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    1968 R-685 237 5 speed going to put her to work ! Pretty decent ole dawg !
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    Great looking tractor!
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    Retired B80 series dump and Sterling.
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    Bright red tractor displayed at the Brooklyn, CT show about 20 years.
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    A little teaser of things to come. Mocked up my mirrors and drilled holes in my brand new door and relocated the holes on the passenger door. Boxed up the mirrors, they shouldn’t be sitting too long!
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    AND MOXIE colored fire trucks. Lisbons new Pirsche was order in Orange that matched the Moxie cans.
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    Strapped, clamped, bolted and pinned together. Gaps and panels all lined up and now all welded together in one big piece. Just the roof to attach and a whole bunch of fine tuning before bodywork. Big progress in the last few weeks and can't wait to have this part behind me.
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    Rush Limbaugh nailed it with his Undeniable Truth of Life #24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.
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    Nothing like new. Scored this early N.O.S. LJX (3 hinge, no vent window) door while buying up a bunch of B model parts up in Massachusetts a few years ago. Just needed to remove the forward window channel to make it work. Sanded off the 70+ year old primer to etch prime it. I found one minor ding on the door, but its perfect and will save a lot of time trying to fix the original.
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    Decided to work on my hydraulic trailer ramps a bit today being beautiful outside and having nothing else to do. I had some 3/4" plate plasma cut for the trailer hinge mounts and after removing the drill stem from the original weldments, they don't fit too bad: Following the weldor's creed to measure twice, cut once, and grind to fit: After making all four plates match very closely, it was time for fitment into their channel which is the rear of the trailer: With all four of the hinge plates matching, they fit right in leaving enough gap to ensure full penetration welds. They are shown square, level, and tacked into place. The heavy wall pipe, (drill stem) is loose in the bores as it will slide though the back of the ramps for them to pivot/rotate upon: Tomorrow I will open up the holes for the trailer lamps to mount into. They mount through the channel under the ramp pivot/hinge point. Don't know if I'll go oval, or round, but I favor round as I'm not very "modern" in thinking. The assembly "may" get tacked onto the rear also but could wait for another day too. At least it keeps me out of the bars.....
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    Tandem tractor powered by Cummins and is the 54th unit built of 510.
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    There's two fish in this picture. Mack's the little one who has very little to say about what direction they're heading. Sad, sad state of affairs.
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    Steering column out for painting and the new wheel. New seats came in, roll of embossed vinyl for the firewall door panels and can back came in. I've had a couple of truck speaker boxes under a bench for at least 15 years finally will have home for them. I plan on connectiing them together spaced apart to install a stereo and cb in between and use as a center console between the seats. Anybody know how to get the headliner down without cracking it? I'd like to dynamat the roof and change the air horn but it doesn't want to pop out. I really don't want to break it. Also found a dash panel on Craigslist that had a mack speedo and tach, my existing speedo doesn't have a bulldog and the tach is for a later truck. Dash came with a bulldog hood ornament and a really nice DM800 nameplate for 50 bucks,
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    I guess that's why folks out there just go in the street...can't figure out which restroom they're supposed to use, and when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
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    Mike Schaffer out of Springfield. Runs a fleet of them.
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    That one is said to be in Touchet WA owned by Don Shute. He purchased it in 2005 who knows where it's at today. Pretty sure this is the one your talking about?
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    It is a double frame in good shape can’t see it great in pics sorry
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    Well they need somewhere to put all those 16 litre MP10 motors since they took them away from us, LOL
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    never heard of any of them,,,,they must be awfully desperate for men,if thier on here.hahahahahahahahahahahaha...if any of you are,,best wishes,and have a swingin time.....bob
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    Those trucks were still in production when i started to work at a mack dealer.So they are dear to me.
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    Neither can I. Never thought I'd go this far into it. I always liked this cab on the B. I think what saved it and allowed me to go this route was the shoddy repair that was done after the original owner crashed into his trailer after missing the fifth wheel. It was literally pop riveted back together and the two replacement panels were falling off. They did a lot of damage too, as they chiseled the spot welds apart instead of using a cutter. Like i said, I can't wait to get this part done.
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    In addition to the Kenworth and Peterbilt, two more of the same style - International and Sterling Joe Wanchura photo
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    Nice. 6 speed low hole would be nice, then again we ran many 237/5 speeds grossing 80,000! Too bad you can't buy such a bullet proof truck today
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    Look in u're Funk And Wagnalls under P.O.S. ................... n there it iz LOL cya
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    no other place surpasses el paso during rodeo 2 weeks
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    PC gone over the cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 What do we use for male and female threads now?
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    Same here. Steeler, your have a real humility that let’s you expose even your worst slip up. That’s huge. I’m still working on it. Someday I’ll tell you what happens if you forget to remove a camshaft installation shoe, but I’m currently still in denial.
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    Dynamatting well under way. Ordered 2 new airseats and made up new floor brackets for them. Got some pleated black vinyl material coming for back of cab, door panels and firewall. Going to get a new floormat too, might as well at this point.. Amazing how this stuff can snowball, I really just wanted to get the windshield wipers working again.
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    OK, I was kinda lost there for a minute, LOL. I wasn't sure what you meant. What the EPA has done to diesel engines is a complete disgrace.
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    Bulldog tractor equipped with a winch.
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    bloomberg is a freaking idiot.
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    Well seeing this thing tacked up I just had to weld it up solid but not before deciding to close up the side tolerance the ramps actuate within. Originally they had almost a half inch per side for a total of one inch per ramp. I cut this back to about 5/16" per side so about 5/8" in total. I then welded everything solid with triple pass to ensure the glue doesn't break and mostly cleaned up the welds that will show. Then found my compass and scribbled on the tailboard where the lights are to go. Also noticed I have an exploded tire too. Glad I'd purchased new ones but haven't mounted them yet. Don't really know the size of holes for the tail lamps to mount into so drew 4" holes for reference and to ensure I was below the hinge, and above the bottom web of the tailboard. Called truck parts vendor and they have lamps that are LED but look incandescent so going that way. I don't much like the lamps with several LED chips that never seem to last very long. Didn't photo it but rolled the gantry out from hiding as this thing is getting a bit too heavy to move with the hinge plates welded solid. "Ned, and Ted" started to get cold so came home for coffee and to warm up. I may or may not go back out to the shop today to progress further. I prefer working outside so had the overhead doors opened up and trailer barely backed in. The inverted channel on the bottom of the tailboard channel supports the hydraulic piping the flexible lines connect to. I went ahead and welded it back onto it's proper place. Got to run to the steel supplier and pick up some 1"X4" strip to fashion extension brackets for the cylinders to mount to, and smaller additional "H" beam for gussets for the twisting forces the tailboard endures via the ramps to push against. Hopefully do a little more "grind to fit" tomorrow fitting the tailboard assembly back onto the main frame stubs.
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    The video was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting. All this info just because a B model Mack school bus showed up in IN. BMT is the go to place for information - do I hear an AMEN?????????????????????
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    Found a video. And it even has a legend in it!!
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    The long and short of your problem is the incorrect rear engine mounts are most likely installed. I suspect when the transmission was changed by the prior owner it was a used unit pulled from an eastern R model with a splayed frame and installed into your straight frame rail truck without swapping the mounts from the original transmission. If you look at the mounts side by side it is easy to ascertain the difference and see the outward offset, (front hole) to the splayed frame mounts, where the straight frame mounts are in a parallel plane to the transmission case. Just a casual glance and most didn't see any difference but if you install as this scenario, the engine is back about 5/8" usually. There are four different sets of insulators available for the R series I remember and believe it or not using the incorrect insulators, you can get the retention bolts installed. Many did exactly this during the late 1970's into the 80's and various methods to correct for it were attempted including shimming frame mounts to offset the mounting location. Think about it for a minute: the bolts go into the holes and these bolts are equidistant from the frame rail flange edge as shown here on my R795S left frame rail: Right frame rail: The rear engine mounts on the eastern trucks are in the splay area of the frame which is why the offset. If you look at the fasteners and were to lay a rule from them to the edge of the frame rail flange, they would measure close, (within manufacturing tolerances). The same applies to an RL series shown here: Left side: Right side: As can be seen from the photos the fasteners are just about in the same parallel plane whether a straight rail or splayed rail frame. I suspect your transmission was swapped without regard to any of the mounts being slightly different. The inexperienced eye would probably not see it in a hurried atmosphere and it could have been easily thought they are the same. There is no difference in the rear engine mounts mounting pattern of the TRL-107, or TRDL-107 or any of their variants. The only real difference is the length of the transmission rear tail housing. If going from a five speed to a six speed transmission as example, the driveline needs shortened about 6.5 inches. Conversely if from a six speed to a five speed as the 685 series was offered. Bottom line I feel is you are going to need to round up the correct rear engine mounts, or manufacture your own to correct your problems. I've done them in the past as they were "hen's teeth" to find all those years ago used. Hopefully the mounts on the frame are original to the truck or another chapter opens. Not a hard hill to surmount but one that does need climbed. Rob
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    Hi Vlad, I agree with you almost all the time but. The frame rails are the same on the LT and W frames. This is a photo of my LTL frame and the spread is obvious towards the front.
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    Few photos outside of the garage.
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    It is a step up. His original title was fries packaging specialist at Micky D's
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    Upps... I was learned only about used sail boat fuel so far.
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    I took the picture in 2015. Had a roll of black and white film in the digital camera that day.
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    Lol!! Hey I'm confident enough in my abilities that I can admit when I screw up. It happens to all of us. I try not to let it happen often, but occasionally it will. The trick is getting the best outcome and not costing the company too much money lol. I have a pretty good idea in my head of what that cam tool looked like afterwards!
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    Hi, just joined BMT and seen this post, i have one of these pierce trucks that im planning on restoring, its a 26 xa 2 ton model, i am missing some correct parts and sure would like to know where this one in the picture and the other one mentioned for sale in pa are and how to contact the owners, appreciate any leads thanks mike
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    Should be running real soon... And I will say, it looks even better in person!
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    I wouldn't mind having a set of high lift wheel picker uppers! Going to need a bigger shop....
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    If your goal was to make me jealous, mission accomplished... just the thought of that being the truck I want to haul my firetrucks with and knowing that I’ll never be able to realistically dream of owning one... looks especially nice hauling that big chrome box though!
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