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  1. So many letters I think I got confused some what, carry on as I can now see by my quick re-read I was getting a tad lost 🤔 Not to worry I think Im back on track now Paul
  2. So much to learn about these Macks, I'm gunna have to re-read this thread as I'm getting a little lost (this happens quite often with me) and want to make sure I get the facts as close to correct in my peanut size brain as I can 😉 Paul
  3. I have never seen a midliner with a bonnet or hood on it, I assumed that was a North American thing Vlad do you know if a hood was ever offered in Europe? Paul
  4. No dumb questions here Was meant to collect a load of steel RSJ beams near Mackay but when I went to collect them they weren't as described There was something I wanted to look at in Townsville, for the life of me I can't remember what now, I do remember that I sat there for a day waiting for the cleat that went walk about when I busted a stud between Ayr and Mackay Also wanted to collect a McGrath axle McGrath is a brand of semi trailer made in Australia up until the mid 80's and when ever I see axles come up I collect them as spares are getting harder to find And seeing my son as well at Ayr Pretty sure I wanted to look at a old COE Mercedes Benz truck, a rare one as well but I honestly cant remember what I was gunna look at at Townsville May of been a Superliner as there was a mob there that HeavyHaulageAustralia bought out before going belly up had a heap of old series I and II's on heavy work, that long ago now I cant remember Long story short I ended up getting steel beams in Adelaide from a old Supermarket roof But thats a whole other story Paul
  5. Not to argue ir even question wgat is said as Im definitely no expert here at all The broucher in Vlads link above shows spoke wheels Maybe different parts of North America offered different options, a bit like east and west coast Just a observation Interested to know your thoughts Paul
  6. I dont think so, the cab was shared around a bit, but the drive train and chassis ob most was Renault, so French and Magiurs was German Paul
  7. Im with you, I've stood my ground a couple of times and the cops have then tried to intimidate me and bully me Thats a big no no with me and I just dig my heals in and push back and have had two coppers shifted on and a few cases thrown out Don't get me wrong, I have full respect for them until they become disrespectful Paul
  8. Well the editing department finally extracted a digit, (pulled a thumb out of their a$$) and after many attempts Part 6 of this adventure is ready for viewing Paul
  9. I dunno much about these Alcoa rims except some are as shiny as my head on a hot day and some are as dull as my bank balance some times Great stuff and I'm sure it was worth the effort Paul
  10. Have never seen a aerial mount like that, all the ones I have seen in Australia clamp around the mirror arm Looks good, do you reckon you will have anyone to talk to out there in CB land I dont think anyone even uses those old sets anymore in Australia and it's all UHF theses days, has been for 20 years or more likely 30 years now I dont even use one of those much, only if I have a wide load Paul
  11. Was thinking if you hadn't pulled the motor apart you could maybe put the coolant system under vacuum with a tap and see if it holds vacuum I realize it's to late now but just for future reference for someone else might read this one day it could be of some help maybe Paul
  12. I feel it would be fine around town running but out on the highway with high speed running I would wonder if the tyres would heat at different rates I really have no idea though Paul
  13. Keen eye there Vlad Almost as shiny as the top of my head I looked at getting some rims chromed for the spider (dayton) type wheels recently, but at 450 bucks a rim it would add up very quickly Paul
  14. A bit late to this, missed up till now Last year I had a similar on another make and model, would only pressurize after it was warm and only when I backed off to idle after running Thought it was pretty much everything that has been mentioned here and tried most of the same Turned out be none of it, it was the heater tap, I could pressurize the cooling system and it never leaked when hot or cold I think the seal around the heater tap shaft was letting air in as the water must of been under a slight vacuum while slowing down to idle at say a inter section This big gulp of air then got a bit trapped around the temp sender (making the sender sit in steam and reading over heating) before moving to the radiator and expanding forcing the coolant out and over flowing I never had enough brains to work all this out, lucky for me that some one younger and better thinking than me told me about such a problem Dunno if this is any help or not Paul
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