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  1. When you inspect it, try to determine what has been done to it and modified over the years. Any mods done well and with the right components should be OK. Wiring is not a huge deal, as the electrical system is simple, harnesses available and you can make your own without too much difficulty. Stay within you capabilities for doing things and you should be good.
  2. On the cab, check the driver’s side floor area. Both door sills and door bottoms. Check along the cab floor where it meets the back wall of the cab, inside and out. The cab back wall is prone to rust in that area. Fenders can be replaced/repaired. Door jambs and gutters. Windshield and upper cowl areas are other areas to look at.
  3. If it’s all there and the body works, depending on running gear, it may be worth it. A lot of other things to consider as well, but if it’s within you capabilities and means, not a bad price. I built a roll back for my purposes over 20 years ago and tell everyone it’s the best thing I ever built, useful in so many ways. Just evaluate it honestly and bring someone with you who can give you their honest opinion. That always helps.
  4. That really looks good! A Plus on the effort!!
  5. Hump work!! Cleaning, fixing and priming more parts. Sprayed about three gallons of primer so far. I now have five large shelves of parts ready to go in the hayloft. Started smoothing out the cab, amazingly it’s going pretty quick. Roof is done, cowl is just about there. It’s not taking too much effort as the panels were pretty straight going on. The cab back will take some effort. But, moving along.
  6. I was going to cover the corner vents with a patch of Dynamat, until I found a better solution. I'm not sure if I want to permanently close them off, but still worried about sound coming through. Also, are you saying just use a high fill primer over the LS to smooth out the texture and then paint? I was planning on doing an experimental panel to come up with a smoothing solution before paint.
  7. Back on its feet. Rebuilt and shortened my dolly, it was starting to sag and I need it more stable for the work ahead. Man, this cab looks good now.
  8. Thanks, I’m really happy how it came out. That’s a lot of reading, never thought this would be such a long story. But it’s getting done. Faster now that the cab is done. Matt
  9. harrybarbon, Yes, I spent a lot of time getting into all the nooks and crannies, making sure everything was well coated. I got a little overzealous in one area and started a sag by going too quickly. For the firewall, I’m going to do the inside and cover it with the firewall mat. My thought there was to use it to cover up all the unused holes and to better seal it. There’s a lot that gets mounted to the engine side an I wanted a cleaner look. I’m also going to coat the underside of the cowl, back wall, roof and door inners. So far it seems like a good product. I’ll need more to finish, as I was surprised how much I used on the bottom of the cab. Regardless, it’ll still have more soundproofing than the factory. Now, do I straight pipe it or put a muffler on it to defeat all of what I’m trying to do?
  10. And then there was COLOR!!! Big bright RED!! Thanks to my Australian contributors, fully coated with Lizard Skin for sound and heat. This should be the last time the cab is on its back!! I’ll let it sit for a few days before righting it. Then on to bodywork and more RED!!
  11. Wow, that’s looking really good. Great effort and will look beautiful when you’re done.
  12. Looks great! Nice clean start going back together.
  13. I’d love to have this done. But, I’ll keep picking away at it until it is.
  14. Bits and pieces. Now to get some parts and machine work done.
  15. I was, but you beat me to that rearend so now I have other things to do, LOL. While this truck was mostly there when I found it, it was really used up. Everything I’ve worked on needs attention and that takes time. It wasn’t designed for construction, which is where it spent its final years. The good news is that it will be literally brand new when I’m done.
  16. After finishing the cab, I put all the parts away I don’t need and made some space for other parts that need attention. Brought the front axle assembly in yesterday and broke it down all the way to the bare axle. Spent today breaking all those parts down for inspection and cleaning. It all came apart without too much of a fight, but it really shows how hard this truck was used (read abused). Now to start sourcing parts I need and get on to some bodywork.
  17. Ok, no problem. Looks like that is a 4.25(?) ratio. Let me know if Yarnell doesn’t take it as could come down and get it anytime.
  18. What’s it have for a rear end? Specifically the carrier and ratio. I’m looking for a CRD 117 in about a 4.50 ratio. But, I’d take the whole axle if it’s easier.
  19. I still have these two pumps and carbs. If they can be of ant use to you let me know?
  20. Thank you all for the comments, they actually help keep me motivated. Two Winter seasons to get it done. I’m not going to say years because there was a lot of pauses during that time. The end result was a nearly brand new cab which should serve me a long time. A few photos to show some perspective on how it went. Now, back to work or play.
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