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  1. Amazing restoration of a 1982 Autocar DK-64 by our friends at Waste Pro USA! Incredible Job! Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
  2. MarketWatch / August 3, 2020 Shares of Eastman Kodak tumbled 24% in afternoon trading Monday, putting them on track for a third-straight double-digit percentage decline, after the company, which is getting into the pharmaceuticals ingredients business, disclosed that holders of convertible notes were exercising their right to convert notes into common stock. Kodak stock has now dropped 50% since skyrocketing 16-fold in three days to $33.20 on July 29, after the Trump administration announced on July 28 that Kodak received a $765 million loan, as part of a Defense Production Act directive to loosen the reliance on foreign sources for pharmaceutical ingredients. In an 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, Kodak said the holders of the 5.00% convertible notes due 2021, which were issued in May 2019, are converted a total of $95 million of the notes into 29.9 million shares of Kodak common stock, on July 29. That would imply a value of $3.175 per converted share, while the stock was currently trading at $16.58. On July 27, Kodak granted CEO James Continenza options to buy Kodak stock at various strike prices, which are now all in the money, to "protect" him from dilution of his share holdings, in case the convertible debt issued in May 2019 were converted into stock.
  3. This is one of Jay's best video yet. Extremely rare car. For 1934, so far, far ahead of its time.
  4. Jesper Eriksson, Scania General Manager / August 3, 2020 Still working hard ! .
  5. I've gotten over the Model 3's expressionless front fascia. But I'm not crazy about most of the dash controls being on the tablet. As for build quality/pain finish, that's improving to acceptable levels. But this Sony car from a distance looks very impressive.
  6. Too late to the party with nothing new to offer. Inferior to Paccar’s offerings. Can’r touch Freightliner, Navistar and Ford Medium on price. So what was the point of this exercise? Create a tax loss?
  7. A protoype, it's arguably more attractive than industry leader Tesla's designs. .
  8. Daily Mail / July 31, 2020 Kodak CEO Jim Continenza was awarded 1.75 million stock options one day before the Trump administration announced a $765 million loan to develop generic pharmaceuticals - sending stock prices soaring and netting the CEO a potential $30 million profit. CEO Jim Continenza and three other top Kodak executives were awarded stock options that included the right to buy Kodak stock at $3.03, $4.53, $6.03, and $12 per share until February 2026. According to filings obtained by the Popular Information newsletter, Continenza was the primary beneficiary, having been awarded 1.75 million options. Most of those options - 981,707 shares - were purchased at a stock price of $3.03 per share. Continenza was also awarded options at $4.53, purchasing nearly 300,000 shares.
  9. On Tuesday, July 28, the White House tweeted: "We have reached a historic deal with @Kodak to begin producing critical pharmaceutical ingredients right here in America!" And the stock lifted off, peaking the next day, July 29. I myself don't think the executive branch of the US government, nor any other branch, should communicate via Twitter. (For the record, I don't participate in any so-called social media including Twitter and Facebook).
  10. Kodak went from a low of $2.13 a share on Monday, July 27th, to a high of $60.00 on Wednesday, July 29th.
  11. Ford will defer some quarterly payments on Energy Dept. loan Reuters / July 31, 2020 Ford Motor Co. said Friday it had won approval to defer some quarterly payments due on its U.S. Energy Department retooling loan, but added it will repay the loan on time by June 2022. In September 2009, Ford was awarded a $5.9 billion low-cost government loan, a key source of liquidity in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The automaker said its loan was modified in June to reduce quarterly principal payments from $148 million to $37 million. Ford said it has $1.26 billion of remaining principal left on the loan. An Energy Department spokeswoman said "the flexibility the Loan Programs Office was able to provide through this loan modification is a good example of what (Energy) Secretary Brouillette meant when he asked for all of the Department’s resources to be supportive of the energy industry during the COVID-19 pandemic." Ford said "with COVID-19 related economic uncertainty remaining, we believe that is worthwhile to further strengthen our balance sheet and increase liquidity to optimize our financial flexibility." The company noted that if it opts to pay a dividend, repurchase shares above a certain threshold, or provide security to other lenders it will have to revert to the original payment schedule. The company said Friday that "deferring a portion of the principal until the maturity date will also result in incremental interest cost to Ford, in addition to the cost to modify the loan. All costs associated with the modification were covered by Ford through a higher interest rate." But it added, "the financing remains very cost-effective." The Energy Department did not comment.
  12. The Xcient is a superb heavy truck. In Oz, they don't know how to get started.
  13. Yes, they could. Their Euro 6 engine can also meet US emissions. Hyundai is contemplating bringing the Xcient to the states as a conventional (bonneted) cab truck.
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