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    Salisbury, North Carolina

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    1948 International KB-7
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    Old Trucks! Tinkering on anything,, Gardening,, Riding Harleys with my wife,, Playing with our 3 dogs,, Tino - Charlie - and - Mack..
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I started in Trucking back in mid-1998. I drove the northeast region for over a year, then went to a Construction Co. in Maine. That's were I was introduced to Mack's. I drove a few late 70's R-models and DM's..all they had was power steering. My favorite transmissions were the 1070b and the x-107 twin stick. I like multi speed reverse... (if you couldn't tell). After a couple years of driving I took a job at Maine Mack as a Mechanic. An old-timer Named Earl took me under his wing and taught a bunch. I will never forget him. I'm proud of what I know and look forward to learn more about Mack's. 

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