that it's a different country today? and not heading in a good way.. what has been happening since the Virus, has been used as a pawn, regardless of the loss of life and all of what we need to live, being hard to get... in simple words... What I see every day is proof that Progressives are out to destroy our great country, and new age Dem's have no problem giving 'Us' Up! to whoever is walking over us... or "just plain, walking in) with respect..... Joey....
  8. there are yokes to put under the rocker arm to set lash. The thickness is based on the type of turbo you have, I have made these adjustments using feeler gauges. I check both sides to be sure that the lash is correct. I have several individual feelers that I have riveted together for the different engines I do. so I use these paired feelers to get it done. If you need to know the lash setting, there is a chart that uses the turbo series. ie: s-300, or s-400 turbo's and so-on.. not a big deal.. there are people here that can tell you off the top of their heads... I have a Mack book that has all of the specs... Jojo
  9. wouldnt it be just an E.E.C.U replacement? .. far as I know the mounting is the same as an E-tech... jojo
  10. We all may be State's apart, or Countries apart, but what I see is a kinship/friendship/and family... Just my heart talking here... In order for us to have the knowledge we have, WE have worked very hard to learn it.... Jojo
  11. dont know youre age, but totaly understand what you say... im 52 and have been a mechanic since I was 10... bikes, mowers, toys etc... the last 10 years have blown my mind, only because I thought it was just ... simple.... hat's off to you sir... jojo
  12. you know what TJC? "You Tough" My Father-in-law always said that to me... Jojo
  13. the turbos and egr valves on the ASET-C ( assuming your's is CEGR) engines arent that good. and very expensive to fix, if you can even get a turbo due to the current parts issues. I have been getting turbos re-built. I just had one done for an E-9 that I was tunning. is the engine throwing codes? jojo
  14. I appreciate all of the responses on this one... I think that there is a tremendouse amount of good info here. I read a lot of posts and learn from many of them and I can also confirm many of the ideas and fixes from my own experience, after 23 years of working on Mack's, as well as driving them too. When I found this site, I was very happy. I stay here for many reasons now.. anyway. I was just curious about opinions. thank you all... Joey. (P.S. I am glad that there are'nt any Jerks, posting, and insulting others..)
  15. This has been on my mind for a while. I am only here 15 months, but what get's me is that there are many post's with very important questions, but when I/We post in response, it seems like there is a long time between a response by the 'poster' . I know that we are all busy, but it seems to me, if you go to a site for help, you should stay in touch with the folks that respond. I'm just curious about some opinions. I take pride in responding when I can. jojo
  16. How's it goin??? if you fix it, let the forum know what fixed it... jojo
  17. check valves are a common issue with this complaint. The 03 engine probably has 2 spin-on filters at the top left corner, but I have had some with davco 382 filters and replaced the little check valve in the inlet of the filter housing. no pics of the engine so I can only guess what is on it. the hand primer at the right front corner on the fuel pump is another part that can allow air to enter, or fuel to leak out, in some rare cases the fuel pump leaks into the engine, usually a high level of thin engine oil will occur. dry rotted fuel lines can cause this if fuel is 'bleeding' through the lines... lots of good info is posted here, jojo
  18. do you have a DAVCO filter on it? If so replace the $7.00 check ball in it... 15 minutes,,,, MACKS is right, lots of postings on this issue, and please post the fix,,,
  19. What year are the new trucks? the CV doesnt have an acc relay like previous trucks, it has a relay block plugged in ,,, to the left of the fuse panel... If you just want to run power for light s etc... depending on what the demand is,,, there are plugs in the dash harness that are not used and you can use one of them, and add a fuse to the circuit.. you can also I.D. the wires in the dash by reading the numbers on them. The fuse number is printed on the wire. check it with a DVOM to ensure you have the correct wire related to the fuse socket in the panel. there is probably 10+ ways to do this.. You can also connect to the relay on the fire wall to get power, or the EPDM on the fire wall left of the steering shaft... Someone else will chime in with more exact info... jojo
  20. with respect...... more info is needed. what is the issue? Year?
  21. Busted.... yep, ur right i forgot, also forgot MH's... truth is I have liitle knowledge on 'U's' (mini DM's),,, but,,, I did work on a bunch MH postal trucks with air starters, back in 2000-?. so.. above the chassis and engine i'm no good... jojo
  22. Salisbury......... thank you joe... I work hard to do what I do.... I'm 3 hours away from MoparMike.... any 'R' Model is right up my alley... CH,CL, CX,, CV, and so-on.... I luv'em.... JOJO... Oh yeah,,, DM's too...
  23. Any guess's on What country will dominate the Olympics... I know who I pick..... just read the label on every thing you buy, other than food items... jojo
  24. open the hood, on the firewall towards the center is a pressure switch... thats brake lights. you can cross the wires and the lights will come on.. its safe to do this. if no brake lights, keep digging as instructed,, if the brake lights come on,, replace the pressure switch .. jojo
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