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    Hi. I spent the weekend firing the boiler in a bucyruis Erie steam Crain at the Hudson Mohawk gas up it is a fun machine to work on this year we used their ac Mack to haul away the dirt it looks tired but runs great. I will try so post some pictures. I also took a video or the machinery in the Crain while it was running I’ll try to post on you tube. Dean
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    A few of the 1953LTL With ALL the aluminum parts in tack.
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    This M9-18B Braden winch hasn't seen service in decades. The seals are leaking and I need to get to the winch internals. The capstans are in the way and will not come off using heat or light-duty pulling. I built a puller out of 2" x 2" x 1/8" angle iron. The push point was made of 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle iron because the 1/8" iron bent. I used a 10 ton porta-power hydraulic ram and it took most of its power to remove the driver side capstan. Here are a few pics and a short video. Notice the loud popping as the capstan hops off the shaft. The passenger side capstan came off with about 1/2 the effort. IMG_7230.MOV
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    These hoods haven't been out in the daylight for a while. Just getting a thicker layer of dessert dust, maybe have them out this fall.
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    Towed it home today plus found another B75 on my way back home. I will have to check that one out.--------- Parked it among other old critters Truck Shop
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    My paint and body guy is ready for the cab so I took the cab & other body parts to the soda blaster on Friday.
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    This is the 1965 B755 repowered with a 375hp 866
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    And Steve the guy who owns those KW's and that Freightliner looks just like this guy Albert, hair and all. Steves nick name is {pie are square} Just like the Beverly Hillbillies he always reply's. Corn bread are square pie are round. Truck Shop
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    I can't believe I started on this over 5 years ago and it's still not done. To much other stuff to do . Stuck 4 new batteries in it yesterday hit the key and I don't think it even rolled over once and it was running. Truck at work cranks for what seems like 5 minutes before it starts and it runs everyday. Pulled it outside so I could move things around to make room for a couple pickups I have to change engines in. Maybe then I can get back on the Superliner.
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    By some reason I had ocassion to fly over a part of North Norway. The weather was found fine so I made a bit of picture work from the window. Those tight clouds on the last two shots covered the area above Athlantic ocean.
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    A couple of pics a friend on another forum who lived close by took of the adventure. Truck Shop
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    Handsome rig for in town use or on the farm.
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    And I will raise you 50, here's one that was setting with that Mack I bought. 1931. Truck Shop
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    You need a couple more Macks against the K Whops!
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    I only have 5 or 6 but all 427's. The 413's were from Cotton Owens 1963 Dodge Stock car. Two of the 426 Wedges are Max Wedge II one is a Max Wedge III I got all the 440's when the NYS V.F.D. tournament rules changed to a 400 c.i limit. I was buying the C truck racing engines for $200 to $300 a piece for complete less distributors, Hemi's I was paying $250 for. The Chevies were cheaper $100 each complete. Even have 2 Hype Pack / Mexicn Export 225 Tower of Power slant sixes. I just bought a Shotgun Ford for my ex Mickey Thompson Pinto funnycar, 787 c.i. 3600 h.p. on Alcohol paid close to a new loaded Fusion would cost. Here an example of what most of my 440's came from Hosted on Fotki
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    I see that the EN 707 gasser and the END-673 had almost identical torque (around 600 ft lb. This would indicate that the two engines had the same stroke and bore. Was the block the same for both engines. The 707 must have been a beast of a gasser. Its life was short lived as it came on the scene to late as diesels such as the 673 were coming on line at the time. I believe IH's biggest gasser was the 501. How did Mack's EN 540 flat head stack up against the big White flat heads. Those Whites had a great sound. I am retired now and I have nothing better to do than think up nostalgia from the past.
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    Put 400 miles on the truck, US-501 to US-29 down to Winston-Salem to pick up a robot arm for a friend. Truck did fine! Got around 12 MPG apparently, better than the little Isuzu box truck I had, and the empty weight of the Midliner is about equivalent to the GVW of the Isuzu! Headlight dimmer switch is apparently backwards, or the plugs in the headlight sockets are. No gauge lights work. Had to buy a can of WD-40 and spray down the pivot points on the driver's seat...it started squeaking something awful. Truck will apparently do 70 MPH no problem, but it's up around 2300 RPM so probably not great for fuel consumption. We were around 60 MPH most of the time, on the open highway. Anyone who has come up US-501 knows you're not going the speed limit there 😛 Amy took a couple pictures of it at the fuel depot north of Danville on US-29, pretending to be a real truck:
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    Steve also owns this old girl.
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    Good luck on the entertainment and we're looking for the update on the story. Hope the blaster will not run out of soda until the job done.
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    Ill take this one if you need to make a parking spot.
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    Some more views from my travel. A couple of were catched when over the icey waters of North Polar Ocean and those with small rocks in the snows are the North coast of Canada somewhere in Newfoundland. And the river somewhere deeper into the country. On a side note I'm currently in the USA visiting my friend's family in NJ and hope to see some of your happy faces at Macungie soon
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    Running boards coming together. It's a real bitch bending 14ga diamond plate in a sheetmetal brake but it worked.

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