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  1. What makes powerleash message stay on screen constantly and counting down when engine brake is on a 2018 gu 713 mp7 with allison automatic ?Does this about once a month.
  2. Ezee


    How much monthly payment on a brand new Mack gu 713 tandem dump truck lease program? And ball park down payment?
  3. Have 1999 ch613 tandem dump. Need both fuel tanks and bracket straps. Tanks are 22inches across × 33inches long. What other truck model will fit this truck.
  4. Ezee


    1999 ch613 tandem dump tail light or brake lights stay on when truck and switch is off. cant figure out. can trolley brake or turn signal cause this? i unplugged brake switch on fire wall next to clutch pedal and they stay on.
  5. 99 tandem ch613 dump. tail lights or brake light stay on when truck is off and park lights switch is off. i unplugged brake light switch and they stay on. will bad trolley brake and or turn signal switch cause this?
  6. Ezee


    Can I loosen fuel line on eup pump while on truck and see if one is weak pumping out fuel?
  7. Ezee


    Can I loosen fuel lines to eup to see if one is weak pumping fuel out?
  8. Ezee

    Slight skip

    You mean the EUP or is there other Injectors than the injector nozzles?
  9. Ezee

    Slight skip

    1999 mack e7 460 slight skip but still have good power. Could it be weak eup or injector nozzle?
  10. 1999 E7 460 have slight skip. Can't figure out. Could it be weak eup or injector nozzle? Camshaft good changed it couple yrs ago.
  11. Ezee


    Is coolant reservoir tank covered under warranty on the 2018 truck 1 and a 1/2 years old?
  12. Has anyone had to replace hard flex pipe Coming from SCR that connects to bottom of muffler?
  13. i had bridgestones. changed all last week that stopped it.

    1. mrgumby


      That’s great   Post your fix I’m sure other guys are curious what was wrong.   Glad yo got it fixed

  14. Ezee

    Truck shake

    New 2018 granite tandem dump truck shakes like tires are bad between 50-55 mph then smooths up after mph goes up. Had them balanced but some problems. Anyone else with this?
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