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  1. Looks like a plow frame on it? Wonder what the history of it is? Could come in handy around the house.
  2. I thought I had a good picture of that tractor in its' former colors. This is the best I could find.
  3. Interesting story have to really commend their efforts to get the truck back. To think that was stationed only one town away from me!
  4. Agreed. I have tons of respect for the ones that do this.
  5. She's a 1948 Towmotor LT-35. 1500# cap., 108" lift height. 62 c.i.d. flathead Continental runs on LP. Takes up a 3' x 5' space on the floor, not counting the forks. Obviously not for heavy duty use. I use it as a portable work bench sometimes or as another set of hands. Occasionally I use it as it was intended.
  6. With the hard rubber tires it would need chains. It doesn't even like hard packed dirt.
  7. I guess what we are looking for is the ratio for each possible gear combination.
  8. My friends' uncle has a B-61 with a 5 & 4. We were wondering what the ratios are.
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