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  1. At a guess I would think it's more expensive to manufacture as on a V8 you have 8 heads to machine as opposed to two or 4 on a E9 So at least twice the setup for machining and twice as many heads to machine Paul
  2. And it's cheaper to make one head to fit all configurations of motors whether its a 1, 2, 3, 4, or what ever the case maybe This single head per cylinder was pretty common in Europe on trucks tractors and just about any type of diesel engine Paul
  3. Anthem looks a lot better with a decent paint job and as already said, no snail antennas Paul
  4. Thats a very clean swap and a a very clean leaker A lot of Mack purists will have coniptions about this swap but I like it as thats what trucks and trucking were all about once Paul
  5. If your talking petrol with ethanol I would question those figures I have run E10 (10% ethanol) in my petrol vehicals ever since E10 came out and have never noticed any difference in performance or fuel economy Both old carby motors and new EFI motors seem to run the same High compression motors are a different kettle of fish, but normal 10 - 1 compression motors are fine in my experience Paul
  6. Dunno if you have seen this or not, I haven't noticed it on here before Don't know if it still classifies as modern, stumbled across this on YouTube yesterday Paul
  7. Thanks for the replies, I'll look into it further If we want to keep running older trucks we all may have to look into this one day Paul
  8. Thank you for the link, some very interesting reading there Paul
  9. I dunno nothing about these but was wondering could these be fitted to a older Mack motor and if they were would they help to clean up the black smoke ? I was thinking that even in Australia we have pollution law's and although Mrs Mack rarely makes into the big smoke she does on a rare occasion venture into Australia's biggest cities and all it would take is for some over educated knob head to make a complaint and it could become a head ache Appreciate any thoughts on fitting one of these Paul
  10. It has come up well I hope the maiden voyage all goes well, as I'm sure it will Paul
  11. I think most Australian conventional cabbed trucks have cabs mounted higher than normal to try and keep the cab floor cool enough to put your feet on. This may have something to do with the hood (bonnet) been steeper as all bonnets are mad in Australia. Paul
  12. It will be interesting to see what Autocar have to say Paul
  13. The old pooch is better than most humans and all they ever want in return is a pat and some tucker Paul
  14. Wondering what the plans are for use on of the truck with wanting a 65 ass end I can only guess some pretty heavy haulage type work I wonder how it will ride as Mrs Mack isnt exactly smooth with a 58 ass end Paul
  15. Well for the negativity from people (me included) about these newer types of trucks, it appears that I will have to eat humble pie I wonder what the figures on Australian Macks like the Trident (have had a hard on for one of these for some time) as theu certainly would out pull the old coolpower 320 and be a lot more comfortable Paul
  16. I havent seen or heard anything mainstream media about this sadly I'll take a moment to stop and reflect on this day and say a thank you to all those young men Paul
  17. I followed this unit a couple of times now up the Calder hwy and I can tell you that while it might have some benefitsn one thing it doesn't do any good at all is track Maybe at 60 km/h it goes nice and straight but at 90 - 100 km/h it's all over the road like drunk dog ice What a mess, almost impossible to pass safely and doesn't track anywhere near as good as a double road train I hope these don't become common place Paul
  18. Yes, they sounded like the perfect plan and I like you looked them up and also decided they will be out of my proce range Paul
  19. Thats gunna be a fare old treck Good luck to him Paul
  20. Dunno about the other parts of the world, Australia was built by men who weren't affraid to push the limits way beyond what was acceptable Our troops fought and won plenty of unwinable battles around the world We have cattle stations bigger than Texas in some of the most inhospitable country in the world Thats how things change and improve in the world, by men pushing harder and further than ever before (mind out of the gutter) Paul
  21. UD fitted a Cummins in their biggest trucks out here in the 80's I don't think they sold many Paul
  22. Should be interesting I wonder will we end up with Isuzu motors with Cummins Badges or Cummins motors with Isuzu badges ?? Paul
  23. Im guessing there is all out and none of the trailers have maxis Or the the brakes are all backed off They say it's on level ground in the commentary Paul
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