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    Nice looking black B, got the cab and hood for mine out of Texas as well, look like what is on the plate. There are more than a few B-755's still around. There was a number of differences from a B-75, mostly to do with raising the cab to fit the engine. Most do not have the original 864 in them anymore. OEM B-755 had the NA 864/255hp. It was Mack's first attempt at bigger HP but the engine was plagued with problems. Then came the twin turbo 864/305hp in 1967 in the R Model. The injection pump was a nightmare! I had a running 864/255 for my B-755 but choose to go with a 866/375hp when it was restored. Most of the bad problems were worked out in the 866 except for constantly cracking cylinder heads.
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    Built OEM with a Mack 864 Thermodyne V8 under the hood.
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    Not many pictures lately, but what can you do? Some old Macks around McKees Rocks, Pa. Here's the apple trees north of Winchester. They used to be several feet taller but the weight of all those apples caused them to sink into the ground. A flag sticking out of the hood of a General Motors Truck. 60's flashback...saw this Chevrolet with a load of pulpwood on rt. 20 between Dillwyn and Scottsville.
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    Rantoul, IL to Birmingham, AL Southern Museum of Flight. F-101 Voodoo
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    Thanks for your help don’t know how to double clutch I’m sure I will learn
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    She sure was sitting. Everything we post and talk on here is TRUE.
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    Saw this beauty at Ballston Spa, NY 2018. 1925 Mack AC 10312349 with a gear driven Highway Hoist out back to take care of business.
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    Just a bit of team work here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GMITokuHN4 .....Hippy
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    Owner thinks it is worth Zillions of dollars because of the Steven King association.
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    Kevin: Are you feeling alright? You didn't fall down and hit your head did you? Logtruckman we will stay tuned. Definitely not Mack looking. Give us some Aussie trucks not Europeon ones.
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    We visited Longreach, Queensland, 2015, there is the amphibious biplane, the Qantas 707 that was converted to a private jet, used by Michael Jackson and other entertainers used, the interior remains as converted for private use, all dark wood and various rooms, very basic - it was sitting at an airfield in England for many years wasting away and a group of former and then current Qantas pilots and engineers worked for more than 6 months to get it air worthy for flight to Australia, it flew from UK to Canada across USA and John Travolta flew his Qantas 707 side by side on the flight to LA, then it flew to Sydney and later to Longreach where it remains today. The Qantas 747 - 200 remains exactly as it was retired as a complete passenger jet, nothing has been altered nor removed, it's flight to Longreach required precise planning for fuel load and weather conditions for the flight because the short runway, every foot of the runway was used for it's final flight. The other plane is a DC3 and it has no seats because it's interior was converted for freight work. There was a Qantas Super Connie that was based I recall at the Richmond air base out of Sydney or the outer Brisbane air base, which was restored by a group of Qantas pilots and engineers some time before 2007, this Connie was at the 2007 Avalon Australia air show, I went into this Connie at the 2007 show and spoke to Qantas pilots and engineers who operated this Connie. There is no information where this Connie is today, maybe the foundation that owned it has sold it and now it is no longer in Australia. It had the flying kangaroo on the rudders and inside it was fitted out with the Qantas livery, all seats and catering equipment, complete as original. 41 Chevy do you know any information of where this Connie may be located today? And there is a salvaged Connie (from Manila) that is being restored at Longreach, there is no information to indicate that this Connie will be a flying aircraft. None of the Longreach aircraft have flown since they were taken/flown to Longreach.
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    nothing is actually installed yet, but spent a few mins just kind of mocking it up. and seeing where things are going to fit and line up. and what not. some of the supercharger stuff took a bit of a beating in shipping as this was a used blower it did come with some extra stuff 2 different pulley ratio's the out of the box ratio's as well as a larger crank pulley and smaller supercharger pulley. but the factory ratio pulley set got beat to hell, so i guess ill have to run the party pulleys, wasn't really planning on doing that right out of the gates. im guessing some of the bolts fell out of the box threw a big hole that was torn in the side of it. because there was a few bolts in there but most were missing witch isn't too big of a deal. ill swing by the hardware store tomorrow. i got the crank pulley put on going to have to work on belt alignment a little bit then once i know for sure everything will fit right ill take it back apart clean everything up and put it all back together
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    That old green Chevy will still be doing that work another 20 more years long as the driver lasts any how.
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    I like the part of the flag sitting on your laps. Ohh, and the country is still full of old Macks... Neat Chevy too.
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    Ok boys and girls. This is what took me busy for a really looooooong time. And with no worthy turn out in the end. End??...
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    I guess by this logic Mack engineers designed the e9 to spin rod bearings and drop valve seats on factory hp engines for some reason. Bottom line is everything breaks. If you want 2000hp do it, if you want 3hp do it.
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    I agree with tech Very common in cold climates ! And if the engine has been Idled for hours on end ! Sometimes you have no choice , how ever Idling is not good for any engine And twice as bad for a diesel of any brand ! specially after a rebuild, it's Called wet stacking! Don't IDLE IT ! Even idling it at 1200 is not loading the engine enough to make the rings seat properly! When I do A rebuild I like to have a loaded trailer out side the building ready too haul Warm it up operating temp, slam it under the trailer and gently work the shit out of the engine for the first several hours !Then put the hammer down ! Even driving a couple of miles to the yard to pu a load is wasting valuable break in time in my mind.We proved this dozens of times with trucks delivered by ground the trucks that had been road delivered to the dealership with nothing on their back would burn oil from the get go! The trucks that hauled two or three trucks stacked to the dealership burned no oil because they had worked for the first 5 thousand miles! The sooner you work em the better break in ! Just sayin! 😁
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    Tanker 5, Middlefield, CT 2017 Mack Granite/4-Guys 1250/2700 #F-3069
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    Why insult our intelligence? Just tell us the price is going up.
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    No kidding. What's the point of it? We have 5.3 liters that easily get over 23 on the highway.
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    RE: Scania Here on the udder side of the world in Au The bonneted/hood Scania always had a nik name of the Scania Gum Boot [/img] See the resemblance?? cya
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    Mack with Vlastuin? Looks to have a ton of Scania DNA in the cab assembly. Global Conventional Scania quit on?Paul
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    Bob, WBZ channel 4 says the truck got a flat tire near your house. You didn't toss anything out on Rt 495 did ya? .....Hippy

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