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  1. Some more freshly flogged from Facelessbook MACK LOGGING TRUCK. OREGON US. 1936. Mack truck hard at work in the Kinzua region of Oregon in the Pacific north west. (photo from Smithsonian Inst. Washington DC) Paul
  2. After thinking incorrectly that people from that side of the world would know for sure what it all meant I did some googling and it is definitely from Denmark I guess I really have egg on my face now, I guess it would be like someone thinking because I'm Australian I would know whats going on over the top of Western Australia, I have never been there lol All good Vlad and Frenchy, there really is little known about European Mack's except they had them and I think in quite large numbers as I have collected hundreds of photos of different ones from Europe and the middle East
  3. Frenchy, I reckon you would be placed to know than me lol Ok from the Scandinavian part of the world Vlad might be able to point us in the direction Paul
  4. Thats a neat option to air wipers and a lot more user friendly to I would imagine Paul
  5. A lot of people pull the spacers out on them, they feel more like a race car but blow lots of smoke until they make boost Did it clean the smoke up on yours ? I worry about getting put off the road with smoke, it hasn't ever been a issue, but I never know when I migt have someone complain and to me it is a source of pride to have my yruck running as clean as I can and always been well presented I guess that's a bit old fashioned Paul
  6. Midliner parts are readily available, just not in the U.S. They were sold all thru Europe and Australia, almost all parts can be ordered on line I guess that of risk of sounding rude and offending people in the U.S. and that is not my intention at all Americans are pretty spoilt compared to the rest of the world for spare parts shopping and arent used to shopping for parts like the rest of the world are We use a lot of interpretation of what parts are, we have our own books in languages we will never understand and before the internet we would telephone overseas, wake up a
  7. What are the correct colours of air lines to to the gear stick Thinking there must be proper set of colours A low quality image provided for inspiration Paul
  8. Only problem I see is that it isnt in my yard, yes Im jealou A great looking truck, it looks like a really good start for a project Paul
  9. Im guessing its the same as any other R model, oil pressure, water level are two things that spring to mind In the top tank on the radiator there is a sensor so if you ru out of water it lets you know, and the oil pressure is self explanatory So when the truck isnt running and full of water, you turn the key on, the light and buzzer (bell) come on, you start the truck and as soon as you get oil pressure the light and bell goes off Paul
  10. Sounds like a good reach, I have known armature winders that havent understood the difference between winding a DC coil and a AC coil and it has taken them a few goes before the believe me that they are wound different Grear work Paul
  11. Okay, okay One more of the Road Boss, or maybe a different Road Boss with good load on Here's my Grandfathers EH Mack log truck that started my love affair with Macks Probably shared it here before Pretty cool old jigger in my eyes Paul
  12. well it's been a while so time for a update here Dunno if either of these are Mack, I know one for sure isnt, from Western Australia Dunno how much it weighs but its gunna be a fair amount, guessing upwards of 40 ton I cant read all the writing added to the photo Maybe you blokes can work it out I reckon this says 28 feet long, dunno CLAG 34 feet means but guessing some thing to do with circumference of the truck A white Road Boss with a bit of timber on board Loaded for Diamond chip mill Manjimup WA.142.5 tonnes gross.About
  13. A couple of things, as already stated, it is most likely a crook connection between the lead and the truck and most likely the lead (99.9% guaranteed) A crook connection causes heat, the heat will cause the spring loaded parts of the plug on the lead end to become softer and put less pressure on the lead, this inturn creates even more heat and the cycle repeats itself until the plug melts off or the breaker trips Now irony of this is the GFCI (ground fault current interrupter) or as we call them in Australia a RCD (residual current device) measures the power going in the positive an
  14. Well it turns out I missed my calling and I should of been a fortune teller There was quite a bit of colourful language getting the lid back on the box I fully disassembled the range change lid before putting it back on to 100% sure in my mind at least make sure that all is ok It is still no guarantee I'm even close but I believe it is all ok As predicted it took a lot of trial and era to get the lid back on, I have no idea how I did it on the side of the road all those years ago, I'm guessing my arms were younger and more flexible than they are today Anyway after
  15. Sounds interesting, sorry I'll be of no help to you as I don'teven know what a Mack bus from that era looked like I'm pretty sure there is some black and white footage floating around with city type Mack buses on it Good luck and keep us posted Paul
  16. People normally just make a bracket up to compensate for that, Im pretty sure Mack in Australia even sold the bracket for many years, they may even still do Paul
  17. For 380 bucks you could have changed all 4 over to the modern style ones Still, it is what it is I guess Paul
  18. A little bit at a time, thats the way I tackle things, why I'm waiting for something to be done or arrive and pretty soon with out knowing it I have achieved quite a lot while waiting for some other item Great stuff, I'm really enjoying this build Paul
  19. Nope no good for me here either, can only see what Patty shot at, stuff all Paul
  20. Aunt Jemima isnt showing up, if I squint really hard I can almost, nah I'm dreaming 😁 Paul
  21. Good for you, someone has to keep things moving Dunno about this headliner business as I have never even tried to do one Paul
  22. Well all the motor end is back together Time to look at the range change on the box Pulled the seats and rolled the floor mat up ready to pull the floor out Thought I might as well change that air filter and see if it improves the shifting, had no clunk to it no more, as in it didn't go clunk when sliding it into gear I had the new filter on hand so it had to be changed anyway It was black on the inside to look at so I decided to cut it open Yuck, I did expect it to be pretty bad as the compressor was pumping oil fairly well So thru some air in
  23. Considering that everything was pretty much built for a LHD the conversion covers it up completely, when I fixed the cab and unbolted all the brackets etc off the firewall all the holes for LHD are there but things are so well placed you would never know I know a fella that worked for Mack Australia back when R models were still coming off the production line and has to me they had templates made to place everything just right to achieve this Occasionally we come across this problem were as good as things were done there is just a mess to work around, however it's soon forgotten onc
  24. Well I realize this all a bit hum drum boring type of stuff but with not a huge amount going on on the forum I guess I best shiw everyone how not to do it 🤔 So as usual my day never goes to plan, I do question why I even bother with plans 😏 So I woke to find a parcel waiting at the gate this morning, it was my valves for the back end Was having breaky and the phone rings, my compressor had turned up and was also waiting for me So I figure its time to fit the compressor and all the other stuff that hangs off it and surrounds it So I first have to fit couplings and r
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