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    She has spent the last five years getting a rebuild. I have been in the cab and I must say it was one of the funnest things I've done. She was under steam at the time. The most photographed locomotive on the planet and she will fly. I put this on here for the steam train enthusiast. Truck Shop
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    Or Dog to Dog. A pair of Macks at Macungie on an overcast morning in 2002.
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    Got his pants pulled down, under wear up, big tuff puke, see how tuff he is when he's someones bit** in prison, still should have shot him.
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    One of the things that TOTALLY amazes me, the manufacturing of these fine machines without computers, lasers, AND it was all done without AutoCAD
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    Converted camper and restored truck - done by Mach Technician. Every detail has been meticulously thought of.
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    If a school bus driver was texting and killed students riding in the bus would there be screaming to ban phones? Only ban phones that can text? Would people "feel" better that a bunch of students get killed because a sick person used a knife? Do we ban knives? If a bombing occurs with a pressure cooker type device, do we ban pressure cookers? The weak link is the human. A sick person has a LONG list of tools at their disposal.
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    If people are determined to kill, they will succeed. Armed guards, for example, can’t be everywhere at once in a vast school complex. The only solution is to fix society. When we were young in school, none of us ever had thoughts of taking another life.
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    Lets see, he's 19 years old, can drive, vote, get married, buy a vehicle, get credit and join the military. So he becomes a "child" after he commits murder? Bull. My grand son (liberal parents) plays Call to Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. he's 25 been playing that crap since he was 12. No concept that you kill some one the don't return for the next game. He brags to mommy about all his kills and head shots. Both parents think that's cute! I asked them if they will still think it's cute when he is on the news as a shooter? Maybe if the violent video games were not so easy for kids to play, maybe if the parent(s) would teach them that bad actions and crimes have severe actions, maybe if we treated mental issues as a disease like physical diseases, instead of a SSI, handful of meds and a follow up meeting there would be less of these things, maybe if the See Something, Say Something report was looked at closely instead of shrugged off. (the FBI couldn't trace his post but they can trace a Facebook post from some Trump follower) maybe if the DA would hand out the punishments the criminals deserve, instead of coddling him. After the reassuring hugs from the DA, I'm sure she will work her a$$ off to have him in a medical facility for years rather than put to death, maybe they should realize that Gun Free Zones are a free pass to kill people with no threat of retaliation till the police show up. After the last school shooting the suggestion was to adopt the Israeli system. when school is in session the schools locked, nobody in or out, teachers, staff or students with out clearing security. Teachers are randomly armed with open carry. The few attempts to beach the security ended with severe medical issues for the assailant. The ACLU and Teachers Union said that locking down the school violates the children rights to freely come and go. Him legally buying a weapon, IF his J.V. and school files of his violent behavior, mental and anti social issues were a matter of record instead of locked because it all happened when he was a "child", than maybe he and the other "child" shooters would not have been able to buy a weapon, since it would have shown up on the back ground checks. I guess the advocates think that a violent, angry childs out look on life magically gets better when they turn 18. But none of that will happen, because as everybody knows the gun owners are the real cause of the killings. Luckily Michell Bloomberg had his gun confiscation commercial on MSNBC,CNN,HLN and CNBC not 12 hours after the shootings. He has support of gun buy back/ confiscation like was done in Australia from Feinstrein, Blumenthal, Guildabrand, Warren, Waters, Pelosi and a half dozen others. Even Obama's speech at high noon today stated it is time to disarm America 100% and for his followers to get it done.. Good luck, That attempt will end with U.N. occupation.
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    Went to the Pa farmshow building for motorama today. It's all about atv & dirt bike racing, rc cars, skimpily dressed wimmen, and car shows. There was a stand from Penn college of technology diesel club. The kids have been working on a B model for years. It has an 1998 E7 block with a ported etec heads and 3 turbos. The front bumper is a cold water tank for the after cooler. Their using an Allison tranny "I forget the # think it was a 4???" They say its quick but they have some traction issues.
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    It's not bragging if you can do it.
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    My dad had a 1973B Cat (245 HP with the turbo) in a 66 Ford H100 "Two Story Falcon" he had taken the pump apart, went through it, removed shims, did some other things which I can't recall, but he turned it up, put a 3.70 rear in the truck, and turned 10th gear around in the roadranger, that little Cat would run with 318 green Leakers, and 290 Cummins. It had 1,000,000 miles on it when he sold it, and he had only done the heads the whole time he had it! It still ran great, and had very little blowby, and great oil pressure! Pics taken in "73" You can see the old style "CAT" decal on the back of the cab behind the grab rails in the pic of the left side of the truck
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    I think they should turn him loose in the same school with a bunch of the parents, if he lives he lives, if not they take his corspe to the dump, they should let the parents decide his fate.
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    i was called an ahole on facebook yesterday because of a comment i made. i said if that brave hero teacher had been allowed to be armed there was a very good possibility that there would have only been one or two dead, being the shooter and the teacher. but god forbid an educator should have a gun in a school. it is always "the guns fault", and "we need more gun free zones" i may just be a stupid truck driver, but it seems to me all these shooting only happen in "gun free zones"
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    Start the fixing from the home front.If not fixed you can only imagine what your society will become when these kids become parents who have no values.
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    Man that's sad but what do we expect from these entitled brats we collectively as Americans are raising? There are no consequences or accountability for any actions. Just another boob dr or psychologist on tv telling us why it isn't the kids fault or society telling that looney tunes (Yosemite Sam, bugs bunny etc) are way too violent. I was listening to a comedian on a talk show recently and he was telling a story about how his daughter is starting to veer off the good path and make bad decisions. He traveled to see her perform and she was a no show. She obviously ditched the choir and showed up to meet mom and dad outside the venue and tried to pretend they just couldn't see her on stage. He said he was pretty sure she'd been drinking and she started getting belligerent. He grabbed her just above the elbow and was chewing her ass for what she did. Someone called cps on him and he told cps all they had taught his daughter is that she doesn't have to listen because jail is now a phone call away for her dad. Not coming from a religous point of veiw necessarily but we need to focus on the deteriorating family unit. Single parent households are hard to run. How do you work full time and then some and rear kids? It's Pretty hard. Society has got to get over this snow flake, safe space, I'm special, the worlds not fair bullshit and start making the productive melting pot that we were. I saw a tin sign at a gun show recently and it was sam Elliot and the caption said "A man shoots a lion in Africa they blame the man, a man shoots another man in America they blame the gun"
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    Sure sounds like it took cops a long time respond, either waiting shooter to run or donut stop, I remember local cops taking the long route when they heard a gun was involved, if they shot the kid it would made better impression on the rest of the nut jobs now we have to hear about his poor life and how the world messed up and how he is the victim. Pelosi is writing her anti gun manifesto right now, and it's all Trumps fault.
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    Just bought this truck last week. Moving up from a International 5 yard. Super happy so far, very clean well preserved and maintained unit. I'll probably have plenty of questions as I get used to it. Cheers, D
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    Actually on the lawn in Vermont in 2004.
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    Heavy duty, well optioned toilet paper holder.
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    Got the old girl to move under it's own power for the first time in two years. Decided to move it out to give the garage a much needed cleaning up. Going to install the grill shell and headlight panels later. Almost took it down the road but it's not quite ready for it's maiden voyage yet.
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    "The school system failed. The mental health system failed. DCF [the Department of Children and Families], our social service agencies failed. Law enforcement failed because every red flag was present. And the FBI apparently failed. And the security measures for somebody to buy guns failed. Every single system was ignorant or willfully blind," Finkelstein said. Point the finger everywhere..........except where it belongs. Cruz failed himself, his passed away parents, his community and his country. Cruz is responsible for his actions.
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    This all started in the mid 1960's when the child psychologists like Sr. Spock and others started saying that were were to "talk to children, not physically discipline them".. Now 3 or 4 generations later we have people who DO NOT respect any kind of authority period. And I have no idea how to turn it around??
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    I firmly believe that if killers knew that, in cases with witnesses and/or cameras that verified their guilt, they would be subject to an immediate death penalty, we could change the tide. I steadfastly believe in the rule of law, so I hope not to be misunderstood. However, in cases where guilt is inarguably, zero doubt, an “eye for an eye” policy would create huge change, and this includes the crime-ridden cities. I’ve zero pity for ruthless killers who snuff out the lives of fellow citizens.
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    When that aswipe Pelosi finnaly kicks the bucket i my falloff the wagon and drink to her farewell. I'm pretty laid back but some of these people??? just piss me off.
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    I don't think I've seen anything on this on here yet. Been hearing about it coming up for a few months. http://www.13newsnow.com/news/military/historic-battleships-giant-gun-barrels-moving-to-new-homes/507257216
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    nice quiet 711 motor, 20 speed Quad, almost new steer tires, older drives, 10.00-20, working wet kit, controls outside the back of drivers door, pulled a 28' dump on the farm, double frame, 175" wb. Nice running truck. $ 14000 Phone me at 217-827-4271
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    That's when men where men & took pride in what they did.
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    I'd like to buy this but since I am not going to maybe you want it. Seems like a good deal for $6000. In TN. Mike.
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    Thank you very, very much for sharing this news. I was always amazed by the 16-inch battleship guns installed at nearby Fort Story, and other coastal Army installations along the east coast. Most Americans, then and now, have no idea. http://hamptonroadsnavalmuseum.blogspot.com/2016/06/happy-birthday-america-fort-story.html With another two 16-inch guns installed on the southern tip of the Eastern Shore at Fort Custis, they had the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay completely covered. My understanding is they could fire 2,000 pound shells some 20 miles with impressive accuracy. http://www.northamericanforts.com/East/Virginia/Fort_Custis/history.htm .
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    My opinion,and remember the old trucker saying.... "opinions are like a..holes, everybody has one!" Is that serial killers once found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, should be executed! And Cruz took the death penalty away by pleading guilty! Serial killers shouldn't have that option! Saw an article in the Tampa paper today,Cruz'attorneys admitted he was guilty! Said "we just want to see the "child" gets help"!! Two things come to mind, 1. The p.o.s is legally an adult! And 2. His attorneys (as in more than one) aren't concerned that he gets "help" they know that defending this monster can "make" their career! I seriously doubt this person could afford 15 minutes of the most inexperienced public defenders hourly rate! If youre concerned about "pro bono" publicity help the parents of the actual children, most under 16 years old sue all the agencies that failed to protect their children or the underpaid teachers that died trying to protect them! Every aspect of this situation makes my head explode!
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    Now I see on the news if the prosecutor will take the death penalty off the table the shooter will immediately plead guilty what the hell.....how much damn time did the shooter give the seventeen he killed......I say hold his trial immediately and publicly hang him in front of the courthouse .....of course the liberals and the media are hollering for gun control ....but we never hear any thing about the thousands of children killed by abortion go figure.....and I sure don’t want to bring up the t.v. Show on abc called the view just this week the host Joie bahr called Vice President pence and Christians who talk to God mentally ill.....just my two cents
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    I thought the b71’s nose stuck out past the fenders a fair amount?
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    i saw something a few weeks ago comparing switzerland with a sheithole country. they both have about the same populace give or take a few humdred thousand people. swiss everyone must own a gun and violent crime is almost non existant. the sheithole, almost no one owns a gun and violent crime is rampant. simpl\y put, an armed society is a polite society
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    It is always the gun owners fault because it is an easy target for politicians and the media. Why? Because the media and politicians hype how evil they are, every gun owner is anxious to kill people, every weapon is an assault rifle. The media with in 1/2 hour of the shootings was talking about the kid using and assault rifle with a bump stop, and having hand grenades. No bump stop and a few smoke markers. Can't blame the teachers, the administrators, local officials or the social programs that enable them or even the video games and music videos that glorify those type of actions. Why they could stop giving them money to stay in office. The democrats were saying today that this will help them win back the majorities in both houses because this is so much better the DACA for political impact. The 17 deaths will now be used for political gain. . .by both sides. More gun laws and confiscations will do nothing to help. The return of family values, taking responsibility for one actions, discipline, teaching a child that failing at something is not the end of the world, stop raising them in a cocoon, teach them the truth, the world isn't a warm a fuzzy place but cold and potentially very dangerous. Maybe even some religion would go a long way to ending these situations. AS for armed guards at schools. A few armed teachers like the Israelis and Chechen's in Eastern Europe use, would be more effective and less visible. You need to realize that a potential shooter can skirt a guard, but arm the teachers randomly, makes an attackers chances very, very low. Gun Free Zones, Drug Free Zones and Safe Zones are a liberals way of inviting attacks IMO.
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    This is a Mack pamphlet different tires odd .
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    My b model has a 75 mile an hour paint job, at dusk on a really foggy day it almost looks ok but i really don't want to paint it then i may have to wax it and i can't lay tools all over the truck and set on the fender to work on it.
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    And every stone chip is a badge of honor.
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    I always thought smashed bugs on the front end give character.
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    Why the siren?? Isn't the 6V-53 enough noise???
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    Happy Birthday and thanks for BMT Paul
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    I have guns always been involved in gun shooting sports. I had a gun when i was 12 years old along with a lot of my school mates never thought about using the firearm for anything other than hunting or target practice. I think in this case that kid should be made to pay for his sins soon jail is to good for him public hanging??? or public electric chair to send the message it just seams these kids have no morals anymore. Someones little bit-- is to good for this kid.
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    Most vehicles at big shows are over restored. Saw a 1941 Cadillac with original 700 miles and looked new, at Hersey loose because the chrome, paint and body panel fit didn't meet the AACA standards. I think the others should match the original standards. Plus they were built to drive not hide under covers. When we finished our 41 Chevy Convertible we drove it from N.Y. To PA for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the PA Pike and than Route 66 to the Fisherman's Pier in California. Even to Walmart and the grocery store. Whats the point of having it not to enjoy
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    My cousin is a judge for a bunch of car shows and i don't think i have the will to bring my mack to the level he expects to see on the cars he judges. A lot are trailer queens not really driven anywere. I don't care if it's not stock, trucks ended up takeing on their own personality after so many years of use and abuse. Any truck looks good to me.
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    ^^NO different then the rest of us. That is what is GREAT about trucks.............they are perfect no matter what you do to them. Not like the Corvette club where all the screw heads have to be turned the same way and you have points taken off for not having the original air in the tires............. (darn near true story, had a fellow at work years back that was in the local club. It was a nightmare hearing him tell of what was expected of you) You've done a fantastic job.