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    1941 Mack Ed restoration, Macks look to be in my future forever, excited about what is in front of me, I am working on Reproduction ED beds ,wiring looms, brackets etc. for the E Model trucks. If you need something fabricated let me know. I usually can save hundreds of dollars for you.

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    1939 Mack ED Dually pickup, 1939 Mack ED ,1941 Mack ED,1938 Dodge Flatbed, 1936 Marmon Herrington truck, 1941 Coach built delivery van (Ford chassis )

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Well I am turning 50 later this month and excited and honored to own 3 Mack ED pickups, I restore classic vehicles for a living so trying to make room in the schedule for my own Preservation on a few Trucks. I have been around old Iron my whole life and enjoy the sound and looks of several old trucks . Saving these old machines are important to me because they are apart of American History.

So my latest addition is a 1939 Mack ED U.S. Army Corps of Engineers pickup.


1939 3.jpg

1939 Dash.jpg

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