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  1. Has a 10 speed duplex. Couldn't imagine driving a quad box.
  2. My B42 gas job has a 815 rear end and it is screaming at 45 mph. Slow is not the word .
  3. Listing for friend - 1964 B30 rolling chassis. Very solid. Photos on Cleveland craigslist. $500.00 obo Please text all inquiries to 440-567-3399
  4. Listing for friend - Mid 70's DM Hood. Very solid and in good condition. Please text all inquiries. 440-567-3399 $500.00 obo Located east of Cleveland Ohio Photos posted on Cleveland craigslist
  5. Need help to confirm. Need to replace fuel pump on a B model that is 12 volt positive ground. Existing pump is a new modern version that is about 10 years old. When wiring a replacement, does it need to be wired in reverse polarity - meaning the hot wire from the pump needs to be grounded and the ground wire from pump is wired to the hot off the truck. Thanks in advance.
  6. Looking for some feedback for an 09 Granite tri-axle dump I am looking at. Dealer states that the frame is a "thick frame"? Anybody familiar with this terminology. Ideally I am looking for a double frame at the least - and was wondering if a thick frame is considered a double frame nowadays? Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  7. Looking at an 09 Granite tri-axle dump and it has a 415 HP MP8 motor. Looking on feedback on how reliable/problem free these motors are. Mileage is listed at around 150K. Any experiences/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to avoid buying something that will full of headaches. Thanks - Mark
  8. Looking at an 07 Granite CV713 with the A1 400 motor. Question is on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) - how dependable/reliable is this motor. Are there any major issues with them? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Having a problem with my rear marker lamps that are mounted on the back of the dump bed. Seems as though I replace them and they only last about two weeks before they go out again. Using standard type bulbs - but was wondering if LED lights hold up better to vibration. I think they are blowing out due to the slamming of the tailgate. Anybody else have a situation like this. Don't believe it is a wiring issue as the other marker lamps at the front of the bed continue to work - and they are all fed off the same power source. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Man......................Fed-Ex almost lost two trucks that day. Dam lucky the first driver to cross wasn't taken out.
  11. 1925 White Motors Model 20 - Unrestored 2005 Sterling L9513
  12. Agree on the crane rating. 105 tons is a pretty good size crane especially for a knuckle boom. Guessing more like 25 tons.
  13. 1973 U795-1043 Yes - this is the one thas has been talked about on the BMT a zillion times. Recently priced at $5,000.00 - but have reduced it to $4,000.00. Reasonable offers would be considered. For additional information and photos - please refer to Cleveland Craiglist/Heavy Equipment. Please text all inquiries to 440-567-3399 Mark
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