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  1. Hmmmmmm, I don't know of anyone in Australia that has done this Our 44's look different in Australia and have a big cone on the out side and a axle with a spline on each end that floats I do believe there is a large bush, spacer or washer on the inside of the inside bearing, goes between the bearing and the axle housing I would use the brake shoe as a guid, if it's still sitting in the drum in the correct position I would call it good Paul
  2. I think I can understand why the chassis was cut, I guess ut is to do with strengthening and adding clearance etc It is quite the job but should make a huge difference to slow speed driving In Australia with Australian built trucks they increased the castor angle to make them easier to turn when moving slow, the down side to this was the wandered a bit at speed Once the axle is stood back up and power steering added they then steer more like a modern truck I wonder if this is the case with your truck ? Paul
  3. This is what I would expect to happen, the only leak it wont show up is the pipe inside the tank that returns the the fuel to the bottom of the tank Paul
  4. Gudday Rudolf, welcome to the forum Paul
  5. Hi oldfart, buy it drive it, enjoy it and dont worry about the cook saying your nuts, she marriec and has been with you for years so I guess she's even more nuts lol Oh and welcome to the forum Paul
  6. This is fantastic and up to your usual extremely high standards, I am at a bit of a loss as to what the reason for choppping the chassis rail is but I'm sure all will be revealed in due course Paul
  7. Mate I dont judge anyone and I completely understand, up until COVID started Iwas get some custom seats done for my R model, both air ride but I was getting a low backrest to fit in better And yes your cab has come a long way Paul
  8. It was looking as expected until I saw the seats, a modern touch Its come up well and you should be proud Paul
  9. Nah mate, she's one of the continental jobs squire. 😆😆 Paul
  10. Im impressed Vlad, always a great story from your part of the world It should make a great camper except for the speed but it gives you more time to enjoy the scenery as you travel
  11. People have often asked what rating did the E9s come in in Australia This popped up today, I thought 575 was as big as they went but turns out I dont two tenths of sweet stuff all
  12. I've gotta say these Anthems are growing on me slowly The US Pinnacle to me is the best looking Mack in the US line up today Paul
  13. I tried doing that type of thing Vlad but the internet can be extremely slow and the whole process became bogged down so the Postimage account works well for me now Paul
  14. If you cant hear anything at all, try turning the truck off once it is full of air and then rotating the knob Sounds like you have no air supply getting to the box for some reason But first things first, establish a full air charge with the truck, ie start and run till it has built up pressure Then stop the truck and try rotating the switch control on the gear stick It will not matter if it's in gear or not Rotate thru from left to right allowing a moment at each position Yoy should hear puffs of air going thru the gear stick control Paul
  15. In the rear section of the box you have high split, low split and reverse The high-low split and reverse are mechanically interlocked, it sounds to me that these have bound up for some reason and I would do as Joey suggests Pull the lid and have a look This is a fare bit of stuffing about to do this but it can be done with out dropping the box out If its a air ride cab stick a jack under the cab between the chassis rail and the cab floor and jack it up as high is it will go without damaging anything With the floor out and the cab up you can get it out okay, getting it back in and lined up right is the hard part But before you do all of this, can you hear the shifters going clunk etc as you rotate the knob ? The mechanical interlock is situated in the blue circled area, theres a nolt doo hicky were the arrow points were the mechanical interlock comes outfor working Paul
  16. Not exactly the same, there is some degree of movement in the bolt holes, it is always best to spill time it as you have no idea if it was right before hand Paul
  17. Playing in the mud Heading up the Newell Hwy NSW Paul
  18. No matter were the leak is I think putting some pressure in the system is by far the quickest way to find a pesky leak Paul
  19. A Thermodyne is a turbo engine as well, so perhaps put some engine numbers etc up and someone here can tell you what you have Sounds like some adventure ahead of you once you get some time to tackle them Paul
  20. Thats a great result, did you put sound deading in before the interior was done Paul
  21. Drop the box out, stand them om their ends and separate and replace the gaskets, biggest job is getting them out but well worth it it'sleaking this bad Paul
  22. You have a leak in the return side of fuel system Pressurize the tank slightly to show the leak A hose clamp and a piece of old inner tube over the filler will show the leak pretty quickly Wind the air regulator on your shop compressor down as low as it will go, once the fuel system is at 10 or 15 psi have a look all around the fuel lines for the fuel leak Paul
  23. And fix your oil leaks would save a fortune But yes, knowing how to operate them can make all the difference and if they dont then they cant really be blamed Paul
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