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  1. 5 inch is what Im doing As always we all have a opinion based on what we feel is right A few things you must know is things like how reactive the soil is, the climate, how wet the area is and how dry it gets Does it freeze, apparently this causes the ground to shift quite a lot I know of one slab only 3 inches thick for semi trailers gross 42 tons and its still there 4 years later So there's is lots to consider and what works for one part of the country wont work in another Do your research and dont listen to old wives tails I have seen a lot of sheds were tracked type earthmoving gear is repaired that have train line cemented in level with the floor so it the tracks arent walking on the cement as such Paul
  2. Yeah occasionally, depending on whats going on in Australia Paul
  3. He is telling you to hit it closer to the center Get someone else to hold a good size sledge hammer on the opposite side Also if you can put decent pressure on it say with a jack or gear puller will help as well And use a heavier hammer than 4 pounds as it wont bruise it as much Paul
  4. Well gudday back at yah and welcome Paul
  5. Sugar is people have already said fantastic Paul
  6. Well I'm not 100% sure of what NewZealand did I do know they had fully imported made in the good old US of A right RHD Macks They also had fully imported Australian Macks They also made their own Macks Some like Australia were of their own design There is a book getting done for release 2022 to commemorate 50 years of NewZealand made Macks I put the link up some time ago to order a copy, if you did (like I did) well done, if you didn't, tought titties you've missed out Paul
  7. Superliners were as far as I know a R700 for series I and II What about the Israeli short bonnet (hood for you Yanky lot) what were the called ? Paul
  8. I reckon your 100% correct A made in NewZealand special for NewZealand Paul
  9. So Swish man, now that Macks arent making their own manual transmission anymore does that mean only Macks with M drive will hav3 a gold doggy from now on ? Paul
  10. I was always taught never put cold water in a hot motor when its not running as it will crack a head or worse I wonder if this may have not helped ? Or maybe I read it wrong Either way good luck Paul
  11. Well not quite as exciting as some Hot as all get out 42 degrees, 107 in the old money Told the Princess just cold meat and salad so I got sent promptly out side to cook pork and turkey on the spit Pork caught fire while I wawass staying hydrated inside watching TV I did manage to sort of save it but no crackling Just the 2 of us as Dads crook and a days drive from here, the boy is stuck in North QLD with work So the Princess my dog (Miss Molly) and of course myself Oh and I got a hammock Apparently Miss Molly and I have grown quite a bit since the last hammock I didn't get any Mack stuff, however I did buy a complete brand Reddot AC for Mrs Mack a couple of months ago so I feel my browny points are all used up Paul
  12. Was watching a old movie yesterday, yes I am boring, anyway movie was called "How to Murder your Wife" On youtube if you wanna watch it Jack Lemmon and the long and the short of it is a concrete truck is a small part of the movie and you only see the front of it in a cartoon in the movie and it looks very Autocar'ish to me So there you have it I dunno if its of any interest or not but cartoon Autocars are out there lol Paul
  13. This a pretty cool jigger, a bit hard to park in Australian car parks Paul
  14. You could still buy the molded plastic headliner in Australia a couple of years ago Was over a thousand bucks then Paul
  15. Fantastic stuff Vlad I like you have only ever seen photos of these Thank you for taking the time to share this rare bit history with us Paul
  16. Were would you get this stuff from, I have never seen it for sale Paul
  17. Looking sharp How would you make it wood grain ??
  18. Yep sadly a sign of the times I guess Still the best manual transmission ever made for a heavy truck despite what some might say Very very heavy duty and the strongest transmission with highest torque rating for many decades Only when other engine manufacturers built motors with torque ratings as high as Mack did RoadRangers begin getting made with troque ratings comparable to the Maxitorque Paul
  19. Thanks for the added input Fred Little appears to be really known about these R 800 trucks from people who drove or worked on them Paul
  20. Welcome to the forum Good looking jiggers there Paul
  21. Welcome A very classy jigger Paul
  22. That's a hell of a reach on that pump Or at least to me it is Paul
  23. Nope sorry no idea what you jokers are talking about No need for snow chains or what ever you blokes call them in this part of the world Having a high this week of 46 or 114.8 in the old money Paul
  24. Was watching the old movie "Strategic Air Command" the other day and it looked like they were driving tankers like this into Stratoliners, I think they are called Big cargo planes took the whole semi and then used I gathered for in flight refueling of the then new B47 bombers Great old movie from a different time when people put their country first I hadn't seen it for 30 or 40 years and still as good if not better than I remember Sorry got a tad off topic Paul
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