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  1. What a well done video of a very special time in one's life, both the son and father. Thanks for sharing that, it certainly reminded me of lots of trips with my uncle when I was young.
  2. What a great score, but yes, too bad when companies sell off their history like that.
  3. That's a beauty to be cherished forever!
  4. That is one beautiful looking truck. Better than new.
  5. That is a fine looking Bulldog! Great to see it still working.
  6. What a beauty! You've done a fine job on that one.
  7. That truck and trailer is a great score!
  8. That's beautiful! Pure class!
  9. Here's more crane info. 100 ft reach, 105 ton capacity. https://www.facebook.com/CanexBuilding/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE
  10. That's just plain beautiful!
  11. That's a fine looking piece of Mack iron!
  12. Check out this completely restored crane truck From a local building supply business. This was the first truck the company bought, so owner wanted it back to new condition. Truck was at our head office dealership for A/C repairs recently. Sorry I don't have an under hood shot with lots of the parts chromed on the E9. Around our dealership it's referred to as "The Bumper" thanks to that giant chrome bumper!
  13. Restored Superliner
  14. Looking good. Great history.
  15. Vladislav, thanks for the great photos. We had a visitor from the "Dutch Mack Club" at the dealership a couple of months ago, seems to be lots of interest from the Netherlands.