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Looking for info on the E9 marine engine

Macktitan 525



just looking for some info on the E9 marine spec engine, as in what's diffarent about them to produce the 925hp? My guess was a diffarent pump, cam and decompression. But just guess's of course.

Would anyone have a specs sheet or something along those lines? 

Also do you guys in the States see them coming up for sale often?


Any information would be appreciated.




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I dont know the exact specs but one of the main reasons they had such higher HP was the fact that they have a unlimited source of cold water to keep things in check. I know they used them in military Tanks as well.

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I have one of those marine engines.  The company that built these is in Daytona Florida but I can't think of the name.   The guy I bought it from said it was 950 hp originally with two turbos but took one turbo off and derated pump to 750 hp.  The reason they could crank the power was because of the unlimited cool water as the last post stated

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