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  1. JoeH

    Highway Projects

    Nothing good ever comes from mixing beer and driving.
  2. And thus, Mexico pays for it.
  3. JoeH

    Dodge Bighorn

    My 97 ram 2500 Cummins has 217k+ on the original transmission. I plow snow with it here in Pennsylvania with a 900 lbs plow on the front and 2-3000 lbs of salt in the back. I couldn't ask for a tougher truck, rides like a Cadillac at over 10k lbs on an 8800 lbs chassis. First truck I had was an 89 POS F250.
  4. JoeH

    B613S, not mine

    http://www.truckpaper.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TRK&OHID=26489005 93 pictures, seller must really love this truck, condition matches the love. It looks in great shape for the age, let alone a work truck. a little tlc, a couple seals on the rears and a coat of paint and you'd have yourself a show truck. Looks like original wheel rims.
  5. JoeH

    Dodge Bighorn

    http://www.truckpaper.com/ListingsDetail/Detail.aspx?lp=TRK&OHID=4705479 D800 tandem axle with a cat 3208 for sale, $4,500 in Tennessee
  6. JoeH

    Dodge Bighorn

    License plate on that blue Dodge matches the one in the vintage picture; no sign of a 5th wheel or any other body mounting, truck looks brand new.
  7. It's in the title. Kinda.
  8. JoeH

    Maxidyne gearing

    I have a running low rpm ENDT676 stamped 1976, not sure if that makes it a 76 or a 77 model year. It's in a 1980 DM chassis we just retired.
  9. In the next few years I hope to retire our '79 R686ST straight truck and restore it back to a tractor, maybe for show. To be a nice show truck should I be getting a period correct 5th wheel? And where would I pick one up at?
  10. Can an e6 maxidyne fuel pump be mounted on an e7? Just curious, would be nice to capitalize on that extra liter of displacement in the e7. Not sure if an e6 fuel pump can put out enough fuel to make an e7 run like a bigger maxidyne
  11. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    That hood scoop is yours if you still want it. If you want pictures send me an email or a cell number I can text pictures to. I'll get around to cutting up the hood sometime in the next couple months I expect.
  12. I'm in southeastern PA. Slide would be nice, it'd get used in the yard once in a blue moon to move storage trailers around, but that's about it. Would probably use it to go get lunch in town once in a while.
  13. I started on a 2 stick when I got out of high school 10 years ago. That's all we had! A '79 and an '80. For a concrete truck trying to back up through soft ground you couldn't ask for a better transmission. Set in 3rd reverse and hit it. I always love shifting gears backing up, I get some strange stares from people! For us, "new" trucks are 1990s. We don't beat our trucks hard enough to get the money out of them to buy anything newer. They get too much idle time for all that new emissions garbage anyway.
  14. JoeH

    Dodge Market News

    The Wealthy Aristocracy don't put all their money under their mattress. It's "invested." Their house is worth a few million dollars. But to be worth that, they had to pay a contractor a few million to build it. That few million is back in the economy. Likewise with their cars. That means their money is flowing through "our" pockets. There's nothing wrong with being rich. It's because of them that medical technology that was expensive a decade ago is now affordable to us poor folks today. People having money is good. If you want to see what happens when you go after rich people look at Venzuela, Cuba, or any other communist/socialist country where "everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others." & You could easily go off the grid. My father in-laws dad bought a 287 acre property in West Virginia decades ago. No electricity, no utilities. An outhouse, a hand pump well, and 287 acres of woods for heat. But humans by nature are communal beings. We're not really meant to isolate ourselves.
  15. JoeH

    Dodge Market News

    For the most vulnerable? What about the not so vulnerable? Air quality doesn't discriminate. Either it's bad for everyone or it's not. Read as leftist speak trying to control the middle class.
  16. JoeH

    Dodge Market News

    I see these trucks pulling multi car trailers all the time. I live near Manheim auto auction near Hatfield, PA. They have their DOT #s etc. They'll have a few cars and pickups loaded up on their trailer and cruise in or out! My 97 ram 2500 12v Cummins is rated for 14,000 lbs on a gooseneck, but I've never towed one. Most I've towed is 10k on the hitch a few times. The 12v gets me there with about 180 hp... I plow snow with mine, it's not uncommon for me to weigh over 10k with my salt and my V plow. I wouldn't want a 400hp motor with that much weight, it'd give me too much momentum to crash into something and break my plow... The 12v is enough, and it lets every one in the neighborhood know they can get to church in the morning! There's nothing quiet about the 12v!
  17. Likewise, your health and safety are most important. You could have a nice wide aluminum ladder fabricated that grabs the strap pockets along the sides of the trailer. Have it go above the deck of the pup as high as you need so you can adjust straps and still have hand holds. And have it designed so you can move it anywhere along the side of the trailer so you can use it for every strap. Could hang it on the back of the Dolly for transport. A new wheelbase can take some getting used to if you've only driven one setup for long time. My dad's 65 and Im not sure he can adapt to new setups as comfortably as he used to.
  18. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    I have endt676's from the 70's, both 237s and 285s and we just bought an 88 em6-300. Blocks look identical from a quick glance. Heads and up are the only visible difference to me.
  19. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    No. The blocks are different.
  20. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    Lol the e6 is a 3 bolt mount style, while the e7 is a 4 bolt. Totally different mounting pattern. =( I have my eyes set on restoring our 79 R686ST with the original endt676 motor back to a tractor, but it'll be a few years. Will need to buy a truck to replace it first, it's still a work truck.
  21. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    The engine brake makes the maxidyne drive like a race truck. Cuts shifting time down by more than half, and keeps turbo spooled up so when you're in gear again you're already spooled and pulling. When you get good at timing it, you make other brands look like a joke, and there's no hill you can't get to 4th gear on from a stop and still keep pulling. (4th puts you up around 35-40mph, 5th takes you from there up to about 62 mph on ours)
  22. JoeH

    E7 with a maxidyne fuel pump

    I've blown the radiator put with compressed air before, but I know it's still dusty. I've never taken the intercooler off to clean things up, I'll have to do that this spring too. It does pull good at 60, 1600 rpm is the sweet spot. It doesn't have much ass to maintain speed when you hit hills, not like the endt676. I've heard more gears on the maxidyne is a waste. With their torque band you have too many gears. A 2 stick and a Jake brake get you to speed fast. We took our Jake off our 676 because it has a weak valve spring that kept dropping the Jake disc that sits on top of the exhaust valve. No more Jake for shifting ...
  23. JoeH

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

  24. JoeH

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    I'd say justice served, but boss still had to pay for repairs to the rats truck/trailer, even if it's just lines. Better one than a dozen though! Makes my blood boil that an employee could be that malicious. Unskilled is one thing, that can be fixed. But malicious? I have no tolerance for that.
  25. JoeH

    Liz Warren

    Her Native American name is Walking Eagle. So full of sh#t she can't fly! I listen to Philadelphia's 1210am station pretty much 8-5 every day. Rich Zeoli from 3-6 is a riot, and he forms his opinions based off the Constitution, not his own agenda.

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