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  1. Hi guys / all. These two have 12r24.5s......both tubeless. Tackaberry's Superliner has 1200 24s.....they are a bigger, tube type tire.
  2. I remember that one......thx for sharing.......she's looking good 👍 Jeff, it's a '74. It has a super 250 with a 5*4. Thx
  3. Vlad.....years! Moscow ha......that's cool! I lived in Asia for 10 yrs, but never made it to Russia......it's on my wife and i's bucket list.....we will get there.....maybe we will meet some day! James, the collection is both from CT and PA.....I have 5 in PA, and 4 are in CT with my father and brother. Bob, hope all is well! Here you go......
  4. Hi guys.......that one is mine........thx for the compliments!
  5. Thx for the idea on square IH lights - a good option! How do you guys put pictures on this site / in your profile??
  6. Hi all. Does anyone know where I can get new superliner direction light. Having trouble finding the original chrome, square on one end turn signals. I have an '88 RW 713. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
  7. I supposedly bought the last one in existance from a Mack dealer in PA last year??? Mine has perlux road light holes in it. $1700! Hopefully you can find a used one and refurbish it. Ill keep my eyes pealed for you. Good luck!
  8. Does anyone know what kind of manifold pressure and fuel pressure I should be getting out of these engines if they are running good? Without changing the turbo, etc, what is the best way to get max fuel / max power out of these engines. Thanks
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