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  1. Best chuck up a picture of what your chasing, plenty of older trucks had a little single cylinder compressor that was belt drive and am guessing it wont be a huge drama to sort something out Paul
  2. Happy days, must feel great to getting these major things back together Paul
  3. You need to check the air pressure in the transmission first, once you establish thats correct then move onto other issues Air pressure should be around 60 - 65 psi, any more and you'll keep popping the seal out of the selector Paul
  4. Well I guess I best respond as best and accurate and truthful as I can, I live here in Australia and I have never lived in Nazi Germany so I cant compare But we are still free to do pretty much what ever we need to do in life, in some big cities there are some restrictions that to other people in other parts of the world might seem harsh but the results speak for themselves in controlling the spread of covid 19 While some people from other parts of the world carry on about their rights in Australia things are a bit different, we are a country that doesnt have a right to do this or a right to do that and so on like the US Now if you are an American this will only bolster your arguments about how our rights have been taken away and blah blah blahdy bloody blah .... This is because our country operates different than yours doesnt means its worse, in fact the way our country runs offers us freedoms that hardly any other country including the U.S. dont have So back to covid, I still dont know of anyone that has contracted covid, as soon as there are cases that town city or area is locked down until its contained and once it is contained things very quickly return to a relatively normal life, you must wear a mask in side places like shopping centers and the like The fact that I still dont know of someone that has contracted covid, dunno about seed or Swishman, only they can tell us if they know of someone But as I was saying, I still dont know anyone that has contracted covid in Australia and the people that did answer me here from the US do know of someone and someones close that have tells me we are doing okay There have been protest marches about covid but then again theres always some group protesting about something in Australia, because were allowed to protest and we do, the reason that there have seen large scale arrests at these protests isnt for protesting, rather its for been out and about and potentially spreading covid 19 thru out the community when those cites have been locked down Even when people were asked to stay home due to covid and warned what would happen if they protested people chose to ignore the requests and protest anyway and then they bitch and moan when they get arrested Dunno if thats Nazi Germany or not, I doubt it Could things of been handled better better ? Of course we can always improve But I feel if I take step back and look at the whole picture we arent doing to bad And please dont ever compare Australia to Nazi Germany, and remember while the U.S. sat on their ass during WW1 and WW2 and got fat off selling desperately needed arms and supplies little old Australia and your neighbors in Canada were already over in Europe fighting for a couple of years, so dont evet compare Australia to Nazi Germany, tounge in check or not, IT'S A BLOODY INSULT AND BLOODY WELL RUDE Paul
  5. We just use a bit of rubber and a bracket on the cab, doesn't make a noise and seams to last for ever Paul
  6. Is something wrong in Australia ?? There's lots wrong but I'm wondering what you mean by this Paul
  7. Pay with PayPal and they will refund if it doesn't turn up To be honest I just give a card number these days and have never had a drama Mind you for large amounts of coin PayPal I think is the safest bet Paul
  8. So whats the reason behind this style of collar ?? Paul
  9. See thats a lot different than Australia, I dont personally know of anyone that has tested positive to Covid in Australia I only know of one person th ast knows of one person that has tested positive in Australia I do know of people that have tested positive overseas in Europe and have passed away in Europe Paul
  10. I know on the round hay baler last year I re raced the rollers and the new bearings turned up and the collar was almost egg shaped on the inside, the bearing had a similar egg shaped shoulder and depending which way the bearing was going to rotate I was meant to rotate the collar the opposite way and lock it to the shaft Well it all got to much for my brain so I just center punched the shaft and loctited them on there I'm not sure when bearing design changed from 2 grub screws to this collar business to hold the bearing in place but to my way of thinking it has made the show a lot more unreliable Great work on the truck How soon to the end of Brockway using their own cab was this truck, I know little about Brockways so have no idea of dates at all Paul
  11. I had heard of such things even in this backwards joint on the other side of the world A study was done and a result was concluded that in the it was found that the CDC could have inflated the figures, anyway not really my problem Do you know of anyone that has contracted Covid 19 ?, not died or hospitalized or anything like that actually know of anyone that has had or presently still has Covid 19 ? Just curious as to what the man on streets actual experience is with Covid 19 in the states Paul
  12. How does anyone know that figures are inflated ? I'm sure that the same argument could be used for WW1 and WW2 A large percentage of the population that died during WW1 would of died as a result of the Spanish flue that the US troops took around the world when they served overseas The same could be said no doubt for the troops during WW2 and no doubt other wars as well An Australian serving in Vietnam was more likely to die at home statistically than if they served in Vietnam, I doubt the U.S. was much different Using the arguments quoted above, "they were gunna die any way so dont count them" to me just doesn't cut it Dunno I guess if you have the information and choose to ignore it thats your choice Anyway good luck with it all, I thought that public in the U.S. must not of had the figures on this but it appears they do Paul
  13. Was yacking to some one last night and were discussing the US and the Covid 19 and the fact a lotta people still don't take seriously over there or at least thats how it reads to me on this forum So after some Googling we found some quick answers Did you know that in WW1 the US lost 116,516 troops WW2 407,300 USA Covid 19 deaths to date 737,589 I as does everyone else I speak to in Australia can not fathom how people in the U.S. are still arguing about Covid 19 and face masks and vaccines and all the other things they seam to argue about makes no sense at all when you look at the cold hard facts Nearly 1 & 1/2 times the amount of people have died from Covid 19 as WW1 and WW2 combined Paul
  14. Check the air pressure, if the regulator isnt working and the pressure is to high it will just keep popping O rings, should be around 60 - 65 psi Then move onto other problems Paul
  15. Dunno, it's their truck they can do what they want I try and understand it from both sides Someone has finally got some coin together to by a project and for fill a dream Someone else is just happy to own it and do nothing with it We cant and shouldn't expect someone to sell something just because we want it and we are cashed up I reckon you gotta respect what people want to do even if we dont agree, it's theirs to do with what they want Paul
  16. I would go along with the view on PAI parts, I have never had a bad experience with them yet Paul
  17. You done well to share them here, all of interest to me That white stuff on the ground cant be snow ? Or could it, buggered if I know Paul
  18. Oceanliner, airliner, jetliner, streamliner I guess the list goes on, it's a bit like the famous "blinking eye" court case in the US when Ford stole the intermittent wiper system that Robety Kearns invented Ford claimed he didn't own the invention of the components so it didn't belong to Kearns Kearns argued that they were correct but he owned the arrangement of the components that allowed the intermittent wiper system to operate Kearns won the case, mind you it cost him everything, money family house the lot, anyway I'm getting off topic here But using that thought process Freightliner doesn't own the letters but rather the arrangement as a whole and since Mack only used some of those letters Freightliner wouldn't have a case Paul
  19. At 185 bucks it would be worth it even from out here with all the wheels I have Doubt it will ever happen, mind you if I keep a on social media buy swap and sell they do come up every now and then for a lot less Paul
  20. https://fb.watch/8u-ouwctTW/ Hopefully the link works, shouldnt need to be on Facelessbook to view it Paul
  21. Not many left in Australia now, looks to be in good order Paul
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