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  1. Here’s an O&G B73, in their storage yard in Torrington, CT. I took these around 2000. Just a cab and chassis, I was told the plan for it was to restore it and add a service body to it and put it back to work. I don’t know if that ever happened. Last time I saw it working was early 90’s with a large compressor mounted to it. Set up with an NH220, Triplex, double frame and a heavy rear.
  2. I've purchased rubber sheets of various thickness off eBay for similar purposes. The latest was for the fuel tank frame mounts on the back side of the tanks. Not expensive and easily trimmed for what you'd need to do.
  3. Thanks for he compliments. The NH220 should do fine, I don't carry anything too heavy, 6-7,000 lbs would be about the heaviest load. In my other truck I ran a END-673 for a long time with the same loads. It took a little bit to get it up to cruising speed, but nothing too bad. It was a much different truck when I put a 237 in it.
  4. The rear now has a 4.62 in it. 24.5 rubber and should cruise nicely at 65+. It's almost the same set up as my other B, but that has a 237, single disc clutch and 22.5 rubber. Top end will be about 80 against the governor. For what I do it works great.
  5. No. It's a double over Triplex, double disc clutch and clutch brake. It was in it when I bought it.
  6. It’s good finally seeing the transmission sitting back where it belongs between the frame rails!! Removed it way back in 2004, then rebuilt it in 2005. It’s been stored since. Installed a brand new air shift PTO and hydraulic pump for the bed. Still waiting for my front brake parts, so no front wheels yet.
  7. No, just a few pieces of heavy channel iron to keep it upright.
  8. …and just unearthed these two pieces from their hiding places. Just a few things to do to them before they go back in. Very close to the big “stack” a truck together day!!!
  9. The rear axle now rests on the ground for the first time, EVER!. Just waiting on a few parts for the front brakes to put those hubs together. Progress!!
  10. First hub complete, almost got both rears done today. A few hours tomorrow should have the right side done. I like the original spoke wheels for their classic look, but I’m very happy with the look of the Budds and polished rims. With all the polished aluminum and stainless, they really tie everything together.
  11. I know this thread is ancient, but since it popped up again I went back through it. I've never seen the black B-75 in person, but I've saved some pics of it for my reference on my build. If it does sit on a Peterbilt frame, I think the way it was widened was to extend the headlight panels, cat walks and rear fender extensions. The reason I say this is there's a lot more space between the headlight and the fender joint than other B-73/75's. It would also be a lot easier to rework those panels than to stretch the compound curves of the fenders, as they appear to be stock. Whatever is the case, it sure is a beautiful truck and is still my favorite model(s), too.
  12. Overall, it has a 246" wheelbase. Leaving 160"s for the CA. I'm mounting a 24' Jerr Dan equipment bed to it. It's actually already mounted, just need to be reassembled.
  13. Spent yesterday prepping the frame and today was the day. Great weather, almost no wind and a solid SIX hours of spraying and mixing paint. So many nooks a crannies to get at and a LOT of paint!! It’s done and ready for more assembly.
  14. The Alcoa rims I bought were used and at a decent price. The company I got the from had them polished on the exposed sides. They did a decent job, but they needed some more work and cleaning. I’ve been getting a bunch of stuff collected up to finish the frame and get it painted, just need some cooperative weather which looks like I’ll have some soon. I had to have the front brake shoe anchor pins fabricated as none could be located anywhere. Today I spent on the rims doing some clean up and then polishing and sealing them. They’re ready to mount as soon as the hubs are on. Looks like a few large jumps forward are looming, which will be great. The rims really came out nice.
  15. Well, that was expensive!!! But, it’s done and they’re ready to go in a few weeks when the frame is done.
  16. Nice work. That cab does go up pretty high!! I would be nervous, too!!
  17. I did that for corrosion. A lot of the frame parts are aluminum and had to be repaired. I etch primed and then painted the mating surfaces to try and prevent that, along with greasing the bolt holes. I'll shoot the whole frame as a unit, now.
  18. Did some repair work to one of the donor cross members and been adding more parts back to the frame. With some help, I aligned the axles to within 1/16”. The rear axle was out by over a 1/2” when we started. I’ll have the whole thing aligned at a local shop when it’s back on the road. I’m figuring a few days of work then I can paint the whole thing. Weather is improving and I’ll have to do this part out side. Trying to aim for late September/early October for stacking it back together, then I’ll get the front end done. Edging closer!
  19. Plugging away, a little bit every day, some more than others. Doing some frame work tomorrow and hopefully some more red paint in the next two weeks.
  20. …and now the back hubs are done. All kinds of new parts and a lot of wrench work.
  21. They’re the early heavy style domed ones I sent out a while back for chroming. The later style are flat with a lip all the way around and a bit thinner.
  22. A little bit of bling for yesterday's efforts. Now all assembled, bearings packed, new seals, new wheel studs and nuts, new drums and ready to go on!!
  23. Red, red and more red. Still fixin’ and paintin’, but making progress!!!
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