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  1. he did not like the rules here, and left B.M.T.
  2. mom woke up yesterday after sleeping 13 hours as she said: "feeling like a million dollars" she got the flu shot monday because at 90, it is better to have minor sickness from the shot that the full blown bug. i picked up a 5 lb pre cooked breast and all the fixings this am, and will heat it up for us tomorrow for lunch.
  3. interesting. the "B" door comes apart the same as the 80's and 90's"R" model doors.
  4. no bird here this year. mom is not feeling well, and told everyone to sty away. i have not been to the store in three months either. i may go pick up a small bird and do it up for sunday if mom is feeling better.
  5. yup, had that too.ha done that was in a bad mood. i pulled out a good 1/4 mile in front of him. no lights on, no siren. little did i know he was doing over 80 mph in a 50 zone. i got a failure to yield ticket in the mail a week later.
  6. a couple months ago the troopers set outside an industrial park where all the animals were running dirt in for stocking for a winter project. just so happens to be an asphalt plant at the end of the road. troopers were there banging the dirt trucks because the guys were getting paid by the ton, and were averaging 100,000 lbs plus. and most of the trucks should not have been on the road due to major defects. anyway, i was coming out of the asphalt plant, and one of the troopers pulled me in cause they were slow, and he thought i was coming out of the dirt site. after checking
  7. normally, ya can't get in trouble if you are in the dark. 😁
  8. that funny little dog IS NOT waving at you.
  9. not really. Macks still kinda look like a Mack. a volvo, wellll.....
  10. Temp ban. Which is what a few of them got if I remember ccorrectly. Then when they came back from " vacation" they went all in trying to get permanently banned
  11. they chose to be banned. we did not do it willy nilly. they were asked to abide by the VERY FEW AND SIMPLE site rules. and flat out refused to. what else could be done? look at it this way.... if i were to come to your house and pee in the corner of the back yard. you ask me not to do it ever again..............then i go inside and pee in the corner of the living room.... will you ever allow me back over?
  12. if i were to ban someone by IP address, than i would also ban everyone with the same IP address. very rarely do i ban an ip address, unless it is pakastan, or india, or someplace where those address has absolutely nothing to do with the site content, or used by spammers.. as an example: on another site, there is a VPN address that comes back to a small island in an indian reservation in the midwest. for some reason, it is very popular with the euro spammers. i was getting between 75 and 100 join requests per day from that address. it is now a banned address.
  13. they were looking to get banned. simply would not obey the rules.
  14. there was a retired teamster know it all here. she was banned, and came back under another name .got banned again and came back again. and got banned again. some people feel that certain moderators un ban her. but it is not true.
  15. a person who has been banned by the site administrator is banned for good. there is no coming back.
  16. i had an operating engineers union rep try to close down a sand pit back in 88 because i refused to show him id, and he claimed i had non union drivers in the trucks.. i told him to go back to the bar. he refused and called the cops when i told him if he did not move his truck i would. i also called his company president. he had union people follow my trucks knowing they were going to a union job on the nj turnpike. only issue was all the trucks were going into nu yawk. 😁 by the way, i had an "A" book with the operating engineers union, AND a teamsters book. and a
  17. agreed. at first i thought that was an H model and was wondering where the pete was. until i zoomed in on the pic and realized it was not a mack. too bad they do not have any specifications on the trucks.
  18. technically you have to be alive and human to vote for the US president too. but that has not stopped all those dead people and animals in detroit, chicago, and other big cities from voting.
  19. to the best of my knowledge, trucks came from factory back then without body just like they do now. after being built, the cab chassis is sent to whatever body builder the buyer/ supplying dealership specifies for body install.
  20. when i used to do gas station rehab, we would put 50 lbs dry ice in the 5,000 gallon underground gas tanks, then wait until the dry ice "smoke" would come out the holes on top before cutting them open.
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