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  1. Make sure the engine spins in the proper direction. Some bus engines the engine spins "backwards" because that's what they have to do to get the trans to spin the wheels "forward" You may have wasted money buying the engine, not real familiar with bus engines other than that some are set up to run backwards.
  2. Square headed plug on the passenger side looks right to me.... Fill to that, put a floor jack under right hub to flood the left hub, then put the jack under the left to flood the right hub, then fill the center again.
  3. JoeH

    Engine stand

    Havertown is 20 or so miles from me, not quite my back yard but if you're from out of state then yes, you were certainly out my way!
  4. JoeH

    Engine stand

    Not real savvy on IDing motors, but I'm guessing Cummins?
  5. JoeH

    Engine stand

    Looks like a work stand to me! Oil pan looks like it can come off, and much taller and you won't be able to see under the valve covers! Pretty much identical to ours, except ours is set up for a forklift coming in the side.
  6. JoeH


    Might be easier to notarize a legal contract "giving" them the truck until such time as you decide you want it back. You can stipulate in the contract who is allowed to drive it, work on it, etc. But it'd put it under their operating authority (usdot #, their 2290's, etc etc.) In Pennsylvania there's a $50 minimum for business to business vehicle sales, could be a way to keep sales tax down, since it wouldn't even really be a sale, more of a lease.
  7. JoeH


    In Pennsylvania, we have the PA Public Utility Commission. If you are hauling someone else's goods you have to register with the PAPUC and display your number on your truck. If you're hauling your own goods, you don't need it. Not sure if your states have something similar, but you'd be hauling "someone else's" goods, with your truck, so you'd fall into that category. PAPUC required a safety audit where they came out, looked over my employee folder (worked for myself, dumb I know...), Looked over my truck maintenance log book (the big shop log, not the day trip log), drug consortium paperwork, Etc. Etc. Etc. They wanted my pre hire drug test results and everything. A hassle, but once you figure out what exactly they want it's not a big deal.
  8. Your problem. Is my problem, not a hijack! I'm suspecting the "rebuilt" compressors are not actually rebuilt. I've popped at least 2 in trying to fix this, still does it. Are you sure your intake is from the boost side of the turbo? Or is it between the filter and turbo? I was hoping that turbo'ing the compressor would solve the problem, but if that's how yours is set up then it sounds like it won't.... Dryer isn't an option for me, I can't snot oil all over rich customers driveways. Frequently parked on driveways for 45 minutes, being a concrete truck...
  9. Hey don't make fun of my 12 valve! It only smokes a pretty black cloud when you goose it, and just for a second til the turbo catches up to the fuel! And that's with 218k miles!
  10. They could have saved themselves some money and just towed a boat anchor around to hold the blimp. They'll have to tow the granite from landing site to landing site anyways.
  11. Don't see a pumpkin under that hood, you sure it's ALL wheel drive?
  12. +1 on shift it like a 9. If it's way too tall a jump then it's probably a 10
  13. Could be, there's a drum behind it but doesn't look big enough to be a 55. Personally I think it's a 40g tank because it's an R40 model tank according to the label.
  14. Courage is not the absence on fear, it is the refusal to be mastered by it. Given the reason, men of today would rise to the occasion. Look at 9/11. America came together quick and hit back. Became an ambiguous war along the way, but patriotism came back. Now we have snow flakes, for the Vietnam war we had hippies, and I don't know our societal history well enough to tell you what we had for wwI and II, but every generation has something strange about it.
  15. Because these are Man Toys not baby toys. You should know your ABC's by this point.
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