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  1. Mike Blais

    1973 U795-1043 - $4,000.00

    Did this ever sell?
  2. Mike Blais

    1939 Mack FG

    Looks like a plow frame on it? Wonder what the history of it is? Could come in handy around the house.
  3. Headed to PA I believe.
  4. Mike Blais

    1953 Mack LFT

    I thought I had a good picture of that tractor in its' former colors. This is the best I could find.
  5. Mike Blais

    TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Thank you.
  6. Mike Blais

    Overdrive October 1976 ???

    Agreed, this is getting old.
  7. Mike Blais

    1954 Mack B-75 Pumper

    Interesting story have to really commend their efforts to get the truck back. To think that was stationed only one town away from me!
  8. Mike Blais

    1937 Mack

    Agreed. I have tons of respect for the ones that do this.
  9. Mike Blais

    Big ass forklift

    She's a 1948 Towmotor LT-35. 1500# cap., 108" lift height. 62 c.i.d. flathead Continental runs on LP. Takes up a 3' x 5' space on the floor, not counting the forks. Obviously not for heavy duty use. I use it as a portable work bench sometimes or as another set of hands. Occasionally I use it as it was intended.
  10. Mike Blais

    Big ass forklift

    With the hard rubber tires it would need chains. It doesn't even like hard packed dirt.
  11. I guess what we are looking for is the ratio for each possible gear combination.
  12. My friends' uncle has a B-61 with a 5 & 4. We were wondering what the ratios are.

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