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    Pearl Harbor was attacked. Thank you to all that served and sacrificed.
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    Needless to say, I'm not to be trusted alone with lobsters any more. Thought it was funny myself.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the MBeholder...............Hippy
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    Thanks to the efforts of Howard Peiffer and the palm coast Fire Department and others Sunshine Fire Department in Harlan County Kentucky has a new to them 1984 CF Mack engine. the truck originally came from New Hyde Park then to Palm Coast and now Sunshine. Howard is a great guy and has helped a lot of people I am great full to have come to know him and call him my friend. thank you Howard.
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    Tree out back works good too.
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    Driver playing bumper trailer at a loading dock
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    New to the group so figured I could share some of my trucks. My father and I have a small hauling business with some projects on the side. We have a 1986 superliner with an E9 400 and 2 1982 Superliners with E9 440 along with a 1986 R-Model we can say we are die hard Mack guys. Have always looked on the fourms and found any questions I had just never joined the group so thank you all!
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    These fellows were inspecting closely the chain drive on this heavy duty FH. No. 60 of 265 FH units built between 1937-1941.
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    I'd leave the "French Poodle" where It is...
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    This is not the forum for medical problems.
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    Unfortunately the stupid reproduce faster then Darwin can eliminate them.........................
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    Darwin applies here; if they are too stupid to use common sense than the hope is they kill themselves before they reproduce and thus improve the genetics pool.
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    My old co-worker qualified every floor drain as a legal bathroom. I'd say your pretty civil to install a urinal.
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    Just noticed this on my single axle today...you know a driver was a steering wheel holder when they had to mark "F" for "Forward" on the wheel.
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    I am new to owning an old truck, but not to liking them. Ever since I was a kid, railroads and old trucks have been an avid interest. I look forward to many happy hours spent on this forum, learning about just what I got myself into! I recently bought a 1958 Mack B42X Dump Truck and a 1975 Diamond Reo tandem axle truck that was a former Garbage Packer from Hazleton, Pa.
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    A member on another forum asked if I could produce a pen and ink of his 74 W900. After three attempts I finally finished it. It was the first art work I had done in ten years. Note the dates on the ones I posted in this thread. After finishing that custom drawing I started this 60 Autocar last Monday the 4th, I worked on it two hours a day because my skill has gotten rather rusty along with my vision and steadiness. I have a L cab B75 I'm working on next. Truck Shop
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    I had my B model fenders stripped and derusted . Well satisfied with the results.
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    The shop in Strasburg where the photo restores engines too. I work just down the road from Steamtown and use to live close to Strasburg so I do love trains. The Strasburg Railroad is just acrosss from the PA Railroad Museum.
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    My uncle was Chief Pharmacists Mate on the USS Oklahoma, he died a his post in the infirmary. Now 76 years later he may be identified and finally come home. Paul http://kdow.biz/news/national/100-killed-in-pearl-harbor-attack-identified-after-76-years
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    Respect to all of the servicemen of WW2.
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    I personally think you should be under there EVERY Week. Even if you only give everything 1 pump of the Grease Gun. it's all the other little things you can pick up on, & correct there & then, Whether It's just putting an Extra Zip tie somewhere or Nipping up a Loose fitting/Nut or Bolt,can avert bigger problems down the track. A stitch in Time saves Nine Just My 2 cents worth..
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    Thanks for your comments guys ..... makes it all worth while OK 4th Month April 2018 ...... + the backside cya §wishy
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    I don't want to imply that all the folks who needed help over the years were stupid; most weren't and just needed help. But here are some of my favorite examples that I actually ran over the years...(With a tip of the hat to Jeff Foxworthy) You might be stupid if: You picked up a running lawn mower by the blade case to use as a hedge trimmer. You placed the ashes from your fire place in a paper bag on the wood pile in your garage or on your deck. (This happened several times a year) You put a log that was not burning fast enough in your fire place on your wooden balcony. You used a grill on a wooden balcony with a wooden balcony above you. You heated a pizza in the box in the oven with the broiler. You used gasoline to get the leaf pile burning faster after it was lit. You tried to clean your husband's greasy clothes by adding gasoline to the washing machine. You drove when you were too drunk to realize that the car you were about to hit had blue flashing lights on it and a big red fire truck next to it. You don't understand that if you use an open Coke bottle to pleasure yourself the suction will make it impossible to remove. You have a knife fight with your son over who gets to open the Christmas presents first on Christmas Eve. You put your hand into a running meat grinder to clear a jam. You put your hand into a running snow blower to clear a jam.
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    I do and also have an apartment ref. for sudsy beverages. I live out in a rural area and can go outside if I want. All of this keeps her happy. They remodeled a locker room at work and gave me everything I needed. Not fancy but clean.
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    There were chain drive Sterlings that were used by Rosenfeld Concrete in Milford, MA into the 1970's that ran at highway speeds. More moving parts and a greater parasitic power loss is why they ended, not because they couldn't do high speeds.
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    I'd like one in every vehicle I drive.
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    There's one good thing on that cart. The E7-460 badge.
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    Everything looks good except the stack flaps. Ta-ting, ta-ting, ta-ting. Easy fix.
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    We do a little bit of regrooving, if it hasn’t scalloped out already. Like BC Mack said, you can go too deep, and I certainly have done so in the past. But new tyres are cheaper the retreads here so it was no big deal. Its also very handy if you can mount your own tyres. It’s one things to regroove one to get 20/30,000 miles but if you have to pay $20 to have it mounted it may not be as cost effective. We mainly do our drive tyres to run on dollys and our trailer tyres wear in the middle so we cut a groove there to marry up with the outer grooves. You might get 3 or 4mm exrta tread, not a lot.
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    i would change the door insulation....that would cure all shaking...but then you need to slam the piss out of them,,to get them to close....lol.bob
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    Probably in all honesty had no idea on the bearings, most likely never went more than a few miles locally. As for the lights, no excuses for him no knowing. Paul
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    Well got the RD back on 11-30.it got an engine kit and reman heads new thermostat runs great haven't added any oil to it glad to have it back.rings were out on #2 and 6.imo those folks did a very nice job
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    Things R L@@kn up Do U C wot eye C LOL cya §wishy
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    Fun playing around with the indendent film stuff? What TV commercial?? For a Company?? Got to only dabble once in a Christian movie. Pretty fun. Played the archer assassin(upper right corner). Zero lines, just assainate folks for a villan. Only qualification was they were looking for was someone who was big and had a long bow and the ability to not miss an indoor target. First shot on set the leather outfit wrapped up my string and almost sent the arrow into a prop. The only fellow there who I knew to be famous was David Ruprecht. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4665626/videoplayer/vi1441773081?ref_=tt_pv_vi_aiv_1
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    i did do a video recently of the jaguar. not my best work so far. but its basically just a walk around video and showing a few things about the car. and rambled on way too much....lol i have not gotten a whole lot done on it mostly just driving it. now that its winter time and i wont be driving it much anymore hopefully ill start making some more progress on it again. iv got a stack of parts on the shelf for the car. the first big thing i need to do is drop the trans and swap the tq converter and get my 4th gear lockup kit installed. and need to re plumb the fuel system and re-do the exhaust.
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    well ollie another nice mess you`ve gotten yourself into
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    This was me offloading the Federal
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    There are a whole lot of Americans who have never been introduced to it.
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    I think a lot of people put to much grease in; when you damage seals & boots your letting dirt & debri in; if no seal then it doesn’t matter
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    Got the PTO wires on top of the trans plugged into the wrong connector and the ECM thinks the PTO is on and if the prameters are set to 1200 , thats all she will turn. Thats my guess.
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    The other side of this is that I have a nice house because stupid people kept me employed for 32 years.
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    I recommend having the wind to your back while using the outside facilities....
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    I agree with you, VaP. I don't have a urinal but I live out in the sticks so I just go behind the barn. It would be a pain in the keister to remove said boots every time I go.
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    a 2 inch pipe through the wall works great , no smell from drain in floor.
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    All 1958 Porsche 356 driveline!
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    What do you think the value is ??? Their is talk that one of the sons want go look at it done .