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  1. If air filter is plug the motor needs air those individual air filters pick up a lot moisture .
  2. There was a garbage truck in RI took a turn and broke about the same way a month ago but one side broke .
  3. I tried to buy a RD-600 steel nose tri-axle but Beard said I call stop again then Suzio bought every thing then it was sold Matt Flanagan Agra bought 6-7 mixers now everything is gone .
  4. That was a Tri-drive headed up north they said they could not use lift axles any more ?
  5. We had one in a B-75 at Hallamore it was a road tractor for Laurence riggers Stratford Conn.
  6. No BOB ..Brandon and others with interchangeable parts even make body for Donovan spring- body..
  7. I have the same combo and run 76500 good on fuel but takes awhile to get use to .
  8. Did you ever deal with MaGee welding in Oakville Conn.
  9. Hard to compete with the people up North all different company's same product different name plate figure ? .
  10. How many turbos unit pump change rust-frame mine 6-turbos at 1800.00 unit pumps and 8LL trans 7th gear jump out 443000 miles 3-times to the dealer for trans still jumps out park for 4-years now junk buying mid 80s now happy now ......
  11. 1-truck that got 50 +out its yard like the roads MACK built them so Peeweebuilts Kenelworths Wolvos could drive down the roads today and dependable .
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