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  1. tjc transport

    Pushin snow...

    i have been a lot of places where a regular plow truck can just barely get down streets, let alone a truck with a wing plow on it.
  2. tjc transport

    1962 Mack B-61

    polished aluminum diamond plate Vlad.
  3. tjc transport

    Mackvaders greatest hits 2018

    This video is unavailable.
  4. tjc transport

    Mack DM 800 twin stick for sale

    funny looking truck. heavy single drive axle with a small tire tag axle. that looks like a home made fuel tank, not a wet line tank. driver side has battery box where fuel tank should be, passenger side has what looks like air tank for air starter where fuel tank should be
  5. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    also called a crash truck. the ones we built had arrow boards on the back frame under a 10 ton block of concrete or steel plate to bring total weight up to 25,000 lbs, and a Big folding crash attenuator mounted on the back.
  6. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    a friend of mine was almost killed in Maryland about 8 years ago on a night paving job when a drunk clipped him as he was stepping out of his truck to clean the spreader plate after dumping. he ended up loosing his business and spent 7 years learning to walk again after the 11 re-constructive surgeries.10 years ago we had a drunk drive into the back of a dump truck on one of the night jobs while the driver was between the tailgate and body cleaning the gate chutes killing the driver.. 12 years ago we had an inspector that constantly knelt down to do whatever it was he did. he was warned many many times not to. well, the last time he did it was rite behind a 28,000 lb Cat 564 roller. the operator did not see him and flattened him into the roadway killing him instantly. the worst part is the operator was weeks away from retiring, and that accident landed him in a mental ward. he could not handle the fact he killed someone after having a 45 year accident free record. i also was in 5 attenuator trucks that got totaled after drunks or idiots ran into them because the "did not see it" i stopped working nights after the last attenuator truck wreck 11 years ago
  7. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    the drunks that pull on the fresh mat and start blowing the horn at the paver are betterer.
  8. tjc transport

    Ex City Truck

    not sure, but nothing is there any more. the whole site is tore up like they are doing decontamination remediation like they did alongside the site.
  9. tjc transport

    Ex City Truck

    i was up past Devino's in october, and everything is gone. all the equipment, trucks, and buildings. the old Tully B81 dump and Terex dozer are gone too. word is everything went to the crusher for scrap.
  10. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    barrier wall is a target to those idiots, not a deterrent. the latest game is to see if you can hit the barrier just rite to flip the suv on it's roof, or if you can drive up the interchange ramp and perfectly balance whatever you are driving on top of the wall.
  11. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    here in Nu Yawk City South, i swear it is a competition to see how many cones/barrels one asterisk can hit. i can put out 1 mile of cones and barrels, loop around, and have to reset just about every one. i once asked a trooper if i could put out steel or concrete cones, and he told me there were not enough wreckers in the state to remove the damaged cars from idiots hitting them on purpose
  12. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    same way here in ̶C̶e̶n̶t̶r̶a̶l̶ ̶J̶e̶r̶s̶e̶y̶ i mean Nu Yawk City South!!
  13. tjc transport

    Highway Projects

    there are still places where people have common sense, know how to drive, and do not need big brother holding their hand every second of the day.
  14. tjc transport


    ok, now it makes sense. pivots on two axis, to the rear and also flips 180 so the handrails face the machine when in stowed position.
  15. tjc transport

    Ex City Truck

    i remember seeing trucks like that in the landfill back in the 80's hooked to massive low boy trailers hauling the compactors and dozers off the workface to the garages when they broke.
  16. tjc transport


    i figured it did with what looks like a hydraulic mount on the rear side of the ladder. but it looks by the way it is mounted to pivot forward. if it went to the rear over the sprocket, it would also have to raise to clear the sprocket and tracks.
  17. tjc transport

    Spotted on Craigslist

    that looks like a really clean truck, but for another $40K you could buy a new one. i guess he is banking on the fact it is non emissions.
  18. tjc transport


    i hope the ladder on that 10 folds up out of the way, or it will most likely get ripped off on the first good push.
  19. tjc transport

    The Best of AOC for now

    you mean like obama? i still can not figure out how in three weeks time he went from being "the least qualified candidate running to be elected president" to "the most qualified" the only thing i can come up with is the democratic party during those three weeks determined Clinton did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, so they decided if they could not have their first choice, they would force a total idiot on the country.
  20. tjc transport

    The Best of AOC for now

    she has a degree in idocity from boston unversity. i think the democrat party is priming her to take over for pelosi, feinstein, and waters.
  21. tjc transport

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    agreed. but the boss was the one who told me to do it, he was a firm believer in paybacks are a bitch!! and it only took about 5 minutes to get it back road ready, we always had a box of air lines and trailer cords on the shelf. by the time i got a front loader fired up and out to lift the trailer, the mechanic had already had the lines replaced.
  22. tjc transport

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    about 15 years ago i was in the yard early and happened to look out the window to see one of the new drivers walking around the trucks. the little rat was pulling pins. so as the drivers came in the office they were told to check to make sure the pins were in fact locked, which is something almost all of them did anyway. while jobs were being assigned for the day, i slipped out and pilled the pin on the rats tractor. everyone went out, got in their trucks, and watched as the rat pulled away dropping his dump trailer in the gate ripping the air and electric lines off as he grabbed third gear. needless to say, he was the only one that did not check pin lock. and was looking for another job after the boss got done reaming him a new rear end
  23. tjc transport

    Chinese Truck Tires

    maybe so, but the wholesaler we buy from only sells American made tires. if people ask for cheaper foreign made tires they tell them to go somewhere else because "we don't sell junk" they are the prime distributer for the area, and move on average 20 tractor trailer loads of tires per week.
  24. tjc transport

    Chinese Truck Tires

    the bosses step father used the china tires on two trucks and went back to the coopers. we use coopers on our trucks, they are just better. as Macks said, 50k miles is normal with the coopers. and all the coopers we get here in NJ are made in America, from 15's, 16's, and 17's i put on the cars, to the 16's 17's, 18's and 20's on the pickups, and the 24.5's on the triaxles.
  25. tjc transport

    Pictures of the Week

    never happen. you are too uggly to pass of as mexican... i know, cause i already tried it................they would not even let me into the country to apply for asylum.

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