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  1. mrsmackpaul's post in tip turbine check valve was marked as the answer   
    Dunno if they are or arent available 
    What makes you think its worn out ?
    I had my turbine apart recently and there really didnt appear to be anything to bugger up on the valve 
    It is spring loaded and I had just cleaned around it etc as best I could
    Even if they arent available I think just a normal check valve from a plumbers would work in the short bit of hose
  2. mrsmackpaul's post in Leyland Super Buffalo was marked as the answer   
    the old Ergo cab they had them as Hippo's Buffalo's and with sleeper cabs as well great big long cabs heaps of glass
    Kev the local IH Dealer gave me these pictures of Seddon and Atkinson trucks back in the early 80's

    all Aussie trucks except maybe the second last one
    Tim I didnt know any one else called farmers cockys I always thought it was a Australian thing cow cockys cane cockys grain cockys and the list goes on I dont no why we give names to things in Australia as we never use them even citys towns rivers states the lot all have nick names we are funny buggers
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