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  1. that crack in the frame is nothing. i have repaired much worse.
  2. www.car-part.com there are a bunch of cabs listed in Virginia, from $200 to $700 with a part grade of A (good)
  3. 22 mag is spot on at 100 meters, the 45-70 is the same. i have not found a longer range yet. the Fort Dix 600 meter civilian range was closed to public use around 15 years ago. i was a big hit there 30 years ago with the 25-06. 1 inch groups at 600 meters. i also had a 17 remington that was very accurate, but the bullet was so light and fast a 2 mph wind would blow it off target at 600 meters. and if it hit a blade of grass 10 foot in front of whatever it was aimed at, the bullet would turn to dust. before my town assigned officers to a SWAT team, they used to raid my gun cabinet when they needed firepower. either for large caliber, or to "reach out and touch someone"
  4. a friend of mine in Mary land has an 89 4X4 that has been rode hard and put away wet every day of it's life. towing company off road recovery truck. the 4.9 six, ZF5 trans, transfer case, and axles all have 502,000 miles on them. he is in the process of redoing it. new cab and body, frame painted, and engine regasketed. nothing else is being done to the engine.
  5. dad passed away 6-27-2020 from kidney failure at 90 years old. someone in the E.R. while he was in there had corona, so he was listed as corona death. mom saw that on the death certificate and had kittens. called the police chief, AND sheriff and had it changed to kidney failure due to old age.
  6. They powered A LOT of onan gensets over the years.
  7. really Paul? you are probably a lot of things, but never a bore when talking trucks. 👍
  8. 5 years ago i was in my favorite gun shop and noticed a stainless "Evil Roy" Henry in 22 mag. yup, it followed me home. last spring, back in the same shop, i saw a LARGE Golden Boy Henry. asked "is that a 45-70?" when i got a yup, it followed me home too. fun to long distance shoot, but useless at close range. 22 mag on top with a 3X9 Simmons scope, 45-70 on bottom with a Malcolm 6X long scope.
  9. agreed 100 percent Paul. the thing we were saying to is it is the media making the reference. they have the world thinking Australia is one big concentration camp and no one is allowed to do anything, your country is over run with the made up bug, and everyone is dying from it. us with a brain in our heads know it is a giant pile of steaming bull droppings, but the sheep that believe everything they read or hear from the media and government must be true because the media and government would never ever lie. your beautiful county is still on my bucket list to visit. hopefully i may get the chance.
  10. It could be anything. Definitely strange looking with the homemade mack rad shell.
  11. Paul, if i read this rite, he is not putting Australia down. rather stating "look at Australia" as in what the news is reporting going on down there with almost nazi like travel restrictions and non-vaccination retention camps.
  12. i think the thing is this is a very user friendly site. the members usually police themselves, so there is very little for moderators to do besides keep spammers out, and keep posts in the proper forums. so when a post gets edited or removed, users sometimes do not understand. 99.99% of the time we are regular posting members, not moderators.
  13. when a complaint is made about a post, we have to act. unfortunately, even though funny, it was inappropriate.
  14. i had it, did not even know. thought i had the 24 hour flu. one of the guys in work his whole family had it. his wife was the worse. she lost sense of taste and smell and felt like crap for close to a month. my neighbor and his wife had it, be was same as me, 24 hour flu, she felt like a minor cold. the bosses neighbor had it and ended up in hospital and almost died, but it was because he fell down a flight of stairs due to loss of balance. then there is my 70 year old friend that was murdered by the government last week. he was forced to get the jab or loose his job tuesday morning 10 am. by 1 pm he was in coronary care icu, by 4 pm he was dead. picture of health. cause of death was listed as corona because the jab put the bug in his system and it showed during the autopsy.
  15. 2-4 code is intake air temp sensor code.
  16. Because the cdc admitted the death figures were purposely inflated by as much as 1600%
  17. you have an air leak in the selector somewhere preventing the trans from shifting out of neutral. it should not be leaking air
  18. untrue JOJO. masks work very good......at showing me who to avoid because they are idiots.
  19. On my 05 granite, the little line coming out of the compressor was bad. Changed it and no more dryer blowing off every 30 seconds.
  20. now that i look at the picture, i realized we had west coast style mirrors on it not those little ones.
  21. no. i lost everything around 30 years ago when the old house was in a flood. but it looked just like this pic i got off the internet: faded fire engine red with grey rims. had the dual fuel tanks like this one too. it had the big inline red diamond 406 gas engine and a quad box trans.
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