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  1. This truck is 9-ft 7-in wide pulled permit for 90'000 then the inspector says your sign is to small here is your ticket 450.00 that's Connecticut scales for you .
  2. There was a few 35-t low beds at the show that had more then 40-t on them more then once ?
  3. Gateway in New Haven ct has one for off loading billets off rail cars going to the Nucor mill they paid 980.000.00 for it same size.This can pick 12-ton with magnet and reach out pretty far.
  4. We had that happen a couple week ago with a Superliner ........Lady send me a picture ....then its on Craigslist for 10,000.00 more ?
  5. Do you know what the weight is of your DM-800 im picking one up in Mass.this is a picture from years ago
  6. The two brothers left Hallamore went to Marino to bay with costumer list. I was talking to a employee and they took 80 % of their work.
  7. Chevron oil had a lot of those silver 92 I had 5 at Gulf biggest peace of do-do cant get parts everything runs on belts so the big silver fit in .
  8. There was a contractor in Conn. that had several they look like 318 Chrysler with automatics . Jullian
  9. They are interchangeable buy taking out spacer block but leaving the wedge .
  10. click on wrong page KENILWORTH ?
  11. Back to....my sand box my toys dont touch ?.........I dont care who use it....I had one local guy everybody nose he flipped out because I used his picture of my Superliner ???????
  12. hook up shop air shut truck off chock wheels put in gear take key out >
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