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    TeamsterGrrrl/GearheadGrrrl has been banned for repeated counts of douchebaggery and for bypassing a previous ban as well as managing to rack up more complaints than anyone in BMT history!
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    Dressed in the colors of truck number 238 for Gay's Motor Express.
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    Dirt delivered in style.
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    It rared up eye tell U ........it jist rared up LOL cya §wishy
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    Funny thing is, these leftist groups are no different than ISIS, bulldozing and destroying historic places and artifacts they don't like. Our history is what it is, and if we don't have ways to remember that history it will be forgotten...and you know what they say about those who forget history. Down in Paducah, there is talk about renaming a school. Problem is, the school wasn't named after a Confederate soldier, but rather his WIFE. Her children wanted a way to remember and honer her, so they paid for the school to be built and donated it to the community in her honor to bear her name. If I were the decendents, I'd be looking into what legal recourse was available to possibly reclaim that donated property as it would no longer be honoring their grandmother/great grandmother/etc as intended. Name stays or we take it back and keep the name, only now if you want to continue using it you can rent it from us...or we'll close the school altogether and turn it into a museum. This white-washing of history won't make history go away, and it only creates tension between the 90% who want to remember vs the 10% who are out to cause trouble.
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    Shown at the Green Mountain ATCA Show 2017.
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    According to our Inside Sources, a man today based in Beaver Lick, Kentucky (It's a real place) actually found the G spot of his wife. Unlike other reported findings such as Treasure Island, Atlantis, and the finding of flight MH370, that we gave "very unlikely" odds to. We believe this story to be utterly impossible. WotSezU? cya §wishy
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    Today is Vietnam Veterans Day and today we remember. The day was originally known as Long Tan Day, chosen to commemorate the men of D Company, 6RAR who fought in the battle of Long Tan in 1966. On that day, 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan. The Australians prevailed, but only after fighting in torrential rain for four hours. They were nearly overrun, but were saved by a timely ammunition resupply, accurate artillery fire from the nearby Australian base, and the arrival of reinforcements by armoured personnel carrier. Eighteen Australians lost their lives and 24 were wounded, the largest number of casualties in one operation since the Australian task force had arrived a few months earlier. After the battle the bodies of 245 enemy soldiers were found, but there was evidence that many more bodies had been carried away. On the third anniversary of Long Tan, 18 August 1969, a cross was raised on the site of the battle by the men of 6RAR. Veterans from the battle gathered at the cross to commemorate the fallen, and the day was commemorated by them as Long Tan Day from then on. Over time, all Vietnam veterans adopted the day as one to commemorate those who served and died in Vietnam. In 1987, following the very successful Welcome Home parade for Vietnam veterans in Sydney, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced that Long Tan Day would be known as Vietnam Veterans Day. Since then, it has been commemorated every year as the day on which the service of all those men and women who served in Vietnam is remembered. The Vietnam War was Australia’s longest military engagement of the 20th century. Almost 60,000 Australians fought in the war and more than 500 lost their lives. Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on 18 August every year. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which would become one of the most extraordinary chapters in Australia’s military history. I have copied and pasted this as quicker than me typing a mess up here and making a hash of it to all the blokes who fought in that war and all the wars that Australia gets involved in thank you Paul
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    the world and especially the us is overflowing with insanity they could`nt stand the competition from the fountain
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    Winch...... check. Fifth wheel with ramps....... check. Ball for pickup "fifth wheel"....... check. Winch cable roller..... check. Pintle hitch..... check. Receiver hitch...... check.
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    Sold at auction 2017. $7,000. Unit #1 of 14 produced.
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    Thanks.......so sick of the negativity she was always spouting off
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    Thanks again Jim,that is truly sad. I was seriously considering having an auction,but after seeing this,that won't happen in my lifetime. I'll just sell my stuff privately as I can and the damn doctors can pound sand.
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    Well today the 18th August in the US is what we call Vietnam Veterans day in Australia please take a moment to think of the men that gave so much Paul
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    Well I will start first with a picture of myself and partner in crime in our shop. That's me on the left and Gayle the other mechanic on the right. I do look somewhat like that. But everyone tells us we definitely act like these two. Truck Shop
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    Well the wait is over number 9 is now out and about Looks a bit Beamish like now in battle ship grey Paul
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    The Civil War was not ALL about slavery. But at any rate, it all is part of our history. And it might mend if the MEDIA and Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would let it be. The southern states are proud. And there was lives lost on both sides, northern, southern. Black, white.. Just because some statues or the confederate flag bothers some group or individual doesn't mean they should be taken down or destroyed . It is OUR history. Yes, Martin Luther King was shot and killed, and there are statues and streets in many cities named after him. John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were shot and killed also and there are NOT statues and streets named in they honor everywhere. Robert Kennedy is hardly ever spoke of, John Kennedy was assassinated while he was president of the United States, and that day in November is hardly even mentioned any more. But Martin Luther King is always talked about, and there is a national holiday in January honoring him. Why is there not a holiday for Bobby Kennedy? He fought for equal rights. We need to get over it and move on...
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    sure would like that R773 , I have heard the v8 detroits are obsolete and not much demand for them...... there is an abundance of them and no one wants the, so I should be able to get it for less than nothing I'm figuring....
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    over 4th of july i got the engine stabbed in the car with a 700r4 and the car moving under its own power again. a lot of fiddling and tuning on it sense then and finally getting it dialed in and running great. got about 400 miles on it so far, runs great no blow by has not yet burned a drop of oil its almost running good enough at this point you could daily drive it if you wanted to. still need to drop the trans again and stuff a higher stall tq converter in it (trans was picked up off local classifieds and came with a stock converter, didn't want to put my new 2800 stall converter in a unknown trans right off the bat) even on a stock converter it will run a flat 5.0 0-60 on the street on a 235 50 15 all season tire.
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    thats becoming a big problem here nowdays,,,,,the 90 percent dont matter anymore.....thats how we lost alot of our nativity scenes,,,....too bad we cant get roads fixed that fast...like wow man...bob
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    This beauty was at the Granite State Chapter show today.
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    This subject is getting a lot of attention. I have to comment on how President Trump is getting the usual liberal BS. Any time you speak the TRUTH you then are a bigot or a racist. What the President said about BOTH sides being at fault and having BAD people amongst them, in both groups. That was absolutely correct. Just look at all the religious civil wars. And even simpler, look at a big football, baseball game or soccer match. There is a winner and a loser, and a lot of the time the fans ( both sides ) get in a riot and fight. Some times even the winning teams fans go crazy and start tearing their own city up... So why is Trump wrong for saying Both sides are at fault??????
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    What most people dont know about Mal and I and our families we have been thru a lot over the years We farmed thru the worst drought in Australia's history and thru our jokes and humor and laughter we managed to get thru times that most could never imagine If any of you have seen the old movie "The Grapes of Wrath" with the dust storms rolling every day and the sky turned red Mal and I worked away at farming year after after year and we have never had a cross word just laughs and great times And how is Mal so relaxed, he just dont care LOL , it aint his truck Paul
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    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying slavery was ok. But from history I have read it was tribal wars in Africa that brought on slavery. Black against black. One tribe would capture others and then they were sold into slavery. The slaves were an investment and were treated well. You could say that the Irish, Scotts, Welch, Italians that worked in the coal mines were basically slaves also. They paid rent for company housing, had to buy all their goods from the company store ( and if they didn't, there were big problems), the tools they needed to do their job had to be purchased at the company store , ( now you work for a construction outfit, they supply the shovel or what ever). They were paid in script that was worthless anywhere other than the company store. That kinda sounds like being a slave too. I don't hear any thing along those lines. The mules that were used deep in the mines in Butte, Montana were treated better than the men. Just something to think of.....
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    Close as I'll get to pulling: I took it as far with my n/a 673 as friends 350 Small cam KW. It was just a fun run kinda thing...but I could really enjoy doing it more! I could just imagine if I had my 237 in there back then.
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    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. I enjoy your episodes way more than anything on TV.
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    They were based in Pittsburgh's Strip District. There are a few buildings still there that look like former truck terminals, but I'm not sure of the actual location. I remember that stuff. It made the trucks Eazor to start.
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    like alen jackson says....lordy dont the wheels turn slow..lol..first step to projoct....borrowed my neighbors forklift last night....first delivery coming today....roof to my steel building its pretty cool 68 hyster runs really good for its age...bob
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    If she moves to two other forums I frequent she won't make it five days. They have a zero tolerance program. Besides that, BMT is one of the best sites around-good folks. Truck Shop
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    Yep 41, a BIG,grain of salt! I'm watching the local news this morning,and I see "Three year old killed by truck" I'm looking at the tv and I don't see a "truck" I see a "pickup" I'm pretty sure a lot of folks who hear this on the radio picture a child being run over by a tractor trailer or other actual truck due to what I perceive as the anti truck bias! Same bias that causes many law firms to post billboards on the interstate "Have an accident with a semi?" They know most trucking firms don't want to face a jury regardless of who is at fault" It's a "win win" for them! Just my opinion....yours?
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    Just another day in paradise!
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    Where are the "Wimmin in boats" pictures?
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    I'm glad to know it wasn't just me that thought posts from Teamster Grrrl off the chart.
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    And how about the others who crossed the line of reasonable behavior and language?While i do not sympathize with her more people should have gone the same way.Be rest assured the Phoenix will rise again.
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    Thanks Barry! Let's talk trucks!
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    The 1957 H633 $1,000 1958 H63 $700 1958 D42 $700 H-67 $900 I could have bought a couple but only having outdoor storage, they would not have become better in my possession.
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    Here is the new (used) ride. 2013 Ram 4x4, 5.7 with the 8 speed. Full width rear doors. Took her out to Mechanicsburg Pa today for the part time job. 16.4 average mpg, had I not done so much local driving in town that would have been higher. Rides as smooth as butter melting on a hot buscuit.
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    The trucks were pretty tired and crusty. They have been outside for years. The parts went cheap. A running take out Mack V8 went for $550. 1947 Mack EH plow truck- former Kemp truck 1,000. 1947 Mack bus $4250. 1945 Mack LM $4000. 1965 C-615 $950 1939 CJ crane chassis $500 1936 AK "Last One" $3,500. 1961 B-424X 1001 $7,000 1985 R-747ST $3,000 1957 Brockway 148 $500 As DigDug mentioned, most B's went for no money to about 14-15 hundred. 1951 LF Lanova $600 1957 B-64 lightweight $400. 1961 B-71 $300 I took a bunch of pics which I will post sometime.
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    Moments before that shot was taken, that Challenger was struck on the rear bumper by someone who jumped off the curb as it passed. It was going slowly when this happened, then rapidly sped up after the hit. I have seen video of this happening. The video is not clear enough to determine if the object used was a bat or a stick. Note in the above photo that the brake lights are on. I am NOT convinced that this was an intentional act, but rather a reaction to the person striking his car. Challengers are not cheap cars and every owner I have ever met treats theirs as their baby. Try semi-automatic weapons. Fully automatic weapons are highly controlled and extremely expensive, requiring a Class 3 Federal Firearms License and an expensive tax stamp to possess one. Most owners would never take one to such an event. As for the guns that were present, they would not have been "menacing" to anyone if those other people had never shown up!
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    There was machine guns there?
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    Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't get it. If a group decides to protest, which is a right, that I don't agree with, let them protest. They are entitled to their beliefs. Those who oppose, stay home. The protesters will go away and life will go on. Those who disagree can protest another day.
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    just a note to say I really like following this adventure! terry
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    Mrs Gudday M8 Well dun to the crew I thort U sed twaz to B painted nipple pink LOL While Mals there get him to do a once ovr with the yello beast in the cnr Cya §wishy
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    Well Mal tells me we have turned the corner and its plain sailing from now on Paul
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    "no, I got this load of....WTF!!!!!! where'd it go?"
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    Seems quirky, but no, don't plug anything. Plugging would blow the water out. If you are drafting the engine back into intake remove and let hang to atmosphere......otherwise you are negative pressure.
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    Extremely well said. It seems that all the groups today want to achieve their agenda's objectives in full, which of course is impossible. There can only be compromise, a middle ground of sorts. (As Mick Jagger said, "You can't always get what you want".) And so many people feel entitled. Our generation never felt that way, rather, we were only entitled to the fruits of an honest day's hard work.
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    I remember them well being from New Castle,, PA. I was just a little guy and can remember thinking the name was the same stuff my Dad would spray in the air cleaner of the old Macks to get them going on a cold day.