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  1. As most know, my Triplex is whipped. It still gets me there and back but it is rough, noisy, rattling, etc. With all the other upgrades I've done to the truck I really like to find something else to put behind the 237. No, I don't want just a 5 spd. While at Gerharts I was admiring the Yoos brothers R700 and while the hood was up I noticed what appeared to be a single disc clutch bellhousing(looked short like mine)? It has a 325 hp V8 and I think a 12 spd(was a twin countershaft box). Did I see right? It got me thinking if something like that would be a nice upgrade? Or hens teeth? Expensive to fix/rebuild? My buddy keeps telling me to just throw a 13 spd in it. I told him it is not that easy, he's not familiar with Mack stuff. I don't really want to get into major fab work(clutch linkage, pedal, etc). I can do it, but if there is something simpler? Like all my other upgrades, I spent lots of time looking, searching, investigating til I have all my ducks in a row and know it would all work. Just looking for opinions, options, thoughts on the matter. When I was driving Dave's B61SX dump at Gerharts the quad box was tight as a drum. Yes, he rebuilt it. I was thoroughly impressed with it and had trouble shifting the compound because it was so tight(unlike mine). I wouldn't mind if my Triplex was rebuilt but having that done and the cost? He luckily found everything he needed, but there is one big bearing that he didn't replace due to the insane price(thousands of dollars).
  2. No more Boy Scouts

    I was in Cub scouts, then on to Boy scouts for a very short time. I did get in Explorer group in High school. I was in Electric shop and there was an Electrical Explorer group sponsored by the local Power company. We had fun. Did I mention there were a pair of sisters in the group? Who woulda thunk?
  3. B Model Air Governor

    I can help with the A/C. My system works great and once you get the bracketry made to mount the pump it all just screws together.
  4. news or lack of news

    Billy, that is why I just WATCH the radar as the person usually talking isn't telling me anything useful. Yes, I pull with my B model. Plenty of pictures have been on here. If Photobucket hadn't screwed everyone over there would still be pictures on here.
  5. news or lack of news

    I hate the news media. The only thing I watch is the weather and that is usually just the radar so I can make my OWN judgement on what I can do outside.
  6. 230,000 LB load

    Pretty sure it is hung from structure using a cradle.
  7. 230,000 LB load

    TN to Mexico?? Ya, I bet that was CHEAP!!! LOL!!! Just think of all the logistics that took place for that to get there.
  8. I'm trying to convince myself to take the 6 hr drive over and hang out. Racing season is over last weekend so I'm free to do some truck show stuff now. I have someone in Carlisle I might stop and see Thursday then be over at Gerharts Friday morning. Still in the planning stage, will make final decision next week.
  9. 1965 Dodge A100

    Yup, it looks like it is already a "factory lightweight version"...................
  10. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Need to put a shout out to Dave, the owner of the Red B61SX that I ran Friday afternoon. For the life I can't say his last name. Met him a few years back at our Ashland show. He always has the B and plays in the dirt with it. It is a show stopper restoration but he is not afraid to get it dirty. I had fun, til my hands were getting sore from hacking at that steering wheel for a few hours. With no power assist, those 12x24 tires are NOT easy to move, especially with 55K lbs of dirt in the back! I told Dave that he needs to upgrade LOL! I was up looking around the dirt pile and he came over and asked if I would run the truck. He runs the shovel and his wife likes to run the dozer. He says with no one to run the truck, his wife gets bored with no dirt to push. It is just a big boys sand box with full size toys. Here it is from a couple years back. Dave installed a 237 so it really pulls up that hill MUCH easier then with the old 711. I was making the same basic loop. I also ran into the "Boston Bandit" Rick Sousa from ATHS. He typically has his two tone green A model KW. He was riding with his friend with the red B tanker. He told me he hoped not to have to get a rabies shot LOL!!!
  11. Kevin was parked next to me at Gerhart's this past weekend.
  12. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Well, the ol B got me back home safe and sound. Like usual. Glad to have gotten over there and meet up with so many BMT'rs. Ken made the list pretty complete so I won't repeat the names. I do want to add I met Tom Gannaway's cousin Bill. If any of you have talked to Tom, Bill doesn't look so much like Tom, but that voice you can't mistake it!!!! You close your eyes and you think Tom is standing there. I do have to put a special thanks to Al(back in black) for the assistance on my truck. I had a bracket break on the way over to the show and my Onan genset was dangling a bit loose. Al, living just up the road a touch, graciously offered to run his service truck back down to the show and weld it for me. I got the generator fuel tank off and jacked the genset back up straight and he put a few stitches of weld on it. Seems to have held up on the trip home. Ken, the place got pretty quiet when the sun set, I called an early night. I woke about 3am and couldn't fall back asleep. I opened the trailer door and it was a perfectly clear night. No fog like previous nights. I gathered myself up and headed over to Carlisle about 4am. Since I WROTE the directions down I made the trip with no issues. I got to the Love's truck stop and parked for a few hours til I knew my friend would be up. We met up and I was headed home by noon. With one pit stop for some quick lunch I was home just before 6pm.
  13. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Once again I proved Google Maps Sux!!!!!!!! I made it to Gerharts, just barely!!
  14. Roto-Rays......................
  15. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Ken. I'll finalize my plans tonight. I'll call you if I come out Thursday so we can meet up. It would likely be later afternoon before I get there if I come.
  16. '54 Plymouth Bit more than a buff out

    I'd email him and ask if it runs?................LOL!!
  17. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    I'm moving to just come over Friday and get in some time early afternoon. My friend in Carlisle has not called back and don't know what he has going on and if we could even meet up. I have some transmission parts I need and figured I could just get them since I was over that way. If that falls through, I might as well not drive over Thurs and just sit around by myself all evening.
  18. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Well, plans are coming together. I got thurs and fri off. Might try to get out to Carlisle on Thurs and meet up with a friend then get to the show Fri morning. Plans subject to change.....
  19. Try not to laugh

    Growing up I spend my summers on the lawn tractor backing up the little trailer hauling trash around the yard. Practice, practice, practice. Today, most people can't keep their car in one lane going forward(they need "lane assist"), let alone go backwards.
  20. Try not to laugh

    What til all new big trucks have to come with it???? They can't shift, so they have automatics. This will have to help them put it in a dock..... Letting more and more clueless people do more things every day.
  21. Congrats Mr & Mrs Slpwlkr!!!!!


    I think I got one of the last pair a few months ago? If he was the same guy posting on Facebook? I cut them down and put them on the front fenders to save my new aluminum tanks!
  23. Alaska plate on the front?
  24. My truck had the split tank on it. I would guess that would be the best choice if you have one.
  25. Gerharts show next week. Who's going?

    Just enough to run my lights inside(not rely on my little battery powered lights). Run my frig, maybe the microwave in the morning. I can dry camp, but sure is nice to have some power. I'll ask Roger when I get there........."if" I end up coming. I do hope to come, but.....