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Eats coolant

empire paving


I have a 2007 ctp 713 dump truck that will use 2 gallons of coolant a day, there is no sings of leaks, I have not had it pressure tested, but have checked the lines for cuts, bulges, ect. Not going into oil. I brought a piece of equipment to a local cat dealer and he said they had issues like that with their egr valves. Does mack use egrs? I called my mack dealer but conveniently they didn't get back to me because I was looking of info, not making an appointment.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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From 2003 & up almost every diesel engine was designed to run with an EGR system. EGR being, Exhaust Gas Recirculation means it was a brilliant (insert sarcasm) idea to put exhaust gas back into the intake of the engine. It is possible that the EGR cooler which circulates your coolant thru this system is leaking. You won't see it externally because it is being blown out the exhaust stack. If it blows excessive white smoke out of the exhaust when it is first fired up I would recommend looking at replacing the egr cooler.

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