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  1. wow, that was a HARD hit! first thing i would do is try pulling it with a modified version of a portable frame machine. long beam under the truck fastened to the frame. a pivot point on the end of that beam, with a long vertical beam. hydraulic cylinder. between the two. clamp the back metal to the vertical beam and apply pressure to the cylinder. that body looks like it is aluminum. it should pull fairly straight with gently hammer and dolly work. the rear compartment material with lights may need replacing though.
  2. mack was never a moderator. and was banned with the rest of the trouble makers last year when we would not follow the rules. he then started two new accounts and tried causing trouble with them too, before both of those accounts were banned.
  3. he is still listed as an active moderator.
  4. i see she has her "personal floatation devices" on too. 😁
  5. that's cause school kids cant vote.
  6. nope. i have not listened to one word that senile idiot has said in over 5 years.
  7. oh yea. closed mack vent window was a finger breaker for sure. after the first two three times, i just left that damn window open. my friend got hit head on in a 83 R model.. the vent window latch cut his left hand almost completely in half down the middle between fingers.
  8. i drove Macks for 45 years. plenty of room in the "R", "U", and "DM" models. the ride of the Mack was not an issue for me as i did mostly offroad heavy construction so speed was under 25 mph. but i was also a lot younger and was still i good physical shape.. as i am now 65 and my body is falling apart, i appreciate the air ride cab, 565 HP engine, and automatic trans comforts of the T880. i still do heavy construction, but now mostly run asphalt and stone so truck use has changed to on road use with speeds in the 45-50 MPH range.
  9. because if you kiss it you get a stay out of prison card.
  10. i feel completely different spectrum. i was ready to retire because of being in a T800 for 2 years. rode like a tank on square wheels. cab was so small i could reach across from the driver seat and open the passenger door. i was stuffed into the steering wheel with the seat against the back wall. this tore up my knees and hips. the 2020 T880 has more room in the cab than my 2014 F350 pickup. and rides better than the pickup too. i have the nav plus sound system with reverse camera. pretty much every option except for steering wheel controls. we ordered
  11. I also toss them when ripped as we always have 5-6 new ones on the shelf in the shop. The Mexicans will tie one together if they rip it though to strap something down to get home
  12. very good video Rob. i always knew tying a knot was bad, but did not expect the break strength to still be equal to strap rating. what really impressed me is the three times rating break strength.
  13. if i ever get my 65 falcon back together, i am going that route too. but with disc brakes up front.
  14. his last activity here was dec 13 2020
  15. unfortunately that i can't remember. and the servers did a crash and burn, so we lost 21 years of forum info. so i can't even go back to look it up. i did just google it and see it is the geo metro unit that fits. has a 7 inch booster. here is a short video with the parts needed for the 64-65 falcon:
  16. a popular booster/master swap on the ford falcon forums was a chevy geo unit. it was small enough to fit under the fender braces where the old "mayonnaise jar" master was.
  17. om my 89 300 with a dynatard, something in the injector pump was bad. it would bend the plunger rod on first use. pull it out, straighten the rod and put it back in. first use it would bend the rod again. mack could not figure out what was wrong with it, and it was already out of warranty when it broke. so i pulled the wire off the pump, and ran it into the cab to a two speed rear switch on the stick. the other side of the two speed switch was grounded. until the truck was worked like that for 15 years until we traded it in on a new RD tractor. i just don't r
  18. i don't have that problem. i don't have grass. i have a 10X10 area of weeds. and as soon as i get a few tons of asphalt leftover from a job, that 10X10 will get paced too.
  19. kenworths are not cheap. on average they are $20,000 more than a mack.
  20. i am mentally 25, and physically 125.😟 and according to my oldest (who is 5 years older than Skippy), i am older than dinosaur dung!
  21. Early birthday wishes to you Skippy. Take the day off to recharge your batteries ya young whippersnapper!
  22. I wonder what engine is in it?
  23. so the floor paint finally dried? i knew i was rite!!😁
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