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  1. I still have the original glass in mine, the covers are nice but my bases are junk. I will likely just rebuild them the best I can when the time comes.
  2. Ya, back in the 50's these were just "trucks" and door alignment was likely not worried about. The fact it opened/closed was good enough. I know I've played with my drivers door to try to make it work better. The best I've done is using a bottle jack and 4x4 is press the door opening larger at the striker plate. Seems to help. The passenger door works like a swiss watch, likely from never being used in 40 yrs?
  3. Ya, Mark made it easy for me! I had a local guy keeping his eyes peeled for one but had not found one yet. A beer keg would NOT make a good air tank. I'm sure it is way too thin to support 120 psi. This tank is 1/4" wall(and quite heavy).
  4. Well, parts are starting to accumulate. I made a trip Sunday morning and picked this up: Complete take off from a late model truck(likely a CCX truck from the color). I have a tank already, but needed the mounts, so Bubba gave me a whole set up this time. Includes valve and glad hand hook up to charge it. I got it stripped apart and will have the mounts sandblasted and powder coated black. The straps will be silver. I'm going to use the other tank as it is in slightly better shape. The tank will be coated silver to match my new aluminum fuel tanks.
  5. All you have to do is ask around.......
  6. My original 1972 149 still starts perfectly. Did headgasket a couple summers ago, no ridge on cylinder. Runs perfect. I do worry about the balance gears in it, so I don't run it up full throttle(like most say to). About 1/2 throttle is more then enough to do the work and it never struggles.
  7. Ok, what are you guys using? I've seen some nice MACK versions that look to fit properly. I haven't found anything, even at Watts store. I want to try to save my new aluminum tanks from destruction from rocks.
  8. Always liked him as Bond. Grew up watching him as such (my dad was a big Bond fan). Only til lately did I see him as the Saint on old reruns. I didn't care much for Timothy Hutton as Bond, but enjoyed Craig in Casino Royale.
  9. I saw the video on this on the ATHS videos done by Lindsey years ago. Can't recall the fellows name, he restored the horse hauler also.
  10. Lookie what showed up at work! Cant wait to polish them up and get them installed. New SS straps too. No more crusty steel tanks. No more patching rust holes.
  11. Mack superliner for parts- $4500 350 remaned motor 10 speed 38000lbs rears bad frame truck is driveable No connection. Just found on craigslist.
  12. 1966 Mack truck - $4000 (Beloit) 1966 Mack truck 15 speed, with air brakes, good solid Heli 10 ft ducmp bed, air gate, good rubber, good solid original truck. It would make a great farm truck or restore. No connection. Found on craigslist
  13. John, it depends on how cold it is. With a warm engine it doesn't take much at all to start(10#?). It was 45* the other weekend and it took quite a bit for it to start even in the garage. Didn't run out, but didn't fire instantly. I forgot to push some fuel pedal so that was one mistake. Typically I don't have to give it fuel but with electric you can just keep cranking and give it fuel and not worry. With the air start you have to be ready. Learning curve. You have to let off the button to see if it is running, which is kind weird to get use to and why it took a bit when it was colder and forgot to give it fuel. It really does seem like the motor slows down after you let of the air start. I have the dual pressure gauge installed and works well. It keeps 110# in the start tank and 120# in the system. The start tank holds pressure fine with maybe 10# drop in a week in a cool garage. How the tank looks all mounted up:
  14. Fair warning...........DON'T drink anything like 7up/Sprite and ride in a B model. I learned that long ago, but the g/f found out one night after chugging down the last of a can and we then left the track one night. Oh makes you feel like a bottle of coke with a Mentos dropped in..........
  15. Wow....nice work. This was me about 15 yr ago: I cut the whole floor out. You can see the new "sill/rocker" panels I had bent. Then the floor was cut/welded/installed. The 1" tube running across to support the weight of the seat and tie into the removable panel.
  16. Nice job on the cab and floor panels. I wasn't able to roll pleats in mine, but I used 16 ga and it is tough stuff. I put a piece of 1" sq tube across under the floor where the front bolts to the seats are and the rear edge of the transmission cover. Made it real sturdy!
  17. Thanks Ken. If that all works out, great. I'm not going to Iowa. Maybe Kentucky next year?
  18. How long has it sat?
  19. The K model is on one of the ATHS videos from way back, produces by LongRoad Productions(Lindsey Crawford). Don Robertson is the owner, lived in Jerome, MN. He pasted just last year? If I recall.
  20. The Demo's are still kicking mad and they are drudging up anything to make news. Everything is a big deal. Where Obummer was hush-hush and you never heard it mentioned. Now every news story is "horrific" and all their "political analysts" just hoop it up big time. Then at the end of the story, one of them mumbles the disclaimer about how "this is the worst case scenario and might not happen at all".
  21. Thanks all. A night shot after coming home last weekend. Just unhooked and it started sprinkling. I couldn't get it in the garage fast enough as it just poured about 1 minute later. Of course the ol cellphone shot is a bit fuzzy.... Looks a bit better since you can't see the rust as well.
  22. Picture out in the sun showing the air start tank too:
  23. Well, took pics for the tanks, but you can see the new mud flaps. Turned out nice. I used 5/16" stainless button head bolts, shimmed them away from the fender on the inside about 1/2" so they hang straight with s/s fender washers then a s/s washer and s/s nylok to hold them on.
  24. I would fathom a guess it all depends on the arm length and where the bag mounts for what air pressure it takes to get it to support a given load. Shorter length(leverage)=higher pressure.