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    Raining pretty good when I snapped the photo yesterday morning and the decal is obviously aged but it's fitting: The caption reads: When America is Bankrupt and Lady Liberty Falls, Who will the Democrats and Media Blame?
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    Here’s what I threw together with some scrap laying around. Solid and portable, not really a working stand but good for now.
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    I saw a big Mack truck this week. I saw Cleveland too- I loaded a load of steel there, it looked like this- Loaded at this place Going to this place in Daleville, Va. I saw a big Mack truck in Cleveland too. And some big orange machines- Saw this unit on a trailer behind a pickup truck going south on I-77. This is a cow. and this is a dog and this is a smoking hot babe sitting in the shower. And that's all i've got this week.
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    Like the truck and the steam locomotive on the side of the hood.
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    I bought it out of state and I’m having it delivered in two days, I’ll take a few photos when it gets here. This is all I have from the sale ad for now.
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    The new version is on the way but nothing better than the original style.
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    Pretty decent looking truck. https://columbus.craigslist.org/hvo/d/martins-ferry-1989-mack-superliner/6868330745.html
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    Think you might be looking for a long time. There are engine manuals and chassis manuals. But there are no installation manuals for DIY engine swaps. The only manual is here at BMT and it is all the guy's knowledge. This is why this site is what it is. The information is stored in the minds of men that have worked on these now old trucks. It is information that is slowly becoming obsolete along with all the old iron. A transplant with a totally mechanical engine can be done but you better know someone or have someone do it if you don't know how. Better to buy a Superliner with an E9 in it already. It is not just the engine needed but, bigger radiator, intercooler, possibly clutch and transmission to consider. Not to mention all the brackets, hoses and tubing needed. Just finding all the parts needed will take years to accumulate to actually do it right. The cost of all this extra stuff will be more than a good running take out E9 then add labor that will not be cheap if you can find someone willing to do it. One thing for sure is everything is real big, heavy, greasy, dirty and rusty to work with and not a beginner mechanic's first project. Hope it happens though
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    A couple of GMC trucks , a Volvo , and the remains of late model Freightliner .
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    We did another run this morning San Diego has blast but legs are killing me wife ran half marathon I just walked 5 K. But atleast I get out there bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner
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    BCR Al, is this rig still out in your neighborhood? Specs? Info?
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    Quite easy matter. You wouldn't like to get hooked up on that handle. For example when seating down. So better to keep them sharp edge down or backwards. Something like on the #2 picture.
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    1950 was Mack Truck's 50th anniversary. Took this picture of a 50 year old A-20 in Rutland, VT in 2000, Mack's 100 year anniversary.
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    Cool looking truck. And pics. Perfect job for a new emission motor too.....never has to run or move,
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    bought the peterbilts couple years ago from steve camerota of camerota truck parts in ct.
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    I’ve been on the hunt for a restorable Mack EEU, EFU, EGU, cab over for a few years when a deal popped up on one of my searches for a 1952 LH, three stick trans and a 220 Cummins that I had to have. I’ll be asking plenty of questions trying to get this old Mack back on the road and appreciate having you guys as a resource.
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    A fitting end. Not a Volvo truck, but a Volvo anyway. http://prairiefarmreport.com/manure-spreader-vs-car/
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    Guys, check this cool truck! Not mine. Ray https://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/d/limon-1956-reo-tow-truck/6860429331.html
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    Well said!! You gotta be real handy or have a handy friends. and then youre going to buy a LOT of beer
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    2014 Mack Granite Goodyear Mast Truck. 455 horsepower, diesel, Weight: 64,000 pounds, all-wheel drive, Allison six-speed.
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    run the first 5, shift to high and go back to first. if it goes in, it is a 10 speed. if it grinds it is a 9
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    The FN model was built in 1940-1941 with 150 being produced.
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    83 Mack Cruiseliner, 10 speed, 370 rears, 1300 miles since motor has been rebuilt, have all parts and liners to interior, 350 Cummins, 6000 or will trade for a good four wheel drive older model pick up 1983 mack Cruiseliner Ruther Glen, VA · over a week ago · $6,000
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    And thanks for your input folks. I appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DOWN! Sure as shiitt if your like me you'll get hooked on something getting out. Hanging there in mid air trying to get loose! l'm damn good friends with a guy called Murphy. .....Hippy
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    Another Ball. Its a little dirty . Been in the shop for a long time . I don't play golf. It was given to me .
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    Came home from a Fishing trip to find a box from Maine. In it were cans of Moxie soda, an invasive species in these parts, compliments of BMT's resident philanthropist 41Chevy. Since everyone who tries it (social media) seems to feel inclined to comment I'm throwing mine in too....... Moxie Virgin's stop now if you don't want the spoiler. Brought the cans to a steady 38 F and cracked. Scent is perfumed and pungent similar to a Mennonite store that sells bulk spices. Flavor strikes a memory of dime store candy sticks...… more specifically a softer version of Horehound. Aftertaste is the tricked-out part of the soda. After 15 seconds the sweet dissipates and a dry bitter sets in and holds on. Unique. Stuff is a 10, salute to the Northeast for good craftsmanship. Regretfully, no availability in Wisconsin for the near future. My wife agreed we are keeping the last can (toast) till Paul has a victory over Virginia's "A-Holes".
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    FYI, here's how we do it in neighbouring Canada. This 5-axle super-B set is good for 138-140,000lbs gross (depending what province you're in). I've never driven one, but I've spoken with guys who say that the track quite well and are easier to drive than a 53' trailer (going forward that is!) There are other configurations, but this is the most popular. And yeah, there are a lot of 13L Macks and Volvos pulling them.
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    Here is a link where it was listed for sale. Over 700 EJ models were built in 1937 and 1938.
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    And my LTL, my FL700, my RL700...oh wait, I can't afford those either!
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    We “regened” some RD’s this winter.
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    Well I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that nothing much has been done. We plan on putting the fuel pump back in ASAP which if it isn’t tomorrow won’t be until sometime next week. Some work needs to be done pretty quickly because it almost become a tradition at this point to take one of them to the school dances over at the local art high school, give everyone something cool to look at. This homecoming was the homecoming king and his gang making a grand entrance, we’ll see about this year replacing the CF with the old L. If that goes well we have a few shows that are relatively close we’re going to try to take them both to and if that all works out you can expect to see them relatively often at shows along the east coast. Right now the goal is to get it running and then re wire the driver side headlight which currently doesn’t have any power going to it. Wish us luck. Enjoy some old pictures I’ve found of the two.
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    I know this is an old topic but I stumbled upon it just now. As of the end of last year that Superliner was still on the road every day, hauling coal around the Alleghenies. It is still in the same form as you describe, with a very large Ti-Brook bed. Cooney brokered out most of his hauling in and out of the prep plant but there were several trucks that were owned by the company and this was one of them. The truck still has “Cooney Bros. Coal Co.” painted on the bug shield after all these years, that is the trademark giveaway. It is currently owned by David Adams of Portage, PA. I see it often at a local stone quarry we haul out of and will try to get a photo or two this Summer.
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    Well, I did some thinking and decided to ditch the spokes. I really want to match the build of the grey truck as much as possible, so the rear suspension is getting a major rework. I located and picked up a 40k Airliner cutoff with 3.90 gears, not a real HD setup, but the grey truck had 38k rears so it will at least exceed the trucks rating. I got it completely torn down and it all goes to the sandblaster tomorrow. I sold the 11r24s Saturday, and plan on getting 8 hub piloted 5 hole steel wheels for the back. I’m waiting on a quote for the rails as well, as I’m gonna give it some more WB while I’m at it. Andy
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    Every year I recall reading about a reunion these guys had. I believe they had a rare bottle of scotch and the last two attending would open it. My alma mater's annual calendar's April picture was the crew of the Whirling Dervish and a guy from the class of 1940 was on that. He was wounded by AA fire but made it back. When you talk about flying into the face of death, carrier was spotted by the Japs some 200 miles from the intended launch point. They launched at that point knowing they would probably not have the fuel to make it to their designated landing strips in China-that is if they survived the AA fire and the fighters. Sad thing is every day we lose another piece of history when these guys pass on. And for sure it is doubtful that kids in school today get taught anything about WW II. One thing I can say, my generation had the good fortune to learn something from the TV of our era- The Victory at Sea series.
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    The toys and projects are fun for sure. Although I owe nobody nothing in this world I don't use family money to support my hobbies, nor the shop. Don't want to sell anything and don't want to do the retail business thing any longer so have to find a way to fund my fun. This part time profession will do that. Sounds nuts I'm sure but I'm that structured. If I can't fund it, I'll divest and not ready to do that yet.
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    On duty in Keene, NH. Mack Truck photo. bulldogboy
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    Haven't laughed this hard in a while. There's still hope for sanity.
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    We live free today because of men like him. I wonder how many young men today understand this?
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