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    So finally got the R model I bought over the winter out of storage and brought it home so I could strip the lettering and do a little touch up and cleaning on it. Back in January, my friend Herb Fleck was down in Jersey delivering furniture and offered to drive it back for me as I was tied up with work. He checked the fluids, fueled up, hopped in and drove it 250 miles without a hiccup. ME on the other hand, made it about 3/4 of a mile down the street when the supply line for the air assist steering blew a hole in it. If something can go wrong it will always wait for me to be driving. Luckily I wasn't alone and we were able to scrounge up a bolt and a clamp to block off the airline which was actually a rubber air hose for air tools, think I'll be getting some fittings and plastic line. Got it home without further incident and the oldest granddaughter was very excited to get in the driver's seat.
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    West Virginia/Kentucky line on I-64. Lots of snow in Wisconsin, it snowed most of the day Monday. I sat in the truckstop all day. Got unloaded here Tuesday. Had to back in off the street. Then I went to Sun Prairie and picked up a metal building going to Selbyville, Delaware. It was snowy in Sun Prairie too. But once I left there it was blue skies and dry roads all the way to Delaware. I had to stop on the Annapolis Bay Bridge while they loaded a car onto a rollback, got a nice picture. Another good picture- Some old units in Delaware.
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    I had my son help me move one of the trucks around...he got a good whiff of the diesel smoke from the tractor and he's almost hooked! Crazy thing about this old Ralph Smith truck...it has an air start, it's been parked behind my barn untouched for 12 years. I grabbed the air start lever and it had 10 or 15 psi of air in the tank!!
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    that could be why they have 25 registers and only 4 are open when I go to the Walmart store on Saturday.
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    Who ever did this work did a fine job on a B model. Truck Shop
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    Little bit more done then barbecue booze and cake...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was a mixer, now a tractor.
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    Not that I was asked but; If the truck could be driven to the new owner's place I think it's about 40% overpriced for what it is. There is nothing indicating the owner is selling the truck so most likely some type of broker is involved. That said, I do think it should sell for about $5000.00 - $6000.00 tops if running. However, to get that truck back east is going to push probably 4K citing fuel, permits, wages, etc. if needing hauled. That is just where the $$$ and expense starts. Going to be really expensive in both time and funding to get it to what a starry eyed prospective owner sees as a finished project. Resale won't be there too well either so a labor of love in the end which there is nothing wrong with. It tends to bring us all together for some common interest.
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    A little more forward progress, got the second fender almost done, and got a couple of antique timbers (donated by Red Horse) to the sawmill and had them made into boards for the bed. Replica 37 ford tail lights came today, need to make brackets up for them.
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    Ok, then when a truck shows up on time and has to wait for a door, is Walmart going to compensate the company for the late unload? Either it works both ways or it doesn't work either way. You want me there at a specific time, I'll be there. If you're going to "fine" me if I'm late, then you'd better be prepared to open your check book when I show up on time and you're not ready for me. No "2 hour window" anymore. Whatever your specified time frame is before a shipment is deemed "late", that's the length of time you have to assign a door for unloading and get to work. 30 minutes after bumping the dock, the truck needs to be empty and ready to roll. If you're going to have employees' breaks scheduled, you need to take that into consideration when scheduling trucks so that trucks that show up at their scheduled time don't have to sit and wait...because if they do, it'll cost you.
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    'Good Samaritan' Kills Active Shooter in Texas Sports Bar: Police by Phil McCausland / May.04.2017 / 8:40 PM ET / Updated May.04.2017 / 9:20 PM ET A "good Samaritan" with a gun killed an active shooter who may have been gearing up for a deadly rampage at a Texas sports bar Wednesday night, police said. When 48-year-old James Jones walked inside the Zona Caliente Sports Bar, started yelling and then allegedly shot and killed Cesar Perez — a 37-year-old restaurant manager who'd attempted to calm him down — Arlington police said witnesses were afraid they would be next. In addition to the gun used to kill Perez, police say Jones had another semiautomatic pistol and two knives on him. The serial number on the second gun had been scratched off, and Jones did not have a gun license, police said. "He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business," Arlington Police Lieutenant Chris Cook told NBC News, adding that it did not appear that the shooter knew his victim. An armed "good Samaritan" — as the Arlington Police labeled him — happened to be eating at the restaurant with his wife. A concealed carry permit holder, he told her to get down on the ground and then shot Jones in the back. "I don’t think the shooter even knew where the rounds were coming from because he started shooting at the front door," Cook said, who described the scene as "chaotic." Police reviewed video surveillance and pieced together the incident via witness interviews, but it remains unclear how many shots were fired by either individual. Police were looking into Jones’ background to see whether he suffered from any mental illnesses and were awaiting test results to find out if he was under the influence. The man who took down Jones wished to maintain his anonymity, police said, noting that he felt overwhelmed but relieved that he prevented further violence. “We’re thankful that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted quickly and decisively to end the threat,” Cook said. “We never recommend people get involved. That’s a personal decision that a citizen has to make.” Use of force and firearms expert Emanuel Kapelsohn told NBC News that, from his understanding, the man who took down the shooter reacted appropriately. "I think it's to be applauded," he said. "Not everybody in the world ought to own a gun. Not everybody in the world ought to carry a gun. Not everyone in the world ought to engage an armed criminal where innocent people could be potentially injured." "But this good Samaritan obviously had the ability to do what he did," Kapelsohn added. "Who knows how many people would be dead if he had not acted?"
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    Little on the high side but it looks complete. https://redding.craigslist.org/hvo/d/older-model-mack-water-truck/6551120363.html Truck Shop
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    No Go Showboat...... Got some new 3/4" LED's wired up today.
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    Off brand doing some humping in 1980 on Rt. 5 in the Windsor/Hartland, VT area. No signs, lights or flags. Just do it!
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    50% of the max inflation listed on the sidewall is considered "flat"...so if you're running 16-ply tires with a 120 psi max, you could have one @ 120 and the other @ 61 and be legal. 120 & 60 and you're in trouble. Best to keep them as close to equal as you can, though, for better wear.
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    Got the wood squared, shiplapped and cut to length (lots of sawdust), Fenders are finally ready for paint and install.
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    More cleaning on the other side of the shop brings this out from the darkness: And then with a little more cleaning, this comes forth: Suspect I'm going to busy for a while.....
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    I wouldn't think the residents would generate much trash.
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    Pops Jag about 1965 at Suffolk Dragway. Blown 327 SBC, 2nd and hi only trans and 5:13 Chevy 3/4 to rear. Oh the Blower was chain drive double roller no belt. Hosted on Fotki
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    Well that's all the more reason it should stay on the west coast, besides most of the old macks are hoarded on the east coast. You have to leave a few out west so we don't have the expense going to the east coast to see them. Truck Shop
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    Hey guys, I have a few customers looking for B-Model Exterior Sun Visors...we kicked around the Aussie style visors but they all want more of a fiberglass or stainless ball cap style. Does anyone have any leads on visors? I saw the photo below on line but no idea where it came from or who is making them?? I'd like to get a stainless visor made but I would need a working sample or pattern to get it started! If anyone has a sample we could borrow, post some pics up and lets check it out!
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    If anyone is looking for a very restorable project truck, a friend of mine is selling his 1960 B-Model non-OEM tandem truck with 36'' Mack sleeper. 237 Maxi and I think it's a 5 speed. Also has the original single rear to go with it. Runs but not sure how long ago. Truck is here in Northeast Pa. He is asking $2,500.00 if anyone is interested. Hoping to save it from the scrap yard and/or export !!!!
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    Yes. Only the very early "L" cabs had two hinge doors. They liked to rip the sheet metal so the third hinge was added to the cab design.
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    Here are a few of the RD's
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    my brother had a xj6 for a while it was a very nice car. i have not drove a xj8 though. i saw a supercharged xj8 for sale a while back i bet that would be a pretty fun car. both my xjs and my brothers xj6 were both downright scary to drive in the snow so there kinda summer only cars to me. i picked up my xjs witch was a 4.0L inline 6 car pretty cheap a number of years ago now, it had a really bad amateur paint job on it but was otherwise pretty sound. no rust ran good. drove it for a year or two then blew the car apart and put a decent paint job on it and rebuilt the suspension. then the ecm died on it. even with the stock engine it was a fun car to drive. of course all its power was on the top end and the factory transmission had a really high 1st gear so it was kinda doggy around town. didn't really wake up till you were exceeding most speed limits by a lot. i think stock horsepower on my xjs was around 230hp peppy but not fast. now how it preforms is how i feel that car should have preformed from the factory. its still not super fast but its got good get up and go it hooks hard still corners and holds the road good, the suspension works really good. its a little soft for a handling car but it tracks corners exceptionally well but its got a nice ride and it weight transfers on launch exceptionally well. the biggest down fall of jags is the electrical systems don't age well. and some things are over complicated/engineered without serviceability in mind. i believe newer years they made some pretty good improvements in both those area's. started using weather pack connectors in the harnesses and re designed some things for easier serviceability. like on my jag the rear break rotors are mounted inboard on the rear diff center section rather than behind the wheel, they did this to reduce un-sprung weight but if you need to change the rear rotors you have to drop the entire rear end/sub frame structure out of the car.
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    My grandfather drove this truck Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    You know your shop is big enough when you loose a 12v71 in the clutter.....LOL.
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    Back in my Navy days one of the Zero's, (officer) blew the six in his XKE and we installed a 350 Chevy with a kit he'd acquired. Fit well but just didn't look right with a Muncie four speed.
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    Slower Lower Delaware. Gladys. It's all the same. You were probably felt at home. (except in Delaware they don't burn down the shed and the siding off the house when they smoke some ribs)
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    I'm wanting to continue to clean and make room on the shop floor so am working at the front to unbury one of my RL-797LST trucks. This one has a perforated liner and I had a new set manufactured. New pistons by Arias, rings by Hastings, and NOS bearings. The gasket set is OEM Mack and was still supported about five years ago. Later this week or early next, I'm going to get the engine and trans out, then pick the cab from the frame as I have another in much better condition purchased since the photos were taken. Was going to rebuild this cab and got a start on it but it really is rusty in the structure so drawing it to a close. It'll be great as a parts donor and the replacement will be built up on a stand. I'll then get the chassis out back of the shop to gain floor space. I'm wanting to get back onto my B-61 and see if I can get it on the road this summer.
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    Spent many hours shuttling trailers for Spag's in Shrewsbury, MA.
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    the thing th@ destroys the range shift synchro is slipping into low range @ hi speed tiz Ok to change gears hi to lo / lo to hi in a normal progressive cog change but dont shift hi/o in neutral tiz OK if u just rollin to a stop light @ walk n speed same goes with Mack or RoadRanger cog boxes cya §wishy
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    I finally got back to town and got a little quality time with the B61. The compound shifter linkage has been cleaned and reassembled and it shifts like butter. There was a piece of steel between the rear clevis and the transmission housing that was keeping the rail from traveling backwards. I assume the piece of steel fell through the hole for the series-parallel switch or the hole for the PTO shifter. Here is a photo of some of what I found in the dirt packed around the compound shifter linkage. Now to get the passenger door to open. Thanks again for the advice.
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    1987 Mack ad. Fine investment indeed.
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    Ahh gawd, a 534 Ford engine. Hard to make three mpg with those loaded most time in anything but pavement. Damned bulletproof engine but economy????? Those T-950 series were a good platform for dumptrucks. Think of all the 170hp, and 180hp Mack Thermodyne diesel trucks/tractors out there before the horsepower wars heated up in the mid to late 70's. They still got the job done without air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission, etc.
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    Ain't that the truth. Should have loaded up with all sorts of goodies back then. Buy now and save! My Tidewater inventory sheet dated Jan 1, 1993 shows a chrome B shell at $285.00. Damn! Top and bottom radiator insulators at $3.50 each.....
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    don't worry guys i will find em, you buy em!! https://nh.craigslist.org/hvo/d/1965-mack-b61sx-tandem-dump/6541947601.html 1965 Mack tandem dump truck. 55k rears, good rubber. 673 Thermodyne diesel. 20 speed quadbox. Inspected and licensed yearly. Runs great, needs some cosmetics.
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    My pop had an XKE he used to drag race in the mid to late 1960's Have to scan the photo at Suffolk Dragway. I think it was a 1962 or so.
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    Took me a minute to get the jist of your comment! (I'm old) I personally refuse to own a smart phone I have no need for 300 "friends" I've never met! I realize they are fascinating I also realize that the many members who are contractors have to have one (their customers expect it) but every time some idiot walks into me while talking on one or I'm in a doctor's office and every person waiting is staring at one like a zombie I long for the days when I ran several small businesses with a double entry ledger and a #2 pencil! They've already put the local bookstore out of business,libraries will be next. Ok my rant is over!
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    Mack Superliner II introduction letter showing new model identification system. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=29843
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    I am sorry my post answering this question with a full explanation was not understood. So. let's see if this will work 612- lighter chassis, Mack brand engine (six or eight cylinder), single axle suspension. 613- lighter chassis, Mack brand engine, tandem suspension 632 light chassis, Cummins brand engine, single suspension 633 light chassis, Cummins, tandem 643 light chassis, Detroit engine, tandem etc. 1 is Mack, 3 is Cummins, 4 Detroit 5 CAT FOURTH DIGIT 2 single axle, 3 tandem FIFTH DIGIT This system started with the MH Ultraliner (1980) than Super than Mack CH and CL etc. Hayward RWs used the old engine code system. The new system identifies the ENGINE BRAND not a specific model of engine.
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    Have you considered air ramps for your project Rob ? I have air ramps that work good . If your interested, I can give you measurements and pics. I have noticed that the new trailers have 2 air bags now , not the single one like mine.
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    And I will bet you any amount of money that P will claim "Operator Error."
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    here are a couple pictures from putting it together, i think it was last winter/spring i put this car together did the engine over the winter then did engine swap in like less than a week. iv still got some stuff to sort out on the car but over all it works really well.
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    That is the Bermuda triangle once you get in there that's the end of life as you knew it.
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    I don't know if I'm the only person who noticed that but the most everything is wrong in the pics this time. On the 1st two there's snow in April, on the 3rd a squirell instead of birds, on the 4th a peach those don't use to grow in snows, on the 5th a mug of beer but clearly seem written Jim Beam. And on the last two.. Ok, the ribs and the Mack are very good. Oh, no, I noted an imperfection again. No ribs are seen on the last pic. Just what's lower to them...