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  1. the rubber blocks on the springs may have centering pins broke. drove us nuts for three weeks before we found it on the 04 granite. have someone watch the axles when you take off and stop. if they move, the centering pins are probably bad.
  2. Well, he drove to mcdonalds and got a bigmack. So in his mind that is the same thing as driving a Mack. 😄
  3. If you turn key to start and do not have power on the small terminal at the firewall starter relay, either the ignition switch is bad or the wire between switch and relay is bad. I would start with changing the switch.
  4. i would......... only because there is more room on the floor. 😁
  5. technically she is standing over the bike, not on it. just saying........😋
  6. that pump damage really really stinks. good thing you have spare parts to fix it! i am looking forward to seeing more of this excellent build as you progress with it.
  7. like i said, a can of worms. ad says professionally restored .there is rust through/rot on the bottom of the passenger door, and a really poorly done patch on the bottom of the drivers door.
  8. das racist!!!!!! and funny as all getout!
  9. if a terrorist were to shoot the plane down, no one would have to worry about the return flight.
  10. they used to make a drop in ac kit for the old macks. remove the heater box, and bolt the AC box in. hardest part was mounting the condenser in front of the radiator and running the lines. i don't know if they still make those kit anymore though.
  11. my bet is it has a salvage title after the insurance company paid it off and the owner bought it back. now is trying to sell it instead of repairing it.
  12. if that thing is anything like the sterling sweeper we just got rid of, it will be a royal pain in the asterisk to get in and out of. and it looks an awful lot like the sterling cab style.
  13. actually Mrs, i was aware of that fact. i was also a huge fan of Paul Harvey, and then his son. back when they were still on the air in nu yawk. we would all turn the radio to 77 ABC at noon time to hear his "rest of the story"
  14. nope. best i can tell his last activity here was 09/22/2020. i sent him an email asking if everything was ok.
  15. could be rabbit, could be... i am on 4 different ford forums. which one do you have in mind? my bet is FTE.
  16. i blow it out. then brush it off it with a soft bristle brush dipped in a cleaning agent solution like simple green or that purple stuff. this will break down any oily crap stuck to the core. then if possible rinse with clean water and let dry before reassembling.
  17. on both my 99 RD and the 05 granite, just cleaning the evaporator coil mad the difference of running the fan on high for so so AC with dirty coil to only running it on low for super cold in the cab.
  18. they are big events south of the border too.
  19. no, wo don't have to worry about roos. instead we have stupid people playing on the dark sections of highways at night dressed in dark clothes. they are even dumber than roos, who at least know to get out of the way of vehicles coming at them.
  20. the snow thing was for a snow plow mount. you remove the front bumper and mount a heavy steel plate in it's place for the plow mount. the plow would hit the bumper if it was full length.
  21. So when they hit something, the bumper would not go into the tire and flatten it.
  22. when clicking on the links i get this: Sorry! We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Contact Us
  23. really hard to believe anything in the ad, since this is being sold by a dealer simply to flip for big money. truck model BGIT? really? V6? really? ac don't work? really? new york historic tags on truck, and maine tags on trailer, pictures probably taken in new york, but for sale in omaha nebraska. while it is a nice looking truck, i bet it is going to be a BIG can of worms.
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