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  1. With the paint scheme and the red velour accents on the dash I'm betting someone was pretty proud of it when it was new.
  2. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/hvo/d/warsaw-1969-r600-mack-semi/6931175116.html 1969 R model Mack semi, 237 turbo diesel 5 speed with wet line kit, no leaks or issues 4500 obo Not mine, just posting from Craigslist.
  3. From concern over a member that was last on here just a few short weeks ago.............. to....................... this...............
  4. Now I see the Bluebird in it. That raised roof had me disconbobulated, and knew it wasn't a std school bus. They stretched the front frame rails and moved the axle forward and reskinned the lower sides of the bus to remove the wheelwells.
  5. Well after 17 years using my B model to tow my trailer....I'm wanting something a bit cushy-er!! Lol.
  6. If I didn't have to worry about rain going to the races....I thought an ex open cab B would be a neat toter!!
  7. I've used similar, but in blue/black and red/black bought at local Joanne Fabrics. Likely not the identical marble pattern, but very similar. Do you have local upholstery shops that might find something? Or is that where you checked?
  8. "Little shops" for anything are going away at an alarming rate. Dad's retire and kids don't want anything to do with the business.
  9. Did anyone offer up yet? How big of shaft? I have a 9x24 mill at home if that is sufficient? I could take to work if bigger.
  10. Funny how "car" guys typically make a HUGE ordeal about starting a car that has been sitting for 1,2,5 years. Oil the cylinders, pre lube, blah, blah, blah. Diesel guys hit the button and let it rip.
  11. Typically the first two digits are the torque rating(80= 800 ft/lbs). The 3 is three speeds. Not sure what the "1" denotes. The letter is typically the gear ratio. I used to have a Spicer sheet saved that listed everything. Found this: AUXILIARY TRANSMISSION: Spicer 8031G, 8035G; reductions: 1.29, 1.00, .84. 8031C, 2.59, 1.00, .75. 8341A, 2.40, 1.29, 1.00, .84
  12. Aaron Bento works/worked on that truck. He posted on JOT some time back about questions about the Hall Scott.
  13. I've broken the bumpers on my race car a couple times. I always start with a piece of 16ga metal underneath to hold things in place and then fiberglass to hold it. They shake and wobble while driving, but nothing has cracked or broken.
  14. I remember when the fastest street car stuff was coming out in the 90's. Buddy ran his 90 Mustang deep in the 10's with no cage, nothing but a shoulder belt and the track was good with it. Not today. Not with the world we live in now. Watch your 1/8 mile times also. There are cut offs for that also, so you definitely want to sandbag it til you want to get throw out LOL! I'm sure the tech guys will realize you can go way faster then what you are telling them.
  15. Yup, 11.99 is the NHRA cut off for roll bar, etc(I think IHRA is 11.49. Yes they have different). 13.99 for convertibles. Some tracks are a bit touchier about ET breaks then others. Something bad happens and things can get ugly if the sanctioning body finds out you knew it was too fast, blah, blah, blah. Yes, it's only .o1 of a second, but there has to be a cut off some place.
  16. New cars have plenty of exempts on the safety equipment that is mandatory for an older car. Roll cage, 5 pt harness, diapers, etc. They allow the new cars to run deep in the 10's without a lick of added expense(not that the car isn't expensive to begin with) because no one would run them if they had to cut them up to make them legal on the track. That's why "Street outlaws' is so popular(not me). I haven't watched a televised event in a long time. Just doesn't do anything for me. That goes for roundy round too. I couldn't even imagine trying to run an NHRA event. Ugh, my pockets ain't that deep. But I'm just a bracket racer, thus I don't care how fast I am. I tell everyone that if I was worried about being fast.... I wouldn't have started with a 4600# wagon!!!!
  17. We have a local NHRA track(National Trails) and they are the WORST for sticklers on rules. We all joke about it, and luckily don't run there very often. I've run the wagon there for decades, but every year they come up with something else in tech to question. Usually just BS. One year it was the front body mounts, they are open for access to the bolts right? Ya, they told me to weld that shut because you don't want fire getting inside the car. Say what? Those pockets aren't open to the inside of the car stupid. Then one year it was my battery box. Alum box, bolted in the rear spare tire well with FOUR 3/8" bolts with washers and lock nuts. He questioned it and warned that it might come loose and hit me in a roll over. Say what? They only mandate the battery to be held by TWO 3/8" bolts and for some reason FOUR isn't enough. It just never ends. My buddy just finished up the repower of his car. It just went 9.001 at 150. No license, no chassis cert, no parachute(not mounted yet). No track has even questioned him or cared. But he won't go to National Trails! He just got the window net installed, so the car will be legal when he gets a chance to get it certified and make his license runs. I get it, they'd rather have you have too much safety equipment then not enough.
  18. Local fellows that used to truck pull, had similar rules for S/S 4wd. (1) four barrel. Well they were one of the first around to have a big Dominator split in half and put inline on the custom intake. Oh if that didn't get them Chebbys boys all in an up roar!!!! They couldn't run with that small block Ford to begin with and then this? Oh, the humanity!!! Pretty ingenious carb. Does Holley offer that over the counter? I remember the 3 bbl version from way back.
  19. That picture brought to you by FOX news.......................(so you know it hasn't been doctored up at all) BWhahahaha.....
  20. This? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Photos-Challenger-off-road-log-truck-blue-and-cream-Canal-Transport/113798520002?hash=item1a7eeb9cc2:g:JrYAAOSwbsNdE74Q
  21. Surely you must be kidding??
  22. Fresh WHITE paint to boot. Though the rear of the cab looks pretty solid, the pinch weld and bolts are still visible.
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