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  1. Ezee


    Is coolant reservoir tank covered under warranty on the 2018 truck 1 and a 1/2 years old?
  2. Has anyone had to replace hard flex pipe Coming from SCR that connects to bottom of muffler?
  3. i had bridgestones. changed all last week that stopped it.

    1. mrgumby


      That’s great   Post your fix I’m sure other guys are curious what was wrong.   Glad yo got it fixed

  4. Ezee

    Truck shake

    New 2018 granite tandem dump truck shakes like tires are bad between 50-55 mph then smooths up after mph goes up. Had them balanced but some problems. Anyone else with this?
  5. Ezee

    Engine kit

    What u mean?
  6. Ezee

    Engine kit

    1999 E7 460 what's the cost on doing a complete inframe camshaft and all.which parts are better genuine Mack or PAI ?
  7. How change camshaft sensor & crankshaft sensor on 1999 E7 460
  8. Ezee

    1999 ch 613 wheel hub

    Wanting to change from bud pilot wheels to uni mount . What needs to be changed?
  9. Ezee

    Truck financing

    Looking for Reliable tandem Dump Truck financing company in Georgia
  10. Ezee


    I think up to 15 months.after that no
  11. Ezee


    Bought new 2018 Gu718 a year ago. What's the latest I can add other 2.5 year extended warranty?
  12. Ezee

    Transmission swap

    2004 granite cv713 has 8ll.can it be changed to Allison automatic ?
  13. Looking for reliable tandem dump truck financing co for new trucks.
  14. If I press brake pedal fast on 2018 gu 713 l hear burping sound coming from air tanks. Any ideas?
  15. Anyone have region management or vp contacts?

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