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    While taking the kids to a Christmas event ran into a guy I've known for 10 years. Had no idea he was an English Bulldog breeder. Snapped a couple pics of the fella. 1.5 years old. The massive head/neck on him has to be stealing traction for the rear drives. Seemed like the nicest dog till I tried to pet him...…. Guessing he is still testy about the Volvo acquisition thing? I left him alone.
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    I have been thinking about getting one of those urban assault canes (or should I say urban defense canes), cold steel sells , a little practice and I would be good to go . Gota work on the get a way though and I will have to practice my screaming "he is trying to rob me" while I beat him like a rented mule.
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    I ran out of space inside the shop a while ago and wanted to get the overflow out of the weather. I'm too cheap to buy a new tent or rent more space so I bought a used 40' x 32' greenhouse from an out of business nursery down the street. Needed to move our storage containers to serve as walls so I had my neighbor who rents containers out drive over with his detroit powered Clark. The gray container has a 67 Dart GT, a couple of compressors and a lot of plywood and stuff in it. The forklift picked it up 6 feet like it was empty but he hit a rut backing up and the rear wheels came off the ground about a foot or so. Container stayed on the forks but that was interesting. Got it all positioned right and everything will fit inside. Hopefully have the tent if not the doors done by Christmas as long as I can keep the customers at bay.
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    The snow is almost knee deep around here! I've been watching birds and mammals mostly- I did see a big Mack truck in Ambridge, Pa. A super size chain- Some big Mack trucks at the Keystone Tractor Museum. Some Winfall wimmens posing by the Winfall sign. Some big Mack trucks.
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    I expected more likes to the initial image. Since many of our members better like naked (Winfall) photos.
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    Ran across this photo on the internet. It is one I have never seen before. According to the Model production list there were only 290 of MR's made
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    2019 Mack Anthem 70" Sleeper - TLD Logistics Services Inc - Knoxville, TN. MP8-445SE, M-Drive OD transmission, 2.64 rears. Company took 20 units for 2018, 15 for 2019.
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    Greetings, Very excited to be part of this family, looking foward to learn and contribute!! Thanks!!
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    that'll teach Him to resist......
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    I occasionally drive a tandem axle dump with a C10 Cat @370 hp, 8LL. I think it's a perfect setup. I just don't get why people think they need 500 + hp in a dump truck.
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    MR stood for "Mack Retailer", it was a stepvan,like a IH Metro
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    I’m hesitant to spend $200 on 4 ounces until I hear either in person or see lots of positive reviews. I see some videos on YouTube that says although it’s decent it doesn’t level out and shine nearly as well with a paint brush as the advertisement shows. But I’ll admit it is hard sometimes to wade through bs reviews, good and bad on the internet.
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    So the sickness begins...
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    On a country road in southern New Hampshire.
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    Still doing 50 a week at night! I heard this job is supposed to be going to Christmas at least, and then we have another job running all winter with somewhere between 5-8 Triaxle's daily. Hopefully I can make a full 12 months on the lowboy. Got the rig looking really clean too. Just took this last night.
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    If you use stainless rod or wire you can leave the chrome alone, just clean the rust edges and a slight Vee the back and do a segmented weld in 1/2 inch runs with low heat generation and allow to cool completely between welds. Weld from each end on the front first. Than flip and run a stitch weld on the back on the back. The weld wire and rod are both high Chromium content so will bled with the chrome plate well. Stick rod use 308L 16 for AC welder 308L 15 for DC welder (better results) expensive per rod cost if you don't shop around MIG use ER309 SL .035 wire with minimum of 25/75 gas. Crown Wire makes a 2lb spool for under $25.00
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    Check the diagonals to make sure it is rectangular and not a parallelogram
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    His and Hers garage doors.....or His and His’er?
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    now th@ all U jokers have pirated n scuttled me post hope to get back on trak n eye leave all the home appliances to the handbrake to use n buy
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    Wow Daimler sure is smarter than them dumb asses at Volvo (ie. x12 option in the Granite and x15 option in a redesigned Pinnacle AF).
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    We've been lucky so far nothing on the ground and nothing forecast in the next couple of weeks. Just bought a 40 x 32 heavy duty greenhouse frame that I'm going to mount between 2 shipping containers so I can get everything under cover before the snow flies. Gotta work fast.
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    I get what you're saying. Now that said, as an American who has sold trucks around the globe, I personally have come to care (find huge interest) in what is going on in all global markets. And, truth be told, the three largest global truck markets are converging.
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