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  1. Yeah Swishman, I think all from th3 HCVC site remember the photo bucket dilemma We all lost a lot of history when it went kah-put Paul
  2. Bell housing was changed and the box and just about everything else Im pretty sure it was a frade clutch cable all along Paul
  3. Plenty if good looking gear and fare bit of heritage there as well by the looks Paul
  4. Thats amazing, I would of thought you blokes would be all over that for that type of money Paul
  5. A fascinating story, this photo thingymabob on the forum doesnt seem to work any good any more I use a host site (I think thats what it's called) and then just post a direct link The site I use is called Postimage and it works fine and so far is free When you go to load up the photos under the lower right of the page at "other media" I just open the then other "insert from existing ULR" and baddah bing baddah boom it all happens Or you can email them to me and I'll load them up for you Paul
  6. And now Ozark, I am assuming it is a S cam brake, if so you can just wind the slack adjuster off with a 9/16 ring spanner Or if it is the normal maxi can you can just insert the "T" bolt thats on the side of the can and do up tight witha 3/4 spanner https://www.teamrunsmart.com/articles/truck-smart/june-2014/how-to-cage-your-brakes Paul
  7. I gotta say I learnt something here R models in Australia have a valve to push thats beside the air supply valve to the trailer Looks the same on the knob, black round but I think the writing is different Anyway I have never known what this valve is for and have asked plenty of people over the years I push it and never holds, just pops back out On my mates R model we were problem solving (having a drink and talking dribble) one night a few weeks ago and I noticed that at least one of the brake chambers is different to a normal maxi It looks like these DD3 wh
  8. Tell her to get her own then 😉 Paul
  9. Freshly flogged from Faceless book Gary Skinner writes "My dad with abit of a log on board around 1946 l believe." Another shot of the old Mack murgen area Dorrigo I believe its a EH Mack Paul
  10. How bad are the cracks, a photo will help Inlet doesnt get very hot so maybe just grind it out and use some 2 pack epoxy to plug up the crack, it only has to be air tight The exhaust if it was mine and I couldn't find a good manifold I would just make a header up for it, probably in two bits because the motor is fairly long Or find a good manifold, we never had many petrol Macks in Australia,Im guessing the State's is different but manifolds seem to be a weak point in the U.S., guessing the extreme cold and the heat dont help Good look and I enjoyed looking at the p
  11. Have you pulled the head yet Might not be toast at all with pulling the head you may never know Paul
  12. A lot of people that collect old trucks or just plain like them have a totally different opinion the trucks than the the men that actually drove them 50 or 60 years ago Fantastic photos Paul
  13. Welcome, hoping the deal goes smoothly for you Paul
  14. I dunno about the governor been needed If it's like ones of seen on other makes it wont be needed but I have never seen yours so I have no idea sorry Great news about the motor not been seized Paul
  15. A lot of people make up a tool out of a old starter motor by welding a bar to the armature or shaft of the starter to put a lot of controlled force on the motor Or using a pinch bar on the ring gear if you have access Or chuck the wheels back on and have it in top gear and just tow it and drop the clutch Paul
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