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  1. I have a bit of a chuckle at the voting above The E9 is winning but I wouldn't say it was the best by a long way They sounded good, pulled like a train but didn't last and I have never heard of one doing a million miles like a E6 Paul
  2. Thanks for letting us know Glad he is ok and just like the rest of us has a whole other life going on outside the forum Paul
  3. Dunno what your plans are for cleaning the inside of the fuel Some people have used the cement mixer method with good success I normally just cut the end off and weld it back on If you are gunna cut the end off and are worried about it going bang, just dangle a air line in with it running for a few minutes before you start and leave it running the whole time your working on it This purges any explosive fumes out and makes it safe What ever you do dont fill it with water or worse still water and soap as this gives fumes a spot to be trapped Paul
  4. Anyone seen ks on here of late, I hope he hasnt had the chop or quit like others ?? Which ever way things are I hope all is well with him Or maybe I have just missed his posts Paul
  5. Well that's kinda embarrassing, thought I would see if I could find the link to the end result of the weld repairs Now if you read Swishmans link the fella with buggered cast iron cylinders handle on the forum is Mammoth Now he was calling these old cylinders jugs So I tried googling "hcvc mammoth jugs" and got a unexpected result Just as well the Princess isn't watching over my shoulder as I might get a bloody good clip under the ear 😉 Turns out all the information is in Swishmans link and a word from the wise, just be careful what you punch into Googl
  6. Mammoth got them pots back all done I seem to remember Dunno but it certainly dragged out a tad bit more than a few hours Tah muchly for the link Swish Paul
  7. Love it, and yes it is a wonderful feeling to start hanging stuff back on the cab Vlad I hear what your saying but I think if your careful after a day it is pretty safe with warmish weather Paul
  8. Swishy if you looking here, or maybe hayseed might remember Maybe chuck up a link What was those love rods onetrack (pretty sure it was onetrack) used all those years ago welding up some cylinders for some old banger Personally I would get a whole of dry sand (wheel barrow full) Heat offending item in Mums oven with the oven on full noise And just add bits of cast iron on the right shape with nickle rods Keep on chucking it in Mums oven every 10 minutes to keep it hot Probably put the sand in some big pots on the BBQ to make it nice and warm Then w
  9. You should be very proud of your self and your achievements Top job and I would be smiling like a Cheshire cat about now if I was you Paul
  10. I gather this asking about the puff limiter Probably best to chuck up a photo of exactly what your talking about, make sure we are all talking about the same doo dah , or doo hickie Paul
  11. I had no idea about this until today when it came across a Facelessbook page September 30, 1970 – A sniper fired at a truck hauling 20 tons of dynamite along I-44 and the resulting explosion broke windows in Springfield, 12 miles away. The blast created a 30-foot deep 50-foot wide crater on the interstate. The driver was killed instantly. Teamsters had gone on strike against the company that owned the vehicle a couple of weeks earlier. Three people were charged in the shooting, including two that had been drivers for the company prior to the strike. It would be
  12. Yeah Swishman, I think all from th3 HCVC site remember the photo bucket dilemma We all lost a lot of history when it went kah-put Paul
  13. Bell housing was changed and the box and just about everything else Im pretty sure it was a frade clutch cable all along Paul
  14. Plenty if good looking gear and fare bit of heritage there as well by the looks Paul
  15. Thats amazing, I would of thought you blokes would be all over that for that type of money Paul
  16. A fascinating story, this photo thingymabob on the forum doesnt seem to work any good any more I use a host site (I think thats what it's called) and then just post a direct link The site I use is called Postimage and it works fine and so far is free When you go to load up the photos under the lower right of the page at "other media" I just open the then other "insert from existing ULR" and baddah bing baddah boom it all happens Or you can email them to me and I'll load them up for you Paul
  17. And now Ozark, I am assuming it is a S cam brake, if so you can just wind the slack adjuster off with a 9/16 ring spanner Or if it is the normal maxi can you can just insert the "T" bolt thats on the side of the can and do up tight witha 3/4 spanner https://www.teamrunsmart.com/articles/truck-smart/june-2014/how-to-cage-your-brakes Paul
  18. I gotta say I learnt something here R models in Australia have a valve to push thats beside the air supply valve to the trailer Looks the same on the knob, black round but I think the writing is different Anyway I have never known what this valve is for and have asked plenty of people over the years I push it and never holds, just pops back out On my mates R model we were problem solving (having a drink and talking dribble) one night a few weeks ago and I noticed that at least one of the brake chambers is different to a normal maxi It looks like these DD3 wh
  19. Tell her to get her own then 😉 Paul
  20. Freshly flogged from Faceless book Gary Skinner writes "My dad with abit of a log on board around 1946 l believe." Another shot of the old Mack murgen area Dorrigo I believe its a EH Mack Paul
  21. How bad are the cracks, a photo will help Inlet doesnt get very hot so maybe just grind it out and use some 2 pack epoxy to plug up the crack, it only has to be air tight The exhaust if it was mine and I couldn't find a good manifold I would just make a header up for it, probably in two bits because the motor is fairly long Or find a good manifold, we never had many petrol Macks in Australia,Im guessing the State's is different but manifolds seem to be a weak point in the U.S., guessing the extreme cold and the heat dont help Good look and I enjoyed looking at the p
  22. Have you pulled the head yet Might not be toast at all with pulling the head you may never know Paul
  23. A lot of people that collect old trucks or just plain like them have a totally different opinion the trucks than the the men that actually drove them 50 or 60 years ago Fantastic photos Paul
  24. Welcome, hoping the deal goes smoothly for you Paul
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