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  1. Im having trouble picturing the finished colour at this stage Looks like a great job and huge amount of has gone into the cab so far Am really enjoying watching this build Paul
  2. There was some very classy paint jobs back in the day Suzy aint bad either Paul
  3. Well good to hear from you Billy, no good about the wife and busted hip Hope you're on the mend ok now Paul
  4. Take all the wins you can in life because they are pretty few and far between Well done Paul
  5. Well if they are running true on the spider (spokes) it must be out of balance This February just gone I heard a big bang and thought nothing if it, was heading up to see my son in north QLD Got to Ayr and noticed that a stud had broken and of course the wedge was missing Wheeled Mrs Mack into the only truck supply place in town and bought a wedge and stud The wedge wasnt the right one and was at least twice as heavy as the old Gunite ones Mack used It wobbled pretty bad then so I went straight to Mack at Townsville and ordered the right one and some spares Had tp wait over night but what a difference Also the rim had moved on the spider in less the 90 km's I reckon there wouldn't have even been half a pound in weight difference in wedges but it was worse than driving with out the wedge My point to all this rambling on is that it doesn't take two tenths of bugger all to feel something out of balance in you steer tyres If you have a piece broken off there's a fare chance that might be part of the problem Paul
  6. Did it wobble before the new tyres ? Paul
  7. I came across this a couple of days ago Since it appears many Americans dont even realize that Australia had troops in Vietnam Come to think of it many young Americans probably don't even know that the U.S. had troops there either Anyway, this was made in 66 Paul
  8. That looks very sexy, I have never seen Autocars that neat in Australia Most were relegated to heavy haulage or road train work so had no need to look that nice
  9. Well it's 12 months and I still haven't forgotten I came across this the other day and thought I will share it here I hope the link works Thank you to the men and women that served doing a thankless job for others Paul
  10. Fantastic stuff A classic still in its working clothes and still working Thanks for sharing Paul
  11. All three shafts need to be timed thru all sections of the boxes It really is pretty self explanatory when your working on it, or at least thats how I have found it to be When you pull the box apart put all the parts in the order they come apart in I dont wash anything until Im re reassembling what Im working and then I wash each part or group of parts as it goes back together This I feel adds a lot to reduce confusion for me and ensures everything is spotlessly clean I dont worry about putting marks on things as they will only go together one way Paul
  12. The smaller gears have dits cast into them Larger gears have holes cast into them They are very simple to work on, or at least I have found so Yes there is lots of parts and timing etc But if you have to force any gears in they arent lined up, they just drop in when all lined up The hardest put is splitting them and linig them back up when putting the sections back together A friend to steady the box sections and a tape measure to ensure its lined up square will help a lot I have done them on my own several times A car engine hoist is pretty helpful and once it's on its end is all you need Paul
  13. Could be lots of things If you have the box out at the moment then I would lift it apart and have a look as its a much bigger job to pull it out later You need to stand the transmission on its bellhousing and lift it apart with a chain block The air split section is the rear section and once this is off it comes abart pretty simply The sliding dogs in there collect all the rubbish as in silicon dirt and what ever else you can think of that may be getting pumped around in the oil Make sure the dogs dont have bad bevels worn on them or very rounded corners as this can cause the dog not to slide in The 10 and 12 speed maxi torques I know of have no synchros at all, however I do know later model Mack boxes do have synchros Im not enough of a expert to advise on later model boxes as I have never touched one , just old rubbish for me Paul
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