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  1. Welcome aboard from just down the highway in lismore / ballina way
  2. I run a single muffler under the cabin Then thru a y pipe to twin 6 inch pipes up behind sleeper very quite to sit in all day whilst pulling but I've been told by various people that it still sounds good Some say pull the muffler and install a small resonator but its working well for me so ill leave it till time to replace muffler Other truck has straight thru single 5 inch behind cabin on the off side Sounds great for a short drive but not to work all day Just my opinion
  3. Yeah I've go prices on both about the same $ So ill hang of and see if I need any thing else to fit Thanks Steve
  4. They fit them to e7 motors std Iam fitting a new pump anyway Just deciding on 700 or 750 Thanks for info and pics
  5. That would be about right Brand new 631GC5117 turbo as per Mack specs All systems good Pulling tri axle trailer and grossing 41000 kg. / 90000 lb ? On a continued pull I get 28-29 psi And surprise a lot of new trucks when I pull past them And still get 2.47 km per litre Iam happy with that
  6. Question I have e6-350 1986 model with a tu flo 700 compressor And thinking of replacing with a tu flo 750 unit Any one done and if so what problems ? Main benefits are newer model and 1cfm more air out put Thanks
  7. Had the pleasure of spending time there and looking about some true pieces of Mack history there And a true gentleman as well I thank him for the time
  8. Stax keeps it looking good He's always washing it wunder it still has paint left on it lol Just seen they have the fastest car on track at present see how the weekend goes
  9. I keep a daily fuel log and I can go back a few years and the fiqures are all the same Only ever differs if iam running at 3500 mm wide and high into strong head winds that knocks it down a bit but saying that all the trucks on the trip them days suffer
  10. Tim Running at ful weights doing varied works up thru the hills on the east coast across the hay plains to south Australia and back again 2.47 km / litre 1600 rpm @ 100 km ph Vlad No chance of getting rid off
  11. 5480 km for the week not bad for an old r model aye Now we're loaded up and away we go again
  12. Was a good show plenty of trucks and good having them parked up in town
  13. Just wondering if this is how the pipes should blow smoke ? Lol
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