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    Hey there BMT, I just picked up my first old Mack. I have always been a lover of the old Bull Dogs. Mine is a 1961 B613T TD. The odometer reads just over 13,000 miles but I am guessing she stopped working along the way. The truck is solid with a couple small holes that will be an easy fix. She fires up with WD40 / Ether but wont stay running long. IT was stored about 10 years ago with heating fuel in her veins. The first project is to change all the filters and fluids so she get purrrr. I attached a few pics so everyone can take a look and give me your thoughts. I have already posted about tires and I am sure I will be a consistent question on here, so thanks in advance. Stoked to be here.
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    Being busy working and raising a traditional family with my wife, I feel as though I may have missed something along the way. When and how have the republicans openly allowed racism into the party? Show me documented cases and I will not support them. My Mom and Dad thought me a long time ago that race doesn’t make the man (person) but that their character does. Maybe that’s why I have been blessed to work alongside so many races and nationalities through out the years. Skin color means nothing, moral character means everything.
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    Hump work!! Cleaning, fixing and priming more parts. Sprayed about three gallons of primer so far. I now have five large shelves of parts ready to go in the hayloft. Started smoothing out the cab, amazingly it’s going pretty quick. Roof is done, cowl is just about there. It’s not taking too much effort as the panels were pretty straight going on. The cab back will take some effort. But, moving along.
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    Maxidyne IS an elderly woman and now's about to call you sexist and racist!!! Maybe even disrespectful to your elders? She's up to her neck in blind indoctrination and is a lover of history and facts. Problem with her, and all liberals, is that history and facts are (Ironically) the Liberals enemy. Hence the goal of modern Liberals is to destroy history and rewrite it so it no longer condemns, and testifies, against them. History stings. That's why the statues of even the most honorable anti-slavery hero's are coming down. It's a war waging. I'm a recovered Democrat, I know how they think......for her sake she needs to snap out of it too before she dies in a state of ridiculous. Your giving the drunk another drink every time you argue. She wants to see a chink in the armor so she can feel right. She comes back for more drinks even after being kicked off this site multiple times. The reason she immerses herself in conservatives is because she needs to sober up...….. but can't quit what she's believed as "true" her whole life, much like a deep seated religion.
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    NASCAR has been turning left for many years.......
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    Who cut anybody down, you start by claiming your right and the rest of us wrong but then when presented with facts you then go on the poor me defense ?? if you want to sling mud expect some to come back, I would love to debate you, but your kind even when presented with the truth go into another universe and claim obscure crap, what has Trump done wrong, list it, not the BS liberal talking points, real provable bad things he has done a against America ?? or the people ?? and percentage wise white people are great white people have created most of everything, so why can't we toot our own horn, I should be shameful of working harder, being more determined to win is a bad thing, what do you want to reward being a failure ?????????
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    Yep, me and my crew are off in Midwest city waiting for our State Patrol escort but we are having a great time and soon we will be on our way moving a Airplane part that will honor our Vets so again that is great too and then were off to move a Caboose that will go on display so you will standing on the sidewalk watching us preserve history, like I have said it's great to be on this side of the fence, due to my horrible non union job that you assume that I have I have seen the pyramids in Egypt, been to the mountains outside of Accra Ghana and hung out at Bob Marley's house, even met his son here in the USA only because I knew about his dads house, flown around the world on the biggest flying plane in the world, got any idea what it feels like to fly in a plane that weighs 1.3 million pounds ??? even stood inside the unfinished 225, I have done the transfer at sea to a pilot boat from a cargo ship while under way, have you ? and of course spent a year in Ireland and worked in Iraq and other destinations in Africa, been to France, Ukraine, Sweden, Kuwait,Netherlands and on and on what have you done ? Yep my non union scab job sure has been hard to take, oh since you made such a great living with your Union job how commercial property have you invested in ??? maybe you stay retired and be seen not heard.
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    Not Israelite, Beverly is a Sabra native born Israeli, now a U.S. citizen, married to me and living at our house in American Somalia Virginia. I had our photo taken just for you at our front door. Made me shave and cut my hair short. http://Hosted on Fotki
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    Blue Pills accomplishments over 150 or so years : Trail of Tears Slavery Racial segregation / oppression Jim Crow laws KKK Cross burnings and lynchings Japanese Internment Camps ala FDR Filibustered the Civil Rights Act Eugenics Replaced KKK with Antifa
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    The thing that really pisses me off is that all these associations cave in and kiss the left's ass. The NFL's bullshit of letting them "take a knee" and now saying that its ok . And NASCAR , not having any balls and caving in agreeing to get rid of the Confederate Flag. I am from the north and I do not have any problem with the " Stars and Bars " .And since when did NASCAR become so political ? I always thought the advertising on the cars was sponsors : Shell , Esso , Ford , Gateraide , etc. . To me , putting Black Lives Matter on a car is JUST political bullshit.. What would they do if the KKK was to sponsor a car ? I saw an interview with Bubba Wallace in which he was wearing a " I can't breath " tee shirt , but if a republican wears a Make America Great tee shirt they are called on that right away.
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    Truth is, I'm better off here then there or anywhere else. I'm not criticizing, mouthing off and bitching all the f-ing time about what's worn with my country. If you really want to make a difference and save the planet defect and start elsewhere. See how far that gets you in China of North Korea criticizing and denouncing the government. You should be grateful you still have to right to criticize and live another day to talk about it with the freedoms you have.
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    Rocket Man said North Korea doesn't have the Wuhan Flu. It might be a good place to defect to. They could use a total system rebuild because they has been drinking out of the toilet for years.
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    One R model and one DM.
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    My brother in law sold grandpa yesterday 😔 I'll miss that truck and all the work I've done to it. A guy in Baltimore bought it and plans to restore it and put it in his museum with this truck. I'm glad it will be fixed up and given it good home. I hope he's on here and can see my post
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    Finally got the C119 Wingbox from Greybull WY. on the road 20 feet 4 inches wide, left Greybull this morning went south to Worland and over route 16 to Buffalo and onto SD. we'll stop at IA. line and wait for Cops and then push on through IL. and IN.
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    No history or science that I can see only regurgitation of liberal left wing talking points.
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    I've found that trying to debate idiots like that is near pointless. It's like argueing with a woman or a small child.
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    I don’t tweet or FaceBook so I’m lost on those references.
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    I don't want to stir up division in the home...… I have to ask...…...did she reject Moxie? Kind of like pickles and vegemite, you sometimes cant give it away in a different country.
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    And these new “better” trucks are supposed to save the planet because they run clean. I’d love to see an honest total pollution comparison. Meaning the amount creating the truck, running the truck and fixing the truck. I’d be willing to bet the older truck wipes the floor with the new trucks when compared like that since the new trucks and parts are disposable. Run then 5 or so years (until the warranty runs out) then they’re garbage. Hard to compare to a truck that runs virtually trouble free for 40 plus years.
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    Well bugger me, I didn't see this coming, not that I would I very much doubt I would ever go back for a second go at marriage, Ive been punished enough this go around 😃😃😃 Well done to the two of you and hope your as happy as can be Paul
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    I found this old photo while digging through some old stuff, the truck was for sale in Loudonville Ohio back in 1994. It had a flathead gas engine, owner said it used to be a concrete mixer. I'm glad I didn't buy it, I found my H model about a year later.
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    What data doesn't have lies? The folks paying Pew may have an agenda. No poll is done for free. Follow the money.
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    Thanks for not letting the damn exporters get ahold of it.
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    Back to the original subject of the thread... Black voters are something of a silent majority in that they're more conservative, especially on social issues, than the rest of the democratic party. That's probably because a lot of blacks would be republicans, but the republican party has so embraced white supremacy in recent years that they've been chased to the democratic party. There are a lot of other groups like high income tech workers, asians, and gays that would have sided with the republican party on economic issues alone that the republicans have driven into voting democratic. This is the ruin of a republican party that Trump will leave behind, a minority party of old white men.
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    getting free healthcare and paying no taxes while making millions is a libtard fairytale.
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    So, tell us who are all those generations of people living in government housing projects who have never worked a day in their lives? You know, the ones who have cranked out five or six kids since they were 15 and most of them have different fathers. The ones known in the EMS business as "frequent fliers". The ones whose goals in life are to "get high, get laid and get paid"! The ones who have an apartment fire caused by someone dropping a burning roach into a stuffed chair and not noticing it until it was fully involved because they were so high, and then they all ran out of the apartment, leaving five kids sleeping upstairs, then sued because HUD didn't put new batteries in the smoke detectors! Two of those kids died that night. The other three likely still live there. It was over 30 years ago. Even if it's a 40 hour week job, $15.Hr only pays about $31k/year. They get more than that sitting on their butts collecting welfare!
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    Andy said no one crapped their pants. The trans and the clutch may survive? Even a brief cameo by Greta Thunberg. Give it a watch if you have some time while dinner is cooking.
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    Came across this CAT D7 fob at the back of an old desk drawer. Has Hewitt Equipment Limited on the back with Montreal and Seven Islands Quebec.
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    This old truck has gone up and down the Wind River Mountains many a times
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    Woodrow Wilson's name will be removed from Princeton. Hmmm..... a proponent of the League of Nations, winner of the Nobel peace prize and Democratic President of the US has been determined by the Princeton Board of Trustees to be racist. Better stock up on history books! Let the white washing begin! Oooops, sorry....
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    well, i finally had to add a person to my ignore user list. when a person gets banned, they should not be allowed back on with another name.
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    Was just talking about this the other day. Wouldn’t we have benefited as a nation by having a unified nation wide approach? Like a prime time TV discussion led by Trump back in let’s say February? Instead all we get is political BS from news outlets and political hacks that have everyone going in different directions and then people wonder why there is some much anxiety and angst among us.
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    When I was growing up I was taught to develop a thick skin, learn a career or trade, work hard (or smart) but do work.
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    I don't think a noose has any connection to black or white it's just another BS excuse for certain peoples behavior, do blacks have a mental break down after taking poop ???? I mean grow up and get real, want to be treated as a human act like one instead some wimpster blaming everyone for ones own problem, the only racism in this country is the one pushed by the blacks over their own failure, Whites don't care what Blacks do, get a job, get married and buy a house, buy a car just go do it don't blame everyone else because one would rather hang out on street corner with the brothers and sisters, what Blacks fail to see or understand is Whites go to work, they pay their bills, most don't use drugs, they invest, they build, something that Blacks think has just been given to Whites, wrong answer we work our asses off and Blacks just assume they are entitled to the same without the putting in the hard work.
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    Seen today prepping the site for a motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile shop.
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    I guess I’m blessed or maybe cursed? Never knew a noose was anything more than than a means of execution. I guess my rural Illinois heritage forgot to teach me the racist connotation.
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    someones not payin attention to their pencil if they think 24.5 will fit a 24 inch wheel and someones an idiot if they are willing to get rid of a truck because they bought the wrong size tires and rims and they are split safety ringa,not SPLIT RIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! split rims are on Dodges, Fords and Studebakers up unil the mid to late 50's
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    And yes we all ways display proudly the AMERICAN flag
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    New Dorp High School Assistant Principal Deborah Morse-Cunningham writes: "What is privilege?.... "Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you've never had a job. "Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance. "Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for. "Privilege is living in subsidized housing where you don't have a water bill, where rising property taxes and rents and energy costs have absolutely no effect on the amount of food you can put on your table. "Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest anything that triggers you without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior. "Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and [to] be able to send them off to daycare or school you don't pay for. "Privilege is sending your kids to school early for the before-school programs and breakfast, and then keeping them there for the after-school program...paid for by the people who DO HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS! ...you know, us so-called 'PRIVILEGED' the ones who pay while you TAKE TAKE TAKE!" Allegedly, the New York City Department of Education finds her opinion troubling and is launching an investigation (???). https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/n-y-c-officials-probe-staten-island-assistant-principal-s-n1231867
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    Could start a virtual truck show right here. I don't do Facebook either
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    Listening to Mark Levin on the way home tonight, and he was going on about in this day & age where you run the risk of being "cancelled" for something you might have done decades ago, how does the democrat party (and anyone who registers as a democrat) get a pass?
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