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  1. https://www.equipmentworld.com/cnh-to-eliminate-44-construction-models-by-2022-in-on-off-highway-split/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=09-05-2019&utm_campaign=Equipment World&ust_id=f1576ceb10f1d6560c2b88c4de3ca180
  2. Update to this story. https://www.equipmentworld.com/cnh-to-separate-off-and-on-highway-business-into-two-companies/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=09-03-2019&utm_campaign=Equipment World&ust_id=f1576ceb10f1d6560c2b88c4de3ca180
  3. I love big engines and big power, but I can say the DD13 505/1850 in my 2020 Western Star 4900 is doing WAY better than the DD15 did in my 2013. It pulls stronger and it will regen on it's own even idling around. It's not having nearly the emissions and regen issues the DD15 had from day one. Ya, it's still new, but I'm trying to be hopeful. LOL
  4. You had me all excited with the title.....I thought it was going to be a 70's Western Star. LOL.
  5. My opinion is changing. I thought the Anthem was the ugliest truck I have ever seen, but the other day some brand new piggy-backed W990 Kenworth's drove by me. Ding ding ding....we have a new winner for the world's ugliest truck! Even worse in real life than the pics I saw of them, LOL. So now the Anthem looks better to me. Volvo owes a thank you to KW, LOL.
  6. That's why the highways are full of immigrants now. They can use and abuse them to no end. I've been vocational and on/off road all my life but I did by a highway tractor once and hit the road a couple years. That wasn't for me. I never saw so much disrespect and bullshit from both the shippers and the receivers. And when you add to that brokering for a company with a horrible dispatcher, it wasn't long before i sold that truck, and went back to construction/forestry.
  7. That is a nice 61 Mike. I really like that body style! I know nothing about those torsion bar front ends. Like I said, this will be my first Chevy product other than a 74 one ton pickup I had many years ago.
  8. You bet the manufacturers are against gliders. Yes, they can sell lots of them, but they can't make millions and millions in profit fixing them and selling parts every time the emissions junk fails. Selling new junk is big business.
  9. I've seen enough mechanical failures to know I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing, LOL.
  10. Holy!!! That pic really brings the size into perspective.
  11. You caught my eye with the farm tractors. Very nice stuff there!
  12. Only pics I got of the engine.
  13. Really? I'm just going off what my friend told me. He has to find the ownership yet. He told me it is a 62 with a 292? These are the only tags or numbers I could find on the truck.
  14. Thanks 41chevy. I know very little about GMC/Chev products. My father, then me always had Ford's. So that booster is for the clutch also? is that this big round thing here in this pic? I never crawled right under to see what it was.
  15. You beat me to it, 41chevy......I was just going to ask if the cab was the same as the pickups because I knew of LMC, but they just list pickups. So that brake system is nothing odd ball then? Would you keep the points or go electronic ignition? Thanks.
  16. Thanks Dave. So it is a good motor. I thought it seemed kinda small for a truck that size, LOL.
  17. I have an opportunity to buy this 1962 Chevy C60. Body and engine are solid but needs lots of little stuff. Needs new rubber for around windshield, side window felts, rear view mirrors, wiper arms, tires, and the plunger for the two speed rear axle is broke. The brakes also don't work. Are parts still available or will this nickel and dime me? The flatbed has a hoist and it works. It has a 292 inline six and 4 speed. How were those 292's? Will it be a pig on gas? My plan is to just do it up to haul my 1955 Allis Chalmers CA farm tractor to the local shows. No big long distance trips. Sadly, that IH 9670 Eagle Cab over that I posted previously that I gave up on due to the amount of work they wanted me to do to safety it.....instead of the guy working out a better deal with me, he sent it to scrap for a third of the price. What a waste of an absolutely perfect interior and a solid cab.
  18. Coming from a Canadian that knows tough logging conditions....that thing looks impressive. How are Iveco engines? That is what Case IH and New Holland use now in their big articulated row crop tractors. i think they are up close to 700 h.p. now.
  19. mrsmackpaul Do you know of the Upton tractor? I was just reading an article about Carl Upton and his big 2WD tractors in my latest Antique Power magazine. Pretty interesting story, and he sounded like a very smart man when it came to designing one of the worlds biggest 2WD tractors that proved to out pull 4WD's of the time many times during tests. I liked how he used straight pipe exhaust on the Cummins NTC 350 so that it could "crack" LOL. Pics "borrowed" from Google images.
  20. Not a good pic, but we got one of hell of a crane working on one of the blast furnaces at the steel mill in our city. It's towering high above the furnace. It belongs to Sterling Crane. They have a yard right on the mill property.
  21. They never caught on here on the Canadian side, but I used to see them all the time on the Michigan side.
  22. Interesting. Thanks for that and the pic. Bet she handled that load like it wasn't even there.
  23. I have a pic somewhere of a DM painted the same as this. Was in a Mack brochure I have.
  24. Well there's something I have never seen, nor even heard of. Thanks for posting more interesting stuff kscarbel2
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