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  1. Hey don't make fun of my 12 valve! It only smokes a pretty black cloud when you goose it, and just for a second til the turbo catches up to the fuel! And that's with 218k miles!
  2. They could have saved themselves some money and just towed a boat anchor around to hold the blimp. They'll have to tow the granite from landing site to landing site anyways.
  3. Don't see a pumpkin under that hood, you sure it's ALL wheel drive?
  4. +1 on shift it like a 9. If it's way too tall a jump then it's probably a 10
  5. Could be, there's a drum behind it but doesn't look big enough to be a 55. Personally I think it's a 40g tank because it's an R40 model tank according to the label.
  6. Courage is not the absence on fear, it is the refusal to be mastered by it. Given the reason, men of today would rise to the occasion. Look at 9/11. America came together quick and hit back. Became an ambiguous war along the way, but patriotism came back. Now we have snow flakes, for the Vietnam war we had hippies, and I don't know our societal history well enough to tell you what we had for wwI and II, but every generation has something strange about it.
  7. Because these are Man Toys not baby toys. You should know your ABC's by this point.
  8. Clean battery terminals are a necessity on this new computerized crap, and it's one if the things mechanics are supposed to disconnect before doing work on an engine. And I'll bet 95 times out of 100 that the mechanic doesn't polish terminals before hooking back up. Old mechanical trucks never cared about this sort of thing but the newer stuff can be thrown off by it.
  9. Dumb idea, change your engine speed sensor, maybe it's giving mildly erratic signals. Not enough to throw off your tachometer, but maybe enough that the computer is trying to regulate fuel injections to maintain idle speed. Before doing that though, CLEAN YOUR BATTERY CABLES, and make sure they're SNUG. I had a 1999 dodge 24v automatic that would shift in and out of overdrive right at 43mph because of mediocre battery connections. It caused subtle voltage fluctuations that were just enough to throw that one thing off at that one speed.
  10. Replace the protection valve? Or if you're not hooked up to a trailer don't push the red knob?
  11. They look like they were at a bad angle to push the lock mechanism in. 34 years of sitting doesn't help at all.
  12. It's set up as Terry stated. My e7 runs off the turbo side, but the endt676 runs it off the suction side between turbo and filter.
  13. 1979 R686ST, endt676 motor. Over time the air compressor pumps a real thick tar into the wet tank. Probably generates 1 gallon of it per 2 months. Rebuilt compressors don't fix it. Been doing it for years. What is going on???
  14. Sounds like your iPhone 8 has a much better camera, more megapixels means bigger file size. On my Android if I go to edit mode on a picture and change the pictures aspect ratio it cuts the file size down, then I can post it. Otherwise I get the same error message.
  15. But yes it is ironic, MT! Two places I'd loooove to see drug testing: unemployment line and welfare line.
  16. Our 80,000# At 70 mph on drugs/alcohol is beyond dangerous. Personally I'm all for the random drug testing, etc. It weeds (pun intended) out people from the trucking industry simply by being a deterrent. Users shy away from jobs you have to get tested for. They don't want to stop using. The thing about addictions is the addict orders everything in their life to support the addiction. A job with a zero tolerance is counter to that addiction tendency. Plus, I've met bosses that would probably buy dump trucks if there weren't any drug regulations because they couldn't give a rats @$$ if their guys are using or not. These are also the types that wouldn't maintain the brakes, etc. Personally I'm happy to have the drug regulations to keep that nightmare off the road.
  17. My truck with aluminum shoes also has aluminum elephant pad housings. 38k rears, I believe. Goes towards your theory of lighter unsuspended weight., But also towards lighter weight in general. Could just be experimentations and innovations to find ways to maximize payload.
  18. What did I just watch??? Now I have "the saints come marching in" stuck in my head...
  19. Pot might be legal in some states, but it's illegal in all states due to federal law. So even if you're smoking it in a "legal" state, you're still breaking federal law. All states have adopted US DOT regulations for cars and trucks, so federal law applies to roads. There's some variations, primarily on bridge formulas and peak gvwr, but the core stuff is all pretty much the same. Zero Tolerance.
  20. JoeH

    2002 ch600

    If the water temp sensor is bad, it may shut down for overheating. What style fan clutch do you have? Some of them require the heat from the radiator air to turn them on, and if it's not actually overheating it won't need to kick on...
  21. Downsize the file? Mine post around 1-1.5mb I think
  22. The R is truly a great platform, Mack ran it from the late 60's to early 2000's. Nearly 40 years virtually unchanged, that's unheard of, and truly impressive. They built their name on the R then Volvo took it away. I'd buy an early granite and throw an endt676 or an EM6 with a maxitorque in it in a heartbeat. It's hard to find double frame R's with good frames anymore.
  23. I like the black rims on the steer. Look like cop wheels! That's one sharp looking truck, you're gonna get some eyeballers when that hits the road!
  24. Shame you're way out in Cali, no idea if Bergeys will ship out to you or not, worth a call! Tell em your dealers incompetent. Fred is the most knowledgeable there. 1-215-822-0402 They'll need your model and the last 6 digits of your VIN.
  25. Good to know for the future! I think I stuck that damaged core back in the spare motor to keep the lifters from falling into the oil pan! Now the truck we put the good cam in is retired, (split frame) so it's our spare motor lol!
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