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  1. Thanks. I've got the hood off presently and dropping them off to my painter friend for some much needed repair. One step at a time.
  2. A little "this for that" goes a long way in life. I'm very fortunate to have friends/acquaintances like that also. Falls into the "due unto others" way of thinking and will always make things go better for everyone involved.
  3. Nothing like NOT having to wait for a compressor to catch up!!
  4. Downloading direct to the site has it's issues sometimes. Linking is easier because you aren't relying on the site to hold the whole photo file. Though if the hosting site fails, so does the picture. I lost a ton of photos when Photo bucket tried to strong arm a big yearly fee. I closed my account and all my posts from years ago lost the picture links I posted.
  5. You can do it two ways Dave. When your in the box typing your post, look down below where it says "drag files here to attach or choose files". If you click "choose file" it will open a new box on your screen that will allow you to pick a file from your computer and it will download it to the site and attach it to your post. OR you can open an account at places like Postimage.org. It's free to sign up and it will hold all your pictures(once you download them there) so you can post them anyplace. I don't recall what the file limit is here at BMT, but there is limitations and once you reach that you can't download anymore pictures to BMT. I use Postimage. Once you have them there you just click a link at postimage and then "paste" it into your post. Like this: It sounds confusing, but once you do it a couple times, it really is simple(even if you have to write down the list of steps it takes).
  6. My first truck was a '72 1210 2wd pickup. Learned a lot working on it. It was a ex township road truck(ya, beat to pieces and safety yellow). 345 would not pass a gas station. Still like the utilitarian look of a IH pickup. They sure did rust to pieces(like most vehicles of the day). Mine came with no inner fenders(or hood hinges), floors were vaguely there, though the bed was welded up pretty solid. I need to dig up the picture I have from 1982? My buddy from jr high grew up with Travelalls. First was a '66, then a '72. I have a picture of the '72(green with woodgrain). He also had a '72 1210 4wd stepside for a short time. It got burnt up in a garage fire while doing some patch work on it. It had a 392 with Holley 4bbl. Sure glad gas was only like $.50/gal back then.
  7. I put a 40MT in my truck nearly 20 years ago. I swapped it for an air starter a couple years ago(just because I like being different). That 40 MT is very, very heavy. The air starter is a feather compared to it. You don't really have to change any wiring, other then adding a starter solenoid(like a Ford) to fire it. I removed my S/P switch and mounted the solenoid in its place, that way I could use the wire from the starter button on the dash.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48DN8QWVAJg
  9. Someone have a picture of a front mount area for an RS685? Either the collar that goes around the crank or the crossmember. Victor, can you post a picture of your engine?
  10. Nice. I like the stripe on the hood/doors. Been wanting to find something to spruce up my plain white truck.
  11. Many years back a fellow put small bags on a B. Just remove some springs to allow it to actually move. I would suggest new springs as the old springs will likely break from excessive flex. I had that problem on rear springs.
  12. Sounds like an old Fontaine "No slack"? Likely just corroded. Pull the lever and try to strap it to stay in the unlocked position and then try moving the truck back and forth to hopefully knock it loose. Remember to lower the trailer legs!!!
  13. Not really, though I was trying to hit it when someone was close by LOL!!! With all the other trucks running nearby the noise kinda muffled it, as I do have a muffler on it. I did take the muffler off once, at our local truck show weekend just to make more noise with it. At home I leave it on, when I have to leave early I don't want to annoy the neighbors too bad. Curious as to that cooler also? Don't see any a/c inside. My thought is oil cooler? Seems to have "smaller" hoses going to it, like oil lines.
  14. Love my Ingersoll starter! Was at diesel drags last week and had guys come over and ask what kind of starter i had. They never heard of an air starter.
  15. Gaskets not a problem. I think the rest is getting hard to get, or pretty expensive.
  16. DD usually have Farr air cleaner? Or is that just an option? Good way to see if DD....stick your foot under it and see if it comes out covered in oil. Lol.
  17. When i come across something I'm going to upgrade my oil bath. Mine does have a stack on it. I like that custom SS version!
  18. Hazard flashers? Flare? Dirty red rag hanging on a stick? Hell anything that might give you a heads up that a large truck is sitting in your roadway.
  19. Heat makes it malleable then as it cools/shrinks it tightens up. My guess is that fuel fitting is much softer material then that brake pin.
  20. You typically can't download a video onto the site(easily). You need to put it on Youtube and link it. Works much better.
  21. Heat would be my only suggestion to reset the head. Cold won't do it. If not, weld it!!
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