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  1. that kind of talk will get you in trouble with the thin skin/tight panties crowd these days.
  2. it all depends on what test is given, and what the settings are set at. the "quick test" is around 90% inaccurate. the "quick test" pretty much ensures a positive, no matter what or who it is performed on.. the current setting for covid as per CDC testing is usually set at 40-45%. the proper setting according to the doctor that developed the test is 15 to 20% by setting the limits so high they will read positive for pretty much anything.
  3. the common cold is a form of SARS. so you will test corona positive if you have the common cold.
  4. same here. everything i have i own outright. i do have a $31k equity loan on my house because i use the equity loan to buy vehicles. the bank told me to never pay it off, because i will never see that 1.9% interest rate again. i could pay it off within 6 months if i wanted to and on the same lines, i could live comfortably on $30k per year. .
  5. you tested positive for corona. now you need to ask them which version of the 47 types of SARS/MARS you tested positive for. see what BS story they give you.
  6. once a member of the KKK, always a member of the KKK. and you know damn well not one news outlet will call him out on it.
  7. as the bug shield on my 88 RD said, " nobody's perfekt" 😁
  8. now now Joey dead people and pets have the rite to vote too. denying them that rite would be discriminating.
  9. i am glad it i not in my yard. that truck would only get me in trouble.
  10. this was many years ago. that scale has since been eliminated because they finished the "superslab" and all trucks stopped using that highway. .
  11. DOT does not use logic in anything they do. like scaling a triaxle snow plow with salter on the back working for the state. in a snow and ice storm. been there, got the "prize"
  12. oh yea. we used to place the corn cannons around the new city slickers places as a welcome to farm life. it was fun watching them hit the ground first time it went off. 😁
  13. he is doing his damnedest to ruin the country within three months of taking office.
  14. yup. cut 60-40 with acetone, then spray it on. i use rustoleum red oxide primer cut 60-40, two lite coats usually, then three four lite coats of paint.
  15. we used to make acetylene bombs on the farm. get a condom. fire up the cutting torch and snuff it out. put the condom over the torch tip and fill it up. tie it off. hand on the wall, and light it with a cigarette on the end of a stick. one day we decided to go big. got filled a bunch of condoms. a dozen or so. put them in a big black trash bag and filled that up too. tied it off on the back of the barn. got a long pole and taped a lit cigarette to it, and hiding around the corner, lit it off. blew the back wall off the barn, blew out every window in a 1/4 mile radius, and
  16. i started using rustolium industrial grade paint. i can shoot a whole truck for under $200
  17. but the important part was, the people saying it were NOT moderators. so you were safe.
  18. they did. we just have not heard about it ...............yet.
  19. yup. odds and ends is where non trucks stuff goes to live in infamy
  20. back when i was still doing bodywork, i bought a gallon of ghost pearl white paint for a CTS caddy. it cost $1300 for one gallon.
  21. go to bed Bob. you are getting delusional. 🤪
  22. anutter one what don't work
  23. you image linky no worky.
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