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    When your work clothes are a black tuxedo suit.
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    Hauled a load of coal with the old Chevy today
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    Powered by 315 HP, this concrete block delivery truck is based in MA but it took a different route getting there.
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    So Trump runs for president and every bimbo they can find to say he groped them comes forward, then disappear and no one even checks their story, turns out they were all BS. then comes the big liberal donor for the left wing and no wants to cover the story, Clinton and Obama both took his money, heard a word from them ??? now NYPD is looking at crimminal charges, did trump get charged, NO because the left claims of his actions was/were/is BS. OK leftwingers where is the outrage, where is the concern for the victims, OH that's right the acussed is the victim just like Clinton was the victim of a young 20 something girl, she was never accused of molesting before but Clinton was, but somehow he was the victim, along comes Mr. winebag and he too is a victim of all these young woman looking to forward their career by having sex with this pervert. Really, you can believe that BS, you gotta be brain dead to go for this crap. I'd hang him public.
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    I heard this past week that girls are now able to join the "Boy Scouts of America". And there are girls playing on boys football teams. Why is it nowadays girls (and their mothers too) think they have to prove something? When I was a Boy Scout, my sister who was a year older than me, was a Girl Scout. Yes, she did the girl type learning things in the Girl Scouts, but she and her troup did do some outdoor things also. They went to summer camp, in tents and camp fires. Don't get me wrong, it would have been "fun" going camping with a girl. But boys will be boys, and then these girls mothers' will then be upset. Even if it's only that some boy tries to sneak a peek..
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    I've been following this truck online for over eight years. I finally got to see it "in person". It did not disappoint. Having said that, it's ID'd as a '72, but it has a plus 3 cab and gray dash, not to mention a tip turbine which didn't come out til '73. I wish I'd looked at the plate to try to straighten this stuff out.
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    I guess my boy and girl B B Q aides are no long correct either. . . Have to remove the dog and flatten the marshmallows
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    I hate the news media. The only thing I watch is the weather and that is usually just the radar so I can make my OWN judgement on what I can do outside.
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    Here you we like our Valueliners so much blokes have made songs about them
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    The worst part....I don't think the guy has any clue of what he is doing.
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    Ok peoples time for some real dumbness now I have even worked out put music on the video, so it may help to keep you awake as you watch or listen to me dribble on like the fool that I am Any the Mack has progressed a fare way since the last video (I think ) ???LOL So here you go sit back relax and with any luck you will have a laugh , I know I did Paul
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    This past weekend a local church had a "folk days" festival. They had a civil war set up, blacksmith, petting zoo, home made soups, and bake goods. They he a couple old cars and always ask if we can take a tractor. This year we took 2 and went in style.
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    I had my liberal daughter in law explain to me that since I am a Republican, any thing I say can be proven easily as a lie. I told her that my right elbow has never been touched by my right hand. When I walked away, she was still standing there trying to figure out if it was possible.
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    Trump?? WW 3 ??? what tv station do you watch, you believe that crap ?? I bet you believe free speech is for liberals only ?? Trump is the only guy to be in the White House in long a time that has the spine to fix the mess created by the rest and that is why they are fighting him so desperately.
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    I just bought 1986 from State line needs a little aluminum polish tanks-front rims new bumper
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    On the eve of the eclipse Aug 20th I'm setting on my patio later in the evening when I heard the unmistakable pitch of a Rolls V-12. I don't live far from the airport in Walla Walla. I looked up to see a P38 followed shortly after by a P51. I waited a few minutes watching both bank back toward the airport. On the second fly by the 38 picked up a P40 and a F4U, the third fly by was one more a P47 Thunderbolt/Jug. Those planes were on their way to an air show and just stopped for fuel. It was really neat to see five of the greatest fighters ever built all flying at once and hardly anyone in town saw it or probably cared. Because few people look up anymore. Truck Shop
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    85 R model still earning its keep!
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    Well guys to those of you going to Trucktoberfest this weekend, great photo op coming up. Denis Yaworski will be taking his beautiful Superliner-"End of the Line" to Allentown pulling Pat Camputaro's Landoll down. The return trip? He will be loading up Pat's great purchase, the Wellington Mack and bringing it back to Canterbury. What a photo op-last Superliner built and one of the more famous Macks of another era together. Thanks Pat and Denis.
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    some more for your listening pleasure
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    Two thing I was always told, never allow Russia and China to become allies and never trust North Korea. Scary is most of the Liberals will still be whining about pushing them after their first ICBM hits the west coast . Unless the N.Koreans hit us with an EMP from the satellites Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton allowed them put in orbit for "weather study'' Eh, at least my chickens will glow so I can find them in the dark.
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    Using the flag I shed blood and 57 of my unit died for as a blanket? . .Disrespectful POS deserves a old fashioned butt kicking + Least he's got the A for A$$hole hat on
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    For what it’s worth I quit watching football me and the old lady were not protesting we just lost interest overpaid fools with no respect or town team or fans. Piss on them all .... just spend Sunday’s outside now...bob
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    found this on my birthday the gentleman wanted a new home for it so here it is ( thanks garad.) will post progress to this thread as I get it made
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    What'd you say? I'm a little woozy from sniffing acetone all day. You are right of course, but its probably a little too late for me since I used acetone almost daily when I worked part time as a boat mechanic to clean fiberglass while making repairs. Besides, there is nothing like a little explosion to loosen rusted parts.
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    Please don't blame Watts. High prices for legacy Mack parts are dictated by Volvo Group. There's nothing that Watts Mack, or any other Mack brand dealer, can do about that. Watt's Mack is the kind provider of the BMT website, and I for one deeply appreciate it. They don't have to do it, but they do.
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    Couldn't agree with Paul's comments more. Even if you don't do anything more than a rate of rise detection system it will be a good investment. Time after time I hear about significant collections being lost in a fire and quite often the fire has basically burned the structure down before someone notices it. Detection systems are cheap, around $1000.00 to install, and usually cost around $20.00 per month to monitor. In my case the monitoring is included in my house system, so the only cost was the install. I am on a well, so the cost of a suppression system was beyond my means, but if I were on city water I'd put one in. Final thought and I'll put the soap box away. Almost everyone is concerned about theft, but not fire. A thief will only take some things, but a fire will take it all.
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    YOU ARE SPENDING TO Much time second guessing your self! In my humble opinion! Move on to other checks! Check the drain plug for peices check the valve adjustment Swap the injectors move on its likely not the timing! You got it running !!! As I recall it you have no history on this engine ! Your doing OK for a blind guy! Go with What you know you have smoke you know you got fuel up to the injectors swap em! You don't know if you have compression check the valve set !
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    There's a little more to it than just letting girls join. I am a Den Leader for a Bear den, 3rd grade boys. Scouting promotes an inclusive attitude, allowing siblings and parents to join on all adventures. We have two girls, one is my daughter, that tag along on every adventure. They dislike the girl scout program because it doesn't focus on outdoors, or have a very regimented structure like cub scouts. We also have a few single mothers that bring their sons to all of the scout campouts, and they set a great example for the young girls that participate. Do I think it's kinda weird that girls could officially join cub scouts? Yes. Would I ever judge, shame, or ridicule a woman or girl for wanting to participate in the scouting program? Absolutely not! It's a great program, and if girls want to learn what Scouts have to offer, we should be happy for them. My daughter is my fearless sidekick, and I will help her realize any dream that she has.
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    Next will be a new name. Gender Neutral Scouts of America.
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    going to put a mixture of 24 gal of diesel 2 gal stanadyne fuel conditioner 3 gal 15-40 0il and a quart of kroil penetrant pumped in from the top and let it set for a couple of weeks it may not free everything up but i`ll bet it comes apart easier
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    Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, what's next?
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    Well finished up the motor swap on my 2004 ch today. The engine harness on the 2003 E7 plugged right in the firewall, did not change out any of the wiring in dash just wanted to see if it would run. Believe it or not the truck fired right up and ran great the lighting bolt on the dash is on showing a code 1-4 Ambient Air Temp Sensor with the truck doesn’t have anymore.
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    What does this have to do with the topic at hand? That's right I forgot when liberals don't have an intelligent argument they go right to pot stirring and name calling.
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    Chassis numbers (GVW Rating): 4xx - 6xx - 7xx - 8xx - Note: the xx is the place holder for the engine code. Examples R607 END673 R609 END711 R611 ENDT673C R612 ETAZ673 (300+) R615 END864 V8 R626 6v92 Detroit R685 ENDT675 (237 Maxidyne) R686 ENDT676 (300 Maxidyne) R688 E6350 R719 ENDT864 V6 R795 ENDT865 V8 R797 ENDT866 V8 R747 290 Cummins R763 335 Cummins R767 350 Cummins T - Tractor S - Six wheel chassis L - Light weight components RS7xxLS as our example: R = R model S = an S after the R indicates it has a steel frame. This was a western Hayward thing i believe. 7 = has to do with the chassis GW rating. 800/900 series were extra and super heavy duty chassis. XX = these two numbers are engine codes. L = Hayward models had this letter to denote the cab used light weight components like aluminum doors. S = six wheel tandem chassis. so essentially it is a 6x4 chassis. Another example RW613: The W stands for Western and together with the R means a superliner or RW. 13 is a Cummins NTC engine. If there is an SX after the number code like R600SX it means you have a heavy duty tandem X - Extreme duty
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    fwiw I`m with mmp on opening it up and see whats usable and whats not be surprised at what can be done for a little$
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    They are protesting that blacks who commit crimes get shot, whites get shot too but that does not matter, they say blacks get shot at more, but they forget that blacks do more of the crimes, and yes the truth is blacks commit more crimes no matter how you try to twist the numbers, blacks commit more crimes than any other race of people in this country.
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    What a weekend. The rabbit hole went pretty deep as it turns out.... or should I say mouse hole. Ended up completely gutting the interior of the truck. They tunneled through all the foam everywhere. Wasn't going to do the sleeper originally but glad I did. Pulled the headliner down and out fell this mess onto the cab floor: Picture does it no justice it was like 5" deep. A dead mouse also fell out, I hope he died a very slow and agonizing death. Once we were all vacuumed out I spent lots of time fabreezing and cleaning the foam etc. fabreezed and cleaned the back of all the interior panels also. Then while I had wiring exposed I decided to chase the things that didn't work in the truck. Nothing in the sleeper worked so I started by chasing the lighting circuit and found I had no power. Found a broken wire in the harness where it comes in to the sleeper from the cab. Bingo lights work!! Figured out the heating controls back there too and now all that works. Next I decided to figure out why all but one of my clearance lights didn't work. UGH. UGH that'll do it. Gotta order clearance lights. Also the headlights didn't work at all, one click of the high beam switch on the floor and bingo we've got headlights. Needs a switch, I have no high beams no big deal. I chased some wiring in the dash and got all the gauge backlights working too. I need to buy the infrared switch label illumination from peterbilt as that doesn't work real well. Once I was done chasing electrics and now that the interior had a day to air out I decided to re-assemble and clean the interior. Here's a good before and after shot of the cleaned up interior. Sleeper door is before, panel next to it is after. Put on my sweet chrome nut covers my buddy gave me LOL Swapped the steering wheel from the junk black foam one to this nice white one my buddy gave me. Interior cleaned up fantastic!!!! I need a bushing for the bottom of this Fuller remote shift assy: Peterbilt part number for the assembly is 05-05930 if anyone can cross that to a fuller number and get me a parts breakdown??? Thanks in advance. It's an RTO12513
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    I guess this means no more peeing behind a tree, Why can't males just have something that is ours, Blacks want to be white, although they claim otherwise, but they want a white women, a used whites caddy and a house in all white neigherhood, women want into every sport, every club, every locker room, surprised they don't want a starp on so they can pee standing up. what do men want, women that act like women, that would be a change, how about a skirt once in a while, that's why women have nice legs, and I don't want to wait in line behind a women to use a urinal.
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    Well, I got the answer to my own question. On the end of the governor closest to right fender, there are 2 small hex plugs and 1 big hex plug. First, drain air system. The small plugs have filters behind them - one closest to radiator filters system air pressure. One closest to firewall filters signal pressure to compressor unloader . Now the big hex plug covers a 1/4" nut that adjusts system pressure. Turn nut clockwise to increase cut-in and cut-out pressure. So, another old fragment of ancient history doing its job correctly again. Speaking of old junk - I got most of bugs worked out of engine/transmission change in the old Mack and WHAT A BUNCH OF FUN TO DRIVE!! More horsepower IS good. I had put 38,000 miles on that unpowered hunk of junk in 15 years. It was getting to the point that I didn't want to drive it anymore. But with power steering and a bunch of horsepower, it might become my daily driver! Think might look into air conditioning for the ole beast.
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    I remember being a Boy Scout and it was a lot of fun. I can also sit here and think girls in Boy Scouts hmmm??? That sounds like it would have been great! I now have 2 boys of my own and if I had a daughter there is no way in hell id let her join Boy Scouts!
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    We don't either, raise chickens and have laying hens. My wife and I usually put 2 elk and 2 deer in the freezer every year and every other year or so we buy a pig from the neighbor who raises pigs without growth hormones.
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    Gurlz aint B happy till they can stand up n peee Wait a minute They can already doo that LOL cya §wishy
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    This is certainly a concern but just like everything else organic the question must be asked, are you ready for food prices to skyrocket and 1/3-1/2 the world populations starve? We have made many strides in growing food more efficiently and larger yields than ever. Cut out herbicides, antibiotics, inoculants, fertilizer etc and suddenly we grow far less food slower than ever which would skyrocket prices and starve out a big portion of the world population.
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    This here is real hard to explain How ever I will try!!!! Set it at 22 I've had this issue on a V8 ! use Glenns method ! WITH A TWIST : number one delivery valve and spring removed Delivery valve nut reinstalled ! connect a Number six fuel line to the inlet of the fuel pump inlet ! ( THE TWIST )once this is done blow into the line WITH YOUR Mouth Have someone start (with engine before TDC ) turn the engine while blowing on the tube when you feel the flow or blowing stop and you can,t blow thru( AIR STOPS COMING THRU number one injection line port ) thats time of injection! check the numbers on the damper that is what its timed for NOW! The gear hub is slotted on the front of the pump (set the engine ) on your desired degree 18 or 22 loosen the 4 pump slot bolts repeat the blow time method by turning the pump by the center nut till blowing stops (time of injection) tighten the slot bolts back the engine up to where you started Before TDC blowing again and turning it back to confirm it stop at the degree set one your happy with the set 18 or 22 re install the delivery VALVE AND SPRING put he line on number one hook the fuel supply up and light it up and see how it runs ! re install the cover once you confirm how it runs hope this helps!
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    I am not convinced VW Truck will eventually take Navistar over, but I do see VW at some point divesting their truck operations. After that, possibly a merger, creating a very strong global truck manufacturer. Just a hunch on my part......