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  1. They don't make frames like they used too! My 1974 Cub has 1/4" frame rails. Its built like a Mack truck!
  2. There's a fellow with a YouTube channel that restored a Farmall H. He primed everything with red tint primer that way scatches don't show. He painted all the bolts before assembly and then just touched them up after tightening. It was a fantastic job.
  3. When I got the wig wag for my truck, it too was a bit rusty. I sanded it and masked the top off and painted the lower half red. Then I fogged a quick coat of black to it. Then using a flat block I lightly sanded the black off leaving the black in the letters. Looks perfect "patina".
  4. A simple manual fuel shutoff somewhere along the line(under the cab) would slow them down. By the time it would air up enough to move it would run out of fuel! I doubt there is a large market for a stolen B model? Parts maybe? A late model truck, yes.
  5. Time to put a larger filter inline, maybe an opaque version so you can monitor it and see if it is getting clogged. Keep an extra filter in the truck with some tools and that would keep the tow bills down.
  6. If still the original Mack motor it shouldnt take much to bring to life. Due to air start, I would maybe pump the fuel primer and make sure its ready to fire. If it leaked down for some reason, pumping it up will help get it started quicker.
  7. Kinda figured I miss you anyway just due to timeline. Thanks for the traffic headsup.
  8. I do have plans for that Saturday. Interesting thought on the trip though. I'm coming through your place Monday going to/from Goshen. I'm coming across 30 and up 33. Won't have time to stop this time as it is a one day dash and I'll have an employee with me.
  9. Only 90k people not vacs?? Seems a bit low out of 300 mil people.
  10. Pretty sure I have the right address, since I bought those hood emblems a couple years back.
  11. You sure the wife doesn't have the dogs watching you to keep you from getting into mischief?? Lol.
  12. I do know if you put the air into the shutterstat backwards it will close the shutters and not exhaust the air to open them(been there). When I out the stat in the 237 I screwed up and didnt pay attention to the "in" and "out" markings. First trip out it started to overheat, so I removed the airline to the stat and they opened. That is when I realized it was plumbed wrong. I tightened the stat another 1/2 turn and the air hooked up correctly and worked fine.
  13. The air supply should close the shutters, not open them. The default should be always open to eliminate any problems should the shutterstat fail.
  14. They SHOULD be sprung in the open position. Any time there is NO air in the system, they should be open. No questions. The Shutterstat that is mounted in the water manifold gives the air to the shutters to close when the engine is cool. Sounds like someone swapped the spring around and has it pulling closed.
  15. A B model with a Mercedes rear? Someone swapped something. Or is it a Midliner chassis?
  16. You need the engine stable, so it needs up on blocks and firm. Then strap the transmission and pull it back. I made up a pair of short legs bolted to front corners of the block when I had my 237 sitting in the garage. Granted it didnt have a transmission, but you need to keep it from flopping over, even if you leave it sitting on the bellhousing on the back.
  17. My Rockwell rear has 8 bolts on 7" circle. You should be able to locate spokes for it.
  18. I tried coming up with budd hubs for my F517 axle to no avail. I've kept my eyes open for a budd axle with brakes and nothing haa fallen in my lap. My Rockwell came with budds,and I kept everything so I could swap it back if I found a front axle.
  19. Should be no need to split the cable. Just need a longer one and drive just the tachograph. I'd like to have one but I already have an electronic speedo installed. It's just one of those old school things that would look neat on the dash(even though they are kinda cumbersome).
  20. I know the Rockwell axle I put under my B is 5 spoke instead of the Mack 6 spoke....but no one really notices(or cares). Bummer about the hubs. Hopefully you have a local yard that might have hubs you can swap cheaply.
  21. Way back I did the same thing, mounted a truck toolbox across the rear of the cab for holding stuff because in a B model there is no storage room!! The truck had come with a ~24" side box but that was too little. Here I am dismantling the truck to stretch it. I had a yanmar diesel genset on it then, I have an Onan 4K on it now. Something you might consider is having a box made and hang your genset on the frame.
  22. Going to be a tough sale. B42 is a gas job originally, unless it was repowered along the way. How rough it actually is will determine if it is worth more then scrap weight. My guess is around 13-14k lbs, depending on how heavy the wrecker body is.
  23. Yes, the rear is Neway air ride. I've thought of doing the front, but just never have gotten into it. My local spring shop would be able to replace my existing front springs with new(less) and then add an air bag.
  24. I think the very short length would negate the help a long tapered leaf would give you. Granted I have the big axle under my truck. Maybe just changing to the lighter spring pack would make mine better? Ive seen guys remove springs then add a small pancake air bag. Again, I would start with new springs as those old brittle springs would break.
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