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  1. A rooftop hatch is used when the cargo is higher than the bottom of the door. I would guess the cab was narrowed by a coachbuilder, a company that would do it to any make of truck that was supplied to them.
  2. If he buys the property I would assume he will be making it accessible so he can get to it. A person buying the trucks shouldn't have to do it.
  3. What makes it unusual with the small radiator is the L cab. I don't recall ever seeing that.
  4. I think Rob would switch the positions...
  5. Detroit powered Dodge truck pull.
  6. It looks a lot like this prototype from 1949.
  7. It looks like the toe panel is indented where the clutch pedal would be when all the way down - for the trucks that have a clutch pedal.
  8. It could be comparing it to its predecessor - the B model - which would be true.
  9. I think Daryl Gushee had a yellow one like that.
  10. The A model was built 1950-53. Do a search here for A40 and you will get a lot of posts about them. There were other A models as well that would be similar. If it is that complete, you might consider keeping it original. The sleeper cab would make it rare.
  11. It appears that it still exists. Or it is a different one, it states that there were three. https://bringatrailer.com/2017/04/19/one-of-three-aluminum-unibody-prototypes-1953-liteway-cargo-truck/
  12. A classic - including the arm out the window.
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