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  1. When did Mack introduce this style of grille? Did it completely replace the straight grille?
  2. Really? Volvo makes 750hp loggers that haul 130,000+ lbs in the mountains of northern Scandinavia. How much do you pull with your sissy little American truck? 80,000? P.S. Dirtymilkman - it's not cool to insult women.
  3. That 4-axle setup is popular in Ontario and Quebec. It's (usually) a 72" spread with the front axle steerable and liftable. It has to be 98-118" away from the triaxle. I like the old DM's you found! Most old Macks are from the 90's and have that set back grille.
  4. "If Martin Penwald was real what would he drive today?" Probably a white aero truck.
  5. Sure. But how expensive is it to start a truck manufacturing company dedicated solely to building gliders? I don't think there's money in it. Maybe someone like Autocar might take a swing at it, but I doubt it. Besides - aren't they limited to something like 300 gliders a year? That makes it prohibitively expensive to manufacture. I think what's more likely is the growth of refurbishing companies to rebuild old trucks.
  6. What youtube video? link please.
  7. They make bigger trucks for the Australian market because their gross weights are significantly heavier than the American 80,000 lbs. No matter how you cut it, 90% of the American market only needs a 13L engine in an aero package. That's what sells.
  8. Nice! I love the logo. And yes, those are nicer than an Anthem both inside and out. P.S. But then again, I preferred the trimmings of the Pinnacle to the Anthem.
  9. What's the deal with the Mercedes trucks in the 3rd photo? Now THAT would be an unusual US army purchase.
  10. The whole reason that Scot came into existence is that the Irving's figured that it would be cheaper to build trucks than to buy them. The JD Irving company basically owns much of the Maritimes: they have a substantial empire based on oil, paper and agriculture/fishing. Midland and RST Transport are Irving companies. Midland is a van company and RST moves tankers. I've been told that the Midland Scots were ordered with Formula 290 and 300 Cummins with a 9 speed. I know of two Midland owner operators; one had a 350 Cummins, later replaced with a 400, and another had a Detroit. They bought new and probably received better terms. The Irvings currently own Freightliner dealerships. I used to see those tractors every now and then back when I was growing up. The city of Toronto also owned some of their fire trucks, and kept them as reserve units up until....I'm going to say the early 90's. I used to think those trucks were ugly as sin. Now I think that that big cab with the integrated sleeper may have been ahead of its time.
  11. FYI, here's how we do it in neighbouring Canada. This 5-axle super-B set is good for 138-140,000lbs gross (depending what province you're in). I've never driven one, but I've spoken with guys who say that the track quite well and are easier to drive than a 53' trailer (going forward that is!) There are other configurations, but this is the most popular. And yeah, there are a lot of 13L Macks and Volvos pulling them.
  12. Ironically since this thread started my local dealership has 6+ new Granites on the lot for a mixer company
  13. Yes, there are a lot of Granite dumps where I live. Perhaps they have lost a bit of market share - they were *so* dominant in the 80's that you rarely saw anything but a Mack. Having said that, they still have a healthy market share. The sky is not falling people. I think a big reason for the shift is that it seems like Macks and Volvo's have gotten comparatively more expensive recently. I also know that some northern dealers are not very competitive. I could be wrong.
  14. Our city uses front-end loaders (Cat 924 size) with plows in the old residential areas; but that Mack appears to be out in the country. Other cities use aggressive towing when it snows (ie. temporary no parking areas).
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