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    1941 Mack Ed restoration, Macks look to be in my future forever, excited about what is in front of me, I am working on Reproduction ED beds ,wiring looms, brackets etc. for the E Model trucks. If you need something fabricated let me know. I usually can save hundreds of dollars for you.

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    1939 Mack ED Dually pickup, 1939 Mack ED ,1941 Mack ED,1938 Dodge Flatbed, 1936 Marmon Herrington truck, 1941 Coach built delivery van (Ford chassis )

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  1. Welcome aboard, I am sure you can help out some Mack owners here....have fun with your build
  2. A lot of views but I guess I am on my own....So these E models are they just not out there or what?
  3. Any updates, and did you have luck with the stock engine?
  4. I do know shippers that are more affordable but, yes it adds the expense on top ...I have been super busy doing other stuff since I cant work right now due to torn tendons in my shoulder. So doing some picking and working on the Mack E parts is keeping me busy.
  5. I have been looking for a K 10 Pickup for sometime, this truck is cherry for the age, but I already have trucks this size. so for now I passed on it.
  6. 1936 Studebaker 2 ton with a tag axle,
  7. Yes, working on the side trim pieces for the hood and also the Dash vertical trim , the delicate ones. I have great patterns of original interior panel too, so we are busy... busy.
  8. Ok... working away on several items for the E model trucks and other model hood crests, also let me know if there are other things that are needed. In the process of making and renewing different parts for the restoration process of these early E models. Inquire with in at richie@oldmacktruck.com Still working on the web site and learning along the way. Thanks to all who have helped me already and keep on working on those classic Mack Trucks. Front Badge 45.00 ea shipped with in the USA 48 states Front Nose crest to be determined still looking at the break down and time money divided up. Stock Looms at a great price, this is in the process as well since I have an NOS loom to copy correctly and not at the price of an arm and leg. inquire with in... Have a great weekend
  9. It seems this is my calling for my later years, I am lucky and it seems finally my luck is turning around. It has been a challenging last 10 years for me personally etc. ,but after purchasing my first ED last Fall other things have just happened. I am hoping to make parts that are needed for these and other E model trucks. Working on reproduction wiring looms at an affordable price and using new original cloth wiring, I am a stock guy but of course I dont mind updrades ....along with some other goodies that I will be reproducing . I will be updating as I go here on this thread.
  10. I am always coming across stuff and....... I seriously have an addiction. I have been a picker for over 30 years and have been drawn to the History of America on wheels. Love to save stuff of all sorts so if you are looking for anything particular let me know. Enjoy the pictures and the weekend, HAPPY HUNTING
  11. So yes I own a few Mack Ed pickups and I have always been a picker.....cannot get away from being drawn in to the country side or where ever to find great old IRON. Here is my last trip searching about with a couple great friends of mine. Yes, most of the trucks are for sale Dodge railway truck is green ,Ford Cabover no snout though, 1936 or so Diamond T flat bed
  12. So this is the second Mack ED pickup which I will make my runner while I restore my 1941, Since I have Mack on the brain, I have learned a lot in the previous months and loving every minute of my adventures. There is something to old vehicles at least for me....takes me away from all of today's 100 mile an hour life style which I do not like so much. Something about taking the back roads and seeing what you are driving by on the way to where ever. Going to repair the bed while working on getting the Flat 6 going, this Grey ED was sold in 1939 to the War Department out of Sacramento California. Pretty much original, looks to be a red truck that was painted Grey and used by the Navy and Army Corp of Engineers.
  13. So I got em today this is what I will run on my 39 ED pickup...what do you think ?? off work due to a not so proud fall off the latter at the house, shoulder is pretty jacked up..not broken but the MRI is Thursday so I will see if the Tendons are torn or not.
  14. Looking for someone to help me transport a rolling chassis from Tenn. to Southern California, it is not an emergency but can be scheduled to be moved with in the next 60 days. Anyone interested DM me your contact info. Weight approx 1200-1400 lbs. 16ft long just the chassis thank you
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