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  1. if you look closely you can see the "short door" on the driver side that opens above the fender platform. the door ends at the lower hinge.
  2. they are still available new, but costly: http://www.sirenworld.com/roto-ray-warning-light/
  3. i noticed that too. but seeing as the truck is 62 years old, it very well could have had a gas engine transplanted in it when the original diesel died.
  4. remember, pictures or it never happened!!
  5. no. fan clutch not locking will cause no ac condition at idle or while not moving. the ac needs airflow over the condenser to work. if the fan clutch is constantly locked it will be blowing air over the condenser cooling the refrigerant. i would suspect low refrigerant level. with the ac on, is the clutch engaged?
  6. slag pot carrier, also called slag kettle haulers. here is a short video of one in action after the molten steel is poured the slag is dumped into a pot or kettle that is picked up by that machine, and hauled out to the slag pit where it is dumped to cool off so it can be crushed and sold for as road construction base instead of stone.
  7. run the first 5, shift to high and go back to first. if it goes in, it is a 10 speed. if it grinds it is a 9
  8. agreed. that truck was definitely loved by someone for a long long time!!!
  9. my boss give me a hard time because i take better care of his trucks than i do my own. i can eat off the floors of the dump truck. you cant even see the floors in the pickup.
  10. a ground bearing uses a piston with a large steel plate under it to push down on the ground to lift the trailer so you can connect it with the solid neck. a non ground bearing trailer uses pistons on the hinged neck to pivot it to raise the trailer so connection can be made. if that makes sense
  11. yup. back then you could buy little one time use ether capsules. open the cap, drop the capsule in, and pop the cap closed. this would rupture the capsule allowing the ether to enter the air box for starting assistance.
  12. it has been a while for sure. but if i remember correctly the publicity pretty much ruined his business name and he retired to a new place up in sussex county far away from the rat race of the nu yawk area.
  13. Mike, the last time Steve logged on was Dec 2017.
  14. this whole thing would have been a non issue if you had not brought it up in the first place. i am pretty sure everyone else followed me in forgetting all about it two-three weeks after it all went down
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