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    Wow, it's already December- Me and Zina from Florida took another trip down to the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum Saturday to see what was new. Took my grandson too. Saw a couple of big Mack trucks. I think this is the one Dave was working on the last time we were there.
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    B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
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    98% done with headliner and back cab cover.
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    I was able to buy new lift pistons from Mack. But if you try Power Packer in Indiana they are very helpful. The service tech man is great to deal with. They built lift cylinders for me. In fact they have refered a few COE people to me to answer questions. If the latches are opening then its down to the pump or lift clyinders not being up to par
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    I replaced the auto-lock hubs on the Suburban with manual lockers. One of the auto-lockers was broke, and with open diffs, that meant no power to either front wheel. MUCH cheaper to buy & simpler to install...and more dependable. I lock 'em in, they're locked. It also gives me 2wd low for when traction is good but I want to gear down (like when backing a trailer). Only thing worse than auto-lock hubs are the constant-lock ones that turn the entire front-end drive train even when in 2wd, causing excessive & unnecessary wear & tear.
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    That's what I did if I was running around town growing up on the east coast but not if we were going to run down the highway or freeway. My current work truck has locking hubs as do my old jeep
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    Hubs? I haven’t had a truck with locking hubs in years. When I did though, I would lock them in that morning before leaving if I thought I might need them for mud or ice or snow.
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    Chains? I haven't put chains on in decades living in Southern California. Did get yelled at by the CHP for pulling into the chaining area to lock the hubs on my truck.
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    Now that Thanksgiving is over, time to start thinking about Christmas...
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    Two common issues specific to the ETECH RD’s. It’s common for the when the motor mount bushings wear out , the engine ecm will contact the fuel filter mount and if it hits hard enough to put a dent in the engine ecm then it’s shorted out the ecm. Check for a dent on the ecm where it faces the fuel filter. The other issue has to do with the Vechicle Control unit ( VECU) mounted in the kick panel in front on the passenger seat. Pull the kick panel down and the if the VECU is mounted with wire connectors facing up then water drips from the windshield right into the VECU. Unplug the connectors and check for green corroded pins . We always remounted it facing down
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    Took the big bad wolf (oldest grandaugther who loves anything with a steering wheel) to a local Halloween touch a truck. Fire trucks, trash tucks, Bigfoot, a Buffalo fire truck and a 1940s Chevy pickup. Chris Barry brought his RD822sx, 500 horse E9 with 73k original miles. It just got lettered a couple days ago.
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    I found this on the cover of an Italian heavy haul magazine. I tried to contact them but their contact page is broken. Here is part of the cover page featuring two Mack F900's with Planidrive axles. The axles have a capacity of 100-110k! Damn I keep finding more and more incredible F models. I Wish I could see them first hand! Real beasts and working hard pulling that vessel. I wonder what they had for power. Anyone know anything about these units? I checked the Mack model production sheets and only 5 variations of the F900 were built. Since very few of these trucks were probably built I can only guess that they are either F995's (5 made), F997's (3 made) or F9976's (4 made). Possibly these are 997's? Could the Mack museum help me find out who purchased these units?
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    Kemp's 1930 Mack AK to transport Texaco fuel products with a couple big Sterling trucks out back.
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    A Mack B-42T converted to a dump truck at its new home after the Kemp auction.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    Driving a loaner today while my gets a new Steering Wheel put on at 220000 miles the wheel started coming apart I miss those old steering wheels that last
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    One of the new Satellites. They re-used the monitor. New cab and body. No pump. Photo credit to njfirephotos.com
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    Thank you so much. I gave them a call on the off chance they would still be willing to make one and they had one in stock ready to ship!!
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    Last year my Father, Large and myself had the distinct pleasure and honor of being able to view the complete archives of the SPS at the Mack Musuem. Everything from blueprints to build sheets to DeLaval Pump Manuals to the Napier-Deltic Engine Manuals and specifications. All of it.
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    I've got a few more than I need.
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    This is the only Set Forward Mack Sleeper truck the company has and it to was a Corporate truck
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    That is a Mack W-71 built between 1953-1958.
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    Trans can be lowered out of truck by removing floor; pass pipe through driver/passenger windows, sling rope around pipe, over the roof, around pipe, over roof, pipe again, roof again... Tie it off, now you have a makeshift lift to hang a come-along from to lower trans out. Tricks like this are how many if us get by without the "right" tools.
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    Some pictures from inside. A lot of trucks there belong to Pat Camputaro who has a wonderful collection and is a member on here (Patbossct)
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    Harry if you ar faur dinkum about old yella needing fresh home send me message and you never know, if the price is agreeable I have travelled from one end of this wide brown labd to the other for a toy much bigger and uglier Paul
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    Here is an Aussie right hand drive, Old Yella, all original, Cummins motor, think 250, no turbo, cabin body is straight and mainly surface rust, frame straight and surface rust and from memory it is double rail. Running when parked. He is sitting in an outback yard, dry area, with many - many Doggies to howl with in the still country nights. His best mate, a white Doggie, has been sitting proudly near him for a long time, keeping him company, he too is waiting for a good family to adopt him. Old Yella is very keen for a new family to adopt him and will give him lots of TLC.
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    Well said Mack Tech, I wish I was well spoken as you but I am not so I blocked her. 😝
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    Snapped a pic of more old iron. Our 2000 Pete. Its up before dawn everyday hauling 98K. Moving a 200+ load woodyard we purchased from a mill closure. This one was actually scheduled to be Dutch auctioned onsite last week to our private haulers, but the company won the wood bid. They pulled it off the auction and put it back into service again.
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    Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
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    Wow!! So im in the wrong with the 6 trucks that are all 1993 or older that we have greatly modified to be better more efficient trucks for us? Not to mention the modified trucks that we have sold. Seems to me that if your paying for it you should have what works best for you. My 1.6 million mile 26 yr old road tractor does a fine job. Its had many mod's done to it. Very rarely does it go a day without at least 1 compliment. If its man made it may fail someday. If its new electronic P.O.S. it WILL fail. And you most likely cant fix it on the side of the road to get ya home. Just my thoughts. One of our 93's had a PEEK 3406C. The other 3406C is mechanical. I converted the PEEC to full mechanical pump. Twice the truck now. My 83 Mack still goes trucking during the summer. The E9 gets @ 6.1 MPG. Each to their own but im with "The King Of Obsolete". Hope im not too opinionated, just wanted to add my 2 cents
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    The first picture is how the truck looked when I bought it from Superdog, and the last two are with the axle moved and a new paint job and some chrome.
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    $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
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    Roy Wolfmeier Truck Service
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    This is a United States congresswoman? The folks in Minnesota intentionally and overwhelmingly voted for.....her? The state of the union is dire.
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    Oh well, opening a can of worms so to speak...2nd. Chronicles, 2nd. Kings. The Lord blessed those who shunned all others... Good for Donald Trump for standing up to those who oppose him, and standing up for biblical principals!
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    Bob, your concrete hasn't set enough yet for
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    My grandfather passed away in 2009, and since then I've watched his old tractors (John Deer, 720...Ford Red Belly...Massey...) Sold off piece by piece to help my grandmother. My grandfather did not have a retirement, nor did he have life insurance, so my grandma was forced to sell some of his things. Somethings went to scrap. Gus #9, a 1946 Mack EGX truck without her box sat in the woods by itself with an oak tree growing out of the center of the box, wrapped around the driveshaft. Every old truck, car, and piece of iron was sold or scrapped except for Gus. Gus belonged to my great grandfather August (my grandma's dad), and was 1 of 15 Mack trucks in his fleet for his road construction company. My great grandfather made the work crews clean these trucks and line them up every night after road construction work. Gus was built on February 15th of 1946 and sold a month later to my grandma's brother Robert, who owned a dealership. Robert special ordered 15 Mack trucks for my great grandpa's work crew. Gus was sent from Minot ND, to Whapeton ND, and then traveled with the work crew to Florida. Gus was issued the #9 on the front and rear bumpers, and was driven by Ben Rowley of MN. Ben and Gus were in a bad road accident in 1953 after 10,000 miles, and a full load, when a woman pulled out in front of them and ultimately caused Gus to flip upside down. Thankfully Ben was ok, and Gus sustained roof and cab damage, unfortunately the woman did not make it. It's hard to stop an old Mack Truck at 30mph fully loaded... Gus was sent to the back of the fleet line for repairs, and Ben wanted to make sure that old Gus was cared for, so it was approved by my great Grandfather for Ben to be the primary mechanic to get Gus back on the road. In 1944, my grandpa Jerry was sent off to WWII, blood nose ridge Japan at the age of 17. My great grandpa on my grandpa's side was captured in Manila, and died in a prison camp during the Bataan Death March, which prompted my grandpa to join the Marines. My grandpa Jerry served 4 years in the Marine Corps, 1st Division, and was blown up in Japan, suffering a major head injury. He was sent back on a medical ship, which was blown up by a Japanese war plane, and left 13 men in the ocean. My grandfather was one of the 13 that were eventually rescued and survived. He returned to a military medical hospital, and eventually made it back home to MN. My grandfather sought work with Vagts Contractors, in which he was a driver/hauler of the Mack line, and where he met my grandmother. Yes, he married the Boss's daughter! At this time, Gus was still in the mechanical line being worked on, as she was having engine/valve issues, and just would not run right after the accident, so my great grandpa decided to put Gus on light duty, doing simple hauls. Meanwhile, my grandmother, her sister, and her mother (my great grandmother) were cooking, and cleaning for all of the road crew men. (Traveling road crew that lived in bunk houses). Gus #9 was the first big truck that my grandmother got to drive! My grandpa married my grandmother a short time later in Florida, while my grandpa was still working with the road crew. My grandpa did not have transportation of his own, and neither did my grandma, so my great grandpa gave them Gus #9 as a gift to help my grandpa and grandma move back to MN, and start their own wood cutting business. Gus #9 was loaded and made the long haul from Orlando Florida back to northern Minnesota, where she worked hauling wood for another few years before being set in the woods in 1972, ( for 42 years) as a permanent retirement, after her brakes gave way with a full load of wood, and rolled downhill and smashed into a large oak tree. My grandpa was frustrated with the old truck, pulled the drain plug out, and let her sit from 1972 until she was brought out of the woods in 2014. I used to play in that old truck as a kid (a young girl)..and my grandma knew how much I loved that old truck. So as my grandfather's belongings were disappearing...my grandma stated "not the old Mack...that goes to Tracy." And Gus was rescued once more! I thought to myself...how in the world am I going to get it out of the woods, let alone restore it? I lost my husband in 2011 (Marine corps soldier who committed suicide in our home after 9 combat tours)...and my grandma thought this old truck would be my healing grace. (And it is!). So I talked with a local farmer who was able to come and look at the condition of the old truck, and said "she's buried, we can get her out." I remember the oak tree being very small (the one growing out of the box), so I wanted the tree preserved, because I would use it to build the floor in the cab with it. So they took extra care cutting it away from the bed. They hooked on, and were able to pull her out of the wood line. When we got Gus into the yard, and I put new tires and wheels on her to help her roll...my grandma walked up to the front fend of old Gus, and was crying...saying "You'll be ok now...look old girl...you have new legs!" As we loaded Gus onto a flatbed, I knew at that moment...how much that old truck meant to my grandma...because as Gus started her journey down the driveway on the back of a 1972 tow truck.....my grandma was crying...asking me to help Gus, because she wanted to go for a ride in it one more time...grandma is 88 years old. The ironic part: Gus sat on a mechanic's property for two years, with nothing done, and survived a tornado in northern Minnesota 2014-July of 2016. In July of 2016, I met "Robert" from ND. Robert and I get along great, and I get to finally move on since the death of my husband, with someone who appreciates and collects antique vehicles. The ironic part is that Robert is a mechanic...he lives exactly 46 miles from where Gus was originally purchased, and knew the individual that sold Gus to my family. on August 13th, ( my birthday, and Robert's (my great uncles birthday) we attempted to fire up Gus...she turned over, making her first sounds in 42 years.. but did not catch. Stuck valves. (This was in MN). So Robert (my Robert) loaded Gus onto a trailer, and hauled her back to ND, 46 miles exactly from where it was purchased in 1946. Gus is now on the restoration path and spends her nights in a much deserved heated garage! Goal: Gus is getting a temporary 4cyl diesel until I can save enough money to have the old EN330 engine rebuilt. I have welded, done some of the body work, while Robert is working on making the old girl fire again. We hope to have her ready for the Waubun parade this next summer to surprise my grandma. We are going to have my grandma go with the family to the town parade, and sit her in front of the bank... we are going to have Gus painted and ready to role by then, and drive it through the parade, stopping in front of her to see if she recognizes Gus #9, it will temporarily be an automatic shift, so she can drive it if she wants too. We are also going to ask Ben Rowley's family to attend, as he was Gus's primary caretaker and driver...and his name will be painted on the back of the cab. Gus will also haul her first load since 1972, which will be a 1928, Twin Cities 10-28 tractor...my first tractor! What this old truck has taught me: This truck is a member of my family, an irreplaceable heirloom that reminds me of my great grandpa, my grandpa, and the work they did to give us the things we needed...it is a reminder of hard work...loyalty...and appreciation...and has been a member of my family since 1946. This old truck has taught me patience...temper control when you bust a knuckle on old bolts...and perseverance when rust seems to lurk everywhere. Most of all, this old truck has taught me about my family, their company...and my grandma's love for the old truck. To see my grandma take a ride in an 70 year old truck that she literally grew up with, will be priceless and emotional...but one of the best experiences of my life. As she stated "Not only did she haul gravel, dirt, and wood...she hauled my knickers from Florida to MN" This is my introduction of Gus#9 1946 Mack EGX We are in a desperate hunt for any Mack parts available! Rubber isolators for engine mounts...lights...gauges...and Gus is in much need for new doors! Thank you! Sincerely, Tracy D. (4th Generation owner of a Mack truck!)
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    Old Gus #9 has been completed and 26 miles on her already. People wave, give thumbs up when she goes rolling by... oh how my great grandpa and my grandfather would have been proud! We took it to church on Sunday and had over 30 visitors out to see old Gus.... and a photographer in his 70s who just had to have a few pics of the old girl. There's nothing better than bringing a community together to watch an old rusted truck come back to life... I couldn't be more proud of it. Grandma gets to see it in 32 days... What an accomplishment in my life I have to say, and I'm extremely thankful for NAPA of Garrison ND, and the Huettl family... bust most of all I'm thankful for the best man in my life besides my grandpas.. Robert.. without him this wouldn't be possible. We have to replace a pinion seal, and can now put the battery box cover back on.. and building the bed for it this weekend... My next project is the restoration of an old Case tractor for a Vietnam vet in town.. free.. he served our country.. wounded and just wants a nice tractor to show off... I will be posting the video of my grandmas reaction on July 8th! I'm scared to haul it five hours and hope all goes well! Ms Tracy D
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    Update on old Gus #9, wiring almost done...throttle cable/linkage, with a little engineering by the great Robert...almost done...I got ONE glass window installed and what a damn battle. I think the glass was a tad...I mean a tad too wide, but it's in, and secure.. now looking for thinner window channel to make the roll-up and down a little easier. I am really looking forward to assembly! This memorial weekend, I remember my family, all of whom fought and died in or after battle, for this country: Great grandpa Arnold: Captured in the Philippines, and died at Camp O'Donnell after surviving the Bataan Death March on May 29th 1942: U.S. Army, Tech SGT. Grandpa Jerry: Fought in WWII, Blood nose ridge Japan, Marine Corps 1st Division, PVT...Purple Heart, Great Uncle Oran: Fought in WWII, U.S. Army, Infantry, PVT2 (Germany) Purple Heart Uncle Rolland: Fought in Vietnam, U.S. Army Infantry, Tank Division, SFC Great Uncle Steve: Fought in Vietnam, called back in OIF, Air Force, Pilot, C-5 Cargo, Commander/Captain Cousin George A.: OIF/OEF/Afghanistan: U.S. Army, Aviation, CH-47D , SSGT Purple Heart Grandpa Duane: Fought in Korea, U.S. Army, 3rd Infantry Regiment, Commander, Purple Heart Adopted Dad/Father: Dan, U.S Marine Corps, M.P, SGT. My husband: Josh, U.S. Marine Corps, Force Recon, SSGT, died after 9th combat tour to Afghanistan, 9 combat tours. Purple Heart Blown up by and IED and survived, lost 13 and 2 aircraft Myself, still alive and well: U.S. Army Aviation, CH-47D, and Blackhawk Phase Mechanic and Crew Chief, Bosnia P.K. Mission, SGT. Thank all of the veterans for their service...without your service, we would not have the freedom of speech, and other American rights. Stand tall, with pride, because there are still some of us who respect you for your sacrifices
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    The Irony in this old truck: (My family is stunned..that's all I can say). Ready for this: #1: Gus was originally parked in the woods in September of 1971 for good (or so we thought). Exact date unknown, but September is the 9th month, and Gus's fleet number was #9. I was born 8 years later...7(1+8) = 7(9) (Grandma's math ha!) (Gus is 71 years old this year). #2. Gus was removed from the woods on August 14th, 2014 and my grandpa came back from WWII on August 14th in 1946 (arrived in CA). #3. My great uncle's name was "Robert" and his birthday was August 13th #4. My birthday was also August 13th #5. We heard Gus try to start on August 13th 2016 and Gus left for North Dakota for restoration on August 14th 2016 #6. I met my "Robert" on July 15th 2016....The Waubun parade is July 15th 2017...the day we are presenting Gus to grandma. #7. The Mack sits exactly 46 miles from the place where she was originally purchased for my great grandpa's fleet. #8. The tow truck that hauled Gus out of the woods: The last four digits of the towing company's phone number was "1946" Gus is a 1946 #9. I moved to ND in September for a new job: Start date was September 13th 2016...... 9/13/16 (Gus was parked in September...and the number 13 keeps coming up!). #10. I changed my phone number after I moved to ND, and the first digits of my phone number are 337-67....If you look at the picture of the cab after we started restoration the numbers on the back of the cab say: EGX 3376....ironic? The cab was broken down in December...my number was changed in September! #11. My great grandpa August (Gus) was born on January 9th....1/9 In the Mack Fleet Picture...my grandpa drove truck #1 and Gus's number is 9.... #12. My grandma's birthday is also Jan 9th 1/9 #13. After we brought the Mack out to ND, I stopped to get gas at a Cenex in Devil's Lake, and found a penny....the year was 1980....the year my Robert was born. I kept it! #14. We could not find the key to the Mack's original ignition...so we went to the hardware store in Garrison, and found a key that would somewhat fit...there were only 9 of those keys left...so Robert didn't want to jinx anything and bought the entire set. Robert was able to key the first one on the first try =1/9. #15. My grandpa died November 1st 2009 11/1/2009 #16. My great grandpa Arnold (his dad) was born on November 1st (All public record!). So as my grandma sits and comes up with the ironic nature of old Gus...it often makes a person wonder if it was meant to be....thoughts? Tracy
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    Hi there, thats me, Ralf Koch from Germany. No, such trucks was never in operation in Italy. I was several times in Iran and I know the machines and the heavy hauling business very well. The shown Macks are in use at Unitrans, Iran Dena, are two F 997SX, built in 1975 for military operations. The Iranian engineer told me that this two units was part of a series of propably four units, built for the military application at first. Only this two tractors are known in civilian use now. Both 6x4 trucks are powered by the E9 V8-engine and 500 hp, manual gear boxes and planetary axles. Iran Dena is one of the major companies in the Persian heavy hauling business. More information about this tractors and many other impressive Mack trucks, stories and background information you can find in my book about this business: It is a book about all heavy transport companies in Iran and about the equipment of each company About 650 pictures in color, starting from the history with Mack B87SX up to the oversize RD800SX or DM800SX on planetry axles. Different units was deliverd as customized prototypes, so many models you have never seen before, for sure!! Check the preview picture to get a feeling about the working condition. Up to 7 tractors, 500hp each, pulling a heavy load! Other transports have to cross rivers of 5 feet water! ... and most of the tractors are 30 years old! Heavy Hauling Iran www.truckbook.de Best regards Ralf
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    That blue Superliner is no longer for sale.I bought it last Sunday.
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