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  1. China Joe Biden on poor kids vs "white kids". LOL He gets a free pass every single time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0UhvPuYS3A Fast Forward to 00:34
  2. Dementia Joe's Peace Summit speech. They must have given his double the day off, he was babbling big time and tossed one of his favorite words out, the one that starts with N and ends with R. Fast Forwards to about 15:24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwjxQoTyVAE
  3. We've become so used to those roller tappets that we take them for granted. People seem to feel they will last forever, and they seem to, but it doesn't take much to make one fail when you think about it. That roller just has to stop rolling and that's it. Doesn't take much to cause enough friction to jam it up. There is a life expectancy for those bearing in there and a tiny little particle of crud or some heat and once the roller starts to rotate slower than the cam and it builds up the heat it won't take long
  4. Those rims are still very common in Africa, Mexico etc. Nothing wrong with them per se, but like mentioned you have to know what you're doing. You used to see a lot of tyre guys missing every single tooth, or parts of their face. Career Day was rough for those chaps I guess. You can't have your head a mile away when you're working with those. Things have come a long way.
  5. Restore one of those would be a fortune, makes me sad. If you ever worked the sheet metal on those old Macks, it seems to be at least twice as thick as anything we see in 2021. It's so sad to see them like this, but some things in this world cannot live forever, and some things must be organ donors so others live on. Thank you for caring enough to step in and do what you can. I commend you.
  6. The batteries and battery box are here. That's just under $500. I spent a couple days when I could finder time fixing about 15 air leaks. The seat bottom is $107, that's on the way. I'll start on the A/C when I get some time, front tyres and paint it. This used to be yellow. The guy just wants new trucks. Image means a lot. These Are really well maintained trucks compared to some of the stuff I see. The A/C doesn't work and a lot of air leaks. If the batteries weren't dragging on the highway, it would probably still be doing septic suck-outs.
  7. You shouldn't have oil in your air. It's going past the rings in the compressor. Change your air filters regularly. Also, pressures above 124 aren't a great idea. Some of the older stuff had been about 130 a long time ago.
  8. It's actually not an R. It's a DM690S. I didn't even notice until later. When I towed it he told me it was a broken down R, and I see why. His other older trucks are all R's.
  9. I send a lot of buses to a third party who send them to Laos and Brazil. Buses literally never retire. Many will go ten years or longer without break linings. The concept of DOT/MOT or PM is a campfire laugh to them. But I spent many years in Somalia and those people never discard anything, especially a truck. Even if it blows up, they will make an Ox cart from the parts
  10. Very few here will knowing how correct this statement was. One of the few governments we feared in our peak even. People disappear all of the times
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