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  1. From what I have found, the lock collar type costs more and takes longer to assemble in production, but it is stronger. The one piece assembly will move out of place easier. Plus it is said that when the screws are tightened in the one piece, they will jack the race out of round.
  2. If the lock ring is not tightened in the correct direction, the inner race can back off leaving it loose on the shaft. Of course, that cannot be done when the shaft turns both ways. There are bearings with an extended race that have 2 set screws in the race that would work in an application of turning both ways. On a steering shaft I don't think the eccentric type will be a problem.
  3. The lock collar should be tightened in the direction of rotation. But the steering shaft rotates both ways! So how do you tighten it? At the RPMs of a steering shaft it probably doesn't matter!
  4. About 1944-1947 GMC 900 series. 6-71 engine.
  5. And beside the paint, the roller skate wheels don't do it for me. Why do they put big trucks on a 1 ton chassis?
  6. Tire damage wasn't the concern. It was to prevent the bumper from hitting the tire and causing the loss of steering control which would result in a crash.
  7. For pictures, do a search here for en510. That manifold would be very desirable to many owners.
  8. I was thinking because it is a dump truck, possibly a stone caught between the duals. But you have probably checked for that.
  9. If nothing else, you could buy a chrome one and sandblast the chrome off and paint it.
  10. It has "very rare Original Fiberglass Front Fenders"? Have never heard of those.
  11. The Mack museum has been closed due to the virus, so it will be a while for an answer if you ask for information. When they finally do reopen, there is going to be a big backlog and it could take a long time for a response. Get your request in now so you are in line. They rely on donations for operation of the museum.
  12. Maybe you can import the parts from Australia cheaper! 😁
  13. That was a short lived model. Not many were built. It would be good to have one today.
  14. 142 of them were built.
  15. Makes you wonder what else they have in the back of their warehouse?
  16. A Rolls Royce engine in an International was said to be a regular production option, but only in Canada. There is at least one of them still in existence.
  17. Even model numbers are gas engine, odd numbers are diesel. B-61 is diesel, B-62 is gas.
  18. Did you see this thread? You could try a personal message to her or to one of the people there who knew the company. Or a google people search. If you cannot connect, a good place for the photos would be the American Truck Historical Society.
  19. A list has been entered into the Wiki section.
  20. Mack Engine Codes. With the 3 digit Mack model code numbers the first number refers to the series-400 series, 600 series, 700 series, 800 series etc. The second and third numbers refer to the engine fitted. All diesels unless noted. 01 END475-Scania D8 02 EN402 Thermodyne gas 03 END465 END465C Thermodyne 06 ET673E-200 h.p. Thermodyne 07 END673E-180 h.p. END673P-187 h.p. Thermodyne 08 EN707A Thermodyne gas 09 END711-211 h.p. Thermodyne 10 EN414A-Chrysler (Dodge truck) 413 V8 gas 11 ENDT673-211/225 h.p. ENDT673C-250 h.p. ET673-260 h.p. Thermodyne 12 ETAZ673A-315/320 h.p. Thermodyne 300 Plus 13 E7454-454 h.p. 15 END864-255 h.p. Thermodyne V8 19 ENDT864-300 h.p. Thermodyne Twin Turbo V8 21 EM9400-400 h.p. Maxidyne V8 22 E9440-440 h.p. E9500-500 h.p. Econodyne V8 23 ENDT864A-285 h.p. Thermodyne V8 26 Detroit Diesel 6V92T/TA/TT/TTA 31 Cummins NH220 NH230 32 Cummins NTC/Formula 230 33 Cummins Super 250 34 Cummins NTC/Formula 250 35 ET1005 ET1005A Thermodyne V8-don't know much about these motors-forerunners of the 998 cid EM9400/E9440 I guess. 37 Cummins NH/NHC250 39 Cummins NHCT270 40 EN540A Thermodyne gas 41 Cummins NTO6B/262 43 Cummins V8265 45 Cummins NT280 47 Cummins NTC/Formula 290 NTC/Formula 300 49 Cummins NHS6B/290 Caterpillar 1673C 53 Caterpillar 1674 3406B 3406C 54 Caterpillar 3406 3406A 55 Caterpillar 1693T 1693TA 56 Caterpillar 1150/200 57 Caterpillar 1160/225 59 Cummins NHRS6B/320 61 Cummins V903 63 Cummins NT335 NTC335 65 Cummins NT380 66 Cummins NTA400 Cummins ISC 67 Cummins NTC/Formula 350 68 Cummins KT450 69 Detroit Diesel 8V71T 70 Detroit Diesel 8V92T/TA/TT/TTA 71 Detroit Diesel 12V71N 73 Detroit Diesel 8V71N/NE 74 Detroit Diesel 8V92N 77 Cummins V8185 79 Detroit Diesel 6V71N 81 Detroit Diesel 6.71N 83 Detroit Diesel 6V53N 85 ENDT675-237 h.p. EM6237 Maxidyne 237 86 ENDT676-285 h.p. EM6285 Maxidyne 300 EM6300 87 ENDT475-190 h.p. ETZ477-210 h.p. Scania DS8 88 ETAZ677-350 h.p. Thermodyne E6350 Econodyne 89 E7400-400 h.p. Econodyne 90 EM7250-250 h.p. Econodyne 91 Cummins V8210 92 Caterpillar 3208/175-210 h.p. 93 Cummins V55595 ENDT865-325 h.p. Maxidyne V8 97 ENDT866-375 h.p. Thermodyne V8 Does anyone know what the Mack code is for a Caterpillar 3408 V8.
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