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    This truck hasn't seen many miles in a lot of years. A friend who started driving in Virginia in an H model wants to drive it up to the Brooks, OR show in a few weeks so I decided to get it serviced and make a run. It performed well other than the sticks are awful stiff. It will be a hot 270 mile run but a lot of fun and memories. Note the smoke in our valley................plain awful for 2 weeks now.
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    From all of the members of the Yocum creek and upper cloverfork vol fire departments we would like to say thank you to Don Holden aka Vals327 on here. he and 2 other men drove 800 miles one way to deliver us 2 1983 mack mc fire trucks. (pictures soon to come) this is the second truck that he has donated to Yocum creek and the first to upper cloverfork. words can not say how much we appreciate him and all who has helped us over the last few years. it takes a special kind of human being to drive 2 of the hottest trucks I have ever been in that distance over 2 days with out air conditioning and mid to upper 90s stay for a hour and begin there 800 mile journey back home. all I know to say is thank you
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    He's busy with his new self contained mobile bar b q. . . Here is a BMT Spy Satellite Photo of the BBQ and the fix'ns
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    A buddy of mine went to a local county fair to watch some pulls and sent me a picture of our famous back in black.
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    We went to the Hartford Fair pulls on Sunday night; a very nicely done show. The first R model is Kendra (Rodgers) Dauer; it has a Cat engine and she landed only 10' from 1st place. The second R model is her sister Sondra Rodgers and her truck has a Mack engine. The Superliner has a KT Cummins engine; the next truck, a Chevy, is a very strong puller. The purple Pete has the motor out of Brockasaurus; we were sad the Brockway wasn't there but the Pete won the event. I hope Brockasaurus returns because I really like the truck and it's a crowd favorite.
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    tri plex and it is hard to believe looking back riding with my Dad in his 57 H hauling one big steel coil on a 32ft triaxle trailer. Going up a long grade he'd have a cigarette out the corner of his mouth and both hands on the shifters. He'd get it all the way in low and that truck would just rear up and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now thinking about those hot muggy summers in western PA and him on the way to Newark, NJ. Tough guys then!
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    Sent to me today for a chuckle!
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    That doesn't sound like my trips to the dairy farm my uncle Andy worked on. I was about 7 or 8 and he had me driving the tractors at hay time..In the winter they used two draft horses and I was told to be very careful of their feet so I couldn't go in their stable without Andy. Never get in the sillo it had poison gas. And stay away from the bulls they took no crap from anything. Every thing else was ok even the bottling plant I could go in and grab a little bottle of milk. Every kid should have the experience that I did at that farm that was 50 some years ago and I never forgot the stuff I got to do there.
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    You should always buy new trucks with lotsa gauges and dual pipes, makes girls go AW with all them gauges to look at, and you really feel special with more gauges, like a pilot or ship captain, and the dual pipes make your truck go faster, and make them point to the rear so they can help push the truck down the road, if you use a single on one side your truck will lean, if you need anymore stupid comments I have plenty, I learned them all from my help.
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    Pat's fabulous Mack FN at Macungie. Heavy hauler and you will never get caught for speeding. VIN stamped in the front left frame rail.
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    Handles the small jobs for Lightning Truck Repair.
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    never had any luck trying to replace a window on one that old steel screws and alum caps just don`t mix
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    I bet it is a DC75 Autocar or similar. It is not really loudest on the hood. It is rust running down off the Autocar Diesel emblem.
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    "Lawn Crew Demanding Better Conditions" Tell them that anyone who complains will end up on the kitchen table.
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    We have often vacationed on Hattaras Island (Outer Banks, NC) but we have not been down in about 6 years. After we went to Disney 2 years in a row, I put my foot down and told SWMBO that "Summer of 2018 we are going to Avon (the town we always stay in) and she agreed without a fight. Well, we should have gone to Disney again because it has done nothing but effing rain BUCKETS here from the moment we got here last Sunday to the very moment that I am writing this as we speak, it is POURING. There have been moments here and there where we were able to slip out to the beach for an hour or two, and Thursday was beautiful for most of the day, but for the most part this trip has been nothing but a wash out. In fact a record rainfall for July has been recorded (14" +) busting the old record of July 1949. Anyways, here are some pictures. Here is the house we rented- "Bonatide Dream" through VRBO and Hattaras Realty. It was a very easy process, if anyone ever wants to rent a house down there I cannot recommend them more. "Small" Says "HELLO GOOD BMT PEOPLE!" The Cape Hattaras Lighthouse, the tallest (205') Brick lighthouse in North America. It was the subject of one of the greatest civil engineering feats in history when they picked it up and moved it 1200' NNW to get it away from the Ocean. The Cape Hattaras Lighthouse off in the distance (about 5 miles) seen from the Haulover Day Use Area (also known as "The Canadian Hole") which is a small sound side beach just south of the town of Avon. On Friday morning, it was a little nicer so myself, Large and our friend Matt went out on a fishing charter into the sound. We were off Ocracoke Island. I saw a girl on a ferry boat. I saw another girl on another fishing charter boat. We saw a 42" Cobia and Large decided to hook him. Since he was using a line set up for small blues (10lb line with a 30lb leader) and baited with a chunk of squid, all three of us had to be very careful fighting him and it took 70 minutes from the time he hooked to the time we got him into the boat. The guys on the charter said that they never would have thought a Cobia would bite on a chunk of squid, they usually go for live bait. They were ecstatic that we got him in. We named him "Ralph." Ralph gave us about 20lbs of meat when dressed. Here is some of it battered and frying for dinner last night. It was some of the best tasting fish I have ever had. Large and I got up this morning and went out on the beach. The GPS kept saying "You dumbass Swift Driver, make a RIGHT!" This is a screenshot of the RadarScope app on my phone, which is pretty much representative of the weather the entire trip. Avon is inside the blue bulls-eye looking thing. And that storm is moving 100% northbound over us.
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    Go synthetic in cold regions. The benefits outweigh the cost in fuel mileage and component protection. On a cold morning the trans and diffs are so stiff you can just push in the clutch and stop rolling as though hitting the brakes(w/80w-90). You have to feed the gear boxes extra fuel to get them hot, poor efficiency. Park at the truck stop for an hour, diff temps drop and your right back where you started. At temps below -0- you will likely damage your synchro. When you run non synthetic you will clash the slider clutch of the synchro on your first shift. The gear lube is too thick and won’t squeeze out of the plates to allow synchronclutches to work. Synthetic doesn’t swing viscosity like EP so you don’t get clash. If you do still use non synthetic just cycle your synchro a few times before you move and you may be OK. In warm regions use what you like.
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    I bought a spare housing from Mack in case I crushed mine. I turned like there was no tomorrow and it loosened up and came off w/o crushing. Mack took the part back and I am $97 richer!! Thanks guys.
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    I got a new one in my shop in boxes yet. But a stainless one would make more sense. The look is almost identical. Except Aussie ones look better IMO.
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    If you are in Bridgeton NJ give Joe Bertino over at Vineland Auto Electric a call. They specialize in antique truck and firetruck electrical systems, especially firetrucks. Joe owns several antique Macks. I am sure he can help and if not, point in the right direction.
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    And that boys and girls us why Mack are still selling like hot cakes in Australia Build what the people want and it will sell People don't want poxy mirrors hanging off the bonnet (hood) They don't want some poxy add that tells people it's "BAD ASS" People want a truck that pulls like a train, looks good, is cheap to run, and runs for ever Dunno why Mack North America don't get this anymore Maybe their hands are tied ???? Do what you do best and do it well Paul
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    I learned real early how to get along with 2 sticks starting about the age of 16 in an old diamond t off road truck hot- dirty-rough riding -should i go on? maybe i should add that i ran a 220 powered emeryville up and down through your part of the country also. it had the standard 260 ac system
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    From My observation the DOT make their own rules! They also have a spin the wheel Game they use when they start the week! last week it was licence plate lights this week its mud flaps have to be 8 inches from the ground important shit like that!😖
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    every time i go to one of the local asphalt plants i drool over their water wagon. it is a 351 Brockway tandem. needs some sheet metal work as the back of the cab and bottom of the fenders are rotted, but otherwise it is one pretty old girl. even with the battleship gray house roller paint job.

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