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    1941 Mack Ed restoration, Macks look to be in my future forever, excited about what is in front of me, I am working on Reproduction ED beds ,wiring looms, brackets etc. for the E Model trucks. If you need something fabricated let me know. I usually can save hundreds of dollars for you.

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    1939 Mack ED ,1941 Mack ED,1938 Dodge Flatbed, 1955 International 4x4 1941 Coach built delivery van (Ford chassis )

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  1. thanks for the Birthday wishes
  2. From the album 1939 ED Lic. plates

    So I decided to get some special plates for one of my ED pickups...what do think?? I am off work for a while I had an unfortunate fall of the latter at the house, not broken but the shoulder is not doing well, the MRI is on Thursday so getting the plates today was a good thing.
  3. Looking for someone to help me transport a rolling chassis from Tenn. to Southern California, it is not an emergency but can be scheduled to be moved with in the next 60 days. Anyone interested DM me your contact info. Weight approx 1200-1400 lbs. 16ft long just the chassis thank you
  4. Lol, I think they are planting Mack Seeds of all makes in those hills, if you can't find them you might as well grow them.
  5. What a joke....already the most taxed in the Nation. They said the lottery crap was going to fix the roads, they take a large portion there or did everyone forget about that already...maybe the roads to the politicians homes are nice but not mine. And with the budget this is another hot topic for me...wasted funds everywhere you look, but they want more money and more money...I pay my fair share of taxes but this is ridiculous, fuel is literally cheaper in New Mexico than here but shipped into the Long Beach ports by me...go FIGURE. I do not usually voice my opinion on this but the way the article is posted it seems like the State of California should fix their spending sprees before taxing the People more. California has been going the wrong direction for far too long and I do not wonder why people and businesses are leaving. Higher fuel will slow the economy period.
  6. I am searching right now, 58 FWD is right if you give them too much info they get scared..unless it is an older Parts employee. I will message you back with a direct message when I have a price.
  7. My new addition to my Family...U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1939 Mack ED, have other pics in my profile of the truck. goal is to make this the driver while I enjoy the restoration of my 41 Ed.
  8. 1939 Mack ED
  9. Trying to update as much as I can, been super busy tracking down old Macks...so hopefully that is an ok excuse to use here. just got back from Northern California which was great trip 3 days and a lot of truck stuff. Getting this truck stripped down slowly and trying to not break so many bolts, as we know soaking them heat cool etc. has been working just time consuming.
  10. So I have some updates...working on a few things including the reproduction of the ED Beds. ... I have molds that are for the Hood crest for the small Badge below the Bulldog which is always gone, these tell you what model on the upper center grill. I have them for the E model trucks new chrome etc. I will post up some pics by the weekends end. Mack's at my shop awaiting my personal time which they will get this year. Save a MACK !!
  11. Welcome aboard, there is a lot of information and guys who have been there and done that with Mack's, lots to look at and read about.
  12. Welcome aboard...keep us updated when you make a purchase with some pictures .
  13. So more dis assembly which is the easier part to restoration, just starting to count the hundreds of broken bolts that I will have to replace and change out. So this is a picture of the stock accessory for Mack which I am happy to see...special order and it is the shutter system which closes to add additional heater for cold days. This Mack is a special deal for sure Wyoming Truck for someone who had some extra change in 1942 which I think was unusual. The truck also has the fancy front bumper which will look fantastic in a few weeks since I have sent it out for Chrome work
  14. So if there is a nicer Grill out there I am interested, if not I can repair mine with 100 hours... so looking for a Grill, headlamps the torpedo ones like the factory photo, I do need 1 good rim for the spare. I will post some more pictures tomorrow or Saturday.