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    Distinctive look from Dodge.
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    Not a lot of fleets of R and DMs left.
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    Rails are drilled and painted and got a few parts installed, should have the crossmembers and suspension mounts installed this week. 280 wheel base on thirty foot rails. Truck Shop
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    there are still places where people have common sense, know how to drive, and do not need big brother holding their hand every second of the day.
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    (authentic photo shopped image of buffalos) WASHINGTON, D.C.—After receiving confirmation that she was at least 1/1024th Native American, Elizabeth Warren has embraced her fractional identity. Having gotten an authentic Native American outfit from a costume shop and armed herself with weapons she read on Wikipedia that a Native American might use -- such as the tomahawk -- Warren stood before a buffalo exhibit in the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian to give a speech to the assembled press mapping out her presidential run. "You pale faces have taken my land, and have angered the Great Spirit!" Warren announced as she glanced down at her book of Native American terms. "This theft has angered my ancestors," Warren continued, though it was unclear if "ancestors" referred to her parents Pauline and Donald or people further back along her family tree. "You will return what is mine, or I will hit you with a wigwam." She paused to look at her book again. "No, that's not right." Not all Democrats have supported Warren's new behavior. Chuck Schumer appeared at the event to chastise Warren. "With all the tight races going on, this is a distraction! Stop it!" Schumer said. Warren was undeterred. "Quiet, pale face!" Warren yelled before firing a poorly aimed arrow at Schumer. "Aieee! She's gone 1/1024th savage!" Peloisi shrieked before running away chased by her teeth. Warren was reportedly 1/1024th offended by the 1/1024th insult, which, if one does the math, makes it approximately 1/1,000,000th of an offense -- a literal microaggression. Warren, Pelosi and Schumer later apologized to each other and smoked a peace E vape. President Trump took Warren's threat seriously. He's reportedly looking for anyone who is at least 1/1024th a cowboy.
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    One outa town project had some asphalt milling. Another one had some brushing before the reconstruct.
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    Slow progress this weekend: Picked up some Dynamat today, so I got some put on the doors. That should keep them from being a "GONG" when closed. I started to reassemble the mirrors, but need to get to the store and get all new stainless hardware. That and I want to get some thin plastic to isolate the brackets from the paint on the doors. I'd like to have stainless brackets, but that's a bit out of the budget. Friend blasted and painted the originals since there were in pretty nice condition and not rotted to pieces.
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    Upper Hanover 2 by Rich Reinhart, on Flickr
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    They try to make it harder for dummies...............the only problem is they are making smarter dummies............
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    NYC had this RD800 in their kennel. 425 CAT with an Allison and 65,000 rears.
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    You know what belongs under the valve covers? Valve train components and nothing more.
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    here in Nu Yawk City South, i swear it is a competition to see how many cones/barrels one asterisk can hit. i can put out 1 mile of cones and barrels, loop around, and have to reset just about every one. i once asked a trooper if i could put out steel or concrete cones, and he told me there were not enough wreckers in the state to remove the damaged cars from idiots hitting them on purpose
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    Sounds like Xanadu! Here in central Ohio driving is a contact sport.
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    Probably could justify paying that much for a non emissions truck when compared at the repair costs and down time.
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    It was a pretty serious effort, or at least as serious as Chrysler could do at the time. All the right hardware was there, just the old 50's era Dodge pickup truck cab was holding it back. And a weak dealer network. There was an even rarer '900' short nose Bighorn that was supposed to replace the CNT 900 in late 1975, but Chrysler bailed on the big truck business just as it was being introduced. I think only 4 or 5 were built.
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    But they have to be looked over as part of the "pretrip" every day. They run dry and don't last very well at all from a leak.....
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    Based on the CNT800, the U.S. Air Force purchased "Type A/S 32 R-9 Fuel Servicing Tank Trucks". They officially had a GVW of 58,000 pounds but looked realistically like much more. A 504 cu.in. 210 horsepower Cummins V8 was paired with an Allison MT42G automatic transmission. The trucks were acquired by Consolidated Diesel Electric Company who added the 5,000 gallon tank body and discharge pumps and made the sale to the government. There were 2 or 3 sitting for sale off of Route 13 in Wilmington, Delaware years ago. Note the speedometer includes km/h because many were used in Europe. http://www.vintagemilitarytrucks.com/1972_Dodge_T-80_800-Series_Consolidated_Refueler_JumboTanker-3.htm .
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    I have been considering adding several mini hedgehogs in the front yard to protect the sprinklers I wonder what the cops would say to some orange ones on the road Since you are in Jersey, just use a couple of pieces of Jersey barrier, k rail, randomly placed with the cones
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    I saw this the other day and just had to take a picture
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    I was just at the mechanic today, the guy rebuilding the heads has been sick and now that he’s finally better he realized that some code on it doesn’t match up right so he has to rebuild them based on measurements. Should have it back on Friday. We’re so close.
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    you mean like obama? i still can not figure out how in three weeks time he went from being "the least qualified candidate running to be elected president" to "the most qualified" the only thing i can come up with is the democratic party during those three weeks determined Clinton did not have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, so they decided if they could not have their first choice, they would force a total idiot on the country.
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    She's a bone head socialist. Did anyone hear her say the we should provide financial stability for those who are UNWILLING TO WORK?! Has good intentions? Give me a break. Anytime someone wants to take another's money because it's "unfair" they have more you need to be worried.

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